Comment Re:Share the backend code? (Score 5, Insightful) 408

If a job candidate walked in and handed me proprietary backend code from his current employer, you can pretty much be guaranteed that he wouldn’t be getting the job. Aside from the obvious legal concerns, how could we be expected to trust that he wouldn’t do the same thing later with our code?

Comment Re:He is full of guano (Score 1) 302

Email? What's that? (say these people, who probably use their thumbs to text, but think of email the same way I think of postage stamps)

Software? Not many people write software. I do, and maybe you do, but most people don't.

Games? I suspect that many games will become voice actuated (all the more reason to make young men live in the basement), plus other kinds of interfaces. (How do you aim a gun with your keyboard?) Except for a few diehards, I imagine the days of "you are in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike" are long over. (That said, I haven't played computer games since the last time I played Flight Simulator, probably well over a decade ago. So I could be wrong...)

Now I too think keyboards will remain relevant for at least some kinds of work (including mine, computational linguistics). But for people who do nothing more than websurf, play games, and text--which I'm guessing is the majority of the population--keyboards may go the way of the typewriter.

Comment Re: It's not Equifix or TransUnion (Score 1) 68

No. The solution is that there should be such backlash and such bad press from advertising on sites for high profit companies centered around highly sensitive information, like Equifax and Transunion, or sites which contain HIPAA protected information, etc., that risking malvertising should result in the immediate firing of a CEO, CIO and CTO.

They should not be forgiven for this. Forgiving them only encourages negligence in the name of profit. What benefit is it to the consumer to have their data and personal computer put at unnecessary risk? What benefit is there to the economy to increase the amount of micromanagement required of every citizen?

You can't change human nature my friend. Money talks shit walks is an old 1980s saying that rings so true. Greed wins everytime throughout history and is part of our human psyche. Even if you make a new HIPAA act you still have the problem of the rest of the web including the 1,000 other sites.

Website owners have a right to want to be paid and not host things for free. The solution should be a safe way to do this and an organization like we do with SSL certificates monitor it. I still will use an ad blocker, but am not opposed for ethical safe ads to help out sites like who I want to help. I can't because before I used Adblock my AV scanner caught a malvertisement with a banking trojan here on in 2011!

I am not opposed to more regulation. I think using old browsers, unpatched WWW software, and not using standard good security practices should be a hefty penalty with HIPPA or PCI (credit cards). But that is not going to happen with the Trump Whitehouse and Republicans owning both houses.

Comment Re:NFL might lead to an acceleration (Score 3, Insightful) 201

yah. i am. haven't watched a single NFL game all season and that comes from someone who has watched the NFL constantly for decades. i don't even consider myself to be extremely patriotic. it's not about the flag. to me the issue is deeper. its thugs protesting that when they break the law, they shouldn't be punished. i am not ok with supporting people who go out of their way to support people who break the law. As a white person have *never* had a positive interaction with law enforcement. I've been pulled over multiple times for "speeding" when i wasn't speeding (i'm not a speeder as evidenced by the fact i've had never had speeding ticket). these were all police mistakes or phishing expeditions. However, i remained honest and respectful in the face of false accusations, and the issues were resolved. If you run from the police, attack the police, or otherwise don't act as requested you are on shaky ground. it's not racism. it's stupidity and i don't support it.

Comment Re:write your own samples (Score 2) 408

Generally, code that you wrote for pay does not belong to you, so you won't be able to submit it as a code sample anyway. So write some open source software, and write it as well as you are able. Then you can submit that.

exactly, unless you have explicit permission to share and show that code from work it aint yours to show to a new prospective employer. If you need code then contribute to a open source project or write something at home that demonstrates your good coding practises. I have moved out of coding now but when I did I always demonstrated home projects as I don't have the right to keep let alone show code I wrote for other employers.

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Comment Re:Minute of hate (Score 1) 205

Have you tried having your own opinions on what is "cool" or not? Since this is Slashdot, I'll bet a lot of people here were nerds before it was cool and were ostracized for it. Guess what? It's cool now. And maybe in a few years it won't be. Who cares? The real nerds will keep doing what they love.

