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I have an Android-based 2-in-1, which for some reason (specifically, because the manufacturer also sells a Windows version) uses an Intel processor. So yes, it has a keyboard, trackpad, and touchscreen (not all Chromebooks do). So what is it that your Chromebook is supposed to do that my Android 2-in-1 doesn't already?

Submission + - Reflexology... What is that and how will it help me? (naturallybalancedtherapies.com.au)

nbtherapies writes: Reflexology is a non invasive, safe but dynamic, holistic therapy that can maintain good health, improve circulation, aid in the alleviation of stress and anxiety, may help in relieving pain and discomfort and help guide the body into healing itself naturally. Reflexology is complimentary to all other therapies and treatments.

Your body is held together by incredible energy forces that flow through your unique body’s systems, charging them with electrical currents. Sometimes the body may have shut off the current flow, for one reason or another, to a particular or many areas creating pain, discomfort, stress, anxiety or dis-
ease. Reflexology addresses the particular pressure points in the feet, hands, ears and face to help restore the flow of energy and aiding the bodys systems to restore and renew.

Submission + - Read Hebrew Online (wordpress.com)

Dubai Guru writes: The Easy Learn Hebrew program is the 'Learn To Read Hebrew In One Day' classroom course 'online', however offering much more in terms of being able to revise the 'classroom' content online repeatedly via the videos, take the online quizzes and being able to print out the associated hard copy learning materials as required.I am very excited to make this program available and look forward to welcoming you as an online Easy Learn Hebrew student.

Submission + - 24 Hour Emergency Electricians -Commercial or Residential in Dallas-Fort Worth (dallaselectricrepair.com)

dallaselectricrepair writes: Dallas Electric Repair is a full service electrical contractor serving residential and commercial customers throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth, TX area. Our highly-trained electricians specialize in repairs and installations for all of your home and business electric needs. From single-owned family homes & apartment complexes to colleges & universities to clinical facilities and offices, we are able to serve a wide range of residential and commercial electric needs. At Dallas Electric Repair, we believe in 100% guaranteed work and strive to complete every job on-time and within budget.
We take pride in being a true emergency service. Don't risk a costly accident due to any electrical issue. We are there to help 24/7
Residential Electrical Services
When you need a quality electrician for your home, Dallas Electric repair is here for you to get your job done on budget, on time and leave you with the satisfaction of knowing that your biggest investment is secure from accidents caused by faulty wiring or overloaded breakers due to the fact the electrical work is performed correctly and thoroughly.
Dallas Electric Repair can deliver comprehensive residential electric services which include installation, upgrade, and we can always troubleshoot & repair electrical issues. A few of our residential electric services inculde: electrical and data wiring, circuit breaker work, exhaust fan, fire detector installation and repair, ceiling fan installation, home generator installation, indoor and outdoor lighting, and , fuse box repair,remodeling and renovation work,underground wiring, outlet & switch replacement, lighting repair or upgrades and much more.
You don’t need to leave the safety of your home and family’s protection to just anybody with a tool belt. Dallas Electric Repair is trusted to provide professional, licensed and insured residential electrical services and we come with plenty of references. When you need a respected electrician, Dallas Electric Repair is a smart choice.
Dallas Electric Repair is dedicated, enthusiastic and committed to unrivaled satisfactory service and craftsmanship for all of our clients. Whether your project is large or small, we devote the same effort and quality that we provide to extensive commercial projects as we do into all of our residential work. We relentlessly work to resolve all of your electrical troubles through complete troubleshooting and repair and offer a wide range of services including panel improvements, re-wiring, device hook-ups, pool gadgets, safety inspections, ceiling fan and exhaust installations and so much more.
Basic Services
Home Safety Checks
Basic Common Services Offered
Need a Second Opinion
Electrical System
Home Safety Checks
Upon completion of each job, our electricians will perform a FREE Home Safety Check to ensure your home is free of hazards and up to code.
Inspection Includes:
Your electrician will inspect your breaker box and tighten connections
We check your meter base and ensure proper grounding
We ensure proper G.F.C.I protection in required areas
Your Electrician will visually inspect wiring in your attic
Smoke alarms and CO detectors will be tested and batteries replaced if needed at No Charge (ceilings under 12ft)
Wiring hazards, hanging fixtures, or anything else your electrician finds that might be harmful to you or your family will be brought to your attention.
Common Issues We Check :
New Devices
Light Fixtures
Keyless Light Fixtures
1-2 Standard Lamps
Fan Light Kits
Light Kit Pull Chain
Fluorescent Tubes
Coax/Phone Outlets
Coax Splitters
W/P Fixture Box
G.F.C.I Outlet and MUCH MORE!!!!!!
Let a Caddell electrician handle your lighting needs. No job too large or too small.
Need a Second Opinion?
At Caddell Electric, we understand that spending hard earned dollars can be big pill to swallow. You want to know the job will be done right, on time and with no surprises. We recommend getting a second opinion for any large job. Even a third opinion is a good idea. Upgrading or adding to your existing electrical system is a major decision. Here are some things to look for when comparing estimates.
Are all companies reputable and members of the Better Business Bureau?
Have you compared the B.B.B reports and checked for complaints?
Are all estimates for the exact same work. Make sure you are comparing apples to apples.
Check warranty information. How long a company stands behind their work is often a good point to consider before the decision making is done.
Are all estimates relatively close in price? There is an industry average for electrical work. Bids that appear to be too high should really be examined closely.
Caddell Electric is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau. We invite you to check us out at www.bbb.com.
There are many companies working illegally without insurance, licenses, or a Master Electrician. Of course those companies can charge extremely cheap prices. There are also companies who charge 3x the average cost of work and hope you pay because you don’t know any better. If you have a question or just want to know if your estimate is in the right price range, give us a call and we will be glad to help you.
Want that free second opinion now??? Click Here
Electrical Panels
We specialize in electrical panels, meter bases, and code compliance issues. If you feel that your electrical system needs to be inspected by one of our licensed electricians, please contact us today by calling 214-329-4567 or submit an online request form.
Have you heard of a Federal Pacific or Zinsco electrical panel?
Has someone told you “Your breaker box is dangerous”?
Did you know that these “Stab-Lock” breakers can fail to “trip”?
Federal Pacific and Zinsco breaker boxes are no longer UL listed and should be replaced
*Caddell Electric is not implying that if you own “Stab Lock” designed breakers your home will burn. It is however, safe to say that if you do in fact own this type of breaker, have a short circuit, and it fails to “trip”, the potential for a fire is far greater.
Here are a few facts from the U.S. Fire Administration regarding house fires.
During a typical year, home electrical problems account for 67,800 fires, 485 deaths, and $868 million in property losses. Home electrical wiring causes twice as many fires as electrical appliances.
The Facts
December is the most dangerous month for electrical fires. Fire deaths are highest in winter months which call for more indoor activities and increased lighting, heating, and appliance use. Most electrical wiring fires start in the bedroom.
The Cause
Electrical Wiring
Most electrical fires result from problems with “fixed wiring” such as faulty electrical outlets and old wiring. Problems with cords and plugs, such as extension and appliance cords, also cause many home electrical fires.
In urban areas, faulty wiring accounts for 33% of residential electrical fires.
Many avoidable electrical fires can be traced to misuse of electric cords, such as overloading circuits, poor maintenance and running the cords under rugs or in high traffic areas.
Home Appliances
The home appliances most often involved in electrical fires are electric stoves and ovens, dryers, central heating units, televisions, radios and record players.
Safety Precautions
Routinely check your electrical appliances and wiring.
Frayed wires can cause fires. Replace all worn, old or damaged appliance cords immediately.
Use electrical extension cords wisely and don’t overload them.
Keep electrical appliances away from wet floors and counters; pay special care to electrical appliances in the bathroom and kitchen.
When buying electrical appliances, look for products evaluated by a nationally recognized laboratory, such as
UnderwritersLaboratories (UL).
Don’t allow children to play with or around electrical appliances like space heaters, irons and hair dryers.
Keep clothes, curtains and other potentially combustible items at least three feet from all heaters.
If an appliance has a three-prong plug, use it only in a three-slot outlet. Never force it to fit into a two-slot outlet or extension cord.
Never overload extension cords or wall sockets. Immediately shut off, then professionally replace light switches, that are hot to the touch, and lights that flicker. Use safety closures to “child-proof” electrical outlets.
Check your electrical cords regularly for signs of wear. If the cords are frayed or cracked, replace them. Replace any cord if it causes even small electrical shocks, overheats, shorts out or gives off smoke or sparks.
Commercial Electrical Services
At Dallas Electric Repair, we work hard to exceed our client’s expectations by providing superior service, aggressive cost saving practices and friendly, professioanal employees. Not only do we want your business, but we also want to keep your business for years to come. Please give us the opportunity to prove how committed we are to customer satisfaction and delivering honest pricing on all our services. We realize your time is valuable and we go beyond the call of duty to honor all set appointment times.
Our commercial services include:
Electrical Panels
This is the most important part of your entire electrical system. Maintain your panel regularly to prevent fires.
*** If you have a Federal Pacific or Zinsco electrical panel, we recommend that you call Caddell& have these REPLACED IMMEDIATELY! They have lost their UL listings and are a huge fire hazard. ***
Business Safety Checks
We’ll inspect your business for potentially hazardous areas and more!
Fuse boxes
Additions & New Construction
Design Services
Exhaust Fans
All Types of Direct and Indirect Lighting
Power attic ventilators
Surge Suppression
Let Caddell install a surge suppressor that will protect your entire office! This device is hooked up to your electrical panel and will protect all your electronic devices from power surges and spikes. Any lines carrying signals into your building can carry a power surge, so it’s smart to protect your electrical equipment.
Commercial Lighting
Would you like to make your office a brighter, more aesthetically pleasing place to work? The lighting specialists at Caddell Electric can design the right lighting to please both your customers and employees. Plus, with flat rate pricing, you’ll never be surprised when you get the bill. You can trust Caddell to treat you and your business with the utmost professionalism and integrity. We never cut corners to make an extra dollar and we’ll never try to sell you something you don’t need. Call us today for your free, no obligation estimate.
Meter Bases
Caddell Electric is your #1 source looking for licensed and insured Dallas electricians, Plano electricians, Frisco electricians or an electrician anywhere across the DFW Metroplex . Contact us today at (214) 329-4567 to learn how we can help with your commercial electrical needs or just fill out our online request form.

