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andycussen writes: So about 6 months ago I began researching the dark arts of SEO. I had always heard so called SEO specialists saying "O I can get you no 1 on google" although they could never actually back that up. So I decided to take things into my own hands. After I bit of research I found a few crucial tools that I would need to begin my journey through the SEO jungle. So my first weapon of choice was this website is crucial to perofm a number of tasks you need to help you with SEO, like Competitor Analysis, Backlink Mining, Keyword Research and tracking. After studying some more I found that the best plan of action was for me to create multiple backlinks for our websites but I have read that it is bad practice to just go ahead and create 200 backlinks its best to create 12-20 each month and slowly gain more and more backlinks. Accoring to my research backlinks account for almost 75% of your rank. So no mater how awesome your website is if you don't have more backlinks than your competitor then they will rank above you. Google takes into account a number of factors for you to rank for specific keywords. Make sure the keywords you are targeting have a decent search volume each month. I was targeting "labour hire sydney" as this was searched over 1,400 times a month which is a decent amount of traffic. So I firstly done an SEO analysis on my website, checking Site Titles, Meta Title, Meta Description, H1, H2 and H3 tags and found that they were not optimised at all so I went about optimising them to focus on our main keyword. I included "labour hire" and "sydney" in each of the Titles, Tags and Descriptions. With the homepage now SEO optimised I then done a performace test on our site and found it was taking almost 5 seconds to load. This was not good as Google has started to slam websites that load to slow so I used Google Page Speed Test to test and optimise our wbesite. I managed to get it down to 1.4seconds by minifying the JS, HTML and CSS3. I also compressed all the images on the homepage to as low as I could without disturbing the quality.

Once I had optimised the homepage of the website I went about creating backlinks for the site. I used Ahref's to check my competitors sites and find where they got their backlinks and I managed to find quite a few Australian directories that had "do follow" backlinks to their websites. So i listed them all and began submitting our website to all these directories. Now after 2 months we are now first paging for "labour hire sydney" and I have maged to create over 25 backlinks for the website. I am going to create 10-15 backlinks each month until I get us to No1 on Google.

I am quite pleased with my results so far and I now realise the time and effort that SEO takes. I hope this can help some of you to understand the key to SEO and get you to first page for your keywords.

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Partner with us and take the stress out of your online marketing. We look at your marketing strategy in its entirety and drive results using all Google AdWords, Facebook, Email Campaigns & Conversion Landing Pages. Gordon Digital was founded in 2015 by Jessica Gordon. She was working in an agency providing over 100 small business owners Google AdWords management when she identified that business owners were uninformed on how to grow their business effectively online. She specialises in helping retail and service based businesses create effective sales funnels and drive quality traffic into these sales funnels to convert into customers.

Comment Re:What comes around goes around. (Score 2) 291

Yes, that's really exactly it. The "suits" have no idea how the day to day business is run. My company recently offered early retirement for 55 and older - and lost a huge amount of talent that left the company reeling for a couple of years.

There is a certain contempt that a lot of people have for people who are not doing what they do. Many suits are convinced that the only difficult work in the world is performed by an MBA. Many accountants are hopelessly caught up in the Excel spreadsheets, and have absolutely no idea of human knowledge and psychology.

So every job in the company is legal theft according to the suits, who are upset that such stupid people are even allowed to draw a paycheck, bolstered by the accountants insistance that those stupid and overly expensive older employees can be replaced by fresh young college graduates who know so much more.

Then the confirmation bias sets in as the inexperienced noobs flounder around.

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dindaamelia writes: Adapun beberapa faktor yang bisa meningkatkan risiko seorang wanita hamil mengalami preeklampsia, di antaranya:

        Kehamilan pertama.
        Pernah mengalami preeklampsia pada kehamilan sebelumnya.
        Kekurangan nutrisi.
        Sedang menderita beberapa penyakit tertentu, seperti sindrom antifosfolipid, diabetes, lupus, hipertensi, atau penyakit ginjal.
        Mengandung lebih dari satu janin.
        Bayi pada kehamilan saat ini memiliki ayah yang berbeda dengan kehamilan sebelumnya.
        Hamil setelah jeda 10 tahun dengan kehamilan sebelumnya.
        Hamil di bawah usia 20 tahun atau di atas usia 40 tahun.
        Obesitas saat hamil dengan indeks massa tubuh 25 atau lebih.
        Memiliki keluarga dengan riwayat preeklampsia.

