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Feed Techdirt: Top EU Data Protection Body Asks US To Fix Problems Of 'Privacy Shield' Or Expect A Referral To Region's Highest Court (

The Privacy Shield framework is key to allowing personal data to flow legally across the Atlantic from the EU to the US. As we've noted several times this year, there are a number of reasons to think that the EU's highest court, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), could reject Privacy Shield just as it threw out its predecessor, the Safe Harbor agreement. An obscure but influential advisory group of EU data protection officials has just issued its first annual review of Privacy Shield (pdf). Despite its polite, bureaucratic language, it's clear that the privacy experts are not happy with the lack of progress in dealing with problems pointed out by them previously. As the "Article 29 Data Protection Working Party" -- the WP29 for short -- explains:

Based on the concerns elaborated in its previous opinions ... the WP29 focused on the assessment of both the commercial aspects of the Privacy Shield and on the government access to personal data transferred from the EU for the purposes of Law Enforcement and National Security, including the legal remedies available to EU citizens. The WP29, assessed whether these concerns have been solved and also whether the safeguards provided under the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield are workable and effective.

As far as the commercial aspects of Privacy Shield are concerned, the WP29 is unhappy about a number of important "unresolved" issues such as "the lack of guidance and clear information on, for example, the principles of the Privacy Shield, on onward transfers [of personal data] and on the rights and available recourse and remedies for data subjects." The issue of US government access to the personal data of EU citizens is even thornier. Although the WP29 welcomed efforts by the US government to become more "transparent on their use of their surveillance powers", the collection of and access to personal data for national security purposes under both section 702 of FISA and Executive Order 12333 were still a problem. On the former, WP29 suggests:

Instead of authorizing surveillance programs, section 702 should provide for precise targeting, along with the use of the criteria such as that of "reasonable suspicion", to determine whether an individual or a group should be a target of surveillance, subject to stricter scrutiny of individual targets by an independent authority ex-ante.

As regards the Executive Order 12333, WP29 wants the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board (PCLOB) "to finish and issue its awaited report on EO 12333 to provide information on the concrete operation of this Executive Order and on its necessity and proportionality with regard to interferences brought to data protection in this context." That's likely to be a bit tricky, because the PCLOB is understaffed due to unfilled vacancies, and possibly moribund. In conclusion, the WP29 "acknowledges the progress of the Privacy Shield in comparison with the invalidated Safe Harbor Decision", but underlines that the EU group has "identified a number of significant concerns that need to be addressed by both the [European] Commission and the U.S. authorities." It spells out what will happen if they aren't sorted out:

In case no remedy is brought to the concerns of the WP29 in the given time frames, the members of WP29 will take appropriate action, including bringing the Privacy Shield Adequacy decision to national courts for them to make a reference to the CJEU for a preliminary ruling.

That is, it will ask the EU's highest court to rule on the so-called "adequacy decision" of the European Commission, where it decided that Privacy Shield offered enough protection for EU personal data moving to the US. There's a clear implication that WP29 doubts the CJEU's ruling will be favorable unless all the changes it has requested are made soon. And without the Privacy Shield framework, it will be much harder to transfer personal data legally across the Atlantic. Moreover, the EU's data protection laws are about to become even more stringent next year, when the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is enforced. Organizations in breach of the GDPR can be fined up to 4% of annual global turnover, which means even the biggest Internet companies will have a strong incentive to comply.

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Watch the PlayStation Experience live stream right here
It's going to be a late night, folks. The PlayStation Experience takes place this weekend and Sony is kicking things off with a live-streamed presentation called PlayStation Presents tonight at 11 PM ET -- that's 8 PM in Anaheim, California, where the ...
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Comment Re:Chants (Score 1) 296

Bingo. But it is only effective if it is followed up in the ballot box. But the people who are chanting have low historical voting participation rates.

Because they don't have something to vote for, Sherlock. Either because the two major parties have fielded candidates who are hostile to their interests, or because third parties have been restrained to the point of irrelevancy. Give people a real choice and they'll turn out in droves, like the last vote for Scotland's independence. See also, George Carlin...if you vote you don't have the right to complain.

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Comment Re:Were they in the form of legal opinions? (Score 1) 296

You clearly can't read the chart or read the article. NOWHERE in the chart does it say all of these are fake. It says clearly in the chart "The vast majority of FCC comments were submitted as exact duplicates or as part of letter-writing/spam campaigns." This means the author has identified which comments were part of campaigns either by bot or by real people. However you interpreted it all as 100% bots due to your bias. In the very next sentence: "So how do we know which of these are legitimate public mailing campaigns, and which of these were bots?" The author then goes to do some analysis. Of all 22M he concludes "It turns out that there are 1.3 million of these.".