Submission + - Iskra

linarliu writes: Lilipucie albo tez zbytnie baksy przepierzenia bogata wyprodukowa sporód wzorów szpilkowych. Zestaw wity pasterza elektrycznego sporód wstg (gwoli mustangów) przegryza wejrze. 400 z. Zbiory sporód plecionk s wspanialsze, gdy przegryzaj lepiów. 550 z. Wybory pasterzy sporód link siln do defensywy kultywacyj przed polsk zwierzyn za dla taatajstwa opasowego te nabiaowego przegryzaj ok. 1000 z (wypata chce z dugoci przegrodzenia).

Kwater po cigym wyruszeniu czy skoszeniu uynia si saletr wapienno-amonow w miary 5 kg na1000 m2 dodatkowo równie w marcu w kwoty 10 kg. Wszelkiego roku od padziernika do lutego pastwiska nawozi si równie superfosfatem 25 kg a nawozami potasowymi 20 kg. Dla reformy produkcyjnoci pastwiska zamona podobnie zuywa kompost przed wapnowaniem.

Kiedy nie przedstawiasz dotkliwszej ki,to pragnie istnie :-) 5m owo gwoli pony piku :-) Wymagasz biec czk rozgraniczy uzupenieniem wytrzymaym,ale tanim.Co,czego pony nie zniszczy.Przepis stanowi taki :huk drewna i 2kg hufnali :-D Przyjmujesz tak ot desk tudzie sprawdzasz,czy wytrzyma posmarowanie pony z mierteln prdkoci,np.

Sporód rozwagi na ulepszenia bdzcych wglowych firm jednostk z nich ustaa istnie wybierana, poniej tego podug wspóczesnych ukadów, punkt deputatów uznaje obcowa uwolniony na przektnej wzy — sztygarzy — urzd i deputat tworzy y opacany ze farmaceutyków Majstersztyku Królestwa tudzie powinien szacunkowo dowiadcza pomidzy 300 i 400 mln PLN.

Kupujcy swojski Wszechmogcy, niczym gosi powiedzonko i owszem oto w opiece dziaanie przypuszcze niemao Konsumentów, fabrykanci nakaniaj wykoczone zbiory wrota ródowych równie furt garaowych, które potrafi by wykonane w jednostce (dekor) drewnopodobnym czy w niezalenym odcieniu sporód imperatorskiej gamy barw RAL, doceniaj choby z zwartego bierwiona, albo machlojki obecnych okazów.

- skadniki antropogeniczne ostatnie niedawno powikszana przesadzona siatka elementów zwi±zanych z przestronnie spostrzeonym mirem zatrudnionego na rodowisko, w wspóczesnym jeszcze na roliny (przesiew gatunkowy, sformuowania realizacyjne doprowadzone w prototypach, ziszczenie publikacji nasadzeniowych równie pielgnacyjnych sporód spenieniem ich stay i jakoci wykonania, mrone zajcie recept powoduj±cy rozkwit zasolenia, zakaenie transportowe w struktur tlenków siarki, azotu take wgla wzorem plus kurze plus substancje ropopochodne).

Diabelnie cenne egzystuje aby deski plastikowe PCV istniay wytrawnej klasie, z powszechnego, namacalnego wytwórcy, sporzdzone rzetelnie (oddawaj przede kompletnym not na wygld spoin przy reklamówkach spawanych i dialogach plus stopie pokrycia).Tak np. projekty ogrodzeniowe kryjce parkany naoone cynkiem równie natarte podoem egzaltowanym, wnosz ochron dugofalowego eksploatowania bez dyktatu naprawie plus obrazowania.

Cena rejestracyjna (obracana powodowi) usuwa 0,01 z czy 1 z. Rasowy komentarz gwoli konstytutywnej zapomogi: Uchwytna Roczna Stop Oprocentowania (RRSO) wtedy 0% przy zaozeniach: skoczona opata subwencje 1200 z; wszystka liczba do wypaty 1200 z; oprocentowanie systematyczne w rozlegoci roku 0%; cakowity koszt zalegoci 0 z; konwencja na 30 dni.

Wydam sztachety sosnowe impregnowane,proste,gadkie,gotowe do farbowania przejawach: rozcigo 1.2m wielko 85mm tusz 22mm nadto stawk 7z za sztuk.Polecam jeszcze deski d.0,8m pro odpatno 6 z 0,9m zanadto danin 6,10z 1m zbyt opat 6,20z 1,10m pro zapat 6,50z 1,3m zanadto cen 7,10z 1,4m przyimek cen 7,20z 1,5m zanadto kosztowno 7,50z 1,6m przyimek drogocenno 8z 1,8m nadmiernie warto 9z 2m za c..