Feed Google News Sci Tech: Honest Ads Act' Demands Online Ad Disclosures From Tech Giants - (

Honest Ads Act' Demands Online Ad Disclosures From Tech Giants
There's an old saying: "On the internet, no one knows you're a dog." They also don't know if you're a Russian propagandist disrupting the U.S. presidential election with hateful advertising. A new bipartisan bill introduced Thursday aims to change that ...

and more

Comment Re:Hardly Surprising (Score 1) 42

I'll likely have to jump to Comcast

I visited some relatives who have Comcast Xfinity a while back. It wasn't working right, which meant we had to keep resetting the cable box. That thing takes longer to boot up than my desktop PC. It took *minutes* after we turned it on to be able to watch TV. And then, the interface lag between pushing a button on the remote and seeing the results on the screen is so long, it made me think I hadn't successfully pushed the button. I realize there's some delay there for decoding the digital stream, but I still can't help but recall when I was younger, changing channels was pretty much instantaneous. It was a much better user experience.

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Comment Re:Bi-partisanship (Score 1) 232

Is there some reason you think Facebook should be immune from what the New York Times has to do?

Advertising on Facebook is paying to participate in private conversations of others. Advertising in traditional media (even when it is distributed online) is injecting your messages into broadcast message stream which has the air of being vetted and authoritative. Advertising in social media is pretty much like paying the host to be invited to a private party. Advertising in traditional media is like announcing that you are the benefactor of a theater before a theatrical performance. These are entirely different and should not be treated equally.

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Comment Re: small database (Score 1) 129

Sorry, I just assumed you'd come to the same conclusion as I did, which is that it simply will fail to identify the songs and not phone home to look up a master database.

What part of my initial comment made you think I would have come to that conclusion? The first thing I said was literally:

I'm guessing it tries to phone home when it doesn't find a local match.

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Comment Re: GNOME? (Score 1) 134

Unity is the main reason I have stuck with Ubuntu this long. With that gone it may be time to find a new distro. I have lost confidence in Canonical.

Already I've started to switch my Docker containers from Ubuntu to Alpine Linux. That's made me realize how bloated and complicated Ubuntu often is. It usually takes like half the time to do an uncached build of an Alpine based insane versus an equivalent Ubuntu based image.

Ideally I'd like to find something that has both a minimalist server flavor available, as well as a full desktop flavor. For now that's still very convenient. In a few years I expect it won't matter nearly so much.

Comment Re:Bi-partisanship (Score 1) 232

If you buy space on a social networking site, you're an advertiser. If the advertising is political, then it's political advertising. If it were in a newspaper or on the radio, Federal finance laws would apply. Is there some reason you think Facebook should be immune from what the New York Times has to do?

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An anonymous reader writes: Are you looking for attractive and hard wearing refrigerators for displaying cakes and patisseries? Then, KoolMax Group is here to solve your problem. We stock an inspiring range of cake display fridges that not only looks striking visually but also economically feasible. Whether you need serve over patisserie counters with big display decks or the extremely popular KoolMax Group’s range of multi shelf displays and the upright glass displays with their Prisma and Continental ranges, we house all of them.

Comment Re:Wouldn't the real solution be: (Score 1) 78

Front running is placing an order BEFORE the other order hits the queue because you know the order ahead of time.

HFT bots KNOW about an order before anyone else AFTER it has hit the queue.

One is illegal, the other is efficient.



For example, let's say you did all your trading based on last years prices with no knowledge of the current state of the market? Are you efficient? No!!! HFT is that in the limit.

Comment Re:Bi-partisanship (Score 1) 232

Extending that to Facebook, Twitter, etc. is hardly overreach.

Why? Social media acts as social platforms (ie, town squares) much more so than as broadcast "media" platforms such as TV and radio. Why should social media be treated with the same gloves as TV and radio rather than the same gloves as town squares?

Submission + - Cara Menarik Pelanggan Tips Ampun Mempromosikan Toko (

kuringdigital writes: Cara Menarik Pelanggan Tips Ampun Mempromosikan Toko Pelanggan merupakan pendorong kesuksesan dalam menjalankan bisnis, tanpa memiliki konsumen yang cukup tentu sebuah perusahaan baik kecil ataupun besar akan cepat bangkrut. begitu juga dengan sebuah toko yang dimana harus mencari pembeli sebanyak mungkin jika ingin terus maju dan juga mendapatkan keuntungan yang besar.

