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Mr Christian Coley

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ya.. I get what you are saying but you could have shortened your response to .. "video games have nothing to do with what they are using the GPU's for". In the end you kind of obfuscated the issue and turned it into a "you don't understand video game realities thing" instead of a "automated car computers don't work in any way that resembles video games' argument.

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I needed a car towing about a hundred miles back home. Most tow drivers need you to ride with them so you can receive your keys back at the destination.

Keys go with car. If that's a mechanic then you collect when the car is fixed, if that's home then leave the window slightly open and drop them in the car (or letterbox, or in meter box, or under a shrub, or rock, or...). This is a non-problem.

Yes, âoeIOT security!â Lots of panic. Systems are exploitable. You could get robbed.

Not panic, just sharing the opinion that the risks are far more than any reward, therefore the idea is stupid.

In exchange, I got four hours of my life back that time and have a bunch of other similar stories of the convenience that more than outweighs the very slight additional risk.

Again this is a non-problem. I get packages dropped off on my front porch no issue. My local supermarket also offers a collection service (get stuff delivered there, I pick up on next visit).
IOT is mostly solutions to non-problems. No panic, just a dumb gimmick.

Comment Symantec don't allow governments access to source (Score 1) 172

"Symantec's CEO says it is no longer allowing governments to review the source code of its software because of fears the agreements would compromise the security of its products."

It wouldn't surprise me if the state security apparatus didn't already have access to Symantec code through their embedded agents.

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Comment Re:Powered by ... what, exactly? (Score 1) 349

Yeah, I think this is a legit (if overblown) concern with the 80 miles range cars, depending on how far you drive. But once you get to 220 miles (like the low-end version of Tesla 3), who spontaneously drives 220 miles?

Furthermore, at least in the Bay Area, there are several hundred chargers in the city I'm in and surroundings. Including a bunch of them at my work. So if by some chance I do run into an emergency it's not really a problem.

There's no denying that having the ability to quickly re-fuel is an advantage of ICE. But on the other hand, being able to charge the car overnight and start each day with a full tank is an advantage of EVs.

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widodo31 writes: If your medicine chest is stocked any reasonably drug, it's doubtless some variety of over-the-counter headache relief product like isobutylphenyl propionic acid, Aleve, Excedrin or Panadol – or even all of the on top of. whereas every claims to alleviatethrobbing pain that forestalls you from focusing at work or enjoying time along with your youngsters, pharmacists say some brands is also higher suited to obtaining you back to your table or feeling able to chase toddlers within the park.

U.S. News, in partnership with Pharmacy Times, a monthly trade journal for pharmacists, surveyed many pharmacists to envision that over-the-counter headache medications they suggest most frequently. The results, listed within the Pharmacy Times unlisted Guide and U.S. News' high counseled Health merchandise list, indicate 3 front-runners within the headache relief market.

Tylenol and isobutylphenyl propionic acid tied for No. one within the headache merchandise class with twenty five p.c of the vote every, followed by Excedrin with twenty p.c.

Percent of Pharmacists' Votes
Advil 25%
Tylenol 25%
Excedrin 20%
Motrin 16%
Aleve 13%
Zahid Bajwa, director of the Headache Institute at capital of Massachusetts PainCare Center and secretary of the yank Academy of Pain drugs, says it is smart pharmacists suggest Panadol and isobutylphenyl propionic acid most frequently, since each medication alleviate headache tension well. Panadol and low doses of isobutylphenyl propionic acid even have few harmful interactions with alternative medications, Bajwa says, {and people|and alternative people|and folks} have less risk of experiencing facet effects compared to other headache relief merchandise.

The enchiridion of nonprescription medication states that Panadol "usually has no facet effects." However, folks with liver issues ought to use caution once taking Panadol, since its main ingredient is Anacin III – additionally found in Excedrin – which may cause liver injury once consumed in giant amounts. Meanwhile, isobutylphenyl propionic acidti-inflammatory|nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug|NSAID} contains nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug – an medicine accustomed treat pain, fevers and swelling – which may cause abdomen irritation, heartburn, dizziness, nausea and unconditioned reflex. Panadol doesn't generally cause these facet effects, in keeping with Bajwa.

If you discover yourself battling constant head pain, you are not alone. browse a lot of concerning one in every of the foremost common kinds of pain and health complaints within the United States:

How common ar headaches? Seven in ten folks have a minimum of one headache a year, and forty five million Americans suffer from chronic headaches, in keeping with the yank school of Physicians. The National Institute of neurologic Disorders and Stroke reports that 2 out of 3 kids can have a headache by age fifteen, and concerning 9 in ten adults can expertise a headache someday in their life.

Episodic vs. chronic headaches. concerning 3 in four headaches ar spurred by tension within the scalp and neck muscles, in keeping with the yank school of Physicians. Headaches caused by tension ar classified as episodic or chronic. The National Headache Foundation characterizes each sorts as a "dull, aching and non-pulsating pain" that may impact each side of the top. AN episodic headache is also triggered by temporary stress, anxiety or fatigue, whereas a chronic headache could be a continuous headache during which the intensity of pain might fluctuate throughout a 24-hour amount.

