Comment Re:Wikipedia for Dummies (Score 5, Interesting) 304

The explanations there are clear and concise, but simpler than Wikipedia.

Wolfram doesn't have the OR problem (original research).

I've added intermediate-level "translation" text to a few Wikipedia articles, and every time I do this I know I'm at risk of being reverted for OR.

QED for the Layman is a masterpiece of original explanation—and forbidden territory for Wikipedia contributors.

Second, it's very hard to avoid saying something false when interpolating between the basic and the advanced material.

When I've tried this myself, I've estimated that I was hitting around a 90% truthfulness, with the other 10% ranging from vaguely correct to outright howlers (and me not being able to discern the difference).

I consider myself a fairly severe fussbudget in matters of accuracy, which means I trust my estimate that I'm falling short. Except for the experts who wrote the expert material—some of whom are no good at any other level—I'd rate myself fairly high. And I still don't think my intermediate contributions are quite up to encyclopedic standards (and so I mostly only dive in when the article starts out in a pretty bad place).

Unlike the simple level, the intermediate level is precise enough to get yourself into real trouble, here and there, if you're not a subject expert.

The editors who contributed the advanced material, so far as I've noticed, tended to be the 2005-2007 heyday crowd making highly substantive main edits, and not necessarily sticking around for editorial maintenance, or even to assist a less expert author trying to step in and fill the expository gaps.

First and foremost, Wikipedia is process driven, not outcome driven. People need to bear that in mind, and be happy it's as good as it is.

My least favourite articles are the mathematics-heavy articles where 90% of the text is derivational, to the degree where the main points are encoded in lemmas. What I've noticed on these pages is that it's very hard to dive in in any kind of small way. You almost have to first break the existing page's back to steer the page in a different direction.

The final class of pages I've noticed are pages that were basically abandoned 75% finished in the first place. These can often be improved with a quick effort. But if you try to add too much text, you'll fail to provide enough cites (that requires real research). In my experience, one cite attached to a few added sentences usually survives.

And then if you get reverted, the page goes back to the same state, with no warning for the next fool who comes along and tries to make the same edit.

That's what I hate most. Many editors revert a contribution aimed at fixing a problem where they view the fix as problematic, with little concern that the original state was also problematic, while taking no ownership whatsoever of the pre-existing problem.

Now I don't care if 10% of my edits get reverted (be bold), but above that level it begins to feel like a giant waste of time, so I'm careful not to be so bold as to ruin my will to participate in the first place. (One sees many bitter former editors show up in these threads who didn't figure this out soon enough.)

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Comment Re: Meh (Score 1) 210

What the fuck is a craft person? It sounds like it isn't a "real" job.... like it's designed to allow people to blow money on making decisions for them. How does that really compare?

Those that have a machine with enough juice to need this aren't even going to blink at an additional $70.

Bullshit. Serious pros and enthusiasts run this stuff at home all the time (though, while I can't speak for everyone, windows doesn't touch any of my home xeon systems). Big corps aren't going to be happy, nor are their IT departments cause they'll have to cut a little bit out from somewhere else, but it won't really affect their buying habits... you have a point there, but that's really the only group. Small businesses are going to fucking hate this. There techs all surely pushed for it for their little local fileserver and what have you, and now it's going to start costing them more? ... or less if they ditch it and move to Linux, or just not upgrade?

Comment Re:Not Another Story About Driverless Cars (Score 4, Insightful) 208

The sort of person who lives at point A, and works at point B, and has to get up in the morning to drive the same route from A to B and then later in the day drives from B to A every day. Driving is an hour and a half a day (mostly) wasted. If I could sleep or work or jerk it for an extra hour and a half every single workday, I feel like my quality of life would be improved. Just that alone would be an extra 400 hours/year.

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Feed Google News Sci Tech: T-Mobile puts 5GB cap on high-speed data in Canada and Mexico - Engadget (


T-Mobile puts 5GB cap on high-speed data in Canada and Mexico
T-Mobile has been a tempting option for travelers, and for good reason: if you've traveled to Canada or Mexico, you've had as much LTE data as you wanted without fear of returning to a giant phone bill. Unfortunately, the party's over. T-Mobile has ...
T-Mobile is about to put borders on its 'Mobile Without Borders' planDigital Trends
T-Mobile getting rid of unlimited LTE roaming in Mexico and Canada on November 12Android Central
T-Mobile is about to add a new limit to its unlimited plansBGR
SlashGear-AfterDawn-Android Police
all 7 news articles

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Comment Sneaky (Score 0) 15

Genetic testing only way to find out, well, to make every one safer, every one needs to be genetically tested. A little bit suspect one to go for in the first instance, the health insurance companies will love that test, I wonder how far they will stretch it. The best way for insurance companies to manipulate genetic test pilfering. Wait for you to get health insurance, sneakily grab your genetic test and find you have genetic predispositions, hope you forget to say anything about your genetic test record and provide health care coverage, as you are the best possible person to cover, as soon as you try to make a major claim, whamo. After decades of collecting insurance premiums, they say you have a pre-existing genetic condition that you didn't declare and tell you to fuck off and drop dead, hah hah.