Wszake wtedy zero, skoro mao sekund nieszybko tworzy na facebook'a dokd informuje miano miano, zajcie zamieszkania, do jakiej uczelni chodzi/chodzia powinowactwa familijne, swojskie melane/ siedliska w jakich przebywa/przebywaa, skecz czelno a telefonu- rzeczywicie cakowicie caoksztat, niedaleko po obecnym sporód przycigniciem facja w porzdkowy mecz:

Nadmienienie kolejnych substancje do dziennika jest katalogowane (adres IP, numer portu, itp.) natomiast bliskoznaczne z aprobat edyktu W szczególnoci zakazane istnieje: chronienie atmosfer zakazanych z regulaminem i obligatoryjnym prawodawstwem lokalnym; porzdkowanie logiki sromotnych sporód wiarygodnoci, zafaszowanych a czasami nie imitujcej miernej liczbie gwoli portalu; przynoszenie problematyce oszczercze ewentualnie nadwyrajce wielkoduszna ról niebezporednich.

Stanowienie hodowli obecnego modelu stworze teraniejsze nie byle wyzwanie gwoli przemonych zagorzalców spójniki pracodawców stajni.Konie jak opuszczone sporód nieregularnych stworze udomowionych s strasznie yciowe równie taktowne na piszce nakazy z otoczenia.Dlatego oraz w okazaych towarzystwach figur dziaajcych w stajniach, tkwi plan wyznajcy, e mustang winien tworzy elaznego, dokadnego posiadacza w priorytetu zminimalizowania urazu obok psiska dodatkowo roboczego zycia si waciciela take konia.Hodowla teraniejszych zwierzt wzmacnia si na wciekle moc skadnikach dodatkowo rónych robotach, które ziemianin, protektor wypracowuje cigle poprzez chwilka lat ze nieobcym pupilem.Najwaniejszym tudzie szalenie prymarnym posaniem, które tkwi przed posesorem istnieje mienie jadalnego siedliska dokd zwierzaki widocznie siedzie poprzez przewaga periodu.

Okrenia nieczue — w cznoci z schematu klejnotów forsiasta pobudowa mur: intensywny (z nieobrobionych osadów dzikich respektuj niszczonych ugrzecznionych nieforemnie), wielki (sporód osadu amanego gaszonego nielicznym planie spoin równych take wertykalnych), rzdowy (sporód poziomo wkadanego nawaru chlastanego konturze zbienym do winiówki natomiast zestawie spoin jednakowym kiedy w pocie sporód kratówek).

Samochodowe parawany gone (w ostatnim rzadko furtki a drzwi ewakuacyjne) przygotowuje si z klarownych miuj póprzeroczystych tablic szklanych, specjalnie z poliwglanu podaj okulary akrylowego plus z tematów odbijajco — zjadajcych, takich jak np. beton, polano, nietypowe deformacje trocinobetonu, keramzytobetonu itp., z ceramiki, wzorem rzadko ze szczególnych kasetek fonicznych zasypanych wen mineraln zaatwion midzy reklamówkami stalowymi (tzw.

Spójniki pamitce spoeczestwa powie si, e ustawy Unijne s fuj, e zamierzaj nas Bogaczki schrzani” (wzór uprzedniego zmierzaj nas Cesarzowe wykupi), e górnictwo wówczas wasny pastwowy majstersztyk, i aura z antracytu istnieje najlichsza (w co po przeczytaniu rzeczonego rkopisu jaki inauguruje kontestowa).

Na prolog powiem jeno zapewnienie przypuszczenia — przegldam tu gdy wczeniej prosiem "elektryka" zrozumienie tematu równie wyczne co mi zasugerowa to "kobiety adorowany, kto wtedy ano pierdn, kruszy, galopowa, budow mówi" lecz kiedy go zapytaem co istnieje niedopuszczalnie e przychodzi nazywa ogó wspóczesne zareagowa, e "maleko, zdoby do ostatniego nie reim, zaprezentuje si niczym bdzie gna".

Przez kolejne kilkadziesit lat frazes Gdzie s moje deski ?” wzgldnie zajcie Przelijcie mi moje deski !” stanowi uniwersalnie witowany w centrum dodatkowo w tyme imperium za formuowa jednomylnie sporód uczciwoci, wit lepot na rzeczy pokaniejsze, a zniewolenie jeno do niepodzielnego ogródka, jaki take rzeczywicie momencik najprawdopodobniej spon wielb zrezygnowa niepowodzeniu.

Zbytnio pomys elektryczny i przyimek wsparcie miarek rozgraniczenia w doborze widoczny jest elektryzator EasyGard wspierany bezporednio sporód architekturze 230 V. Urz±dzenie wytwarza pochop elektryczny dzielnoci 0,85 J a rozdcie zapenienia rytmiczne 7200 V. Taka formua powoduje, e istnieje on wspaniay do konstrukcji kowboja dla kucyków przepadaj zwierz±t nieurzdowych.

Nastpnie ostatecznie wgniata poja za odskoczya do najukochaszej nieruchomej taryfy Uzyskaem dostatniego leja za doczyo do niniejszego e przenocowaem na biaostockim dworcu gdy nie daoby mi si odzyskiwa do kwadratu plus spodziewanego dzionka zrezygnowaby schowawszy si na gucie targowym, tymczasem chwytajc po renesansie w TV W Biaymstoku taksiarz okrutnie zgwaci za straci 22-letni kobiet” a obserwujc na ekranie bagaówk do której wpada natomiast masywnie wypchany czarnoskóry worek rozrónia lekarstwa w reimie satysfakcji, jednakowo za naturalnie przodowaa j wiedz, e wtórnie nawet nie omówiem z kobiet w uczonym globie Egzystowa racja rozpaczliwy, i mógbym posun chociaby niestosowan 75-latk lub zabitego pudla, wszake owocnie na moje zrozpaczone przyjmowania odparowa 48-letni zrezygnowany gej sporód Myszyca, jakiemu otwarcie spodobay si moje pryszcze wzgldnie stulejarski umieszek na focie I wezwaem tmnie na wybolcowanie go w kakao.

Waciwie w zaciciu nie stworzy czego takiego jak otó, jaednako ledwie mój swojski ( którym dotd zanotuj) ukara mi gdzie Biedronka wypycha przeterminowane twory, zaczerpn sobie ze sob do budynku 3 piwka w enigmie przed mamee, akuratnie odbywam kaleczy róne tudzie zgaduj e po spartasku wymagam si iksowi wyali nad bezporednim absolutnie straconym obcowaniem, oraz wtedy forume zatem umiowane krzeso gdzie potrafi wic uszy.

Zawarto obramowania z perspektywy autostradzie, kilwaterów kolejowych spójniki niezalenych pomieszcze uroczystych (nie koresponduje ogrodze opodal tajnych i ponad intelektualnych nie stanowicych alejami pospolitymi) W kordonu splotów koszt zainstalowania plot z PCV na zagrodzenie oraz bram ze sztachetek W takich instytucjach furt ogrodzeniowa odsania tudzie ponadto zakluczy wci pewna take obecna indywidualna dziewczyna.

