Comment Re: So (Score 1) 320

We don't define freedom the same in the US as they do in Europe. To the US freedom is not having the government restrict you. To Europeans, it means the freedom from having to worry about their economic status (socialism, basically.) Please don't try to equate the two.

I've lived in both places. I assure you the US government restricts its subjects just as much, and in many cases more than European governments restrict theirs.

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Comment Union is just a negotiating tool (Score 1) 320

Money comes into the company. It has to be distributed somehow. The guys at the top do the distributing. They are few and typically good negotiators so they get the lions share. The farther down the food chain you go, the more people there are and can be negotiated with individually and they typically have quite limited information, much less than management. Unions just put professionals in charge of negotiating for the worker's cut of the profit. There are costs and benefits. Would it be possible to organize unions so that they are efficient in allocating productive capacity? Perhaps.

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Comment Re:Share the backend code? (Score 1) 408

If you are a contractor then they don't own your code. Even as an employee you still own the moral right to your code.

Sure, if a candidate handed me thousands of lines of proprietary code and said 'here ya go' that would be a problem but no one is going to chuck a cow about 50 lines of non specific code he'd anonymized to demonstrates a grasp of the language, it's not like he is handing over the plans to the death star.

Having said that, it's not a very classy move. He should be showing better preparation skills and have something that shows he can code a few designs patterns and that he understands why and when to use them. Even better a OSS project.

Any more than that and you're not succinct.

Comment Rate a musician based on his band? (Score 3, Interesting) 408

This is a re-iteration of a reply elsewhere in this thread.

I think a reasonable analog would be in terms of musicians - would you hire a musician based on the work of the band they were in or would you want them to audition for you?

The obvious example would be if you were hiring a musician based on them being an ex-Beatle would you be as happy with a Ringo as a John, Paul or George? How would you feel if you got George based on what you heard in the albums and later found out that Eric Clapton played some of the guitar attributed to George on the albums?

As an employer, I would want to see what the applicant could do as an individual contributor to show that they have the required technical chops and then use the interview process to determine whether or not they fit in with the company/team.

Doesn't matter if it's a musician or coder.

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Comment Re:All the above (Score 1) 302

Yes, it was chorded keyboard - a French "improvement", in software, on the Microwriter MW4, using two of the devices in tandem. A few years afterward, a further development on the same principle became the DataHand, which a poster references further down.

Comment It's not avaliable! (Score 1, Insightful) 408

if you were working for a company, your code is proprietary. You can't share it.
Simple answer: you can't legally share your code.
If they balk, tell them they are being unprofessional.
In 32 years I've never been asked to provide code. Good thing with the number of NDA's I've signed.

If they're asking you to write a code sample, that's a different story. Make something up.

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Comment Re:Will be nice when the patents run out (Score 1) 119

Hybrids just never really made sense to me, plug-in hybrids included. They seem like they're the worst of both worlds. They don't have the battery range for your average driver to not use fuel, so you still have the inconvenience of having to periodically stop for fuel, just less often. And you have all the complexity of an ICE, complete with all the emissions control hardware that greatly increases the failure rate, plus all the complexity of an EV on top of that.

Comment Ethics Question to be Respectfully Answered (Score 1, Insightful) 408


I could see an employer asking this question as a way to ascertain what the applicant's moral character is.

I thought the response by khchung was perfectly worded - you're not going to violate any laws or ethics by providing a previous employer's intellectual property. But, you're happy to provide samples of your own work that you have created on your own.

If a programmer can't provide code they've written on their own, I would tend to doubt their skills in exactly the same way I would doubt the skills of a musician that couldn't provide proof that they practiced their instrument on their own time but wanted to be hired based on the recorded work done with other musicians.

Comment Re:Rude (Score 1) 205

Why is there an expectation that ashtrays should be provided at any random spot that someone might finish smoking? Like any other trash, hold onto it until there is a proper place to dispose of it.

Unless there's a chance to stub it out, a typical cigarette will continue burning and melt the filter, and create a stench that's far worse than the tobacco smell, or burn the person's fingers. Or did you want them to stub it out on the nearest wall? Some do, and I think that's a far worse solution than dropping it and stepping on it.

Best would be if smokers didn't smoke, but they do, and I personally prefer to (a) provide usable ashtrays, and when ashtrays aren't available, (b) for the smoker to dispose of the fire hazard on a patch of fire-proof ground, not a container of flammables, and (c) any other solution.

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Comment Re:Have incompetent security, get hacked (Score 2) 68

Your remarks address issues other than legal.

"Those who don't learn from history are bound to repeat it. Those who do learn are bound to predict it." ~ © 2017 CaptainDork

For a template of what's to come, look at fire codes.

We did not have those until a critical number of people died.

We are on a similar trajectory for data security.

