Comment Re:Maybe there is a dinosaur in play here. (Score 2) 289

Try reading and understanding the paragraph that the article is paraphrasing.

The article is claiming that the FCC position is the complete opposite from what the FCC says it is in the document. The article is pulling something out of context to make a false assertion. Here is another section from the FCC document, that explains the true position of the FCC:

Below we examine both how consumers perceive the offer of broadband Internet access service, as well as the nature of the service actually offered by ISPs, and conclude that ISPs are best understood as offering a service that inextricably intertwines the information processing capabilities described above and transmission.

Comment Re: Honest Question (Score 1) 289

You target specific services by not having net neutrality, but if you want to keep down your cost you can probably find a low bandwidth alternative at some ISP or share connection with your neighbor.

By the same analogy you don't want to share roads with trucks because you ride a moped and don't need all that room on the roads.

Comment Re:next we'll have (Score 1) 150

Well the point of kite sails and Flettner Rotors isn't to replace traditional propulsion, but to harness free assist to traditional propulsion to reduce fuel consumption -- physically savings of 15-20% seem feasible.

The problem is that there isn't a lot of practical experience with such systems, and fuel prices have been too low for private companies to gamble on unproven tech.

Comment Re:Are North Korea using corn-based missiles? (Score 2) 217

How likely is it that Kim would start a war knowing that he'd be obliterated? There's a difference between being a psychopath and a suicide bomber.

Parallel between Japan 1941 and N. Korea 2017?

The Japanese, many Arab states, and North Korea have had various times held to forms of honor cultures that sometime lead to bad outcomes.

Moreover, North Korea is really China's problem, and China would much rather not have a nuclear war adjacent to its border. The Chinese government knows perfectly well what happens if North Korea launches a nuke

The sovereign nation of North Korea has repeatedly stated it is at war with the United States, that the armistice is off, and stated its intent to attack the United States with nuclear weapons. It has both nuclear weapons and it seems the long range ICBMs to deliver them, if not now, then soon. That might suggest the United States has at least some "minor" direct interest.

The right thing to do is not to stir up trouble.

Trouble already exists, and the war never ended. Waiting for much longer will result in it moving to another level.

And, as far as those hundreds of thousands of North Koreans, the number of civilian deaths in the Seoul area on the first day of the war could easily exceed that. Some problems have no good solution.

The situation of Seoul is difficult to calculate fully given the many variable, but it is probably better than commonly held. One thing is clear, however: some solutions are better than others. Waiting too long will probably make things worse, probably much worse.

North Korea is already deeply involved in many criminal enterprises, including drugs, counterfeiting currency (especially US), and the arms trade, to name a few. How do you think it would work out if they perfect their nuclear weapons and then begin selling them? There are nations that would be happy to buy nuclear weapons if they were for sale, and there are terrorist groups with access to deep pockets.

Comment Re:But what if you ARE home? (Score 2) 114

I'm late to this party and I hope my question isn't redundant. (I'm asking for a friend)

What happens when you ARE home during the delivery? You might be relaxing in front of the big screen enjoying some righteous pron and getting your wrist exercise for the day. You might be doing your cosplay version of Princess Leia. You might be entertaining the stud next door through the back door. Or you might just be lying in your upchuck in a drunken stupor on the floor.

Not too worried about a delivery when I'm *not* home.

Every time I've had a party, there were party crashers because I had great parties and people could see what was happening.
The trailer park people down the street had parties that few would go to, unless tied up or roofied, because people could see what was happening.
The answer to your "what would happen" question is in there.

Comment Re: Honest Question (Score 1) 289

Living in a country with net neutrality (for now, the ISP's are looking with longing at the US and want to start censoring the web), the billing is really simple. Rather then paying for unlimited internet, I pay for so many GBs. If I want to stream video all the time, whether netflix or the video of a bird feeder, I have to pay more. Likewise, if all I want to do is access email, I can pay less.
Everyone also misses the other part of net neutrality going away, namely that the ISP's can censor any traffic they don't like. Right now they're talking about bandwidth hogs, next it'll be the pirates and after that it'll be the sites whose politics the ISP doesn't like.
Myself, I have exactly one choice of ISP and for most it is one or two choices, namely the phone company or the cable company.


