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The news is full of people being outed as harassers, and usually suffering the consequences. I'm struggling, however, to think of a single instance where the definition of harassment is as all encompassing as the one you're using. From Roger Ailes to Kevin Spacey the acts were genuinely threatening to those who suffered them.

I'm tired of reading paranoid Slashdotters who think that people are being fired for asking co-workers out or accidentally brushing against a clothed bottom. That's not happening.

Hell, if you'd followed the news this year, you'd know that not only is it not happening, but getting an HR department to take acts of the severity we've seen from Ailes/Weinstein takes more than just a complaint: worse still, most of the time, the HR department will help the aggressor. It takes a large group of those victimized talking to journalists at a respected newspaper to companies to act.

I'm baffled as to why you'd think "You might want to watch the news sometime" would confirm your view of the world. The news is showing the extreme opposite of what you claim.

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Journal Journal: Field goal try wide on final play, Army holds off Navy 14-13

PHILADELPHIA /December 10, 2017 (STL.News) Just when you thought Army-Navy couldn't get any more intense, it snowed.

Then 60 minutes of bruising football came down to squinting through that snow to see where a long field goal attempt would land. ...

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This one is particularly biting:

"A male student makes vulgar remarks about your breasts? Don't slink off to whimper with the campus shrinking violets. Deal with it. On the spot. Say, "Shut up, you jerk! And crawl back to the barnyard where you belong!" In general, women who project this take-charge attitude towards life get harassed less often. I see too many dopey, immature, self-pitying young women walking around like melting sticks of butter. "

Or in other words, style yourself as a victim and as a result become one. And that works even if there are no "predators" around, as people must judge what is acceptable by the reaction of others. It does not work any other way. Incidentally, it works like that in all human interaction and apparently, women can do this to others just as well. The problem though, and that is unfortunate, is with the victim. It cannot be solved from any other position as that would mean abandoning human interaction or extremely formalizing it (which is not much better).

Now, I am not saying that is nice or good, I am saying that is how it is. Ignoring reality does not solve problems, it makes them worse for everybody. And that is the only thing the SJW faction of feminism has actually accomplished: Making the problem worse for everybody.

Feed Google News Sci Tech: Woman Suffers Permanent Eye Damage Due To Watching Solar Eclipse - Immortal News (

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Woman Suffers Permanent Eye Damage Due To Watching Solar Eclipse
Immortal News
During the famous solar eclipse that crossed the United States last August 21, a woman in Staten Island, New York, attempted to watch the phenomenon and ended up in the emergency room with eye damage in the form of a crescent shape blocking her vision ...
The solar eclipse burned a crescent wound on a woman's retina. She wasn't wearing proper glasses.Washington Post
After looking at solar eclipse, woman has crescent-shaped blind spot on her eyeWRCB-TV
The August solar eclipse burned a crescent shape into woman's eyeAOL Verge-Newsweek
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The word 'con' has been short for convention well, forever. This is why jury trials suck. There's no way this should have passed muster. I'm guessing the schmucks that run San Diego's Comic Convention just had better lawyers. I'm guessing the chewbacca defense was employed, because I can't think of a single damn good reason why else they'd win this.

Comment I'm not afraid of government (Score 1) 109

I'm afraid of the aristocracy. Those are different things. And while the aristocracy has better tools to keep the working class down so too has the working class gained it's own tools. Knowledge mostly. As people learn more and become more grounded in reason and a belief in science and cause/effect it becomes harder to manipulate them. China's experiencing this with a growing middle class. America is seeing it with a general mellowing out of our religious zealots. It'll continue to spread making it harder and harder for the aristocracy to use their old standbys for controlling the rabble (wedge issues and racism).

Comment Re:Copycats should be ashamed. (Score 5, Insightful) 117

Copycats should be ashamed.

Like 90% of comics are a formulaic copy.

There is an assertion, an assumption that these conventions are a celebration of art and creativity.

That's taking things a bit too seriously. There are very few Alan Moores in this world and a whole bunch of Stan Lees. When comics are artistic and creative, it's an anomaly. People don't go to conventions to celebrate creativity and art. They go to conventions to goo over collectible comics and buy useless junk and see celebrities and feel like their lonely hobby isn't quite so lonely.