Regarding your point about superiority: You still see the world like a teenager. Because it's hard for you to do, you think you deserve some sort of an award. Guess what? In the real world, people respect you for things that are hard for them to do, like playing a Chopin piece perfectly, because it's something they can't do without months of practice. Nobody respects a toddler for learning to walk, even if it's the worst struggle it had ever faced in its short life.

Comment Share the backend code? (Score 1) 408

Nothing says you can't share that. I think many hiring managers would understand that sometimes clueless coworkers or especially bad management decisions get in the way of producing quality code. Ignore the front end code unless asked about it. If questioned about it, just mention that bean counters higher up meddled with it/forced you to code like that (also shows you obey management, which is a plus for getting hired lol)

Comment Re:No!!!! (Score 1) 302

Well, I can't say that He told me to. But it does allow me to edit stuff I'm writing in any application without taking my hands off the alphabetic part of the keyboard. When I'm on a computer that doesn't have my app, it's much more cumbersome to look over at the various cursor keys, move my right hand over there, and then move that hand back to find the JKL keys on the home row. Selecting is even worse, because I have to hold down the shift key as well; and if I want to select several words, or some other extended selection, that means holding down the control *and* shift keys. Much easier to type Ctrl-Q (start selecting), Ctrl-W a few times to select some words, and Ctrl-C to copy them.

I suspect most emacs and vi users would be familiar with this. The advantage of remapping the keyboard is I can have the same keys in any application that I use in my programmer's editor.

Ah--now that I've written the above, I see a possible reason for your response: I had said I map Ctrl-J to the Down arrow, etc., but somehow the Ctrl and the Down disappeared in my post. I probably put less-than and greater-than symbols to the left and right of the words Ctrl and Down, and Slashdot in its wisdom removed them. I'll try to make sure Slashdot doesn't butcher this post...

And don't you dare tell me I should be using the mouse for this!

Comment Like TV "will replace" radio (Score 1) 302

When TV came out, it was widely predicted that it would replace radio. Obviously, it didn't, but it did change the way we use radio. Before TV, people regularly listened to radio shows, glued to the set to hear the end of the story. Now, radio has become more of a background music device, or a medium for talk shows, while TV has taken over the story-telling role.

Sure, there will be input methods that replace some of what keyboards now do: touch screen input, voice input, mouse input, and so on. But none of these replace what can be done with a keyboard. They each fill a niche.

The phone and tablet DID replace the desktop computer for many households, but the computer isn't going anywhere. Neither is the keyboard.


Ask Slashdot: How Can You Apply For A Job When Your Code Samples Suck? 408

An anonymous Slashdot reader ran into a problem when looking for a new employer: Most ask for links to "recent work" but the reason I'm leaving my current job is because this company doesn't produce good code. After years of trying to force them to change, they have refused to change any of their poor practices, because the CTO is a narcissist and doesn't recognize that so much is wrong. I have written good code for this company. The problem is it is mostly back-end code where I was afforded some freedom, but the front-end is still a complete mess that doesn't reflect any coherent coding practice whatsoever...

I am giving up on fixing this company but finding it hard to exemplify my work when it is hidden behind some of the worst front-end code I have ever seen. Most job applications ask for links to live code, not for code samples (which I would more easily be able to supply). Some of the websites look okay on the surface, but are one right click -> inspect element away from giving away the mess; most of the projects require a username and password to login as well but account registration is not open. So how do I reference my recent work when all of my recent work is embarrassing on the front-end?

The original submission's title asked what to use for work samples "when the CTO has butchered all my work." Any suggestions? Leave your best thoughts in the comments. How can you apply for a job when your code samples suck?

Comment Re:Speech is not better. (Score 1) 302

Exactly. How long does it take to type:

for (i=0; i<10; i++) {

compared to saying

for, no, the word "for", bracket, I mean open bracket, i equals 0 semi-colon* i less than, I mean less than symbol, oh fuck it

* look at that, four syllables for a single keypress.

Keyboards aren't going anywhere for a long time yet.

Though, to be fair, if we develop speech recognition good enough to replace a keyboard we can also make a programming language that's easier to speak than C.