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Comment Re:As always, WRITE DOWN YOUR PASSWORDS (Score 1) 202

I PGP'd all my passwords ten years ago.
They were all super long and difficult to remember.
So long as I remembered my PGP password, I'd be in good shape.
Unfortunately, I made my PGP pass phrase super long and difficult to remember.
Well: I lost all of my passwords.

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Journal Journal: Weekly Update 4 – 8 Desember 2017 IHSG, Emas, Reksa Dana, Saham, Kurs

Weekly market update 8 Desember 2017, akan memberikan gambaran perkembangan IHSG, mata uang Rupiah terhadap beberapa mata uang asing, saham, reksa dana dan emas. Harga yang digunakan adalah update harga pada hari Jumat, 8 Desember 2017.

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Apakah Anda suka travelling? Jika iya, cek 10 kota terindah di Indonesia yang pantas dikunjungi. Tentunya keindahan dalam negeri kita tidak kalah dengan kota wisata internasional. Tanpa panjang lebar lagi, simak 10 kota terindah di Indonesia berikut ini.

Feed Google News Sci Tech: Overwatch Pro Blasts Enemy Team Into Oblivion With Moira - Kotaku (


Overwatch Pro Blasts Enemy Team Into Oblivion With Moira
Seoul Dynasty's Ryu Je-hong is one of the best flex and support players in the world, and he showed that much and more in last night's Overwatch League match against the Houston Outlaws. Error loading player: No playable sources found. Moira, the ...
Q&A with the 'dad' of Overwatch team Seoul DynastyBrinkwire (press release)

all 6 news articles

Comment Re:NTFS Transactions have been deprecated for year (Score 1) 126


Microsoft strongly recommends developers utilize alternative means to achieve your application’s needs. Many scenarios that TxF was developed for can be achieved through simpler and more readily available techniques. Furthermore, TxF may not be available in future versions of Microsoft Windows.

Looks like the future needs to be now.

Submission + - Roman Mosaic Across the Empire (

mosaicslab writes: For anyone interested in Roman art and history, a visit to the Getty Villa in Malibu, CA with its amazing antique collection and a stunning view of the Pacific Ocean is a must.

Comment Re: Honest Question (Score 1) 289

HUH?!? Why must your bill go up (other than retarded ISP billing)? Why not offer lower total usage packages for people like you? Or charge more for the higher usage users?

If the ISP has a monopoly or duopoly on the line, then their media servers shouldnâ(TM)t be treated differently than others. Either the two businesses be split, or the 3rd party gets same rental space in the data center, or they lose the monopoly on the line.

We should be doing everything to encourage competition, not make it easier for single players. And no we shouldnâ(TM)t be encouraging âoeinnovationâ, focus on competition and the former will follow.

Comment Re: I'd like to think it'd be as an objective meas (Score 1) 145

If by "I can't write an answer" you mean one that has no syntax errors at all, with absolutely no bugs of any kind, that is the specific answer the interviewer was looking for, and in some arbitrary time frame which he or she has made up then guilty as charged. What you're supposed to do is give the test to a couple of co-workers that you know can code to see their results as a baseline. You know so you can see how often they make syntax errors and logic bugs and also how long it really takes someone to solve your particular issue. They have a word for this in science, it's called a control and you could compare an interviewee with a control sample. Of course if you actually use fizzbuzz correctly to just check to see if the person can code at all, IE can work toward an answer, understands what a function is, conditionals, for loops, etc then I'd pass that test.

Comment Re: Why an app? (Score 1) 134

When I discover a new podcast, usually I "binge listen". I set all of them to "new" and then I go through them. I don't listen to all of them, but I selectively skim over them until I'm caught up. Then it just downloads the new one.

If you're an iOS user, don't go near the native podcast client with a 10 foot pole. I use the Overcast podcast player.

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HarryCrew writes: Summer garden flags are also available to match with the summer season and keep your garden looking stunning all the time. With the online platforms, you have option to select from a wide range of garden flags that also come in your budget with the premium quality material that last longer for years.
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INFINITY has sourced Alaskan gold and left it completely unchanged from the way it comes out of the ground right through to the nugget encapsulated in every writing instrument. Each pen is therefore one-of-a-kind and a reminder of the spirit of adven...

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Journal Journal: Only Ten Minutes for a Full Body Workout

[caption id="attachment_287" align="alignleft" width="185"] Man Doing Pull Ups[/caption]

One of the biggest problems for most people when it comes to building muscles, reducing fat and generally getting into better shape, is being able to stick to...

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