Comment Password cracking (Score 4, Insightful) 202

I guess there is now a legitimate use for password cracking. If you have couple mil worth of bitcoins but locked out, hire people doing password cracking for living and train the system with your existing passwords. In practice, people use similar passwords and similar password setting techniques.

Comment Re:Chants (Score 1) 296

But chanting as part of a protest gathering -- this is exactly what caused change.

But not by protesting in a polite, orderly fashion in a designated Free Speech Zone. He did it by not being sucked into supporting a particular party (as Dems wanted OWS to do before Obama crushed it). He did it by being the "reasonable" alternative to the more militant leaders like Malcolm X. It also didn't hurt that at the time the United States was trying to grandstand about the USSR's "human right's violations" at the time, which is kind of hard do when you're busy upholding Jim Crow at home.

If MLK hadn't been assassinated, he'd be getting arrested today with other BLM protestors for shutting down highways, and absolutely would have waged war against Hillary Clinton's coronation in last year's primary.

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Journal Journal: Trump boasts of defeating 'savage killers' here and abroad

PENSACOLA, Florida /December 9,2017 (AP)(STL.NEWS) — President Donald Trump on Friday touted his efforts to secure the homeland, telling a raucous rally crowd in the Florida panhandle that his administration is taking care of our The post Trump boasts of defeating savage killers here and abroad appeared first on STL.News.

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Comment Re:That's the way to do it (Score 1) 140

Fine, so screw the people who actually are better than Autopilot?

It isn't clear that anyone is better. Is the "best" driver 40% less likely to be in an accident as an average driver? I don't know, but perhaps not. Many accidents are unavoidable. If someone pulls out in front of you, and there is no place to swerve except into oncoming traffic, then the only thing that matters is how fast you can brake. Even the best humans take about 1500ms to see the problem, realize what is happening, shift their foot to the brake, and start depressing. At 60 mph, a car can go about 130 feet in 1.5 seconds. Autopilot takes about 1ms to start braking.

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Journal Journal: Fast-moving flames force people to flee on a moment's notice

FALLBROOK, Calif./December 9,2017 (AP)(STL.NEWS) —Flames were practically on top of Dick and Joan Marsala s home when they got an urgent knock on the door and were told to leave. The couple, in their mid-80s, grabbed The post Fast-moving flames force people to flee on a moment s notice appeared first on STL.News.

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This is what a shooting star looks like from space
Catch a falling star from the space station. NASA/Randy Bresnik. Not to destroy the romance, but when you wish upon a shooting star, you're actually hoping a small scrap of rock or dust will grant your fondest desire. Despite being caused by meteors ...
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Comment Re:wth is bitcoin (Score 1) 241

Re: the Monopoly money analogy, like digital commodities such as Bitcoin, Monopoly money has no government and tax paying population to back it up. You can't have a currency without these.

Macroeconomics 101: All currency is actually debt which a government promises to pay back based on the labour and resources (i.e. tax paying population) under its control. A government issues currency (debt) and allocates it according to national and political interests. The working population then pay off that debt through labour, trade, and natural resources. That's how countries work. In essence, it's the nation that is the security underwriting a currency.

There's no such security underlying Bitcoin, which is a virtual commodity, so it can vaporise in seconds without any consequence for people who don't hold Bitcoin. Nobody can be held to account to re-inflate the value of Bitcoin. Which government or bank is going to do that?

Comment Re:Today (Score 2) 140

When they hit a steep enough point, there will be a serious discussion of outlawing manual driving so that we can start saving money on all of the vehicle safety equipment such as seat belts, airbags, and bumpers and get rid of speed limits and tailgating laws that reduce drafting efficiency.

We can only hope the first big EMP comes before society makes that many short-sighted utopian decisions in a row so we'll only be partially screwed and will have a chance to recover.


People Who Can't Remember Their Bitcoin Passwords Are Really Freaking Out Now ( 202

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Slate: Bitcoin has had quite a week. On Thursday, the cryptocurrency surged past $19,000 a coin before dropping down to $15,600 by Friday midday. The price of a single Bitcoin was below $1,000 in January. Any investors who bought Bitcoins back in 2013, when the price was less than $100, probably feel pretty smart right now. But not all early cryptocurrency enthusiasts are counting their coins. Instead they might be racking their brains trying to remember their passwords, without which those few Bitcoins they bought as an experiment a few years ago could be locked away forever. That's because Bitcoin's decentralization relies on cryptography, where each transaction is signed with an identifier assigned to the person paying and the person receiving Bitcoin.