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Comment You could work in academia (Score 1) 95

where your office is on a hallway with tiled walls and linoleum floors, and where the sounds of slamming doors from classrooms, offices occupied by multiple grad students and a conference room with a particularly balky door SLAM, SLAM, SLAM seep over the transom through the false ceiling for the A/C retrofit.

Classroom instructors insist on closing their doors -- actually, I would prefer to hear the ah-ums of the disfluent instructor teaching multiple sections of a required technical writing course or the stentorian voice of the guy teaching 20 bored grad students clumsy separation-of-variables methods to describe plasma waves under unrealistically simplified geometries to the SLAM, SLAM of students leaving and reentering those classrooms during a 50 minute class period to take bathroom breaks. And then when class lets out, there is a burst of SLAM, SLAM, SLAM, SLAM because pushing the door against the damper to activate the feature to hold the door open is beyond the skill level of Engineering undergraduate students.

Working evenings or weekends is not any better because students claim the classrooms for their study groups by closing the doors, and of course one member of the group has to leave for a bathroom or snack break every 10 minutes, multiplied by the number of classroom on that hallway - SLAM, SLAM.

Every once-in-a-while someone from Facilities comes to adjust the ancient door closers to make the slam phase less energetic and to lube the ancient door knobs and bolts to quiet them, but I guess they go out of adjustment. The door nearest me has had a closer replaced with a modern version with adjustment instructions on the Web, but it requires a special sized Allen wrench that I don't yet have; the ancient closers the size of fire hydrants are a complete mystery as there are no adjustment instructions on the Internet, and there is a sense that if one "went at" one, a screw would come loose and a puddle of door-closer oil would form on the linoleum.

I would welcome a tree house, a dark, windowless (and quiet!) basement, anything over this.

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Journal Journal: Wasapada! Jangan Lakukan Hal ini Ketika Wawancara Kerja!

Siapkah Anda dengan wawancara kerja? Eits, tunggu dulu! Ketahui hal-hal yang tidak Anda sadari harus Anda hindarkan ketika wawancara kerja. Simak rubrik berikut ini agar Anda lebih mantap dalam mempersiapkan wawancara kerja. Selamat membaca dan semoga Anda berhasil!

Comment Re: specialized media delivery is obsolete (Score 1) 201

Movie theaters are a way to spread the cost of a superior entertainment experience across multiple individuals.

When a single man or teenager cannot enjoy such niceties due to the high cost of a personal entertainment system, plus the lack of friends to share in said experience within one's own home or a friend's home, it will be a sad day. It would be a loss of an opportunity for a shared experience to build camaraderie, one which due to its neutral venue is a safe place to consider new friendships without risking more serious consequences of theft, etc.

There is more to that "not yet" regarding the experience and usefulness of a theater for watchig movies.

Comment Re:All the above (Score 1) 302

Video probably does work for explaining drumming technique, but for many other cases (particularly computer related tasks which are performed on a keyboard - things that the average slashdot reader is likely to be interested in) it is absolutely terrible...

Comment Re:Brain Help desk (Score 1) 133

"my whole brain was out of tune
my whole brain was out of tune
I don't know how to tune a brain, do you?

went in to a brain shop
they said they'd have to rebuild the whole head
I said well, do what you gotta do

when i got my brain back, it didn't work right
didn't have as many good ideas
haven't really have a good idea since i got it fixed"

-My Brain, by Morphine

Comment Re: Lessons to be learned (Score 2) 201

Streaming "locally" may not be a cost effective solution.

Besides, are you paying for less, in that being a local 24 hour stream? Or paying for "Hulu" merged with local programming for a higher price than Hulu? Does the price of Internet+Hulu compare to traditional cable subscriptions?

My local networks have small scale streaming options for locally created content, ones which usually get overloaded during unscheduled major events like Tornadoes or Hurricanes. Occasionally even during scheduled ones like elections or New Year's eve, etc. Many local non-station affiliated content providers also have their own streaming options (churches on YouTube for the main example.)

Another problem is consumer traffic. Is it simpler to order cable service from a different time zone, and have to drive miles to exchange a cable box? Or is it better to do business with a service in the local area? -- Switching to the internet, is it easier to do business with a large mainstream site, or with some "" service provider with a smaller selection of content? Local cable companies are going to be reduced to internet providers, the future of which appears to be LTE at 10mbps. Which means cable companies will primarily exist to support cellular infrastructure, in more remote areas.

