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Comment Re: Funny that they're not paying C-exec pay? (Score 1) 116

We have AIs that can beat us at chess, go, and Jeopardy. They figure out how to play by themselves. Some AIs are driving cars now. In a year you could get an Uber driven by one.

Sure, AIs can't do everything that we can do, but what they can do, they do better than us.

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Journal Journal: Fast-moving flames force people to flee on a moment's notice

FALLBROOK, Calif. /December 9,2017 (AP)(STL.NEWS) — Flames were practically on top of Dick and Joan Marsala's home when they got an urgent knock on the door and were told to leave.

The couple, in their mid-80s, grabbed only a change of clothes a...

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Feed Google News Sci Tech: Tech gifts you should think twice about before giving - Houston Chronicle (

Houston Chronicle

Tech gifts you should think twice about before giving
Houston Chronicle
If you've got a techie on your holiday gift list, you may think a love of digitalia will make picking out a present relatively easy. But they don't call this stuff "personal technology" for nothing. Those who are into geek gear are often particular ...
Amazon Echo expands to 28 more countriesThe Verge
Amazon Echo availability expands to 80 more countriesZDNet
Amazon bringing Echo and Alexa to 80 additional countries in major global expansionGeekWire
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Comment Re:Today (Score 1) 140

... it's switch on your autopilot for a 5% discount.

Tomorrow, it will be manual controls disabled unless you pay the 500% self-drive (i.e.: think "self-serve", you get to drive it your self!) premium.

Yep, and at that point traffic fatalities will drop to a miniscule fraction of what they are now. This will be a good thing.

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Journal Journal: American evangelist leads rare event in communist Vietnam

HANOI, Vietnam /December 9,2017 (AP)(STL.NEWS) — More than 10,000 Vietnamese filled up a stadium in a rare Christian evangelistic event led by the Rev. Franklin Graham, who said he wants the communist government to consider Christians its best ci...

Comment Re:"I know what I'm doing!" (Score 1) 135

i worked in the oil field for a few years and yeah, you dont even have to look at the arc of a welder's work, it just has to be exposed to your eye from a few yards away and you dont notice it until after you went to bed that night, you wake up in the middle of the night feeling like your eyes have had sand rubbed in them

That is a different problem. Traveling across a landscape covered in snow or spending all day outdoors without shielding your eyes can cause the same thing. Extended exposure to UV can sunburn the sclera (outside part of the eye) yielding the sandpaper feeling.

Comment Re:Today (Score 1) 140

Myself, I'll have to have scenery to avoid sickness.

It had better be the scenery outside the car, displayed with very low latency, or you'll get sick. One of the biggest factors inducing motion sickness is when the motion reported by the inner ears doesn't match the motion reported by the eyes. This is why many people can't read or watch a movie in a moving vehicle.

OTOH, if the car's screens projected a book or a movie on the displays, but made them appear as though they were on a very large billboard (which somehow kept up with the car), complete with appropriate movement as the car bounces and jolts, then you probably could watch a movie or read just as well as you could look out a window.

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Comment Re:Today (Score 1) 140

We can only hope the first big EMP comes before society makes that many short-sighted utopian decisions in a row so we'll only be partially screwed and will have a chance to recover.

Meh, any civilization trying to rebuild is going to have a damn hard time no matter what because of economic efficiency. All the easily accessible ore? Gone. Oil? Pumped up. Coal? Mined. Sure we have plenty of it still, but only deep down where only high tech can reach it. And I expect a collapsing civilization will kill off most remaining large animals, fish and other resources as the excess population starves to death. Sure we could try passing knowledge, but you'd probably be back to struggling with the basics which made 90% work in agriculture a few centuries ago.

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Journal Journal: Dems mourn Franken's demise but see a 2018 election benefit

WASHINGTON /December 9,2017 (AP)(STL.NEWS) — Members of both parties are glum and guarded after a shocking week of resignations on Capitol Hill. But Democrats say the way they're handling the sexual misconduct issue will give them a valuable weapon...

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Journal Journal: Dems mourn Franken's demise but see a 2018 election benefit

WASHINGTON /December 9,2017 (AP)(STL.NEWS) — Members of both parties are glum and guarded after a shocking week of resignations on Capitol Hill. But Democrats say the way they're handling the sexual misconduct issue will give them a valuable weapon...

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Comment No point remembering, they all got hacked (Score 3, Insightful) 202

Back in the day, the only places that I used for exchanging Bitcoin with other cryptocurrencies were sites like Mt. Gox and BTC-E. They both got busted by the feds for various criminal activities, so there is no active account left to log into.

I believe that the mining pools got hacked as well, so there isn't much hope checking if any residual balances left in those accounts as well.

Man... the security of the various Bitcoin exchanges sites really sucked back then. I wonder if it's really better now, or the next big hack is right around the corner.

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Feed Google News Sci Tech: Millions May Have Been Stolen in a Bitcoin Marketplace Hacking Heist - Fortune (


Millions May Have Been Stolen in a Bitcoin Marketplace Hacking Heist
Cryptocurrency marketplace NiceHash said the contents of its bitcoin wallet had been stolen in a security breach and one executive said nearly $64 million had been lost. NiceHash head of marketing Andrej P. kraba told Reuters on Thursday that the hack ...
Founders of hacked crypto-mining site apologize over Facebook livestreamThe Verge
Hackers steal $64 million from cryptocurrency firm NiceHashTimes Now
Bitcoin's Price Isn't Always What You Think It IsBloomberg

all 1,494 news articles

Comment Re:Competition (Score 1) 281

The burdens on the government to maintain some poles and conduits when the ISPs can pay a per pole fee that would more than pay for whatever their burdens are... I just don't buy the "we can't have more than the monopoly running things" argument. I also don't buy that its too expensive when the expense is not what is stopping competition... it is that competition is effectively illegal.

Until you permit people to compete... I don't want to have a lot of regard for the notion of why people can't compete. Remove the government restrictions and then tell me competition can't happen when competition still doesn't happen.

Until then, this is a matter of speculation between us.

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Comment Re:Works On All Windows Versions? (Score 1) 126

What is really of note is the alleged compatibility. I never seen anything compatible with all windows versions. ANYTHING.. In fact, I doubt anyone really checked it because I'm pretty sure it will hang or crash on some versions.

One right off hand. Forte Agent 1.92, just move a short-cut to the newest install and have an E-mailer/Newsreader all set-up and ready to go.

Older versions work as well, but needed yEnc the newer 1.92 offered. Used this version from W2K/Win98 to Win10 and in between.

Comment Re:We're boned (Score 1) 126

Basic security steps like you mention are totally analogous to locking your door and not driving through bad neighborhoods. That's the easy stuff. Extra locks, alarms systems, reading every day to keep up on criminal techniques and following police blotters is stuff that goes beyond and most people won't do it. But strangely enough we have to hear about every worm, bug, bot, and breach in the news headlines. And every one of those stories has some "security expert" telling us what new thing we need to do today or we'll be PwNed!! They need to dial back the hype before nobody listens to them any more than they listen to the guy selling alarm systems. It's already too late. Security fatigue has set in, in earnest.

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