Comment Re: the first women in tech.... (Score 1) 427

America needs more loving, nurturing mothers and fewer grasping, soulless corporate drones.

The huge majority of women world prefer to stay at home, care for their children, and make a good home for their families. But capitalism forces them to abandon their children, neglect their home and their husband, and instead work as a slave to the Machine.

I wonder how many capitalist running dogs will denounce this obvious truth? How many of those denuciations will be worded in the language of degenerate fake-progressive feminazism?

Comment Re:What will the effects be? (Score 1) 272

It is not clear if many of these people are actually buying. But even if they are, it is not the same as buying on margin, since they are not using the purchased asset as collateral, so there is no margin-call that can force them to sell and accelerate a crash.

Put $10,000 on your Visa

CC companies don't give people more credit than they can be expected to service. If their credit limit is $10k, then they have income, and other assets. Financially irresponsible people more often have a credit limit of between $0 and $500.

1% of the population running up a $10k debt is not going to crash the economy.

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Comment Re:First men in nursing? First men in Schoolteachi (Score 2, Informative) 427

Bullying is a factor.

You mean by women. Back in the 1980's and 90's there was a large coordinated push by feminists to push men out of both areas. In both cases it was some mantra of the "he's male thus a rapist." There's no social pressure against being a teacher or nurse, there is a big social pressure not to go in it because of the perceived problems relating to working with women.

Again, look in your own damn backyard. And you'll find plenty of stories of men run out of the teaching profession especially k-12, on claims of sexual harassment that turn out to not be true or have their lies completely ruined by false accusations. On the other hand, there's plenty of female sexual predators who get slaps on the wrist for hooking up with a 14yr old boy or girl.

Comment Re:Unclear Story (Score 2) 272

Go browse the block explorer for a while. Pretty much none of the pools actually looks very closely at the fees or does any hard math on them. In most blocks, you'll find one or two transactions with dozens of inputs for roughly the same cost as the many one or two input transactions.

If you prefer to avoid small change in your wallet, it is trivial to gather up a few small inputs to redeem instead of just taking the smallest one larger than the desired output.

Also, there was no sales pitch - all of the cheerleaders you were listening to were freelance, and if they were selling bitcoin as a micropayment option, they were just as stupid to say that as anyone else must have been to have believed them. It doesn't need to take over all transactions to be successful - just handling inter-bank settlements would be a nearly-incalculable positive change for the world.

Bitcoin is decentralized. There is no "official" bitcoin anything. Even the blockchain itself is just an agreement between independent parties. Don't take anything that people say about it too seriously; their opinions don't mean shit.

Comment Re:Problems with Linux that should have been solve (Score 1) 751

It's not completely unworkable, it's just in very early stages. And most desktop application don't need to be rewritten. Web browser: needs a rewrite so its permissions are integrated with file pickers (giving an implicitly granted permission) and prompted permissions. File explorer: needs a minor change to de-escalate permission of launched apps. Terminal: no change (running with permissive permissions, like before selinux). Chat applications: optional change (running with permission to write only to their config/data directories and read /etc and the camera/mic and their install path, but file attachments won't work until it adds implicit permission-granting via the file picker widget). Bittorrent app can run with legacy permissions until it's rewritten to use implicit permissions granted by file-picker. Git tools need to run in legacy mode. Game engines and 3D games could have restrictive permissions with no rewrite, or they could run in legacy mode for highest performance.

You're being pessimistic. Most applications could run in legacy mode until they support finer grained permissions, and many other apps could run with restricted permissions and not even know they're being restricted.

Comment Re:Misandry (Score 1) 427

"Femi"nism is not about equality. It is right there in the name. That is one sexist movement, even if some in it are not and just have been blinded by the propaganda. I am all for equal opportunity. Equal outcome is hugely problematic, because ones gender does influence how one views the world and that does influence outcome. As long as women have the same chances to do a job (and for any engineering profession, including IT and applied CS that _is_ true today), I am quite satisfied with the state of affairs. If it then turns out a only a small number of men want to do it and an even smaller number of women, then that is their choice and it is part of individual freedoms.

SJWs do not understand this. They think the statistic must always be the result of malicious action and then they go looking for it and come up with the most ridiculous "explanations" about where that maliciousness is happening. Of course, an SJW that actually sees reality immediately loses her/his purpose in life, so I can understand why they stick with it as long as possible.

Comment Laughable (Score 1) 246

The Judge in the Verizon case said they could do nothing unless the ISPs were classified under title ii. Wheeler's FCC reclassified them under title ii. Remove them from title ii and they can do nothing.

