Submission + - The Silicon Valley paradox: one in four people are at risk of hunger (

Zorro writes: Exclusive: study suggests that 26.8% of the population qualify as ‘food insecure’ based on risk factors such as missing meals or relying on food banks.

One in four people in Silicon Valley are at risk of hunger, researchers at the Second Harvest food bank have found. Using hundreds of community interviews and data modeling, a new study suggests that 26.8% of the population – almost 720,000 people – qualify as “food insecure” based on risk factors such as missing meals, relying on food banks or food stamps, borrowing money for food, or neglecting bills and rent in order to buy groceries.

Submission + - AMD Open-Sourcing Their Official Vulkan Linux Driver (

An anonymous reader writes: While many of you have likely heard of the "RADV" open-source Vulkan driver, it's been a community-written driver up to this point in the absence of AMD's official, cross-platform Vulkan driver being open-source. That's now changed with AMD now open-sourcing their official Vulkan driver. The code drop is imminent and they are encouraging the use of it for quick support of new AMD hardware, access to the Radeon GPU Profiler, easy integration of AMD Vulkan extensions, and enabling third-party extensions. For now at least it does provide better Vulkan performance than RADV but the RADV developers have indicated they plan to continue development of their Mesa-based Vulkan driver.

Submission + - UK ISP Andrews & Arnold demos ADSL over wet string (

Neil_Brown writes: If you've ever thought that a bit of string could be better than your sluggish DSL line, you could be right... Building on the two-cans-and-string approach to communications, techies at niche UK ISP Andrews & Arnold set up a working ADSL connection over string soaked in saline solution, achieving 3.5Mb/s down, but only 0.67Mb/s up. Knot bad at all...

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