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Comment Re:Alf (Score 1) 78

I would tend to lean to this Alf, heh heh, bloopers so apt. The security breach, even unclassified still really bad. New tender requirements, companies computer network security specifications, staffing, security system in place, parrallel networks (internal connections vs external connections) et al. Most places are quite secure because they do not want competitors who are meant to be on their side, stealing proprietary data and also of course publicly humiliating their competitor with a security breach, likely knocking them out from future competition. Real temptation to knock out your competitors from future bids by having them banned for inability to secure their computer system. Corporations hacking corporations is a big part of the corporate wars already under way (even to active combat, taking into account employing competing defence contractors out in the field on opposing sides, corporate employees will be actively trying to kill each other, just a matter of time and not much time at that and probably already happening).

Comment Re: Is this a joke? (Score 2) 187

Google hasn't created a compelling/popular new product in-house since the original Google Maps. That was... 2004?

They still have a good search engine. Even that is probably on the decline, as they start to manipulate results for political and/or anti-competitive purposes.

What I really want to know it's how much of Google's "advertising revenue" really comes from selling ads. And how much comes from selling political surveillance services to fedgov and other repressive regimes?

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Journal Journal: Proenza Schouler Top Handle Hava Review

I m so embarrassed that my underwear is showing. Rookie mistake and I m still learning to edit videos, so please take it easy on me.

Feed Google News Sci Tech: Target joins other retailers in offering voice shopping - The Denver Post (

The Denver Post

Target joins other retailers in offering voice shopping
The Denver Post
This May 3, 2017, photo shows the Target logo on a store in Upper Saint Clair, Pa. Target is jumping into voice-activated shopping as it deepens its relationship with Google, offering thousands of items found in the store except for perishables like ...
Google is essentially building an anti-Amazon alliance, and Target is the latest to joinRecode
How to change the voice of Google HomeCNET
Walmart and Target Are Banding With Google to Take on AmazonAdweek
ZDNet-Google Blog-Business Wire-Target Corporate
all 56 news articles

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Journal Journal: Five Top Pointers to Match your Interior Design Fantasies

August has finished and those summertime sensations are ebbing away as fall brings rain and clouds. Christmas is still more than three months off so the forthcoming months can seem to drag as the days get shorter and the nights get longer

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Comment Re:Water currents. (Score 1) 270

EVEN if the initial bowshots of a nascent super-volcano.,.Antartica is a bloody long way from anything civilized.

Being a long way from anything doesn't mean a jot in terms of a supervolcano. Homo sapiens has not seen a supervolcano eruption since Toba around 70 kyr ago (and that is arguable - was it a supervolcano, or just a large regular volcano). As a geologist, I'd struggle to come up with a meaningful dividing line between a regular eruption and a supervolcano - if indeed there is one. I've scuba-dived in the Santorini caldera for example, and it's not significantly diffeent to other calderas I've walked around in and examined rocks in.

Regular volcanic eruptions have effects felt around the world. The Pinatubo eruption of 1991 led to cooling around the world of about 0.5degC - and incidentally produced the darkest lunar eclipse I've ever seen in 1992. The Tambora eruption of 1815 similarly had global effects - famine in Europe and the newly-formed United States, wars and rebellions, generally bad shit. All over the world.

The bandying around of superlative-laden terms such as "Plinian / Ultra-Plinian", "Super-colossal", "Mega-colossal" in descriptions of volcanic eruptions tells me that people just keep on finding bigger ones, and don't think about future terminology when they try to describe the new thing they're studying. We don't seem to have found the largest possible eruptions, just the largest measured so far.

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Comment Re:How do we mod summaries? (Score 2) 187

Enough of modding comments, I want to be able to mod this fucking awful summary and article out of existence...

The very top of the page by the Slashdot logo. Firehose -> All
It's pretty sad seeing technical articles with 50 or less comments assuming they even get modded up and out of the firehose to the main page, yet many political articles per day with multiple hundreds of comments so damn consistently on a tech website, I wish more technical people would help mod the articles.

Comment Re:Solution (Score 1) 20

I would say, beware where you place insecure security cameras. Spying on your reception staff, making sure they are not doing naughty things but don't really care who else logs into those cameras. Well, when you staff checks credit cards and flips them over in front of high definition cameras, any one else who logs in, can also watch your stuff check those credit cards and I'll bet you hooked all those security cameras up together, so head office could spy on all reception staff, all of the time, as could any one else logged into those cameras. What could go wrong with that :|.

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Journal Journal: Five Top Tips to match your Interior Design Fantasies: designanddecor1

August has finished and those summer sensations are ebbing away as autumn brings clouds and rain. Christmas is still more than three months off so the coming months may seem to drag as the days get shorter and the nights get longer. Why not give a space in your house a new look to brighten up your

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Comment Re:Liability (Score 1) 120

Sure insurance prices go up, but in a controlled way. Drivers shouldn't be expected to pay for bungs in software. One year you are paying $1000, and then a trailer crossing the road event happens and the next year you are paying $2500? How can anyone budget that way

The driver is the owner of the car. Tesla is not going to agree to any insurance setup where they are on the hook in perpetuity for a vehicle they only get to profit from once. So ether the owner pays for the insurance, or the owner only gets to lease their vehicle, and you'll see that lease rate adjust with the insurance rating -- either way, the driver will be paying something on an ongoing basis because of the insurance.

The driver decided to buy the car, and had control over the make and model choice. Just like right now, people use the potential insurance costs of a vehicle in their purchasing decisions (at least the smart ones do). As far as "budgeting for insurance" people have the same lack of control right now on that front. If you get in an accident in your Toyota Camry your insurance rates will increase if it's your fault. There is nothing you can do to avoid that risk -- it's called an accident for a reason. So I really don't see how you think the car being self-driving is some new change to that paradigm.

I don't see anyone putting a gun to your head and making you buy a self-driving car. If you think they are so buggy -- don't buy one.

Also: LOL -- Insurance increasing from $1000 to $2500 from one accident? Hyperbole much?

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Purchasing objectives.
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Comment Re:Why not make it configurable? (Score 1) 48

Falsely, yeah sure, yup, uh huh. Functioned like designed more likely, except people didn't like it. Proper design big old coloured button (rack off SJWs), right in the middle, which glows when it is on, when it doesn't it is off really off, mechanical off. Voice only is problematic because current versions (all manufacturers) tend to react to anything what so ever sounds like the triggering sounds, so it still turns off and all day long, as they prefer (they are data mining devices after all).

Phone home devices, only when they phone to my home, I own the device, screw devices owned by corporations and them phoning corporate headquarters to report on me, every single time I am in the presence of the device.

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