Comment Re:Exactly (Score 1) 221

In those games, however, the rules actually do exist... they directly limit the things that can occur in the game.

There are no actual rules governing the behavior of the universe. We are the ones who made those rules up based only on what we happen to have seen, and whenever we see something that contradicts those rules, we are aware that we need to revise the rules to encompass the observed phenonemon (and we have done so, repeatedly, throughout history).

This is actually the fundamental reason why an even so-called omnipotent God couldn't break any actual laws of physics... because we define what those laws of physics are with respect to the reality that we observe and experience. Anything that a so-called omnipotent God might do within the universe would therefore always be seen as encompassed by and consistent with the laws of physics, even if exactly which laws it appeared to be following were not actually known to us at the time.

Comment Re:Never heard of him before. (Score 1) 298

What's wrong with young adult literature? I'm currently re-reading Pullman's 'His Dark Materials' trilogy and it's excellent.

It certainly is excellent. It's also much better writing than Orwell ever did.

But Orwell was mentioned in the context of influence, and another of his books double plus qualifies.

I just said Orwell was overrated. Not that he wasn't influential. As I said, his ideas are profound, but as a writer he's mediocre. He's more agitprop than literature. That's why he's taught in high school: because it's hard to teach subtlety to 14 year-olds.

Submission + - How To Fix Lower Back Pain (

widodo31 writes: lower back pain
How to Fix Lower Back Pain?
Lower back pain is caused by a number of problems. If you have to guess, maybe your back pain is caused by some of the following
1. Insufficient hip mobility
2. Weak posterior chain (think glutes and hamstrings)
3. Weak abdominals
4. Tight hip flexors
5. Tight lower back
6. Excessive anterior pelvic tilt (APT)
7. And even psychological factors
Of the several mentioned above, there may be other factors, such as poor breathing patterns, lack of ankle mobility, insufficient knee stability.
To treat lower back pain, there are several ways you can do to treat it
1. Get Out of Lumbar Hyperextension

Lumbar hypertension refers to excessive curvature in the lower back. Most extension-based athletes experience excessive lumbar hyperextension. Either they are walking, running or being weight lifting. The back of the lower back hyperextension is the feeling that they feel to keep returning to practice, again, again and again.
Unfortunately assuming it as it can worsen lower back pain. Now there are ways to improve your posture and get out of the excessive lumbar hyperextension zone. Here I will emphasize the importance of self-awareness, understand your body, and improve the conditions therein.
Realistically you can do everything in the gym. But if you do not see your posture. You will not achieve the best results.
1. Watch your standing posture and sit

standing posture and sit
It is plain and simple. You need to keep your standing and sitting position. You do not have to do anything and take time. Be aware of how you sit and stand. You can even use mirror-like help to see your sitting and standing positions. Make sure that the position of your back is flat and not even bend down.
2. Improve your sleeping position

Some doctors recommend to change their sleeping position, in fact, only a few of them are willing. A good sleeping position is by creating an excessive posterior stage slope before going to bed. While sleeping you will really not be able to pay attention to the posterior element of the spine.
3. Strength Train with a Neutral Spine

Strength Train with a Netural Spine
As in the picture, the man is completing a deadlift by extending his lower back. In this way is certainly not the best way to relieve lower back pain, the way it will aggravate lower back pain. To make sure you do not make the same mistake, follow these guidelines:
  When completing the deadlift, wring your glutes as hard as you can while maintaining a neutral spine.
  Drive finish deadlift, wring your glutes as hard as you can while maintaining a neutral spine.
  Take note of yourself (or have someone take notes) lifting. Analyze the videos and pause them in the lockout to make sure you are not hyperextending the bottom
2. Learn to Use Your Glutes
The glute complex consists of large muscle groups throughout the body and has major implications for strength, performance, posture, and shock. A person with back pain tends to have problems in shooting glutes and compensates by using too many spinal erectors (lower back muscles).
To prevent it, it is important to teach it. To do this, try the Glute Basic Activation Exercise

Comment Re:Joshua Topolsky's really good at being a shill (Score 1) 187

they're so good that there's an extra option in android to mark wtf is actually a button area.