"I've tried to ignore the news about Bitcoin completely," joked Alexander Halavais, a professor of social technology at Arizona State University, who said he bought $70 of Bitcoin about seven years as a demonstration for a graduate class he was teaching at the time but has since forgotten his password. "I really don't want to know what it's worth now," he told me. "This is possibly $400K and I'm freaking the fuck out. I'm a college student so this would change my life lmao," wrote one Reddit user last week. The user claimed to have bought 40 bitcoins in 2013 but can't remember the password now. "A few years ago, I bought about 20 euros worth of bitcoin, while it was at around 300eur/btc.," lamented another Reddit user earlier this week. "Haven't looked at it since, and recently someone mentioned the price had hit 10.000usd. So, I decided to take a look at my wallet, but found that it wasn't my usual password. I have tried every combination of the password variations I usually use, but none of them worked."

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Journal Journal: Trump says US 'cannot afford' Roy Moore loss in Alabama

PENSACOLA, Florida /December 9,2017 (AP)(STL.NEWS) — President Donald Trump on Friday urged voters to elect a Republican Senate candidate in Alabama who has been dogged by allegations of sexual misconduct, warning that America cannot afford The post Trump says US cannot afford Roy Moore loss in Alabama appeared first on STL.News.

Comment How does this compare with Toyota? (Score 1) 140

How does Autopilot compare with "Forward collision warning, auto-pedestrian detection with auto braking, lane-departure warning and driver lane assist with adaptive cruise control"? I guess it has this long name because "Autopilot" (for an automobile) is already trademarked?

This whole shebang is standard on the 2018 Camry and an option on the Ford Fusion. I believe the sensors are millimeter-wave radar and cameras.

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Journal Journal: Southern snowfall isn't deep, but many fear overnight freeze

ATLANTA /December 9,2017 (AP)(STL.NEWS) —Snowfall blanketed parts of the Deep South on Friday, delighting schoolchildren with an unexpected holiday but also reviving panicky memories for many adults of past storms that trapped commuters on intersta...

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Journal Journal: Contoh Surat Paklaring untuk Klaim BPJS Ketenagakerjaan

Apakah yang dimaksud dengan surat paklaring? Bagaimana cara memanfaatkannya untuk klaim BPJS Ketenagakerjaan? Kali ini Finansialku akan membahas contoh surat paklaring untuk klaim BPJS Ketenagakerjaan.

Comment Re:That's the way to do it (Score 2) 140

You're completely missing the point. I'm not denying that people in general get into less accidents. The insurance company doesn't care whether Autopilot causes an accident for someone or not, they're happy to charge either way. I'm just saying the person who had Autopilot get them into an accident due to faulty programming and lack of testing, they don't deserve to have their premiums go up.
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Journal Journal: Prosecutor declines to charge officer in deaf man's killing

OKLAHOMA CITY/December 9,2017 (AP)(STL.NEWS) — An Oklahoma prosecutor announced Friday that he won t charge a police officer who fatally shot a deaf man, determining the killing was legally justified after the man aggressively approached the The post Prosecutor declines to charge officer in deaf man s killing appeared first on STL.News.

Comment Remember to bill Trump for your services rendered (Score 1) 296

They will never show up to vote. Their mentality is, "If you are not perfect, there is no difference between the two candidates, I am going to stay home or vote for some useless candidate to send a message". They are easily defeated in elections.

It's that sheer, Biblical level of entitlement that led to Trump in the first place, as it makes you a dumber and bigger asshole than he is. Republicans could drop all their gerrymandering laws and simply hire people like yourself to go door-to-door and "advocate" for the Democratic Party.

Most of the worst policies in modern times have come from Democratic presidents, not Republicans. And outside of the rich donor class, there isn't a single Democratic constituency that the party hasn't stabbed in the back, pistoled whipped in the face, and kicked in the balls. Over and over again. Republicans are honest in their contempt for people who work for a living - Democrats will be all smiles until they stick the rusty shiv into your liver, spend the next few months twisting it around, and then get completely outraged when you don't promise them your vote for the next election, unconditionally.

So make sure to send an invoice to the 2018 RNC election campaigns, and the 2020 Trump committee for services rendered.

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furniturehoaphat writes: Mt trong nhng thit b ni tht không th thiu trong vn phòng làm vic ó chính gh ngi làm vic. Hin nay, có rt nhiu dòng gh khác nhau trong ó gh xoay và gh chân qu là 2 loi gh s dng ph bin nht. Vi gh xoay thng c s dng trong phòng làm vic thông thng, trong khi ó gh chân qu thng s c s dng trong phòng hp.

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