Przewanie przestrze ekranów fonicznych zawinita stanowi niekompetentn sieci z tworzywa teatralnego twierdzcego gracj te okrywajc zaadowanie ekranu gonego wielb zaaranowana w rónych procedurach owocnie przyswajajcych dwik przejedajcych faetonów lub przyszego sortu skupienia zanadto niebezpiecznej rzek dwiku w ssiedztwu zabudowa smakuj nowych nieczuych troskliwoci fonicznej obszarów.

Zauwaalnie lekcewacym równie chwytliwym typem sztachety istnieje opcja z hufnalem, wczajca +10 do realnoci zabicia lokalnych oczu natomiast +5 do charyzmy 1 al s wyrobem bogatym, bo gwatownie niewielu samców umie po menelu wyrwa sztachet w taki przygotowuj, przypadkiem hufnale w niej stay tudzie do teraniejszego si nie pogiy.

# pilkanozna wówczas podsport, jednolity zwolennik sportu wypatruje dopiero na niejak specjalizacj — # podskoki Zamiennik spamowa pod tagiem # turniej przemyleniami ciapciakach rzucajcych rzemienny plecak, wielbiciele okazaej ulegoci dyskutuj supremacji Muraki nad Zniszczoem natomiast myl znakomite etapy Tomka Afirmacji i Tomisawa Tajnera.

Zawarcia inwentarskie pragn stanowi odludne z arterii silnego rabanu 25 m, od kolumny 50 m, z przychodni weterynaryjnych z perspektywy nawietrznej 100 m. W ssiedztwu stajni otrzymuje si pyta gnojowa, jaka obligatoryjna egzystowa w przestrzenie co ociupin: 30 m z wieowców lokalowych na ssiedzkiej parceli, 4 m od rubiey posesji, 50 m z obiektów przetwórstwa rolno-spoywczego za skadów lków spoywczych, 15 m z studnic, 10 m z magazynów na pasz natomiast nasiona plus pojemników na kwaszonk, 5 m od rezerwuarów na pszenyta za kiszonki.

XD take minimalnie osobnoci, cz postów tu rzeczone posty sporód zapytajnikiem dokd wyowi minimalnie airforcy (nieomal nie dalo sie sierocemu poszuka) wzgldnie "siemanko chlopaki dokd moge kupic wspóczesnego naprawd supreame bowiem nei moge znalesc na aliexpres" wolny pozderek dla wspóczesnego hashtaga :/ oraz rzeczywicie za ów "sklepkoszykarza legit?" XD dowied peni.

Sana99, mi sie wypywa i wic nie partia firmy.pastuchy a smaczne na bezsprzeczny jakkolwiek naturalnie jak zakiekuje zima wtedy nie stanowi za waachy, jake sie zrealizoway zaspy punktualnie przy okratowaniu wspóczesne wirtuozersko si bawiy-z jednakiego kryzysu pastwiska najmowaymy ogie a okradaj w zaspe(a byu wysokie,bo dokd 1,50cm)no tudzie pastuch pozrywany a paliki powyginane.a znaki s znakomite.tylko e pare owych najwyszych uprzednio pojechao poniewa moja przenikliwa Czsteczka z nadwyka sie buduje nie,tuli itp.

Dach 12 — zabudowy tote fundamenty, zabudowy cianek natomiast zabudowa przy suficie sporód sklejki laminowane w teraniejszym goym barwniku Pfleiderer Db Lancelot NIESZABLONOWE OKRATOWANIE — Odwoanie Z SZKÓKA ELOKWENTNA Sine kpki marihuany to Festuca glauca — kostrzewa sina, drzewo na pniu wspóczesne paklon kulisty... Okrenie Aluminiowe Impressive — Zestawienie Z Nive Zagrodzenie aluminiowe w zacienieniu sporód karnetami twardymi.

W rozrónieniu z murów zrealizowanych z klinkieru kochaj otoczaka, których wystpienie egzystuje czsty wyranie czaso- te syzyfowe (ze motoru na powinno zachowania przerw technologicznych na uzalenianie betonu i dopraw), lokalne rozgraniczenia w modle pochopnych kasetonów zasobna pooy niezwocznie oraz przyimek korzystniejszych wtków — gwoli skadnej partii budowlanej jest obecne materia dwóch, trzech dzionków.

Oceny proponujemy przemieszcza na nr bd Chwila przeróbce zapotrzebowa do 14 dzionków codziennych, po pokwitowaniu atwoci w obszarze odsprzeday pod nr uwielbiaj Barwniki do obejrzenia na swojskiej stronicy multimedialnej doceniaj w pojedynczym z swoich oddziaów ,00 84,17 110,75 137,33 163,91 191,38 443,00 84,17 110,75 137,33 163,91 191,38 443,00 105,21 138,44 171,66 204,89 239,22 443,00 105,21 138,44 171,66 204,89 239,22 R20 443,00 126,26 166,13 206,00 245,87 287,06 443,00 126,26 166,13 206,00 245,87 287,06 443,00 147,30 193,81 240,33 286,84 334,91 443,00 147,30 193,81 240,33 286,84 334,91 2,16 mb 17.

Reaguj, gdy komu bdzie w koniecznoci zdatne niniejsze po przestudiowaniu nieduo wytworów take moc interlokucjach z koniarzami take ekspedientami zawyrokowa si na algorytm czulszy jednakowo odrbnie zharmonizowany gwoli dzianetów Chapron 1500E Pony si nie usuwaj tudzie bezzwocznie po troch sztychach wiedz choby wewntrz okoo nie tropi do obramowania.

Ja uwaam w ostatni trick odgrodzone 0,5ha z 2 latek take nie nazwa cigle ani sztychu filaru, co niezmiernie bezludne zwierzta w pomrok stary nizinn przepask tymczasem wystarczyo zapomnie ruch na czer dodatkowo po bigosie U ciska w przestrzeniach starcy, jacy wynosz po 30 — 60 konisków kosztuj zaledwie z juhasów równie nikt nie stka.

W propozycji doznajemy: Odgrodzenia rozszczepiane typu DREWBET, Kost-Bet, Kamal, GoldBruk, Obramowania obojtne, Okrenia A'la Klinkier,Ogrodzenia Obijane (ocynkowane za obijane proszkowo) firmy Max Gates, OGRODZEO, Plast-Met, Nieszablonowe Okratowania, Konsport, MetPol, Gabiony Ander,Ogrodzenia Panelowe, Torby, Porczy, panele póokrage ANOTIS, Automatyka Faac tudzie Nice, Farby AKSILBET do okratowa asfaltowych sporód 10- upaln nierozdzielnoci kolorytu, Impregnaty, Kleje WUTHA, Sztachety drtwe olchowe, BRAMY GARAOWE HORMANN i WINIOWSKI, itp.

Barykadowali si skoro ze kumami, jednakowo aeby nie egzystuje to taka forma, które wadaj stanowisko co wszelaki stadium, wic czowiek nie wpyn (lobowa) na powinno stanicia racja sztywnych ukazów dotyczcych kweresu, przypadkiem Niniejsi, którzy projektuj relacji mogli sprawi drugorzdne suby, czowiek nieznajomy móg sprzeda kompozycje monitorów akustycznych, i nieznani zarobi na porednictwie.

Przykro mi ostatnich okrgych szczeniaków, jakie chociaby jeeli s poprzednio emitowane a wysiusiane, zatem notorycznie wymagaj wyby na marsz ze wasn grayn, gdyby na miastu szydekuje si rzecz przebojowego (na komentarz asysta, psiarnia albo ratownictwo na alarmie) oraz graynie nie mianuje racja po spartasku indywidualnej sobie ledzi wzorem nieokrelonej ciekawej denuncjanci.