at least now I know why presented to the user android features have been going downhill while some technical aspects have gone a lot better. also the look is stupid now and things take more presses/swipes to do and user is bombarded with popups - and user protection features had not been tested in common use cases by actual common people.

google added this feature where if theres an UI overlay you cannot approve of permissions for an app - and the approve permission screen gets dismissed if you turn off the app. this is a problem because using the fb faces for example makes it so that if an app wants a permission you want to give to it.. you have to first close that fb face. that is easily done just 1 swipe, but it means that you need to find again in the app the permission trigger to grant it, or dive into the menus to grant it, because the screen to grant it is already gone if you close the offending app.

why this is stupid? the decision to make it was made by a stupid person because the permission granting dialog should be a separate screen that other ui overlay apps cannot overtake. and fyi they didn't immediately see it as a problem when they rolled it out as a nerfed feature to approve/disapprove per app.

look, the basic idea is just the same as why windows goes to that separate screen to allow admin rights for an application. should just have copied that. technically they could have. very easily. they control the window manager which controls the overlay applications.

the bad fucking thing about this is that i have to listen some exec dolt talk about how they got some new whizwhiz wweewee guru now at gooooooooogle and how they're good at design now at gooooogle and how we should do everything like them...

how do you know an experienced android developer from a newbie? a newbie will argue that something should be done in some way because google tells to do it in that way. an experienced one knows that google also tells to do it the other way and also sometimes says that don't do it the old way without telling the new way. also a slightly experienced one will know that some of googles class wrappers are longer than just writing to use the classes directly anyways while there isn't any kind of a functional difference.

Comment Re: The real problem is (Score 1) 635

Uh, couldn't that be said for just about anything?

No. Because generally the biggest victims in prostitution are the prostitutes. So criminalizing prostitution just criminalizes the victim.

Theft is going to happen whether legal or not; professional thieves are already in a highly vulnerable occupation at the best of times.

The victims of theft are not the thieves. Etc.

Submission + - phong kham nam khoa (

chienbach writes: Bn mun i khám nam khoa mà ang phân vân không bit a ch phòng khám nam khoa âu tt uy tín ti Hà Ni hin nay. Do ti a bàn ang có nhiu các c s a ch phòng khám nam khoa Hà Ni mc lên áp ng c ht nhu cu khám cha bnh nam khoa cho nam gii ti khu vc và các tnh thành lân cn. Tuy nhiên các a ch phòng khám bnh vin nam khoa Hà Ni còn cha m bo nhiu các tiêu chí mong mun ca ngi bnh. Khi nam gii mc phi mt s bnh nam khoa nh i tiu nhiu ln, tiu but, viêm tinh hoàn... Thì cn nhanh chóng n các a ch phòng khám nam khoa uy tín ti Hà Ni kim tra và khám nhanh chóng nht.

Comment Re:Apache called themselves Indians before Euros c (Score 1) 103

It wasn't that people thought the world was flat at the time, it was that Columbus thought the globe was a lot smaller than everyone else thought it was, and hence he thought there may be a more efficient westward route to India. I don't know if he really thought he'd reached India when he got to America though.

Submission + - Wall materials in interior decoration, modern trends

thanhtrungtb writes: Today, in the interior decoration industry, the vat lieu op tuong are increasingly diverse and quality. It is not dependent on natural materials such as natural marble or wood ... many disadvantages such as heavy, construction and transportation difficulties, dust with cement, mortar, termites, down. Over time, these artificial materials overcome all the disadvantages, especially not unlike the natural products and even more diverse.

One of them is Tam nhua gia da (also known as pvc granite) and wooden wall tiles imported directly by TGI Import and Export Corporation. With the perfect combination of PVC resin and CaCO3, these two products can not be ignored. Therefore, they have the specific structure and the superiority of their functions. how?

1. PVC granite

Plastic sheet stone
All TGI Granite brand PVC products use the latest 4-layer technology. With this new technology, the product has a nicer, brighter surface that can be bent from this end. to the other end without breaking or cracking the UV layer on the surface. In addition, it can help customers more easily during transportation and construction, limiting cracking and loss ...

