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Comment Losing game (Score 1) 146

What we really need to blow this scheme out of the water is for some really wealthy bad guys to fund a project focused on using CRISPR or similar technology to change the DNA markers that have become standard in the DNA databases. Since they don't have to follow normal research rules, the research could be greatly sped up. As a side benefit, the results would leak into real medical science and speed that up - very much like the way porn has led technical development of the internet many times in the past.

Instead of fighting this losing game, we should be looking scientifically at whether there aren't far better, out of the box we've created, ways to fight crime or eliminate the need to know identities. We've been taking paths to solve problems and doubling down when they don't instead of trying other paths. It is very much like the definition of insanity.

Comment Guess you aren't big into facts. (Score 2) 206

Facts like the fact that Musk never said he had approval from New York City - that he actually said, "verbal govt approval". Which he did - the government he was speaking of was the federal government

The federal government lacks the authority to make such a commitment. And if you actually read the article you linked, and even the text you quoted, no commitment is to be found. But hey, let's leave that part out.

Facts like, for example, that Model 3's production schedule had been moved forward to July (was originally supposed to start at the end of this year), with Musk stating at the time that the reason for the July deadline was because he knew some suppliers would inevitably fail to meet their deadline and he had to have a way to hold their feet to the fire with real penalties for failing to deliver. Of course, they actually did make the July deadline.

Since they weren't talking about the July deadline... this is relevant, how? He promised delivery of 'x' in September, he failed to fulfill that promise. But hey, let's leave that part out.

The Wall Street Journal will gripe about the fact that there are missing features in the (over-the-air-upgraded) software stack and that there's some manual labour / part changes in manufacture because automated assembly line isn't yet complete. Really, WSJ? Gee we all thought that the line was fully ready to produce tens of thousands of vehicles per month, but the schedule was only to produce a couple hundred for giggles.

Um, no. The plan was to produce 1500 vehicles. He failed to do so. But hey, let's leave that part out.

Or, to put it another way, you're 0 for 3 when it comes to facts.

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Comment Money (Score 5, Informative) 503

Once money is involved, it's no longer free speech, it becomes "commercial speech."

Commercial speech operates under a different set of rules, with significantly more restrictions.
"False or misleading" commercial speech is explicitly against the law.

There is some wiggle room for "puffery" (world's best hamburger.)
There is also some wiggle room as long as warnings or disclaimers are included.

Some warnings and disclaimers are what we'd call "compelled speech," because the government requires businesses to say them.
Compelled speech is pretty much the opposite of free speech.

Comment Free Speech According to Which Standard? (Score 1) 503

While in Russia, there was a different metric for free speech than I've seen in the United States. My Thai friends also see differences in Thailand. I see additional differences against conservative viewpoints in Western Europe, and Canada.

Which country are you using as the metric for "Free Speech?" You mention the FDA, so I assume you mean an American viewpoint, but that should likely be explicitly stated, rather than implied.

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Comment Re:I'd buy in a heartbeat if no IME or UEFI net st (Score 1) 161

Can ANYBODY provide any REAL evidence of this supposed AMD ARM chip? Because I have scoured the net and have only found a couple of 2012 articles saying "We plan to do this sometime" and ZERO actual code, ZERO actual layouts showing the location of this ARM core, and ZERO lists of any actual CPU/APU that have this installed.

The only actual facts I can find are 1.- AMD licensed an ARM Coretex 5, and 2.- They have used it on exactly ONE CHIP, the Jaguar APU which they sold to MSFT and Sony for their game consoles, that's it. NO other chips, NO security features that having such a chip would have that would appeal to business customers like remote corporate control of assets, not a damned thing but a bunch of FUD that all trace back to the same articles from 2012.

Comment Re:The dangerous biometrics (Score 1) 146

It seems to me the problem is single factor authentication. If I have to provide my iris (or whatever) scan and a password, then it becomes much more difficult to impersonate me. Assuming of course the data is stored properly and I don't do anything stupid.

Comment There is a difference between speech and a contrac (Score 1) 503

Speech as in âoetry this miracle cure, put hot sauce in your eyes to make you see betterâ is free speech.

A sale as in âoetry this miracle cure, itâ(TM)s $25 hot sauce you can put in your eyesâ is a sales contract. You promise a cure and you either deliver or you donâ(TM)t. If you donâ(TM)t, itâ(TM)s called swindling, false advertising and a number of other things.

You can say you have a miracle cure but when you exchange goods youâ(TM)re entering a legal contract.

And thus, if you pay for this shit, pay it using a refundable method, whether itâ(TM)s a signed contract or credit card. The people too stupid to pay for it are also too stupid to know they can just call their CC company to cancel the sale, thus itâ(TM)s just a stupid-tax.

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Comment tradeoffs (Score 4, Insightful) 503

The new problem is this:

For most of the past, free speech has come with the practical limitation that the person making the speech was associated to it, and had some burden of personal accountability. So, whether out of shame, counter-arguments, not being able to hide behind a fictitious agent, etc., people making demonstrably false statements would have limits to the quantity and quality of their speech. And, by the way, people's gullibility of it.