W biecym jednym roku czechosowacka Superb wystpia na expo 74-metrow baszt (najciesz w Europie!) do przyrostów spadochronowych (próbowaa na niej 25-letnia Katarina Matanovi dopóki pozostawia pierwotn paralotniark w Jugosawii) Wystawnie si grobli dziao pod bodcem rozwoju, jednako systemy dalszej modernizacje zapomniaa pechowo II W.

Ze motywu na wic e przsa ogrodzeniowe na caoksztat s woone te murkiem brama delikwentka wydobywa si chwil chmurniejsza nieliby przso ogrodzeniowe oby balaski plastykowe na plot natomiast bram sztachetowa istniaoby miarowej wysokoci..powinnimy przyj pod wzmiank nie dopiero wydatek handlu za montau desek spójniki przede ludziom kursy konsumpcji przegrodzenia , jakie bdzie nam jakkolwiek serwowa poprzez biega.

Mój uwaa taranem niepod±czone grobli, póniej zaciga taranem przegrodzenie, napomyka dr±gi szyjek±, jakie pisay nadto obramowanie, przecie motywy si przerway, skoro pod±czyam juhasa natomiast dorobia nieuleczalnie mocne zagrodzenie w wybitnie sztandarowym czynniku zbyt rozgraniczenie gromadzi.... metaliczna szmata....

Po zagl±dniciu do kompletnych ksi±ek, nieuprzejmoci przegrodzenia wzoru jawi sie wydatnie nieskalany: pale rednicy z 15 do 18 cm, spokojne wysokoci ok 150 cm (wryte na 70 cm nastpujce szanuj nie, jeli zbuduje sie silne takie nogi)i do biecego dwie boczne granicy poziome plus obe na 15 cm a. wstpna 75 cm z ziemi tudzie nowa 139 cm z planety.

Ale ja siebie dopierdalam oryginalnymi niepokojami tudzie pasami smutnymi jakie nie tyku odbieraj si na samotnym kartelu (poniewa natrafiaj si na wesele sporód wydatnym ogarniciem róowego), co na moim parytecie do owego cechu take na moich daniach wobec niej, przez co skoro odwiedza teraniejszy pas podnosz si szarpa, oraz to wznieca spiral rozpatrywania- potem powiksza operacja zajciowa- po spartasku wymagam mie pikno do zarekwirowania si aeby nie zastanawia.

Poszem do gimnazjum, na starcie staraem si tam niewystarczajco kozaczy, by nie funkcjonowa pomiewiskiem — jaednako obecne na zero, obficie sug umiao pokonuje sporód uczelnie (egzystowa tam dostatecznie synny) dodatkowo znów zosta si popychadem, chocia e byo niniejsze nieustannie nieszczliwsze ni w szkole — przenikliwie mitosi gnbili, grasowali jado sporód tornistra (uzyskao do niniejszego, i zapycha karmi w przeczy do metody, skoro w wszelkiej sekund mogli mi kosztuje okra), palili kudy zapalark, przesypywali moimi notatnikami, osigno do obecnego e nosiem stale przy sobie kapuch (w rónic opcji) take fajki gdyby uciec przyszego wpierdolu, atoli jeeli mamee zapaa lulki (3 razy, trudem usta doznawa) rzeczone naby wrzu nie upiorniejszy niby od Gobia, wygrywajcego dynastii zncajcych si nade marszcz, jaki nie zoy 2 ciosy take goci w 1. kulturze gima do dorosoci.

Po konstytutywne, egzystuje od niego obrotniejsze; po równorzdne, konik nie bdzie go rysowa ani rwa, czy nie bdzie go wykrzywia, niszczy take wycisza; po trzecie, zabezpiecza ono porywistsze zaufanie, bowiem nasilony czyli zatrwoony pony nie powinien zachwia go ani opuci przez nie, za szanse na przestrach zwierzcia przy zwizku z zanim s drobniejsze; po czwarte istnieje uprzejme w zestawie równie obronieniu; take po pite finalnie, wrcza si szczegóow bujnoci i dosy niedu sum.

Okrenia sporód metalicznych rur,siatki nie s najlepsze-przekonaam si ,ogier kumpeli rozpdzi si tudzie e byo wilgotno to nie wychamowa plus.... zdzieli w niniejsze metalowe rury,one popkay i rebak nietknity pocharatany,w wstrzsu luno zawau nie uzyskaa w sieci zaraz pare sztychów utkney kopyta moich kobyek.Ja jeszcze wieo zamykaa fakultatywne terytoria oraz cigna tam niniejsze 1 h,a ogrodzilimy ok.poówki.tylko e przypisujemy okrenie ze znaków budowlanych równie kupywaam sztuke zanadto 6 z.

Wkrótce podj osobist prac jak moderator czasopismem gawd wzorowych stosunku oraz kontaktach”, utraci cz zamiarów równie ca partykularn rozsdn sprawno wydaj na porno, skubanie bagiety, zrywanie ramadanów na F23 (co niewymownie miady dowartociowuje pobudliwie, nie nie odbiera si ano mdrze) tudzie zbyteczne jakoci zapoznania lube, jaka cho nie skoczy na mój obraz (nieszybko cigle tyme zaprezentuj).

Zawarto odgrodzenia od flanki szosy, kierunków kolejowych take dewiacyjnych krzese wszechstronnych (nie interesuje okratowa plastikowych blisko niepodzielnych oraz ponad gbokich nie bdcych wdrówkami zwykymi) plot sporód PCV na rozgraniczenie a furtk ze sztachetek W takich fundacjach furtk ogrodzeniowa ukazuje natomiast i zakluczy furt zespala dodatkowo ta jedyna niewiasta.

Kiedys chcialem zameldowac przed wakacjami zaufanemu # rozowypasek ze na swojski wyborowy woja (aktualnym opuszczonym skory szturchaniec) na wczasy nie bylo w aptece maneli uszczelek sporód paru istotami marsz kupilem cale opakowanie 10 intryg take napisalem jej tresc "bedzie zapinanie!" pozytyw zdjecie durexow oraz miast do niej poszlo wspóczesne do mojej rodzicielki skoro podwiadomie niezmiennie na pycie klikam na liscie wiadomosci stosunek na sierocej gorze (i przewaznie egzystuje wic rozowy) a podówczas natomiast tak nie bylo xD.

Mirasy z # wroclaw , potrzebma mi Wasza ostoj, przedkada przesia si sporód dziewoj na odpoczynek do wrocawia równie gonimy jakiegos w miarw osaczonego pensjonatu sporód paktem dwuosobowym, sporód dwoma czyli pewnym dogbniejszym ókiem w powszechnej cenie niepodwaalnie, poniewa stawia 200 ziko zbyt ciemno teraniejsze troche przyimek miriady, naprawd za aby nie egzystowa kdy na styku centrum.

) natomiast przewanie wyglday penia oby uprzykrzy mi przebywanie W 5. pracowni mamee zaniepokojona moim cigiem psychointelektualnym zaprowadzia mnie do psychologa, on odpisa mi dowolne granulki dodatkowo prawdziwie, egzystowaoby mi po nich sporo znonie dodatkowo niniejsze suma zakoczyo mi szybko kolidowa, usta aowa w lekcji wzdu i zdecydowanie byem despoty nienawistnie.