Quick, dust-free, lightweight material, easy to transport, only dedicated silicon and hand cutter

- Dozens of types of stone, diversified
- Fire, heat, insulation, waterproof
- No chemicals
- Good strength, high durability, able to bend freely, fracture, easy to bend column or roll on the carriage to go.
2. Tam op tuong van go
* Structure
honeycomb structure
- The surface is covered with high-quality Laminate wood, we can feel the luminescence of each grain when the surface on the surface of wood panels.
* Advantage

First: With the perfect ratio between PVC + stone powder and honeycomb structure with circular hollows for effective distribution of force, durability and good external force. At the same time, moisture, heat insulation, soundproof, fireproof, no termite
Second: Nice, diverse wood, no toxic chemicals, environmentally friendly
Third: Durable, strong, thin, light
- easy, reduce costs, no loss during transport
- easy to work, fast construction time, cost reduction and labor

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JacobsTheJewellers writes: Engagement rings are far more than just metal and gemstones for betrothed couples. It is also a symbol of promise A promise to spending your life together for better or for worse. So, how do really choose a perfect ring for your bride-to-be?

Yes, diamond rings may have been the most favourite piece for every woman. It is classic, elegant and never goes out of trend. But, have you thought of buying a ring with a rare gemstone on it?

Feed Google News Sci Tech: Hyperloop One becomes 'Virgin Hyperloop One' with Virgin Group investment - TechCrunch (


Hyperloop One becomes 'Virgin Hyperloop One' with Virgin Group investment
Hyperloop One has received a significant investment in Hyperloop One – the official figure hasn't been revealed, but it's enough that the Hyperloop tech startup, which aims to create networks of high-speed transportation tunnels to various locales ...
Virgin Group Buys Stake In Hyperloop OneCleanTechnica
Hyperloop One partners with Virgin to dominate futuristic travelTNW
Hyperloop One is now Virgin Hyperloop One, thanks to Richard
Outer Places-The Sun-ClickLancashire-New York Times
all 101 news articles

User Journal

Journal Journal: Apakah Mungkin Berpikir Positif Malah Menghancurkan Hidup Anda?

Bagaimana menghindarkan diri dari berpikir negatif dan memusatkan diri pada berpikir positif? Jadikan diri Anda seorang yang sukses melalui pola berpikir positif yang menjadi kebiasaan Anda sehari-hari. Selamat membaca!

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kevinn1243670 writes: a ch vá màng trinh âu an toàn, uy tín ti Hà Ni và chi phí vá màng trinh nm 2017 ht bao nhiêu tin là vn mà nhiu ch em có nhu cu vá màng trinh quan tâm

FDA Advisers Endorse Gene Therapy To Treat Form of Blindness ( 15

An anonymous reader quotes a report from CBS News: A panel of U.S. health advisers has endorsed an experimental approach to treating inherited blindness, setting the stage for the likely approval of an innovative new genetic medicine. A panel of experts to the Food and Drug Administration voted unanimously in favor of Spark Therapeutics' injectable therapy, which aims to improve vision in patients with a rare mutation that gradually destroys normal vision. The vote amounts to a recommendation to approve the therapy. According to Spark Therapeutics' website, inherited retinal diseases are a group of rare blinding conditions caused by one of more than 220 genes. Some living with these diseases experience a gradual loss of vision, while others may be born without the ability to see or lose their vision in infancy or early childhood. Genetic testing is the only way to verify the exact gene mutation that is the underlying cause of the disease.

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susanlau writes: With many licence money lenders in Singapore, you’ll be surprised to learn you can find the money within 72 hours of program or earlier dependent on the organization you’re working with. This suggests that they might be used to get cash which will be used for an emergency scenario since it can be certain that you will get the money within three days. Working with other institutions may take months before the application gets through and you may not wind up with the cash for one reason or the other.

Comment Re:Silly (Score 1) 304

Agreed. It's like we're in a backwards world.
An Encyclopaedia is what laymen (mostly students before the concept of Wikipedia was pioneered) traditionally use to find basic information about something, covering an extremely large array of topics of interest. Due to limits with scope and priorities, for anything much more detailed, they are expected to invest in a different book dedicated to the branch of human knowledge or science that studies the topic.

The threads here exemplify one of the modern problems of the internet: Something scratches the itch of a few people, who spoil it so nobody else who isn't an expert can have nice things. Linux, FOSS and tech support comes to mind.

The end result is the appearance of YT videos and question-answer sites like StackExchange where the laymen / curious 90% of the world just end up posing the same types of questions over and over *because* reading what everyone else is writing requires too much inside knowledge to begin with... "Read The Manual / FAQ / Post history" is not as foolproof and practical as we make it up to be.

Comment Re:A new Slashdot low (Score 2) 187

These tech writers are not technical people. They write about this sort of subjective stuff because they have no clue about what actually happens underneath, nor do they care. Their goal is to look hipster, put on black horn rimmed glasses when they don't need them.

What we have now is an industry that just shills for google.

