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cpallcjoyce writes: The word “audit” whenever cited; raises questions and discomfort among people. The reason being; lesser knowledge of the audits which they are obliged to pay and which one doesn’t concern them. 401(k) Plan Audit is no less an exception which is complex for the people who are not familiar with it.Lot of non-public businesses are not indebted to audit their book annually. While figuring out if you are bound to pay an audit for your 401(k) plan; primary requirement is to determine the number of eligible participants in the plan at the outset of the plan year. Such plans are termed “Large Plan.”ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act) of 1974 obligates a firm to have their financial statement’s annual audit attached to their Form 5500 through an independent qualified CPA to DOL.

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jessicabarnesvc writes: Artificial intelligence, now as the 2017's trendsetter, will set the benchmark in 2018. The latest Gartner's report reveals that, for the world’s biggest 200 companies, by 2018 will all in all use intelligent apps and leverage big data analytics to reinvent their user experience strategies.

Currently, the market is whelmed with plenty of Intelligent apps, like, personal assistants, chatbots, and several more. A diverse range of AI-based mobile app development will unfold by 2018.

Indeed, 2018 is the year of personalized user experience. Businesses that deliver better stay precedingly in the competition. The blog post below features the essential things that a business should communicate to a mobile application development company.

Businesses have cited IT partners to incorporate AI into every development!

With the use of AI competition is getting aggressive, and no business in this era wants to stay back. Not just the user need to be delivered the customized experience, the employees too! The top brands have commenced asserting the terms of AI-based application in most of the sections to wipe out the hard work and use the human brain where it should be!

In the case of Forbes, it has Quill — a fantastic AI-based software. Quill accepts the structured data and obtains the meaningful structure and outputs a sound rich content. Similar to what a writer does. Moreover, it is well-abled to eliminate the irrelevant content.

Businesses for their growth and development have started implementing the smart apps, for which a few things need to be considered —

Data Lake

A data lake system should be robust and fast in indexing and cataloging. The data security, metadata management, data governance etc. features based on AI or machine learning are the most vital necessities of a robust mobile app development. The whole ecosystem should be equipped with active and constant data access, management and delivery.

Data as a service

Data as a service-enabled application must include seamless data discovery. Furthermore, each aspect of data provisioning, monitoring or even the tracking has to be in a remarkably quickened mode not slow-paced.

Analytics as a Service

Enterprise Analytics should incorporate the supportive traits like embeddable analytics and integrated broader aspects of hugely scaled enterprise functionalities. for the decisive and intelligent moves for the company, this service should be absolutely planned and executed.

Application development

A creative mobile app development should be furnished with prevailing cloud technologies such as Microsoft Azure, DevOps, etc. During the development process, each technique or framework must be in an updated arrangement to following the future scopes. Whatever be the platform, web or mobile, iOT devices, it should run perfectly.


2018 is the year of personalized experience. Businesses need to consider an intelligent mobile app development for the Data lake, DaaS, AaaS, and research-oriented implementation. To reap a variety of advantages of having AI based apps, plan it in a way that it works smoothly till 2025!

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Feed Google News Sci Tech: The 11 biggest announcements and trailers from the 2017 Game Awards - The Verge (

The Verge

The 11 biggest announcements and trailers from the 2017 Game Awards
The Verge
Unlike most awards shows, the biggest appeal of The Game Awards isn't the accolades themselves: it's the multitude of new trailers and reveals that accompany them. (If you're curious, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild brought home the game of the ...
Surprise: New 'Legend Zelda: Breath Of The Wild' 'Champion's Ballad' DLC Is Available TonightForbes
Zelda: Breath of the Wild's second DLC launches tonight — and Link has a motorcycle!Polygon
Zelda: Breath of the Wild's second DLC pack releases tonightCNET
Digital Trends-Engadget-GameZone-Attack of the Fanboy
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Comment Re:Prior Art (Score 1) 52

Considering I've had a patent filed after March 16 2013 and have had the patent examiner reply back with prior art they claimed invalidated my patent, you're simply full of shit. Prior art still matters.

In my case I rebutted their claims and clarified the novel aspect of my patent. Have not heard back for several months now so I am assuming no news = good news.