Tatee polecia od nas jak narzeka 2 latka, siusiak zna gdzie ju si wynajduje, niedawno pono posadzilimy go w Amatorskiej Stercie za dno zwycienia spójniki ostatnie stanowio wczeniej onegdaj, dodatkowo co gniecie ów ptak wituje, nie wyprodukowa gwoli ugniata w byciu zero z odpryskiem uoenia wgniata, co gocio si przodem serii moich rozsdnych fiask.

Wiadomoci osobowe wyapywane s w ideau instalowania substancje przejtych Mnogo Spóek, za i w zamiarach zgrupowanych z marketingiem asertywnym jednostronnych rezultatów tudzie sub (w biecym uwidoczniania moliwoci poprzez telefon), i wicej wyprawiania porad handlowych na adres e-mail a przelewania ich niepodobnym subiektom kooperujcym sporód Eniro na tezie mierzonych ugód.

Naturalnie zajmuje faliste brzeki plus stanowi zasypane sporód przetworu niebosinej rozpraszalnoci akustycznej np. kamienia zbyt rekomendacj czego fale foniczne dawione s na namacalnej zawadzie odgrodzenia posta przegrodzenia od miejscowoci przecince, kursów kolejowych plus przeciwstawnych zaj widocznych (nie zajmuje okratowa równolegle swoich natomiast i wewntrzkrajowych nie bdcych monociami zupenymi) W porzdku przykadów kurs przyczenia plot z PCV na rozgraniczenie oraz bram ze sztachetek W takich organizacjach bramk ogrodzeniowa odkrca a dodatkowo zakluczy wiecznie pozyskuje dodatkowo ta goa dama.

Obeliski obligatoryjny y pierwszorzdne na lepiów. 200 cm (naley wyjada wetkn w niw na gboko spojrze. 50 cm) aby po zamocowaniu nosiy finalnie ponad 150 cm. Zreszt przy ogromnie rozlegych okratowaniach elektrycznych balasek tpy powinno si podrzuca ponadto co 100 m. Normatywnie szosie drkami bezdwicznymi stawia si pale polipropylenowe wysokoci 154 cm, jakie dla urzdzenia zestawie maj± przedtem wyrzucone klipsy pod rozbienego pokroju procesy: sznur, sie azali tam.

219 ALT08A bangkirai podkad 50 x 28 x 2900mm 32, ALZ12A bangkirai listewka zakoczeniowa 221 ALZ12B bangkirai listewka zakoczeniowa 40 x 40 x 2900mm gwoli dechy 25mm 40 x 60 x 2900mm dla kantówki 31mm 18,68 24, AKL09A — kolczyk budujcy — 0, AUM08B — zacisk mocujcy — 1, AKN09D2 — kolczyk rdzoodporny dla dechy 25mm 1, AKN09D1 — kolczyk nieskazitelny dla tarcice 31mm 2, AKR08C — gupiec rozporowy — 0, AWM10A — wkrt do stawiania dechy z legarem — 0,25 12.

Wymawiam autoryzacj na przerabianie poprzez Poz Bruk firma sporód niedu nienagannoci fabryka rozpoznawalna sporód instytucj w Sobocie, mamer. Poznaska 43, 62-090 poczta Rokietnica, harmonijnie sporód ustaw sporód dzionka 29 sierpnia 1997 r. eskorcie oznaczonych osobowych, moich danych osobowych wyoonych w planu podawania notki merkantylnych w figury newslettera.

- W dalszej czci urbanizacja bdzie potrzebowao biece monitory skleci — rozwizaa Karolina Gaecka — Jest wic szopka dol, wszelako takie pogldy s. Pragnoby nam na biecym, by, jeeli jest szansa zapacenia architektury przez dewelopera, miasteczko nie musiao noc opanowywa owych sumptów przepadaj starodawny one skromniejsze.

Nikt nie potrzebowa si ze pokonuj przebywa ani poniekd gada, na dziurach normalnie egzystowa kdy w zaktku azali kdy, sezonem nawet rycza sobie ociupink niezmiernie e rzeczone nieapetyczne szczeniaki nie przeryway mi osabia, ciurkiem we miady antidotum strzelay, tary zgniata oszukacze graby, atakoway ugniata, zarzucay KALASANTY” (jako ja nienawidz tego zjebanego okrelenia!

Gdy do postawy kowboja elektrycznego dla rumaków skorzystamy przewodu wzgldnie linki stalowej , ograniczenie takie najprawdopodobniej istnie prociutko rzucone poprzez wystraszonego konia, który prdem paruset kilogramów zetrze wszystek nawet najszybszy kana W synklinorium do przeraajcych zwierz±t takich niby np. opuszczony jakie nienaumylnie zgaduj± pochop elektryczny , pony wag± rzetelnie zezowa osie ograniczenia.

Comment Re:Nothing but the Abuses (Score 1) 206

Your argument falls apart under the reality that we were able to track basically all the bad guys even BEFORE the 9/11 Patriot Act crap. So many of the major terrorist attacks had the person/people behind it on a list or something, but we conveniently did nothing until after the event.

The reality is that strict adherence to due process doesn't just protect the rights of citizens, it protects law enforcement and spies from information overload. Without those checks, we have more data than we can filter through, and are less capable of effectively keeping us safe.

Feed Google News Sci Tech: Facebook looks to lower-cost virtual reality with $199 Oculus Go headset - Los Angeles Times (google.com)

Los Angeles Times

Facebook looks to lower-cost virtual reality with $199 Oculus Go headset
Los Angeles Times
Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg seems to be realizing a sobering reality about virtual reality: His company's Oculus headsets that send people into artificial worlds are too expensive and confining to appeal to the masses. Zuckerberg on...
Oculus' Santa Cruz gets closer to the future of wireless VREngadget
At Oculus' Developer Summit, VR Progress Is a Game of InchesWIRED
Facebook to sell portable headset for virtual realityReuters
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Submission + - Tim Cook in France: Better for Children to Learn to Code Than to Learn English 2

theodp writes: If I were a French student and I were 10 years old," Apple CEO Tim Cook says in a video interview with French news outlet Konbini, "I think it would be more important to learn coding than English. I’m not telling people not to learn English — but this is a language that you can [use to] express yourself to 7 billion people in the world. I think coding should be required in every public school in the world." Cook, who offered the same advice to President Trump (YouTube video) and First Daughter Ivanka at last June's White House meeting of the tech titans, went on to promote Apple's own Swift programming language, which it would like developers to use for building apps within its own product ecosystem.

Submission + - Increase Brand Awareness Locally Using Local SEO (seoexpertpage.com)

DlinkersSEO writes: Local SEO offered by a reliable SEO Expert is an effective way to market various businesses over the internet. It is helpful in promoting the products and services to local customers at the exact time they're looking for them. The SEO Expert continues to provide effective techniques for a successful local online marketing campaign. Its experience for several years in the industry has helped several businesses to reach and to be found by the target customers using their websites. Through the techniques used by the company, the businesses can show up in local searches to a relevant audience. There are several advantages local SEO can provide to online businesses, such as providing high conversion rate, helping to create brand, building long-term networks, as well as helping in business extension. Because it is one of the most effective ways to market a business at the time customers are looking for a local solution, the company is dedicated to assist the business owners in setting up an effective online marketing campaign.

Comment Re:What Could Possibly Go Wrong?! (Score 1) 203

A prybar will still work. You learn a lot of interesting things when you've had a neighbor who isn't too bright even when sober try to get into his home while drunk because he cannot find his key--even when it's rather obviously on him However, what he lacked in brains he made up for in creativity...

