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Comment Re: Saw it coming (Score 1) 468

I've often thought that Trump could be accurately compared to Mussolini, and we all know how that turned out.

How it turned out for Italy and for Mussolini is irrelevant because your thought that the two could be "accurately compared" is laughable on the face of it. Now, if you want someone that was all about getting government more in bed with large businesses and lining up that complex of power to be more intrusive in your life, then you should definitely have voted for Clinton. I imagine you did. You must be relieved that she didn't get the opportunity to put judged on the Supreme Court, since she explicitly pointed out that knew she'd be looking at a hostile legislature, and would be looking to seat justices who could help her forward her agenda. So, yeah, dodged that bullet, right?

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Comment Re: We'll see what happens (Score 2) 468

I don't know who looks more delusional to me.
Here in Germany we have dozens of political parties, six of which have prospects to be elected into the parliament. I find all of them very poor in pragmatism and rich in ideological nonsense.
Looking at the two party system that has been in control of the US for a long time, and especially at people who subscribe to either side while (often) rejecting the other for the sake of opposition. Identity politics at its worst. It's miraculous that despite of this or perhaps as a result of this you've still got a functional country.

Comment This is straightforward, not paradoxical (Score 1) 372

Silicon Valley is the center of the technocratic arm of the plutocracy. Rule by wealth means poverty is its main weapon. Society is being programmed into a sorting algorithm to serve its current owners.

We need to bust them up or we are going to be sorted below AI/machines.

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Comment Re:Move those people out ! (Score 4, Informative) 372

The rental in the Silicon Valley area are ridiculously high, and one reason being there are way too many people competing for the housing

Nonsense. This is exactly backwards. The problem is supply not demand. The rich liberals want to protect their property values with artificial scarcity by electing city governments and zoning boards that issue nearly zero permits for housing construction.

So the rich get richer, renters get screwed, the poor get squeezed out, and there isn't a Republican in a 50 mile radius to blame.

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User Journal

Journal Journal: Toshiba, Western Digital make peace on sale of chip unit

TOKYO/December 13, 2017 (AP)(STL) — Toshiba Corp. and its joint venture partner Western Digital have made peace over the embattled Japanese electronics giant's plan to sell its flash memory unit to raise cash to stay afloat.

The agreement allo...

Comment Re:Why crash? (Score 1) 272

It's not the specific dollar amount that makes it due for a crash. It's the "irrational exuberance" of the droves of people who are buying Bitcoin right now. Like a Ponzi scheme, people are buying Bitcoin at high prices, paying off earlier investors, who are very happy with their take. But also like a Ponzi scheme, the rise will end, causing the last people in line to take heavy losses. The entire scheme WILL collapse. It's not a question of whether, but when.

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Comment Slashdot is a hotbed for drone dereregulation? (Score 5, Insightful) 468

I'm confused. On the posts before on this topic for the last few years there seemed a mild consensus for pragmatic regulation of drones. And you'd generally have several pages of detailed reason based calm discussion. Now all of a sudden every poster on this thread is passionately against drone laws and hurling nothing but ad hominins about how Trump is a monkey? The quality of discourse here really has plummeted.

Comment Re:We'll see what happens (Score 2) 468

No, the FAA's got statutory power to regulate the airspace - from an inch off the ground on up - across the entire country. Having each state regulate the airspace differently would be absurd. The only reason this particular matter came up was because congress - in 2012 - explicitly set aside recreational model aircraft as not being subject to any further regs. This appears to change that law, and has nothing to do with the FAA's broader statutory authority.

Comment Moderating (Score 1) 33

As moderator on a tech support forum, I see such things regularly. Fortunately we're a small forum and thus it is easy enough for a handful of people to monitor - and likewise as a small forum we don't get as much as any of your big social sites would. But I did see a McAfee spammer just today, so apparently they must think we are worthwhile ...

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Mercedes to bring new MBUX infotainment system to CES
Luxury automakers tend to roll out new technology on more expensive models before bringing it down to more affordable cars. But that's not the case with the latest Mercedes-Benz infotainment system. Mercedes-Benz announced this week that it plans to ...
2019 Mercedes G-Class interior: 5 things to knowAutoweek
Inside the Redesigned 2019 Mercedes-Benz G-ClassMotor Trend
Extra, Extra: The Inside Scoop on the 2019 Mercedes-Benz G-class!Car and Driver (blog)
Automobile-Autoblog (blog)-Jalopnik-Ward's Auto
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Comment Re:They Get What They Deserve (Score 2) 72

> the government will be able to off 1 million political dissidents a year without anyone batting an eye. Driverless cars and by extension Uber (since their entire business model is built around buying time until they can replace their fleet with driverless cars) are corrupt by nature.

Whoa there... now we're veering way into tinfoil hat territory.

So to paraphrase your position it's that Uber will be used to kill enemies of the government? Do you not see how most people might think that's a bit of a crazy thing to say?

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