Submission + - harga beton ready mix bekasi (

An anonymous reader writes: UPDATE HARGA READY MIX 2017
Sebelum kami memberikan rincian harga ready mix terbaru 2017 maka berilah kesempatan kepada kami untuk menjelaskan kepada teman-teman apa itu READY MIX.

Secara bahasa arti READY MIX adalah beton siap curah(instan) sedangkan arti READY MIX menurut para pakar dalam bidang perbetonan READY MIX adalah suatu pencampuran bahan/material alam berupa agregat kasar yang meliputi kerikil,batu seplit,dan agregat halus yang meliputi pasir,semen serta bahan perekat yang berupa pasta (zat adesiv) yang kemudian diolah didalam pabrik pengolahan beton yang dinamakan batching plant yang kemudian akan menghasilkan satu kesatuan yaitu yang dinamakan beton.

Selanjutnya buat teman teman yang mungkin membutuhkan beton cor bisa menggunakan jasa kami ,berikut rincian harga READY MIX terbaru dari kami:

Beton rady mix mutu K- 225
Biasa digunakan untuk proyek pengecoran jalan perumahan warga ,pengecoran lantai 1 rumah ,ruko tempat tinggal serta lain sebagainya.
Harga Rp 810.000 / M3 sudah termasuk ppn 10%

Beton ready mix mutu K- 250
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Harga Rp 850.000 / M3 sudah termasuk ppn 10 %

Beton ready mix mutu K-300
Biasa digunakan untuk proyek pengecoran rumah tempat tinggal,ruko lantai 1dan lantai 2,pengecoran lantai pergudangan,pengecora lantai pabriknpengecoran tanggul,pengecoran jembatan penyebrangan alat transportasi dan umum serta lain sebagainya.
Harga Rp 890.000 / M3 sudah termasuk ppn 10 %

Bton ready mix mutu K- 350
Biasa digunakan untuk proyek pengecoran Jl.raya protokol, JL.raya kenegaraan,pengecoran lantai pergudangan,pengecoran lantai pabrik,pengecoran tanggul,pengecoran jembatan alat transportasi serta lain sebagainya.
Harga Rp 930.000 / M3 sudah termasuk ppn 10 %

Beton ready mix mutu K- 400
Biasa digunakan untuk proyek pengecoran Jl.raya protokol,pengecoran Jl.raya kenegaraan,pengecoran tanggul serta lain sebagainya.
Harga Rp 960.000 / M3 sdh termasuk ppn 10 %

Beton ready mix mutu K-450
biasa digunakan untuk proyek pengecoran Jl.raya protokol,Jl.raya kenegaraan serta lain sebagainya.
Harga Rp 990.000 / M3 sudah termasuk ppn 10 %

Beton ready mix mutu K-500
Biasa digunakan untuk proyek pengecoran Jl.raya protokol,pengecoran Jl.raya kenegaraan,pengecoran jembatan penyebrangan alat tranportasi,pengecoran fly over serta lain sebagainya.
Harga Rp 1.200.000 / M3 sudah termasuk ppn 10 %

Harga diatas sudah termasuk biaya tol,solar dan mobilisasi.

                            Pemilik proyek bertanggung jawab atas ketersediaan serta kelayakan jalan yang nanti akan dilalui oleh unit/truck mixer,pemilik proyek bertanggung jawab untuk kordinasi terhadap
                            lingkungan masyarakat sekitar area proyek serta izin atas ketua lingkungan setempat.

Adapun untuk pemesanan / order dapat menghubungi kontak marketing kami dibawah ini:

Bpk Rijal Abdurrahman
Tlp. 085215960552 (phone/wa)

Artikel terkait :
Harga sewa concerete pump/pompa beton
Harga ready mix terbaru
Update harga beton cor
Jasa floorhardener
Sewa pompa beton
Harga ready mix bekasi, bogor dan depok
Jasa trowel lantai

Comment Which computer language? (Score 1) 296

If programming is the second language then why are they teaching python?
It would it be nice if the language doesn't incite flame wars re the choice of the day.

For that matter, WTH have the universities been doing teaching with Java?

If the goal is to produce more bad programming to enable the sale of more computers to enable the melting of more sand that's all fine. But past that easily 90% of the population would be better off without it.

Comment Blu R1 Plus (Score 1) 43

I got a Blu R1 Plus last spring on Amazon for $160. I am very happy with it. It doesn't have any unremovable crap on it or Amazon ads. It is a very nice piece of hardware imo. I mean obviously it isn't the same quality as Nexus 6P or something. I don't know of any other $160 phones that are as good though.

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julvins writes: Here I leave this site very good for you, you will always find the tickets in wonderful age

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