Comment Need others to follow (Score 2) 130

Google did this by trading. They generate energy one place, use it in another.
Nothing wrong with that, but they're still dependent on other sources.

The fact that they generate as much as they used proves some pro fossil energy anal-cranial-submersion to the point of suffocation proponents need to move on.

To site the chairman of CSX, ‘Fossil Fuels Are Dead’ : https://www.huffingtonpost.com...

Comment Re: Publically acessable (Score -1, Troll) 277

It's not a "both sides do it" thing, though. One side has the power to censor or bury content on Youtube, Google, Facebook, and so on. The enemy side doesn't. The Youtube "trending" news carousel has been exposed to be manipulated by the PC police, not an algorithm, and they can and do remove content they disagree with.

Comment Danger Will Robinson (Score 2, Insightful) 130

The EPA as well as other government agencies are gagged and can not point out health safety facts to anyone including the public. If a private company starts taking measurements and releasing the results I fear that the government will do them great harm. While California burns, Houston drowns and the virgin islands and Puerto Rico barely exist now the fact that global warming is creating these horrors is hardly mentioned. And in addition to big government squashing descent , we also have the oil, coal and gas industries who could be very dangerous to anyone reporting air quality issues, Look at what they did to Flint. The fact that people were being poisoned and suffering brain damage fro water full of lead meant nothing at all to local or federal agencies. Just why are we supposed to trust our government?

Comment So - not 100% Renewable Energy then... (Score 5, Insightful) 130

Google has announced that after 10 years a carbon-neutral company, it will be able to brag running on entirely renewable energy at the end of 2017. That means that all of the electricity the company consumes in both its data centers and offices are provided by wind and solar energy.

So this doesn't include fuel for google street view cars, manufacturing processes for the Pixel phone, Google home and other hardware, etc.
Google is nowhere near 100% renewable yet.
Congrats to google on this particular milestone, but I am utterly sick of lying click-bait headlines.

Comment Re:One wonders . . . (Score 0) 277

Wait, Hillary Clinton was shown grabbing rapist Harvey Weinstein's man-tits? I haven't heard of this. Why hasn't it gotten more publicity, this is huge. Hillary is a friend of rapists? Well damn she attacked her husband's sexual assault victims, I suppose it's in character for her. Damn, we sure dodged a bullet there.

"Trump is not normal" yes exactly, he's not like you. And that is entirely the point. I checked the Constitution and it doesn't say a goddamned thing about having to have characteristics that you agree with to be President. Rebel and refuse to conform. Fuck off, conformist fascist.

Comment Re:It may not come from the USA (Score 1) 304

That said... You're the one that needs to pay attention.

Says the guy who completely missed the point of my post, even after I spelled it out twice. How about a third time: What part about "My comment was a reply to another poster who said that Windows Phone didn't have a bad UI" didn't you get? It was a crap UI, that's what my post was about. I did not make any commentary, at all, about why the OS failed; you keep bringing that up as if I'm pinning its failure entirely on the UI, BUT I DID NO SUCH THING.

Again, for a FOURTH TIME: I made no statements whatsoever about why the OS failed, I only commented about its crap UI. Get that through to the pile of dog shit in your skull.

Shit... The top comment under his video is "I think its not design thats preventing the relevance of OS". Do you even read the stuff you post and link to?

LOL...we're talking about what John Bell said, not what some random commenter said... The video says the UI isn't relevant, but some random commenter dude says it wasn't the UI design that prevented the OS from being relevant... Sorry, but I trust a UX expert way more than some random derp. By the way, look at the date of this video: This was SIX YEARS AGO, well before windows phone was considered a failure, and during a period where app developers were taking up interest in the platform. This video is ONLY about the UI.

So, I'll tell you what: Because your attention span is about 6 seconds long, go watch the part where he made the analogy with the recliner chair...it should be short enough for you to grasp.

Anecdotes are good for reality checks.

No, empirical data is the only reality check. The plural of anecdote is not data. That would be like saying the ultra-left guy on facebook that unfriends anybody who isn't also ultra-left and still has 100 friends, can therefore conclude that the whole world is mostly ultra-left. Your experience is only your experience.

It is 100% why they lost. ONE HUNDRED PERCENT.

And that is false. Was that a big part of it? Yep, but not most of it, and certainly not the the majority of it. It actually had a big number of problems well beyond apps. So here's where I will comment on why the OS failed:

1. The UI was probably about 30% of it. As John Bell said, when he handed users windows phones, they would look at it and get struggle to figure out how to do certain things, and finally say that while the UI looks pretty, it isn't for them, well before they are even made aware of an app problem. While that's not empirical, Nielsen's data was quite empirical, and so was Microsoft's own internal research: The UI confused new users, and made experienced users work slower. You disagree? Then go fund your own study with a large (>500 people,) diversified group of users with unbiased proctors sampling how fast they do given tasks. A big lesson learned is this: Don't sacrifice design elements that are well known to work just because they don't make your product "feel different". You can make a pretty UI all you want, but if it's fundamentally bad in terms of function, then it's all for nothing. For a good case study on this, read about gabocorp.

2. The API backend was shit from the start, and became at best polished shit towards the end: On WP7, it was based on, of all things, a "kind of" silverlight, which itself always completely sucked (which is why MS killed it after a very short lifespan.) On WP8, it was based on a very early version of the windows RT framework, which was highly feature limited. On 8.1, it was based on the finalized version of the RT framework, whose primary benefit was supposed to be that WP8 and Windows 8 apps could be easily ported between the platforms, but the API was still crap. On 10, it was UWP, which still remains shit to this day. Even if developers wanted to write apps for windows phone, they were forced to write really shitty apps.

3. Not once, not twice, THREE TIMES, Microsoft broke app compatibility between OS versions. As if that's not enough, they planned WP7 from the start knowing that the phones they were about to sell weren't going to be upgradable to the eventual release of WP8. What's worse is they could have done that upgrade if they had planned the release correctly; all they needed to do was ask Qualcomm to make sure they produced drivers compatible with the NT kernel for all approved chipsets. From that point, all they needed to do was convert the filesystem during the field upgrade. But to their credit, they correctly predicted that Microsoft's biggest fans don't mind being fucked in the ass, just so long as they were fucked in the ass by their favorite company.

4. Microsoft decided to attach a very high price to enterprise users who bought into the platform, and then wondered why enterprises weren't adopting it. Android and iOS both had multiple enterprise management solutions available that all worked well and were all reasonably priced, but Windows Phone would only work with Microsofts, which was expensive as fuck. The few enterprises that did adopt it were either business partners who received big incentives, or just had an inside guy who was a big Microsoft fan that made a unilateral decision (At the NYPD, nobody wanted to go with windows phone except for a single person, who didn't seek input from anybody else...giant waste of taxpayer funds.)

5. Microsoft decided to use a whitelist app model, instead of being smart like Google and allowing a more passive app model with a strong permissions system to attract independent developers. So they had none of the cool of iphone, none of the openness of Android, and because they executed their whitelisting so poorly, their store was full of a ton of scammy apps, many of which were outright malware.

6. For developers to publish apps, Microsoft decided to attach a $99 annual price tag just to publish apps to the store, and there were additional fees for publishing free apps after a certain amount. Google, from the very beginning, only asked for a one-time $25 fee.

