Comment Re: Get a proper computer (Score 1) 85

I'm the waiter telling you most people can't tell any difference between a $50 dollar bottle of wine and a $500 bottle. Maybe everyone who gets the $500 dollar bottle is a super-taster, but more likely they want to impress someone. Sure there are a few corner cases were you 99.999% need POSIX compatibility, but for most things 99.98% is good enough.

Pulling a switcheroo is just plain silly and passive-aggressive (and nowhere did I suggest you do that), asking question about underlying technical requirements and new suggestions based on the answers is not.

So going back to the wine analogy, and my original question. Are the order requirements actually about some vital technical difference in the product, or is it about something else?

Comment Nice legal ploy. it will never work (Score 1, Insightful) 153

Shady business deals? What's new?
Racketeering? That's a stretch.
He may have been screwed. Maybe not. This is a case of contract law, not organized crime.
The judge will laugh him out of court.
The police, or at least the DA have to be involved to file a racketeering charge. Not going to happen.

why is this news?

Feed Google News Sci Tech: Bethesda's Pete Hines Defends Wolfenstein II's Anti-Nazi Marketing Message as Internet Reacts - PlayStation LifeStyle (

PlayStation LifeStyle

Bethesda's Pete Hines Defends Wolfenstein II's Anti-Nazi Marketing Message as Internet Reacts
PlayStation LifeStyle
Bethesda's recent “make America nazi-free again” marketing line for Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus didn't go down too well with some. While the series has always been about taking the Nazis down, this particular phrasing resulted in mixed reactions ...
This Week In The Business: Shooting Nazis In 2017Kotaku
Bethesda embraces anti-Nazi stance: That's 'what Wolfenstein represents'PC Gamer
Bethesda: Wolfenstein II is Not Meant to Comment on Modern PoliticsNiche Gamer
UPROXX-Business Insider-Popular Mechanics-Game Revolution
all 43 news articles

Comment Use as intended (Score 4, Interesting) 106

The problem I've always seen with PERL is that nobody seems to use it as it was intended. If you have to take massive amounts of data (usually text), extract information from it, manipulate it, and then output it into a meaningful result, the PERL does this. It is VERY good at this. it's when people start tacking on shell scripts, a tcl/tk ui, and using it as the base for a program that doesn't do those things, that we run into problems.

I once worked for a telecom in Japan and one of my jobs was to take billing data from a couple hundred subsidiaries, normalize the data, dump it into a formatted table, calculate usage and totals, then output a properly formatted paper bill. (this was in the early 90s) PERL was the obvious and best choice for this back then.

The data we got was in various formats from CSV to excel sheets, to plain text files with various fields defined (or not). PERL also has an excellent template system for outputting data to fixed width columns and doing output formatting.

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Comment here's the correct link for Space Data V. Loon (Score 1) 153

story links to an article about Loon in puerto rico not to the Space Data Lawsuit.

"Space Data pulled off something big: It convinced the US Patent and Trademark Office to cancel most of one of Project Loon’s foundational patents, and say that Space Data came up with the idea first. Loon’s patent for changing a balloon’s direction by adjusting its altitude—a core feature of both systems—is now legally back in Space Data’s hands."

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Comment Distraction tactic by tech elites (Score 0) 72

The fear of killer robots is the boogeyman employed by the tech giants at Amazon/Google/Facebook to distract us from the shit they're getting away with now. By the time AI has advanced to that point, those tech leaders will be one step away from literally running the world. Then we'll look up at them to save us...

Comment Re:How's that Perl 6 going? (Score 1) 106

You don't understand what Perl 6 is.

Perl 4 was very popular.

Perl 5 was Larry Wall's rewrite of Perl 4, and was widely seen as a huge improvement and a mature language.

Perl 6 was the community's rewrite of Perl 5.

That the horse committee didn't improve the design should be no surprise, and it certainly shouldn't reflect on Larry Wall. People really wanted a lot of those features, but more people don't want it to get that complicated and won't use it. Personally, I switched to Ruby.

In short: Perl 5 is, simply, good enough.

Comment Re:They're after Slashdotters, in other words. (Score 0) 121

Your link has nothing to do with the ODNI report, and ignores this part:

Burr told reporters the committee plans to conduct 25 more interviews with witnesses this month, but described his goal of finishing this year the main congressional investigation into Russian meddling as only “aspirational” at this point.

But there are no actual facts about anything in that article, so I can't say that I would bother to listen to it anyhow. People's opinions don't really matter to me at all, I care about actual, verifiable facts.

Comment Re:The problem with breaking backward compatibilit (Score 1) 106

I remember a Larry Wall interview from 98 or 99 that was streamed on realmedia. I never found a transcript or archive but in it he said that if you want to do everything using Object Oriented Programming then Ruby is a better language than Perl. Of course, he also studies Japanese, and there weren't English language books or documentation yet. So a few years later when the books had come out I switched.

It turned out the best thing about the change for me wasn't the language differences, but the improvements in C integration. Then Ruby is just a C API. Totally seamless. Glue anything easily.

Comment Baju Atasan Wanita Terbaik (Score 1) 1

Comment Re:How's that Perl 6 going? (Score 2) 106

You don't understand what Perl 6 is.

Perl 4 was very popular.

Perl 5 was Larry Wall's rewrite of Perl 4, and was widely seen as a huge improvement and a mature language.

Perl 6 was the community's rewrite of Perl 5.

That the horse committee didn't improve the design should be no surprise, and it certainly shouldn't reflect on Larry Wall. People really wanted a lot of those features, but more people don't want it to get that complicated and won't use it. Personally, I switched to Ruby.

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Comment Re:You don't want a natural language (Score 5, Insightful) 106

a programming language is created to speak to a computer/compiler, not to a human.

Hogwash. The conversation is between the programmer and the programmers who wrote the next layer down, repeated a few times, until those programmers eventually have a conversation with the circuit designer or engineer, who speaks a few different languages used by engineers, eventually speaking to engineers who designed machines that build circuits. And it keeps going down, and it is all humans talking, all the way down, until you get to apes grunting.

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Journal Journal: IS THIS HAPPENING?!?

After a great household morning out at the pumpkin patch we were surprised to see Lila do this! My kids are not obtaining the memo that they have to SLOW DOWN on this growing up thing lol

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Comment The problem with breaking backward compatibility (Score 4, Informative) 106

When you choose to remove backward compatibility, those of us who've been using perl for a while basically will (or at least should) evaluate our need for a new language from scratch. And, compared to other languages (e.g. python, php) perl 6 has several strikes against it - two big ones being the lack of an installed base and the relatively small number of fellow coders.

People who haven't already used perl in the past will likely not be inclined to try perl 6; and not everyone who's written perl to this point will choose to pick perl 6 as their "new" language going forward. Speaking only for myself, I've got a fair bit of existing perl 5 code, which will be maintained or upgraded as perl 5... and going forward I'll probably pick something other than perl 6 for new work.

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