Feed Google News Sci Tech: Watch the first trailer for PUBG's new Miramar desert map - The Verge (

The Verge

Watch the first trailer for PUBG's new Miramar desert map
The Verge
Playerunknown's Battlegrounds developer PUBG Corp, the new spinoff company in charge of the battle royale-style PC hit, this week revealed the name of its much anticipated new desert map, Miramar. The map will be the second new environment for the 100 ...
PUBG PC Release Date Announced, And It's Very SoonGameSpot
Our First Proper Look At PUBG's Desert MapKotaku
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds will leave Early Access Dec. 20Polygon
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Comment Re:"Extremist"? (Score 1) 79

I see it the other way around. You are dangerously - catastrophically - semi rational. Caring about some free speech right but then not wanting to protect your homeland - something which leads to deprivation, injury, and even death of citizens - not to mention other things like environmental damage - is pathological. You are exemplifying perfectly that pathology that is afflicting the West, causing it to injure itself. No doubt you live an insularized life free from having to experience the consequences of the "humanitarianism" which you must claim to so strongly ascribe to. As long as it's someone else's blood that is spilled you can continue being a good liberal.

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Comment she deserved it (Score 1) 135

Even with the glasses, the amount of light that came in from around the frame of the glasses was painful. I had to wrap my hands around the glasses to even be able to look up. I couldn't imagine looking at the sun for even a millisecond. This girl was obviously on something besides just stupidity. Seeing totality for more than 2 minutes was one of the neatest sensory experiences in my life. Looking forward to the next one in a few years.

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anicesaylor writes: Moreover, muscles are additionally known to lose their versatility, Wellbeing specialists now understand that this normal substance is a huge supporter in with regards to draw out the maturing procedure. Individuals Shred FX expending dust supplements don't need to experience similar indications of maturing due to the reviving and effective cancer prevention agent property of this substance. Moreover stuffed supplements likewise help the reason.

Comment No, they didn't (Score 1) 52

> Did they just patent "Escrow, but on a computer"?


The patent is a bit hard to read, even as patents go. Best I can tell, they patented a particular system of using customers' public and private keys in two different cryptosystems to key the "vault" accounts used for an exchange, where the customer's balance on the block chain may have transactions awaiting confirmation. But it is a particularly difficult patent to read, especially if you don't know the technical details of crypto-currency.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Buckmaster Hawkey - Best Leading Recruiter

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User Journal


4WD Action editor Brendan Seymour has put together a 12v system that allows him to run twin fridges permanently – without ever having to turn them off. “12v setups and products are constantly evolving, and my setup is no different. I’ve always had this idea in my head that the ultimate never-fail 12v system would [ ]

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Andrea Maria writes: Now a day all business needs mobile app because all people are using smartphone. FuGenX is the best mobile app development company Canada. FuGenX provides services on Android, iOS (iPhone and iPad), Blackberry and Windows app development.

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Comment Re:too onerous? (Score 2) 281

And what good is that going to do for us? Phone companies have been posting this crap all the time and no one even knows what the hell it means anymore. They'll just do the same thing.

The market does need to take care of this problem, but the cities, states and the Feds need to stop protecting these ISP's and stop giving them exclusive rights to X area then, so real actual competition can happen. We wouldn't need net neutrality if these ISP's didn't have exclusive rights, allowing legal monopolies.

User Journal


This is my first year ever doing the what i obtained my kids for Xmas video clip. I have actually been asked by many to do this video and also talk about just how we budget plan and prepare for Christmas! Come along with me as I show you exactly what my children are getting for Christmas along with the offers I racked up on each of them and staying with our Xmas spending plan!

Labor & Delivery Vlog/Live Birth Vlog:

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majikarp writes: Machine Learning (ML) has some hefty gravitational force in the Software development world at the moment. But what exactly is it? In this post Iâ(TM)ll take a top-down approach attempting to make it crystal clear, what it is, and what it can be used for in the real world. Machine Learning is a branch of Artificial Intelligence. Fundamentally it is Software that works like our brain, learning from information (data), then applying it to make smart decisions. Machine Learning algorithms can improve software (a robot) and itâ(TM)s ability to solve problems through gaining experience. Somewhat like the human memory. Whether you know it, or not, youâ(TM)re probably already using applications that leverage Machine Learning algorithms.

Comment Re:They usually mean anything that promotes violen (Score 1) 79

It's funny because you're calling Judge Moore's statement dog whistling is itself a straw dog attack. You accuse him of making a loaded statement, something which cannot ever really be refuted, so you have the perfect attack against him. I think that's how mainstream media also plays it's constant mind games on people by claiming that something is *really* something else. Attacks like that are based on belief and cannot be refuted because at that point relying upon the actual meaning of words themselves has been abandoned. In all, I think it's complete BS.

Fortunately people are now fully aware of how words become weaponized and used at attack vectors against rational thinking and factual reality.

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An anonymous reader writes: Follicle Rx Peru shaft of hair itself is made from three layers. Each layer consists of dead protein cells known as The 'medulla' is that the name for the innermost layer. The second layer is that the 'cortex' which provides the body of the shaft. This layer is especially responsible for the color of your hair because it contains the pigmentation. The third layer is termed the 'cuticle' and includes of overlapping cells that give the hairs sheen and luster. See more:

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