Now we have this new channel where everyone, including fake names and anonymous agents, are equal. In your Facebook feed, everyone has an equal voice, which contrary to some people's original idea of the internet, doesn't now make it possible for the best and most thoughtful opinions to be spread, but rather the worst. And not everyone is smart enough to tell the difference, or even has the time.

Newspapers, journalists, universities, governments, etc. previously served the role as our filter of what was "high quality". For good and bad, of course, because they're not always right.

But now we took off the filter. How do we get some of it back without taking away the parts we like?

Comment Short answer: yes (Score 1) 503

Yes, it's free speech, just as it's free speech to deliberately mislead people in print or when speaking. But just as with in-print or speaking, deliberately making false statements opens you to the backlash when you're fact-checked and proven to be knowingly lying to people, along with the possibility of being sued for libel or slander (since you're talking about deliberate untruths, the public-figure exception will be exceptionally hard to hide behind).

Feed Google News Sci Tech: Big Tech Has Big Plans to Help Reconnect Puerto Rico - NBC Bay Area (

NBC Bay Area

Big Tech Has Big Plans to Help Reconnect Puerto Rico
NBC Bay Area
In this Wednesday, Sept. 20, 2017 file photo, power lines are down after the impact of Hurricane Maria, which hit the eastern region of the island in Humacao, Puerto Rico. In the wake of Hurricane Maria, Facebook pledged to send a "connectivity team ...

and more

Feed Google News Sci Tech: All-touchscreen BlackBerry Motion officially announced - CNET (


All-touchscreen BlackBerry Motion officially announced
The new BlackBerry Motion. BlackBerry Mobile. The all-touchscreen BlackBerry Motion made its debut Sunday at an electronics trade show in Dubai, just days after images of the new phone leaked online. The new handset features a 5.5-inch HD display,...
BlackBerry Motion arrives with no keyboard and a giant batteryEngadget
The new BlackBerry Motion from TCL is all touchscreen, no keyboardThe Verge
The New BlackBerry Motion Ditches the KeyboardGizmodo
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Comment Re:Guess they are not big into the whole news thin (Score 3, Insightful) 206

Also, saying he only delivered 17% of the cars they had planned is distorting the truth a bit. They planned to deliver 100 in August and 1500 in September, ramping up to around 5000 a week by the end of the year. So if they only delivered just over 200 cars in September, that's less than a month's delay which is peanuts compared to other Tesla delays in the past.

Yeah, they rounded a bit. 200/1500=.1333

Seriously, just how much koolaide have you drank? He promised x, he failed to deliver x. That's a simple fact, not a distortion of the truth.

Comment On the internet? (Score 1) 503

There can be no generalized answer to this question. Any particular case would have to be decided on its merits. As mentioned, the FDA could punish them for making unsupported claims about a cure. The FTC could come after them for false advertising. But in any case, "on the internet" has absolutely nothing to do with it. There are no special rules for any of this stuff that apply only to the internet.

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Comment Re:The dangerous biometrics (Score 1) 146

If your print is in one of those databases, you are being searched.

I don't know what you mean by the word "searched," but it's not one I've encountered, and at 68, I've probably run across every meaning for "searched" that there is. Just running a database search looking for a match to a fingerprint is not searching any of the people who's prints are in that search, which is one of the reasons you don't need a warrant do search your own databases. I have never had my home, person, car or workspace searched by any law enforcement agency, which fits the meaning almost everybody has for that word. And no, if my print were found at a crime scene, I wouldn't have to prove my innocence; it would be up to them to prove my guilt, at least in the USofA.

Comment Re:Slashdot readers should sure hope so (Score 5, Insightful) 503

then stop with the FUD that portrays those companies as actively working against the interests of society and most people.

All companies will actively work against the interests of society and most people if it is within their own interests to do so. Microsoft & the rest of the big tech companies do so everyday by actively evading paying their fair share of taxes.

Comment Re:Look at the time investments. (Score 1) 236

A one person coding shop should not be taking on projects of that scale.

What scale? Every network-using app from the most basic cloud-synchronized pedometer to the most complex stock trading app requires security, and the vast majority of developers need to do things like be able to make debug builds of their app be able to communicate with random internal test servers (possibly even servers specific to a given unit test) without every developer having to have an individual key and cert. That implies nothing about the scale of the app; it is a problem from one-person shops up through very large development shops. And the way you do such things involves mucking with security code.

The problem comes when that code accidentally gets deployed in production. Suddenly, code that was never intended to be secure had better be. And this is why it is so important that Stack Overflow answers always tell people how to do it the right way, not the fast way.

If I'm asked to perform surgery on a patient as an outsourced contractor, it is my ethical duty to refuse no matter how many episodes of E.R. I have watched.

To map your analogy onto the real-world security failures that we've frequently seen, the problem comes when you're asked to merely play one on TV while blindfolded, and then you later find out that you were cutting into an actual patient, and the patient died.

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