Headache triggers. Headaches is also caused by several factors, together with stress, anxiety, internal secretion fluctuations, changes in weather, noise and poor lighting conditions once reading. gazing pc screens for prolonged periods of your time may play a task, since eye strain will result in frontal headaches. once employing a pc, health consultants suggest wanting away each ten to fifteen minutes and that specialize in another object to avoid eye strain.

For some folks, dehydration, skipping meals and sure foods might trigger a headache. The Cleveland Clinic lists aged cheeses with a high concentration of the natural product aminoalkanoic acid – found in cheese, cheese and cheese – and processed foods with nitrates – together with hot dogs, sausage and lunch meats – as potential headache triggers.

The clinic additionally names vino, beer, whiskey, Scotch and champagne because the most typical alcoholic triggers. Sulfates used as a preservative in alcoholic beverages might cause a headache; the upper the concentration of sulfates, the larger the possibility someone might develop a megrim – a kind of headache that will cause throbbing pain that lasts or hours or days.

Does caffein damage or help? caffein in low, soft drinks, tea and chocolate might manufacture headaches. The Cleveland Clinic says overwhelming over three hundred milligrams each day of caffein might result in a headache, however little amounts may very well improve a megrim. Excedrin – the highest counseled megrim headache product – contains forty to sixty five milligrams of caffein. because the Cleveland Clinic states, caffein will increase the result of ingredients in pain relieving medication by forty p.c. On the opposite hand, caffein could be a diuretic drug and might cause dehydration, that Bajwa says doesn't facilitate headaches and migraines. Bajwa recommends that patients with headaches mustn't consume over a couple of hundred milligrams of caffein per day. For reference, alittle cup of tea has concerning sixty to eighty milligrams of caffein, whereas alittle cup of low contains concerning a hundred and fifty milligrams.

Overdosing on painkillers. concerning twenty five p.c of over-the-counter painkillers ar utilized by consumers to treat headaches, in keeping with Bajwa. Some patients overmedicate in a trial to quickly free their pain, however taking over a counseled dose might not resolve a headache. In fact, it should solely create matters worse, because the National Headache Foundation says 3 or a lot of doses of painkillers per day for 5 days will typically result in rebound headaches. AN optimum dose varies for every person and depends on your age, medical record, allergies to medications and alternative health factors, therefore for best results, consult your doctor.

Treating your headache. To manage a basic headache, Bajwa notes that Panadol could be a safe choice and might be taken each four to 6 hours. however it is important to envision with a doctor or health care provider before taking medication for headache relief if you're pregnant, have a pre-existing medical condition or ar taking vitamins, supplements or alternative medications, which may have potential negative interactions with headache relief medication. Cold and allergic reaction medications additionally typically contain pain relieving ingredients, therefore it is a smart plan to browse all drug labels to make sure you are doing not take multiple medications with pain relievers, that may lead to toxicity. Users ought to additionally avoid compounding alcohol with headache medications, and oldsters ought to consult a doctor before giving headache medication to kids underneath age ten.

If you expertise headaches, Bajwa advises to envision a doctor and not consider self-medication, since headaches are often AN indicator of alternative health issues. "The possibilities of brain tumors and infections ar little," he says, "but by solely self-medicating, you'll be turning your occasional headaches into a a lot of frequent drawback."

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rai_ihan writes: HYPERNET – Pengguna Internet Service Provider (ISP) melonjak sejak bisnis rintisan (startup) semakin banyak digandrungi oleh generasi muda, mengingat prospek bisnis e-commerce semakin cemerlang. Para pelaku usaha banyak mencetuskan tren-tren revolusioner yang memengaruhi keputusan serta daya beli para konsumen. Karena itu, banyak startup menginvestasikan dananya kepada layanan ISP untuk mendukung kelancaran usaha online mereka.

Bukan hanya pangsa pasar yang sangat masif, bisnis ritel e-commerce menawarkan fleksibilitas lebih dibandingkan dengan perusahaan konvensional. Itulah mengapa, lahan bisnis e-commerce begitu diminati oleh generasi millennials. Apabila Anda termasuk ke dalam jajaran pelaku usaha yang tertarik menggarap peluang bisnis e-commerce,

Comment Re:A few lousy conjectures, there ... (Score 1) 223


> Linux is more efficient as a server

Doing what, exactly? This is like saying that Volkswagen is more efficient as a vehicle.

> Windows server is most commonly used at the low end of the market

Bwha ha ha ha!! ha ha! Your $35 router and DHCP server runs Linux, which dominates this end of the market. See above.

Comment Re:This won't make family happy. (Score 1) 255

All Win10 UWP apps can be unmaximized or resized. The "full screen only" thing was back in Win8/8.1 days, and backtracking from that was one of the big changes that Win10 made.

If you've last seen the music app in Win8, I'm not surprised. If I remember correctly, it was all about the Microsoft's own online subscription music service, and setting it up to play local stuff was convoluted and inconvenient.

The one that's in Win10 right now actually asks you which folders to index first thing when you launch it, and then gives the usual artist/album centric UI. Nothing special about it, and I've certainly seen better players, but it's "good enough" for most users.

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