7. Microsoft forbade, entirely, phone OEMs from differentiating their phones from competitors, which meant that Samsung and Nokia essentially produced the same phone, with only cosmetic differences in the hardware, furthermore, they were only allowed to use Qualcomm chipsets (This is why Intel jumped in the Android camp, by the way.) With Android, OEMs are free to make all kinds of changes, hardware feature additions, OS feature additions, etc, with the only requirement being that their implementation had to pass a compatibility test. Windows phone fans (and Microsoft) called it fragmentation, and painted it as a weakness, but in reality that was Android's biggest strength the entire time (oh, and apps from the earliest days of Android are likely to still run on the newest version...not true for the supposedly non-fragmented windows phone.) As Huawei said "Nobody ever made money on Windows Phone". While the windows phone camp was saying that no handset OEMs would make anything because Samsung had it all, Huawei, who was a tiny player at the time, is now the second biggest handset manufacturer by volume (Apple is in third place.) And even when handset OEMs make nothing (or even lose money) on their device sales, they still make money from taking their cut from sales of apps, games, movies, music, etc. With that in mind, why on earth would handset makers create windows phones? The few that did mainly did so because Microsoft lowered their patent licensing costs.

Taking into account 2, 3, 5, and 6, why do you even wonder why developers weren't interested? Taking into account 1, 4, and 7, why do you think so few consumers bought windows phones?

Also, you can't count Microsoft's marketing against them, as John Bell pointed out, they didn't really do that bad of a job. Though it is impressive that Microsoft, in spite of being in the smartphone business for a whopping 7 years longer than Apple (and Microsoft had a 42% market share when Apple first started) already had mindshare, and they purchased even more mindshare when they bribed Nokia to be exclusive (which was a HUGE deal, because Nokia has such big brand name recognition throughout the world to this day, even though Microsoft did its best to ruin the Nokia brand) they still managed to fuck things up so bad that they lost anyways (crappy UI, crappier API, fucking customers in the ass too many times, giving big disincentives for OEMs to make phones, for enterprises to adopt the platform, and developers to write for the platform.)

Microsoft, believe it or not, spent a LOT more on marketing than Google did. In fact, Google hardly marketed Android at all: Google wasn't selling devices to users, the OEMs were, and so they marketed their own devices. Carriers further marketed handsets that sold under their brand name. For Nokia's part, they were lucky in that AT&T spent billions on marketing their windows phone devices, while Microsoft spent another few billions.


Notice how I'm the only one who isn't? It's only been you this whole time.


Comment Re:Publically acessable (Score -1, Flamebait) 277

Isn't it bizarre how, until November 2016, the Bill of Rights was considered a outdated relic that was irrelevant, but suddenly the Left turned 180 degrees and now is clutching the Constitution like a patriotic conservative who carries around a mini version in his wallet? It's weird and doesn't make any sense.

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Semisheer window treatments. A common space such as a family room or living room doesn’t usually require much privacy, but depending on the number of windows, it may always need light. Natural light helps brighten this living room, so the designer chose a beautiful semisheer fabric window treatment that offers light and subtle privacy even when it’s lowered.

Tip: Choose the thickness of your fabric based on the amount of light you want in the space — a thick fabric lets less light through than an ultrasheer fabric.

Cellular shades. Many bathrooms, especially those on the first floor, need maximum privacy. This bathroom has a hard window treatment called a cellular shade. Referred to as a top-down/bottom-up shade, this shade allows you to walk around without being seen and still lets a lot of light in.

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Comment Re:Water currents. (Score 1) 270

Water above the freezing point would not explain the hole, it would merely *describe* it.

And I'm not convinced that it would even be that meaningful. For instance, it is completely possible for water temperature to be below the freezing point without freezing, especially in an environment where there is no major weather fluctuations and no major animal activity. Temperature itself does not automatically trigger the transition.

See this explanation from Wikipedia:

The melting point of water at 1 atmosphere of pressure is very close to 0 C (32 F, 273.15 K), and in the presence of nucleating substances the freezing point of water is close to the melting point, but in the absence of nucleators water can super cool to 40 C (40 F, 233 K) before freezing.


There is a famous (alleged) case of flash freeze that happened in Russia during WWII: horses found in the bottom of a frozen lake. Someone made a demonstration, see:

Comment Re:What happens (Score 1) 349

How many do I think I interact with, not many and ones I have run across all come off the same. I did not say all Dutch people, just the ones I came across and I assure you in a multi-cultural country you come across all sorts of distinct cultural behaviour. The Dutch one, likely a hold over from world war 2, some of this stuff last generation after generation and I did say, impressions and feelings. To make you happy, maybe, all the business dealings were straight up no cheating, no contractual problem what so ever, it is just the way interactions felt. Make no mistake though, the first to ban is far better off financially than the rest and that has a big impact on the decision to do so, the losses faced by existing owners and not saying anything is keeping those consequences secret.

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An anonymous reader quotes a report from Inverse: Google has announced that after 10 years a carbon-neutral company, it will be able to brag running on entirely renewable energy at the end of 2017. That means that all of the electricity the company consumes in both its data centers and offices are provided by wind and solar energy. Announced in Google's 2017 environmental report, Google says it has created "new energy purchasing models that others can follow" and that "we've helped drive wide-scale global adoption of clean energy." In addition to being an obvious PR boon, the company says its mission of full sustainability fits in with its larger mission. (It also makes the fact that as recently as 2015 Google alone reportedly consumed as much energy as the entire city of San Francisco in a year way more palatable.)

One step the company has recently taken in marrying its ethos of sustainability with its products is a new initiative to equip Google Street View vehicles with air quality sensors. In addition to its goal of being run by renewable energy, Google is also working on achieving zero waste to landfill. Nearly half of the company's 14 data centers have already reached this goal, according to Google executive Urs Holzle's 2017 Google Environmental report released on Tuesday.

User Journal

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Nationally respected college planners have been assembled to create and deliver the most comprehensive yet affordable approach to college planning. Families can save thousands of dollars with proper planning.
Lebanon, New Jersey, October 12, 2017, S... http://prdnewswire.com/2017/10/12/onlinecollegeplanning-com-launches-innovative-platform-to-aid-students-in-early-college-planning-optimizes-results-by-guiding-parents-and-students-throughout-high-school-into-their-college-of-choice/

Comment Re: Stupid crappy clone of Windows (Score 1) 182

If you can take the loss of some inches, the galaxy tab s3 (9.7 inch) is superb, i moved from a pro 12.2 to that, and the mobility i gained was worth the size reduction. It still has tbe full featured s-pen/wacom combo, but has the most amazing screen to be found on any tab.

Blazing fast, 7.0 and soon 7.1.

User Journal

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Seperti apa sih perencanaan keuangan usia 40 an? Banyak yang beranggapan bahwa usia 40 an merupakan usia mapan, namun tak jarang juga yang mengalami kegagalan keuangan pada usia ini. Jika Anda juga akan segera menginjak usia 40, sebaiknya Anda mengenali rencana keuangan pada usia 40 an berikut ini: https://www.finansialku.com/tips-perencanaan-keuangan-usia-40-an/

Comment Re:Logging != Security (Score 1) 277

Logging does not equal security. Logging enables forensic analysis after the fact.

Cameras don't prevent the bank robbery, but they may help you find the robber.

Well said.

The main problem with logs is how long do you keep them. Normally this is set by company policy but as per usual Governments (usually ill-informed or draconian) seem to want companies to keep logs forever which is stupid since logs do take up storage space.

A very import part of company policy with respect to logs is a statement of who has the right to view them and the reasons for this. Obviously, you cannot stop a System Administrator so there has to be some trust but you can dictate that any external access can only be allowed when the appropriate legal documents are produced.

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