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Journal Journal: The Latest: Stormtroopers, droids start 'Last Jedi' carpet

LOS ANGELES /December 10, 2017 (STL.News) — The Latest on the premiere of Star Wars: The Last Jedi (all times local): 5:45 p.m. The world premiere event of Star Wars: The Last Jedi has begun The post The Latest: Stormtroopers, droids start Last Jedi carpet appeared first on STL.News.

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Journal Journal: The Latest: Mississippi flag protested at museum opening

JACKSON, Miss. /December 10, 2017 (STL.News) —

The Latest on President Donald Trump's visit to Mississippi for the opening of museums dedicated to the state's history and its role in the civil rights movement (all times local):

1:45 p.m.


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Journal Journal: Walk-on to Heisman: Oklahoma's Mayfield wins in landslide

NEW YORK/December 10, 2017 (STL.News) —Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield has won the Heisman Trophy, completing a climb from walk-on to one of the most accomplished players in the history of college football. The brash, flag-planting The post Walk-on to Heisman: Oklahoma s Mayfield wins in landslide appeared first on STL.News.

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Journal Journal: 'Firefighting at Christmas' may become normal in California

FALLBROOK, Calif. /December 10, 2017 (STL.News) —A week of destructive fires in Southern California is ending but danger still looms. Well into what s considered the wet season, there s been nary a drop of rain. That s The post Firefighting at Christmas may become normal in California appeared first on STL.News.

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That's just so much rubbish. Companies are where groups of _people_ meet and do an activity. You don't leave your humanity at the door in the name of 'being professional'.
The sexual harrassment training is a tick box for companies so they don't get sued as an entity when someone complains. What the most successful companies have is enough flexibility that people can be people, while having recourse so that the real problematic people can be deal with appropriately.
The big problem with "grey area" is that it's now being used to have punishments given out, depending on someone's whim _after the fact_. So if a guy approaches the woman, and she decides she likes him and decides to be receptive, happy days. If she decides she really doesn't like him, she can get to call sexual harrassment by the regulations.. And it's always for the protection of women, not men..
I've asked female friends what they'd think of a hypothetical situation where a man was to get into the bed of a woman who wasn't interested in her and proceed to grope her.. Every single one said "He should go to court and be charged with sexual assault". Now I've had a couple of women do exactly that to me, and I've asked them what they thought of that, and every single one said "You must have thought it was a good night.". No, I didn't.. It was awkward, embarrassing, and really made living around them hell. When I explained that, they still said, "well, it's different for you, your're a guy.. It's not that bad"..
That's what really aggravates me.. Most of these vocal women want a world where they can do what they want without consequence, but they want to deny those freedoms to men, and by and large, the law supports that. Then they accuse men of entitlement syndromes?

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Comment Re:There is a new fastest method. (Score 1) 150

Do all of you people who keep proposing this stop and wonder why almost nobody in the industry ever takes this concept seriously? And the few that did went out of business or stopped doing so?

You mean, the electric shipping industry? I have no idea what you're talking about. Care to elaborate?

Comment Re:"Hire-Vue" does this (Score 1) 145

There have been interviews where about a half hour in, I decided I would rather starve than work there.

After that, it was all about fucking with them. Times already wasted, might as well make something of it.

Be careful what you wish for my friend.

But yes the point of the interview should be a 2 way meeting, but when you have no job you have little options. What really gets me also is those stupid Taleo Applicant tracking systems that can take well over 1 hour to fill out only to never hear back. HR LOVES these as the program does the recuiting for them.

Many big companies have updated them not to be so soulless or use LinkedIn now to respect the applicants time more. I think after reading this and seeing the stuff that the best companies to work for are smaller businesses or startups. They are to the point and not tainted with old executives trying to find blame for mediocre hires by not waiting people and treating them like numbers who should be beg to work there.

Comment Re:Nothing changed but the language (Score 1) 439

Back then Bond was just following a model where it was assumed that if a woman resisted she actually wanted it and was just playing hard to get. If the guy worked for it, in Bond's case by pinning her to the ground with his body, he had proved himself and she would give in.

Thing is, even modern Bond does this. In the last film he forced himself on a widow whose husband's funeral she had just attended. It's like, he's Bond, every woman must want him.

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Journal Journal: 'Firefighting at Christmas' may become normal in California

FALLBROOK, Calif. /December 10, 2017 (STL.News) —A week of destructive fires in Southern California is ending but danger still looms.

Well into what's considered the wet season, there's been nary a drop of rain. That's good for sun-seeking touri...

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