This new FCC guy is evil. He thinks he can propagandize his way out of the massive backlash.

120 million people said keep net neutrality. That represents the equivalent of every family in America.

The current chairman will remove them from title ii and put them under the FTC. The FTC says they have no power to enforce anything. Now the FCC says they will control the ISP's promises which itself is toothless because the ISPs will make no promises and since the FTC is the controlling agency yet toothless there's nothing but a con job going on here.

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Comment IT manager meddles in backups; poo storm ensues (Score 1) 341

We had an "IT executive" panic one weekend ...

"Storage team" was moving from Vendor N to Vendor E. Lots of files on Vendor N arrays. Users made heavy use of WIndows/Unix cross links. Storage "wizards" were completely unaware; did almost no due diligence.

Move starts on a holiday weekend before major customer release was due. Wizards unaware that users were changing files. Wizards do their backup from N and restore to E, place E in service. Engineering goes nuts, nothing will build, can't find their files (links broken). Wizards throw up their hands, saying "we didn't break anything".

Of course, what was backed up was old by now. "IT executive" (BTW, didn't even finish his business degree, much less any technical degree) decrees: "PUT IT BACK THE WAY IT WAS". OK, great, now the builds (sort of) work but changes made on Saturday and Sunday were lost, so what is built is not up to date. "Executive" and "wizards" throw up their hands again, saying "this is application specific data, we don't know how to fix it".

Actually, it's just Unix files, so if they had been inclined to help, they could have. However, they were not. Phone call to my boss on Sunday night, explaining only as much as needed to indicate the "wizards" were basically throwing this in the user's lap.

Cue me and two other guys picking through the changes and restoring consistency to the files, based on priority needed to make customer delivery. We wrote a bunch of scripts to figure out the mess laid on us by "storage wizards" (who kept saying "we don't write scripts, we maintain your storage"). These guys were completely incapable of sorting through their own mess.

The mess was a mass of directories and two partial "backups" (each directory) which were inconsistent from what the "wizards" said they did. They couldn't tell the same story twice in a row, and had no timeline of what happened when.

They screwed up routine backups for at least 3 years until someone challenged them to test them, then they stalled for 2 more years fixing the problem. The switch from N to E was supposed to be completed in one year; it took two because E didn't have the link feature that users had exploited in the N product. This was supposed to save the company tens of thousands of dollars. Rather, they ran BOTH the N and E equipment for a whole year while "wizards" had to learn how to make E equipment do what N was doing before.

Executive and "storage wizards" keep their jobs for years following.

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- ! : / : 3 #Superfood #Spirulina

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Comment Re:Sign.... (Score 1) 427

Applied CS is still good, but only if you are at the top of it. Most coding work, for example, is done on "technician level", and that shows in pay and result quality and working conditions. I mean, most coders have less skill than an electrician's apprentice after a year or so and do not really understand what they are doing. However, there are positions for engineers in applied CS and these make for good careers. They are rare though and require significant dedication and talent.

My take is that women in general are just more mature and recognize this and, unless they have that talent and dedication, stay the hell away. Many will stay away even with that talent and dedication, just to be on the safe side. Hence the numbers.

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An anonymous reader writes: Based on the Federal Communications Commission’s own data, the Institute for Local Self Reliance found that 129 million Americans only have one option for broadband internet service in their area, which equals about 40 percent of the country. Of those who only have one option, roughly 50 million are limited to a company that has violated net neutrality in some way. Of Americans who do have more than one option, 50 million of them are left choosing between two companies that have both got shady behavior on their records, from blocking certain access to actively campaigning against net neutrality.

Aside from being a non-ideal situation for consumers like me, this lack of competition is another dock against the FCC’s plan to repeal net neutrality rules later this week. In arguing against net neutrality rules, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has repeatedly cited a free market as just as capable of ensuring internet freedom as government regulations. "All we are simply doing is putting engineers and entrepreneurs, instead of bureaucrats and lawyers, back in charge of the internet," Pai said on Fox News’s “Fox & Friends,” in November. "What we wanted to do is return to the free market consensus that started in the Clinton administration and that served the internet economy in America very well for many years." But how can market competition regulate an industry when more than a third of the market has no competition at all, and even those that do have to choose between options that don’t uphold net neutrality?

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You likely have heard lots from supposed SEO experts, but now it s your turn to educate yourself about it and to make it your own. It takes time and energy, but it gives great results. This article has all the tips that can help you. Coding is an important aspect to consider when you want [ ] The post Work Search Engine Optimization Like A Pro! appeared first on .

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