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Comment Re:Would be very useful for electronics items (Score 1) 70

batteries, chargers, remotes etc for cameras you are far better off finding a reputable 3rd party accessory manufacturer, they charge a fraction of the price... All my canon spare batteries, chargers, remotes etc are all 3rd party and as good as OEM (in some cases better than) and always at a fraction of the cost.

That's what I have initially done to replace $180 Canon TC80-N3 camera remote. I got a third-party $20 compatible remote. It lasted for a grand total of 3 weeks, after which the camera connector on the remote broke in pieces. Then I decided brand quality matters, paid $160 on amazon, and got a high-end fake that had ultrashort battery life.

My original Canon remote purchased 20+ years ago is going with zero issues and I had to change the coin battery in it once in 20 years. The quality is there.

Comment Re:The Cloud is your enemy. (Score 2) 421

People did this before the term "cloud" was invented as a new service. The danger is putting everything in the cloud, from your corporate directory to the customer contact info.

There used to be this IBM commercial that I liked that had a bunch of seemingly clueless managers sitting around a table oohing and aahing about the magic pixie dust someone is selling. In real life, there are managers who treat the cloud like magic pixie dust, a way to fire the IT staff and auction off the servers.

Submission + - carpet is really useful in your daily life (

huutien195 writes: The use of carpets has increased considerably over the last few years, with the use of rugs such as carpeting and mats for homes and offices or as carpeting for swimming pools and toilets. One of the reasons for the substantial increase is the great benefits that carpet brings to your life. Here we will explore some of the benefits of using a carpet.

1. Aesthetics
Using carpet as a furniture is a trend is very popular nowadays, just choose the right color immediately carpet will help your space more elegant courtesy. With so many colors and textures you will be happy to choose according to your taste.

2. Noise reduction
Surely one of us working in the office is accustomed to the image of the girls with the high heels, the cackle from the high heels sometimes really make many people uncomfortable. With carpeting, any sound from the walkway will be significantly reduced and there will be no more noise from the walkway.

3. Keep warm in winter
Our country has a cold winter, dry pretty uncomfortable and waking up early in the morning has become obsession with any of us. With the use of carpet, that obsession will be completely dissipated. Stepping down to the floor with a warm carpet, there is no feeling of chills coming from the floor. You will never have to struggle to wake up or go to work.

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The cost for bulk transport is a vital component to be considered when choosing commercial movers. Domestic companies do not have the storage capacity to handle large volumes of items. They also do not possess the required knowledge to make the move pain-free. You will need to face the consequences if you make the mistake of choosing the wrong movers.

These days you have commercial movers offering to store your belongings on site and offsite. Since they have provisions to hold huge volumes they are accommodative of competitive rates as well. Sometimes if you are lucky enough the movers would also offer storage units making the transportation a breeze.

It is important that you request a quote from the commercial movers once you have visited them and had a discussion. Also talk about the facilities and provisions they can provide. The most important factor is that your belongings need to be handles with care. The movers need to be capable of packing, storing and transporting your items in a professional manner. Their process needs to be secure and efficient.

Ensuring that all your items can be transported and unpacked when reaching the destination would ease your mind and lets you relax knowing that everything is taken care of. The property needs to be taken care of and the movers will achieve this only if they work in unison with their workers. They need to supervise and guide the workers to achieve good results.

The move can be a success only if the company performs all the activities in coordination and in a planned manner. This precision will take care of the procedure without the occurrence of any kind of mishap. A professional service not only offers their service but will also offer guidance as to how to proceed after relocation. Depending on just one service for the entire process of moving will help you with saving money and will additional keep you at peace.

Finally it is also very important that the commercial movers offer excellent customer service. Proper organization and planning will ensure that the relocation is performed smoothly without any hiccups.

The Los Angeles commercial movers are professionals in commercial moving. To get a good quote for your move. Contact

Comment IT security is not a beginner's game (Score 2) 421

But actual experts are expensive. Stay away from IT "security experts" that cannot code, that cannot configure a network or a firewall, that cannot administrate a system, mailserver, DNS server or webserver and that do not understand how crypto works and what it can and cannot do. I have seen far to many of these people and they universally make things worse in the long run instead of better.