Comment Re:Fucking assholes (Score 1) 133

Fuck, Timothy Leary and Ken Kesey have a lot to answer for. If not for their disgusting antics, we would have had this medicine decades ago.... They're worse than Harvey Weinstein in my book.

Leary and Kesey were definitely over the top, and kind of sound like dicks, but without them psychedelics might not have received any mainstream attention at all. To call them worse than a(n alleged) rapist is going a bit far. They got carried away and went off the deep end, but you have to give them credit for making so many people aware of the power of psychedelics. Hell, they've been pretty much irrelevant for several decades and we're still talking about them.

Comment Re:Minute of hate (Score 1) 205

I don't hate people who smoke - I hate people who smoke and are assholes about it. Smoke yourself silly when I don't have to smell it, fine by me. Smoke when it affects me, or make a mess that I have to deal with - no, that's not acceptable.

BTW, I also grew up when smoking was cool and smoked for decades and quit as well - climb off your fucking cross.

Comment Re:No!!!! (Score 1) 302

I ask because I use a keyboard remapper written in C that "hooks" the Windows input, so it maps things like J to , and does so for every program (even command-line based programs, like the Win10 Linux terminal).

,esus christ, why would anyone do that?

Comment Re:Similar (Score 1) 133

I have read about research being done to use psychedelics to treat PTSD. Sorry I don't have a citation for that. The reasoning for PTSD treatment sounded much like what this article says about depression. There was or is a controversy about research to test whether such a treatment is effective. The research was approved in Europe and denied in the US. This was a few years ago so I do not know the current status.

Mushrooms (or psilocybin and psilocin) have been reported by more than a few people to alleviate or cure cluster headaches, too. MDMA, especially, has been used to treat PTSD. These treatments are only administered a few times, at most, and carry little risk. There is some scientific data to back up these uses of psychedelics, so more research should absolutely be conducted.

Feed Engadget: Steam will support VR in very large rooms (

If you want to play a room-scale VR game using Steams current tracking method, you need to do it in a 13-by-13 foot area. Thats fine for your living room, but what if you want more space? Dont fret: Valve has announced that SteamVR Tracking 2.0 wi...

Comment NFL might lead to an acceleration (Score 2, Insightful) 201

Preface: I have no political or philosophical position on whether NFL players should stand or kneel for the pledge. I'm speaking not of their "cause", but rather of it's effects.

The primary reason most people I know still have cable is because of sports ( football, baseball primarily ). With the NFL players doing what they can to offend and drive away their base, I wonder if we'll see a dramatic acceleration from this quarter forward as more people realize that spending 100+ bucks a month just to get sports is a waste of cash.

Comment Re:human smokers will be trained (Score 2) 205

Good deduction. I was in the Marine Corps, stationed at the Marine Corps Air Station in Kaneohe, Hawaii. Nice place to be stationed.

I usually use the generic term "the military" because too many people, veterans and non-veterans alike, have pre-conceived notions of each branch. I simply didn't want it to detract from the story. It's also shorter to type. :^)

Comment Re:Very Accurate (Score 1) 104

Not really. The surface area of all the human beings on earth is microscopic compared to the surface area of the earth (land and water). That also makes for statistically insignificant chance of anyone getting hurt by this. It doesn't matter that the re-entry cannot be predicted.

I think it's a little worse than that. Humans spend a lot of time inside structures that are larger than themselves, and thus present bigger targets.

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Journal Journal: digital marketing orlando

Three21 is a full service digital marketing and creative agency located in Orlando, Fl. Specializing in branding, digital marketing, Web development, video

Comment Re:Keyboards will be replaced by other keyboards (Score 1) 302

It's about mobility, amigo. The competition isn't a 101 qwerty on a desk, it's you moving your thumbs as fast as you can on your little telephone.

Anyway, I've been at over 40 wpm for years. Way faster than I ever was on a qwerty. Who knows what one of you supersonic thumbers could achieve.

As for you, card puncher: details matter.

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