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Online magazine with articles, guides and tutorials on almost anything!

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Journal Journal: How To Make A Messenger Bag

PATTERN: (Please note you must be at least a FREE basic member on Professor Pincushion to download the pattern)

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Comment Re:Chump Change (Score 1) 345

I have never once seen someone reference "energy return on energy invested of about 50:1" factor for any kind into the viability of a city. Is there any literature that uses that metric seriously?

"The population of the New York region still grew 2.7 percent from 2010 to 2016, thanks to foreign arrivals and births, records show."

While it is an interesting anecdote that there is meaningful amount of migration out of NYC specifically, those individuals even according to your own source are moving to other slightly less large mega-cities. Even with that, the area is still growing. Your conclusion that somehow NYC is decaying seems erroneous in light of its net growth.

The US is still undergoing urbanization

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Comment Re:Obama executive insanity twisted the law (Score 1) 316

If a president doesn't have the backing of the rest of the country, well maybe that's good or bad on any particular issue, but it's reality. He can't legally just dictate policy on his own.

I don't think Obama broke any laws.

The many Supreme Court decisions against his executive orders say otherwise.

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ini harus kalian ketahui ... apa yang kami lakukan sama sekali tidak ada tendensi kepedulian melestarikan lingkungan. sebenarnya kami suka menyentuh dan membuka kertas buku lembar demi lembar halaman demi halaman, bunyi gesekan kertas dan baunya yg khas melahirkan sebuah sensasi tersendiri ... karena itu kami tidak peduli jika untuk menghasilkan buku harus menebang berpuluh-puluh pohon karena kami percaya pada teori kekekalan energi. tapi kami akan marah jika berpuluh-puluh pohon ditebang hanya untuk membuat tisu atau tusuk gigi.

siapa kami ?

kami hanya salah satu dari masyarakat pengumpul dan peramu di dunia maya, kami pun bagian dari para cyber-crafter yg mengumpul dan mendaur ulang sampah-sampah informasi menjadi sesuatu yg betul-betul berguna

siapa kami ?

kami bukanlah bagian dari orang-orang yg mencoba beralih dari era paper menuju era paperless. kami hanyalah orang-orang yg ingin mengakses buku-buku, hanya saja di dunia "yg jauh dari keyboard" tidak jarang kami diperhadapkan pada pilihan makanan atau buku (sesuatu yg tidak seharusnya diperhadap-hadapkan) dan tidak jarang (dengan sangat terpaksa) kami memilih buku dengan konsekuensi kami harus mengencangkan ikat pinggang berhari-hari.

siapa kami ?

rasanya tidak penting untuk memperjelas siapa kami, anggap saja kami adalah anda dan anda adalah kami ....
yang terpenting adalah ...

apa itu Perpustakaan Maya — bukuLIAT ?

Perpustakaan Maya — bukuLIAT hanyalah salah satu dari sekian banyak perpustakaan di dunia maya yg menyediakan ebook. ebook-ebook yang berhasil kami kumpulkan dari berbagai sumber di dunia maya. hanya begitulah kami, tidak lebih !


buat anda yg mempunyai uang lebih kami harap anda tetap membeli buku aslinya demi mempertahankan kelangsungan hidup penulis, penerbit (khususnya penerbit-penerbit kecil) dan para distributor.

Ucapan Terima Kasih :

terima kasih untuk mereka-mereka yg telah bekerja keras membuat ebook
terima kasih juga untuk mereka-mereka yg telah meluangkan waktunya untuk meng-upload ebook-ebook miliknya ... kami juga mengucapkan terima kasih untuk mereka-mereka yg review atau resensi bukunya telah kami gunakan dalam postingan kami. kami tetap menghormati anda dengan selalu mencantumkan alamat sumber dari review atau resensi yg kami gunakan.
terima kasih juga buat seluruh netizen yg telah berkunjung dan memanfaatkan apa yg kami buat, terima kasih telah menjadikan kami sedikit berguna.


semua ebook yg kami posting sama sekali tdk diperuntukkan untuk kepentingan komersil, semua postingan kami sepenuhnya untuk berbagi pengetahuan demi kemajuan ilmu pengetahuan. bagi pihak yg merasa dirugikan atau/dan tidak suka dengan kehadiran salah satu postingan kami harap menghubungi kami dengan cara meninggalkan komentar/laporan pada postingan terkait ebook yg dimaksud. kami akan memproses semua komentar/laporan paling lambat 7 hari setelah komentar/laporan kami baca.

Kotak Surat Kelompok Pengrajin Digital bukuLIAT

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tigerplant40 writes: Tiger plant provide you the digger for hire in Swindon which are easy to operate and transport. Adjustable tracks allow access through confined openings whilst providing stability during operation.

Comment Going to be Interesting when! (Score 2) 191

Individuals figure out things like:
- They are mobile billboards for your tagging prowess and skills.
- And don't forget the videos screwing with them, so one can get that 15 minutes of fame online.

Everyone does recall what Phone Booths in urban areas looked like! OOPS right ;) lol I have dated myself ;)

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 73

doesn't work in the cold and wet but it really isn't all that hard to punch six numbers on a keypad
Depends on the lightening conditions.

I have "auto adjust brightness" of, as it always adjusts the iPad to be to bright.

But that again means when I forget to turn it up at night, and I first use it at the bus station around 10:00 or later, in bright sun it is hard to enter the passphrase.

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Journal Journal: How Property Management Experts Are Making the World a Better Place

Property management experts have come a long way! Imagine, back in the day, when you had to find a travel agent to book a trip, or locate a newspaper with rental ads in them, or just do what everyone else... Read more... The post How Property Management Experts Are Making the World a Better Place appeared first on Fireside Properties, Inc..

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Skimming: skimming is first most important thing need be done. Pool maintenance new Braunfels tells that it has a net attached to a long pole. It is used to remove the floating impurities from the pool like leaves, insects, fungus etc. skim the pool once in a week at least.

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