Submission + - Westward Pub Holdings Company Management Services Ltd Review

aarontomlinson writes: Goede tips om te helpen u bij het beheren van een pub

Westward Management Services Ltd is betrokken geweest bij het beheer van dergelijke bedrijf voor vele jaren nu, dus hier volgen hun gidsen aan café eigenaars om hen te helpen beter beheren hun pub.

Goede promotie

De gemakkelijkste en waarschijnlijk de meest effectieve manier om uw pub deze dagen is het gebruik van sociale media. Uw pub's sociale media accounts gebruikt, kunt u het bijwerken van een heleboel mensen met uw nieuwe menu, of uw huidige specials en kortingen. Meeste klant houdt promo's dus beter Geef het aan hen te winnen meer belangstelling.


Daarnaast moet je ook richten op uw menu en na het doen van een zorgvuldige evaluatie op het, moet je beter doen van enkele wijzigingen indien nodig. Het eten en drinken opties die werden altijd genegeerd door de klanten moeten worden verwijderd. En om te krijgen de aandacht van andere mensen, het toevoegen van een handtekening drank die alleen bij uw pub aangeboden wordt. Zorg ervoor om genoeg voorraad voor uw pub en voeren alsook een regelmatig onderhoud.

Goede pub beheer

Doen van een goed beheer op uw pub, zal zeker een naadloos proces op haar activiteiten, vergelijkbaar met hoe Westward Pub Holdings Management Services Ltd dingen doet brengen. Snelle oplossingen zoeken wanneer zich problemen voordoen. Licenties en vergunningen bijgewerkt hebben en voldoen aan de vereisten van sommige licensures en zonering wetten. Het huren van een manager en een accountant die u kunt vertrouwen. Nooit negeren van klant suggesties, opmerkingen en feedback over uw pub, omdat u ze gebruiken kunt om uw pub beter.


Om te voorkomen dat grote problemen met uw medewerkers, zou zorg ervoor om hun prestaties en elk te controleren moeten doen een goede baan voor de pub. Elk moet ook worden na de codes en de wetten gerelateerd aan uw bedrijf. Niet zeggen "nee" op hun problemen en zorgen, altijd beschikbaar zijn voor hen. Bonussen, verhogingen en zelfs promoties geven aan werknemers die ze verdienen.


Uw budget onder controle krijgen en controleer uw winsten en de uitgaven zoveel mogelijk te vermijden overschrijdingen. Te verminderen uw last, overwegen te investeren op software gemakkelijk opnemen van verkoop en Vergelijk uw uitgaven voor producten en lonen van de werknemer. Denken over het verminderen van verschuivingen als u te veel op de bezoldigingen van de werknemer besteden. Tot slot klaar uw pub's noodfonds omdat incidenten op elk moment gebeuren kunnen en westwaarts Management Services Ltd niet wil dat je tot paniek in geval van dergelijke evenementen.

Comment Re:The Cloud is your enemy. (Score 1) 421

But amazon has not put armored shields around the wires all the way to my computer. Accidents will happen. A backhoe will sever a line and the whole block will be without internet for a day or more. Amazon can't fix that. If you're a company that has real products to design, build, and ship then you should be able to continue working even if that accident happens because the data should be local, even if it's not as fast as it once was. If you have it all in the cloud then you may as well give everyone a paid vacation until the internet is back.

This isn't far fetched or hypothetical, it has happened. Single points of failure are always bad.

Comment Those were the days. (Score 2, Insightful) 180

Back in 1939, when global warming was much worse!

No, I'm not saying things aren't warmer. But I do think we're overplaying many current observations (in terms of where and how we're spotting weather conditions with unprecedentedly sophisticated modern tools and record keeping) as being "never before seen!" - when we actually mean, "since we started using satellites and doppler radar and storm chasing aircraft" or "since a few decades ago, because who can expect a panic to sound as good if we include things that last happened longer ago than the beginning of this year."