"Enough is enough and more than enough is too late." ~ © 2017 CaptainDork

When "All your base are belong to us," litigation will kick in.

So it is written, so let it be done.

Comment Re:DirecTV used to beat cable in price. Not anymor (Score 1) 201

That was my straw. The Sports Fee was $7 per month. I tried to wonder what Disney - ESPN was thinking, then I realized it was basic arrogance. "snip". My cable co raised the broadband $10 per month when I tossed the cable. I'd already gone through a year of mandatory cable boxes, then they became $8 per month, per box, all so the cable co can turn my service on and off without a truck roll. I thought using Tivo and cable card would be OK, but then they said "aha ! Sports Fee" I'm lucky I live on a street with FiOS and Cable. FiOS was nice, but the old school Bell Tel tax load wasn't. Also, they still thought like in 1965, that call forwarding was an exotic service. The only result is that I won't see a cap on my service because competition. I now have two lifetime Tivo and a ChannelMaster recorder hooked to a roof antenna. This covers 90 % of what I want, and DVR means no commercials. The usual Netflix and and yes, "We have considered Piracy" (princess bride) covers everything else. We've collected and shared a few passwords. Watching my kids, they never watch what we consider "TV" at all. AT ALL. Plenty of video, but there isn't even a "tv show" the kids care about. There's a reason all those commercials are for horrible drugs for diseases that hit old folks......

Comment Create the "Not a Hotdog" App (Score 1) 408

Lots of good points about the possible legal issues of pointing to your existing/previous employer's code from the perspective that a) you don't own the code, b) your disparaging a company's product (which you may not be allowed to do because of past employment agreements) and c) I'm not really sure that you can easily prove that you wrote it in the first place.

Instead, if you think you're a Hotel Sierra coder, create a relatively simple app - it doesn't have to be brilliant in concept but use it as an opportunity to show off your skills. Write it, put it on an (appropriate) app store and reference it in your application and make the GitHub code base available to everyone as part of your resume.

Comment Re:What about when your old job owns the code? (Score 4, Insightful) 408

If a job applicant came into my office with another company's work product on their laptop (and I knew/they told me it was something they weren't supposed to have) two things would happen.. 1) I would make sure they understood that I wouldn't be hiring them because I couldn't possibly trust them not to do the same thing to me and 2) I would let management at the other company know.

Comment Re:Ignore them (Score 5, Insightful) 408

Actually, the only correct response is to hang up the phone.

Employers might ask you if you have any open source code on GitHub or something, but beyond that, no legitimate employer should ask for examples of recent code unless you're a new college hire, for precisely this reason. Forget about whether they would still hire you if you say no. Any employer that even asks should be immediately disqualified from consideration.

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Comment Re:What about when your old job owns the code? (Score 0, Flamebait) 408

And therefore taking it with you would be illegal?

And so is jaywalking, buying beer at 20 years old in the USA, and many other stupid things as shown here . Big fucking deal. Civil disobedience, man. Think of it this way: 1) You won't get caught. The company interviewing you most certainly won't tell the other company that you shared code, and as long as you just show it to the interviewer on your own machine (not give them a file with the code) it won't escape into the wild, so you have nothing to worry about. 2) True, the company you are interviewing for many get a few ideas from what you showed them. But regardless, they would have to code it themselves (see point 1), and secondly, if the original company had management issues like that, it's almost their karma for treating their employees like that (should have trusted them more, in which case they would have stayed and not shared code).

Comment Re:Rude (Score 1) 205

Do you want them to toss it on the ground, or toss it in a bin where there's paper and other flammables? Think about it.

Part of the problem is the viewpoint that those are the only two options. It's your (or their) trash, dispose of it properly. Why is there an expectation that ashtrays should be provided at any random spot that someone might finish smoking? Like any other trash, hold onto it until there is a proper place to dispose of it. Throwing your trash on the ground should never be viewed as an acceptable option.

Comment Re:write your own samples (Score 1) 408

Came to say this.

1. Your company's code is your company's code. You don't get to hand it out.
2. What would be the point of showing them a page with a bunch of code written by some else?

Write your own code... an API, a full (simple) app, whatever. Document it well, attribute any help from others, put it on Github, host it somewhere like AWS, Google Cloud, or Heroku if you want 'live code'.

Comment Re:NFL might lead to an acceleration (Score 1, Insightful) 201

What laws are being broken? I'm lost. The original protest was about the high numbers of black people being shot by cops, including those who did not run, attack, or argue. None of which deserve being murdered by the way. That these officers were exonerated by the juries is a shameful mark on the country.

The new protest isn't really the same, it's about being offended that a moronic president wants to force the owners to fire them.

There were no national anthems played at professional sporting events before WWII. It was added out of guilt that the players got draft deferrals. It's a mock symbol of patriotism exactly like flags on senators' lapels.

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