Bagi anda yang memiliki toko dan ingin memikat para pelanggan supaya ramai, anda bisa mengguunakan cara-cara ini untuk membantu meningkatkan omset dalam berusaha.

Memiliki Kualitas produk yang baik.

Kebanyakan orang selalu menutamakan kualitas produk, dimana orang akan tetap mencari sebuah agen yang memiliki kualitas produk yang baik, dan selalu mempunyai tanggung jawab, kualitas baik yang artinya dapat memuaskan para konsumen, dengan hati yang puas maka tentu bisa membuat para pembeli akan kembali lagi kepada anda.

Feed Google News Sci Tech: Google parent leads $1B Lyft investment, deepening Uber rift - Atlanta Journal Constitution (

Atlanta Journal Constitution

Google parent leads $1B Lyft investment, deepening Uber rift
Atlanta Journal Constitution
FILE - This Monday, May 16, 2016, file photo shows a smartphone displaying the Lyft app, in Detroit. Google's parent company, Alphabet Inc., is throwing its financial support behind ride-hailing service Lyft, deepening its rift with market leader Uber ...
Alphabet Definitively Ends Friendship With Uber, Welcomes New Best Friend LyftGizmodo
Alphabet just announced a $1 billion bet on Lyft — despite being an investor in
Google parent leads $1 billion Lyft investment, deepening Uber
SlashGear-Ubergizmo-U.S. News & World Report-Daily Mail
all 110 news articles

Comment Re: Leverage that GO playing AI (Score 1) 183

> Except that there is no such thing as a free market in reality,

What we have are varying degrees of divergence from it.

As the mathematics prove, everybody is better off in a free market, so this suggests that we do everything in our power to move from our non free, real market, towards free market like at every possible opportunity.

(It's like the frictionless surface in physics, sometimes we need to use oil).

Either way, the market has a clearing price regardless of the market freeness.

Submission + - Keuntungan Software Cloud Pada Layanan Managed Service Provider (

rai_ihan writes: HYPERNET – Saat ini seringkali kita mendengar istilah software berbasis cloud atau komputasi awan yang digunakan beberapa perusahaan. Sebelumnya, apakah Anda tahu apa sesungguhnya arti kata tersebut? Teknologi cloud merupakan sistem informasi teknologi (IT) yang memanfaatkan jaringan internet untuk menyimpan dan berbagi data sesuai dengan kebutuhan dan permintaan pengguna. Artinya, semua data dapat tersimpan di suatu server yang dapat diakses oleh pengguna menggunakan koneksi internet, sehingga data-data tersebut bukan berada pada memory storage komputer Anda.

Adapun contoh penggunaan cloud dapat diterapkan pada perusahaan penyedia jasa HR atau HRD. Sebuah perusahaan software HR cloud biasanya menggunakan platform penyimpanan pihak ketiga jika tidak memiliki server sendiri. Perusahan penyedia platform penyimpanan data ini disebut PaaS (Platform as a Service).

Comment Knowing buyer of ad doesn't matter... (Score 5, Interesting) 232

Knowing the buyer of an advert doesn't matter if you can't get any info about the buyer's doners... basically, all this will do is move the needle to anonymous superpacs... "this ad is brought to you by [insert name of superpac]". We need legislation that let's us know who donates to these pacs to begin to understand their agendas... no anonymous donations - could Be out shortly argued as being akin to the "no mask" laws that already exist in several states.
User Journal

Journal Journal: St. Louis Work Zones for October 19 – 25

ST. LOUIS, MO/October 19, 2017 (STL.News) – Drivers around St. Louis City should be aware that crews will close all lanes of northbound I-55 and eastbound I-44 overnight between the I-44/I-55 interchange and the Poplar [...] The post St. Louis Work Zones for October 19 25 appeared first on STL News.

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An anonymous reader writes: The support of cross-platform is one of the main advantages of Qt (by review from Qt makes it easy to write an application that is supported on different platforms. But it is quite patterned, so if you want to have native experience, you will have to do most of the work yourself. Nowadays Qt specialists are working towards fixing it.

Comment Re:I never provide salary info (Score 1) 374

Or you do what my contractor friends did - formed an LLC just to skirt the system on getting group rate insurance. The company itself doesn't actually do anything but serve as their negotiating vehicle for the insurance company and they considered it well worth any associated costs and time investment.

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