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Baca juga:obat ejakulasi dini di apotik

Informasi lengkap mengenai suplemenhammer of thorobat kuat pria tahan lama

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Terimakasih telah membaca artikel kami tentangObat Ejakulasi Dini Permanen dengan menggunakan Hammer Of Thor dengan sembuh permanen. oleh karna itu dengan pengobatan lemahnya berereksi yang sangat manjur, semoga yang sudah parah maupun belum parah bisa cocok dengan obat ini.

Obat Ejakulasi Dini Permanen

Comment Re:Nuclear Winter is A-OK... (Score 1) 296

Rather than have a king with absolute authority, the President is a king with absolute authority over the execution of the law, appointment of justices in the highest court, and the ability to check congress by vetoing their laws.

You've managed to be wrong on every count. The President does not have absolute authority on court appointments -- congress has a responsibility to vet and approve or deny. Nor is the President's veto an absolute authority, congress can override it. Likewise the executive branch has its own complex structure designed to prevent any one person from exercising absolute authority.

Submission + - Freestanding Bathtubs (

bathandtile writes: Bath & Tile brings an impressive range of baths to suit any contemporary or traditional bathroom. Freestanding large bathtubs with sweeping edges create a stunning visual impact whereas small bathtubs with strong crisp lines form a balanced minimalistic look. Our Spabaths appeal to those who not only prefer a more extravagant approach to design but seek the ultimate relaxation experience.

Comment Re:We are blue collar workers (Score 2) 421

Basically, we are more like plumbers than doctors.

We really should unionize.

I disagree. We are neither plumbers or doctors, but a 'blue collar' job was one with very little skill, or a skill learnt once after high school then used for the rest of your life (plumbing, mechanic, sparky etc) Under such fixed conditions, exploitation is easier so unions serve a useful protection mechanism.
But because IT moves so fast (most products I learnt at Uni were obsolete by the time I left), the game is self sustaining (ie smarter people tend to succeed) so don't need the same protection.
In this environment, protection of a union would merely hold people back.

Comment Re:The Cloud is your enemy. (Score 4, Interesting) 421

If you don't care that all your data vanishes and can never be recovered, then the cloud may be a good idea. But most companies don't fall into that category.

I agree that being an absolutist is bad, and often I see the cloud being used as an absolutist solution to downsizing IT staff and resources. The flaw is in not thinking when the latest buzzword is worth adopting or not. There are not many uses where the cloud works, because of the security concerns, not just security of keeping eyes away but security of keeping the data intact.

If you do use the cloud, do not use it as a substitute for having backups. Make your own backups and have them stored off-site. Always have a plan on what to do when the cloud service fails; can you switch to another service quickly, or rely on slower local computers? Even if the internet goes down for several hours, you should still be able to get work done locally, phone calls can be made, products can be shipped, etc. Believe me, from experience it is annoying to be stuck without access to your own data and documents that you thought were local, while waiting for the local telecomm company to fix the lines that got cut.

(Yes, DARPA researched networking protocols as a way to route around problems, but the modern internet sometimes seems like more of a loose collection of star networks)

Comment Re:What?!!! (Score 1) 50

Stuff like this has limited value due to the delivery mechanism, particularly when your thinking at the level of "by a nation-state against a nation -state". It would feasibly be worthwhile to let the small stuff go through to build reputation while not disclosing larger / more widespread / network direct access exploits.

I'm not saying anyone is innocent or guilty, just that something like this does not disprove any of the investigations.

Comment Re:The Cloud is your enemy. (Score 1) 421

It depends on what kind of business you are in. If you are a retail outlet - then using a web hosting service - or maybe even software as a service would be right for you. On the other hand, there will be some things that you probably don't want to trust to the cloud - in particular accounts, passwords, and documents defining your own proprietary information. Those things I would keep on an air-gapped system....or on paper.

Ophelia Became a Major Hurricane Where No Storm Had Before ( 180

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: The system formerly known as Hurricane Ophelia is moving into Ireland on Monday, bringing "status red" weather throughout the day to the island. The Irish National Meteorological Service, Met Eireann, has warned that, "Violent and destructive gusts of 120 to 150km/h are forecast countrywide, and in excess of these values in some very exposed and hilly areas. There is a danger to life and property." Ophelia transitioned from a hurricane to an extra-tropical system on Sunday, but that only marginally diminished its threat to Ireland and the United Kingdom on Monday, before it likely dissipates near Norway on Tuesday. The primary threat from the system was high winds, with heavy rains. Forecasters marveled at the intensification of Ophelia on Saturday, as it reached Category 3 status on the Saffir-Simpson scale and became a major hurricane. For a storm in the Atlantic basin, this is the farthest east that a major hurricane has been recorded during the satellite era of observations. Additionally, it was the farthest north, at 35.9 degrees north, that an Atlantic major hurricane has existed this late in the year since 1939.

Comment Re:The Cloud is your enemy. (Score 1) 421

The Cloud is your enemy. Fire anyone who offers a "cloud" solution before offering an in-house solution, because I can guarantee you that "cloud" services are only half as efficient as running the hardware in-house.

Like electricity generation, water purification and sewerage....
The hard truth is that a lot of "IT people" make stupid comments like this then wonder why no-one in the business respects their opinion.

Comment Re:Android updates suck (Score 1) 136

If it's new, you will be getting updates anyway. If not, you could try stock Android. That should be pretty safe for running whatever app you want, and it will have the Google stuff. And if you don't want to put the latest OS on an older device I believe Google is good about issuing security patches, so you could go back to Lollipop or Marshmallow without giving up security. I don't know that for 100% though so don't take my word for it.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Harga Sewa Elf Purwokerto Terlengkap dan Murah

jika harga sewa elf purwokerto ini kembali beberapa jam kemudian, dan tidak mengganggu Pemesanan berikutnya, daripada biaya sen tambahan untuk klien bahkan harga sewa elf purwokerto aku melihat mereka duduk di tempat kerja saya tiba lebih lambat dari jadwal kembali waktu dan berbaring di telepon hari berikutnya tentang periode hasil. Memesan Penyewaan Mobil Avis dan [ ]

User Journal

Journal Journal: Ketahui dan Pahami Cara Mengajukan Kredit Apartemen Beserta Syaratnya!

Bagi Anda yang berminat untuk membeli apartemen namun terkendala keuangan, sudah tahukah Anda cara mengajukan kredit apartemen? Kenali prosedurnya agar pengajuan Anda bisa disetujui dan tidak melulu ditolak. Simak cara mengajukan kredit apartemen beserta syaratnya berikut ini:

Submission + - Ways By Which You Can Evaluate The Worth Of A Moving Company (

melrosemovinginc writes: If you require safe transportation of your belongings you can contact moving companies who would readily be available to help you out. Most states have reputed companies who swear by their efficiency. These companies are equipped to handle packing and unpacking as well. Like in most business, you would be overwhelmed by the number of moving companies you come across. It is therefore vital to research well in order to find one that is completely reliable in terms of taking care of your property.

Being diligent will ensure you are in safe hands. Ensuring that the company chosen has all the qualities required to make it the most suitable is essential. There are certain qualities that differentiate a good mover from an average one. Keep these attributes in mind when choosing your movers and you would not regret later.

A few warning signs to be considered to avoid being scammed

If you are being offered a deal at an extraordinarily cheap scale then it is indication that everything is not right. This is done in order to lure you into the scam. Keep in mind that in order to carry out the moving procedures the company has some expenses and he needs to compensate those expenses with the client. If the rates charged to you are lower that the possible moving expenses then it is sure to be a scam.

If a company is ready to follow all your terms and is agreeing with any rate you quote then it is indication of something not right.

Looking out for past reviews will assist in identifying the authenticity of the movers. If they have had a lot of negative reviews then stay away.

You can be confident of a business if they are willing to discuss all their rules and policies with you. They will also need to answer any questions that you may have.

Talking to past clients is a good way of identifying the authenticity and the quality of work. Asking for references will help you verify the business.

Professional will show class in their activities from the word scratch. They will have a schedule worked out and will ensure moving only in that direction.

These attributes prevent you from being cheated and thereby assists you in finding an appropriate mover. If you are on the lookout for a reliable and reputed mover then you have to ensure you choose a company that satisfies the above mentioned attributes.

If you need to find moving companies in Los Angeles do not look elsewhere. We at are the perfect people for all your moving needs.

Comment Move managers to avoid accountability (Score 1) 421

I always wondered why the government moved managers around every two years. The reason is to avoid the possibility of ever holding someone accountable for fraud, waste, and abuse on mismanaged IT projects. As long as there is a culture of âoeIt was the previous management who let the contract go to hell there will never be any changes.â

Comment Re: How many are pissed Hulu ex-subscribers? (Score 1) 70

I know lots of people who have Netflix but not Hulu. Not a lot the other way around. For my use-case, they don't have a whole lot of overlap. Hulu overlaps with traditional cable a lot more, so if people are stuck to the cord (eg. because of local sports) they don't use Hulu. In my anecdotal experience, I find it's Hulu that nudges people to cutting the cord. Netflix is what nudged people to stop renting movies.

Comment Re:Umm I live in the frozen north. (Score 1) 137

That very well defeats the point of having a quick method of authentication, unless you like using short passwords to encrypt your data (bad idea for security.) Personally, I don't like the thought of face recognition because somebody could wake my phone just by putting it in front of my face. Though I don't like Apple's fingerprint implementation either (not only is it slow, but the fingerprint sensor is smooth and I can clearly see it when I shine light on it at an angle.) I like Google's Nexus implementation because I can comfortably open the phone with a different finger than I use the screen with, and furthermore, the fingerprint sensor isn't glossy and my prints don't ever seem to be visible.

If somebody physically forced me to use my finger to unlock my Nexus, they'd have to make a few guesses as to which finger it is, by which time they'd probably trigger a password lock.

Submission + - Company Incorporation (

imasterindia writes: iMaster India private limited offers company incorporation service, Private limited company registration service and GST Return Filings to the clients.

Submission + - Agen QnC Jelly Gamat Bojonegoro ~ Toko Gamat Bojonegoro (

An anonymous reader writes: Anda warga Bojonegoro Jawa Timur?? Sedang mencari Obat Herbal QnC Jelly Gamat di Bojonegoro Jawa Timur?? Nah, Anda tidak usah bersusah payah mencari, Karena Obat Herbal QnC Jelly Gamat telah Hadir di tempat anda dan bisa anda dapatkan di Bojonegoro jawa timur melalui Agen QnC Jelly Gamat Bojonegoro yang akan memudahkan anda dalam mendapatkannya.

Comment Re:Another reason why bitcoin is garbage (Score 1) 453

Were your cashiers totally incompetent idiots that couldn't do quick basic math?

I don't have cashiers, what are you talking about? Should I jump to the conclusion that you're an incompetent idiot that can't do basic English? I know this is the internet and getting angry and throwing insults at the first thing you don't understand is considered the norm, but Slashdot is trying to be a little different. You need to engage your brain if you want a decent response.

Comment Re:The Cloud is your enemy. (Score 1) 421

Cloud is clearly an attempt to lower headcount costs. The concept is converting the network from physical to virtual and banking on end-state automation (network elasticity, dynamic scalability, geographical redundancy and the like) to make a stronger and cheaper network to run.

Just like all snake oil - the promises have outpaced the reality due to a number of factors, including the assumption that all problems are suitable for the original design, coupled with lack of engineering when it comes to planning the network, compute, and storage for edge cases - such as near-real-time systems - e.g. voice, telemetry, and the like. Another issue is the assumption that an application that is built and tuned to run on dedicated network and computing resources, can be easily migrated as-is to the new virtual infrastructure without integration and modification to work with the performance and resource limitations imposed by the cloud infrastructure.

Are there applications for cloud? Certainly. But every application is not appropriate for cloud, and naive attempts to throw everything at the cloud will not have the anticipated savings due to more complex trouble-shooting needed when failures occur.

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