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Comment Yes.. (Score 4, Insightful) 182

Do you even need to ask that question?

The funz will really start when they extend the APIs to allow for recurring charges, one of the common billing scams - it wont be long I am sure.

'WE JUST NEED TO VERIFY YOUR CCARD WITH A $0.01 CHARGE TO VALIDATE YOU' (tinyprint hidden, we will also start charging you $39.95 per month for an email telling you our monthly lucky numbers, and it is basically impossible to cancel).

So yes, the ONLY valid answer to this if 'NO F'in WAY'

Comment Re:Not for anybody who cares for privacy/security (Score 1) 182

It seems like nobody who understands and actually values privacy and security would do this.

I understand and value privacy and security, and I have no problem with storing my credit card info in my browser, as long as there's full disk encryption on the laptop in case it gets stolen.

The browser is not a concern; the world of online payments already is a gigantic farce. If you ever have the opportunity to integrate some of those payment gateways in an app you'll see how fubar it is. Besides the serious ones like paypal, Google Pay or Apple Pay, there's a shitload of smaller players with plain terrible solutions. Don't be afraid of your browser; be afraid of Square, Bluepay and others.

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Branding is the best way to create trust between your company and your customers as well as potential customers. When people see your company brand everywhere, without even meaning to, you will be registering your brand in their subconscious mind. This makes it easy for them to choose you should they have a need for branding any time.
Another way that branding helps your business is that it motivates your workers to work with you. Everyone wants to be associated with a brand that is easily recognizable. This means that you will not need to spend money on extra incentives for your workers.
With branding, everyone wins!

Comment Re:$300 headphones (Score 1) 380

I prefer wired because they attach to my phone with short lead and are connected together and I wont lose them. I could imagine dropping headphone and being saved from the fall and being trodden, by that connection, regularly. Also the ear phones are then powered and no battery hassles. I don't care about what the hell the connector is and long as the phone has two, one at the top and one at the bottom, convenience and the connectors are non proprietary. Blue tooth is handy but not when you are dicking with batteries, than it is just another hassle.

Feed Google News Sci Tech: Super Mario Odyssey Overview Trailer Has Us Really Excited - Twinfinite (


Super Mario Odyssey Overview Trailer Has Us Really Excited
Super Mario Odyssey is set to be released later this month for the Nintendo Switch and it looks like it's set to be another amazing game for the new console. Nintendo has released a lengthy new trailer for Super Mario Odyssey which shows off plenty of...
Super Mario Odyssey does a smart thing with amiibo unlockablesPolygon
Super Mario Odyssey new overview trailer: It's time to get excitedSlashGear
Mario journeys across the country to celebrate the launch of Super Mario OdysseyNintendo
all 66 news articles

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mavkari writes:

We could not have chosen a better location for our wedding reception than Green Pond Country Club. From the planning staged with Brian, to the excellent food and so many choices to pick from for the reception, to finalizing the details just weeks and days before the wedding, to the perfect execution of absolutely everything at the reception, we cannot say enough about how happy we were with having Green Pond as our wedding reception venue.

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Anirban Mukherjee writes: Innovations need to be both novel and useful. But does saying a product is novel and/or useful affect crowd funding? We analyzed every project in 9 (product oriented) categories since the inception of Kickstarter to earlier this year. We found both terms have large causal implications for project funding.

Comment Re:If you get most of your news from Facebook (Score 1, Flamebait) 54

This latest round of crap is all about universal health care, which started gaining real traction so, mass censorship and an idiots distraction.

It smells very much like the US government wants to ban foreign comments on it's corrupt politics, they are so threatened because their corrupt scam has been so exposed. All there actions do is make them look worse and worse as they desperately try to corruptly cling to power.

They are making a real push to silence all opposition to the establishment prior to the next primary season and they will fail miserable, the more the try tighten their grip on comments the more comments will slip through their fingers, heh, heh.

My God, they are just totally making themselves look really stupid now to any kind of educated audience, the crazy crap they are up to is just laughable and only profound arrogance stops them seeing what fools they are making of themselves. The world is starting to laugh at you USA because of the stupid shenanigans of your corrupt politicians.

Comment Re:1000 € devices ? No Jack ? Locked battery (Score 1) 380

You're not the only one. I'm keeping my note 4 until someone comes out with a phone that can at least match it's functionality.

Wider screen than the new notes, replaceable battery, HDMI (MHL) output, headphone jack, expandable storage. Those are just table stakes. I also like the IR blaster, and textured back that makes it easy to hold without dropping.

Nothing new is at all appealing in comparison.

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An anonymous reader writes: A concierge is someone whose work is to run errands and make arrangements. Traditionally, a concierge’s job was to assist in a hotel or work as a caretaker in a house.

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Journal Journal: DominoQQ


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Comment Re: Holy false equivalence fallacy, Batman!!! (Score 2) 105

Actually yes, I am familiar with how social networks work... familiar enough to know that they can go from king of the hill to nothing based on the fickle whims of what's cool. Myspace used to be that king of the hill. Then, one day, for some reason or another, Myspace became uncool. And in the space of a year everybody but everybody had left and signed up for this new network called Facebook. Before that? Tribe used to be where it was at. Then everyone left for Myspace. Before Tribe it was Friendster. Before Friendster, everyone who was anyone had a Livejournal.

Granted, Facebook has stayed at the top atypically long. But other than blocking the "pimp my page" CSS crap that made so many Myspace pages look like geocities throwbacks; it really offers no compelling functionality or intrinsic value that's not available elsewhere. One day, Zuck will wake up to see Facebook a burnt-out shell with nothing there but shitty bands trying to promote themselves, even shittier Zynga games, and marriage proposals from Malaysia.

Comment Re:Not for anybody who cares for privacy/security (Score 1) 182

A better payment system would be the store getting your id and details and than clearing the payment with your credit supplier, who than confirms those details with you via you card details and limited remote authorisation code (spend limited). Onsite with a photo taken of the transaction and attached to the spend and offline, digital ID hardware could be used, a rotating aligning crypto exchange, unique to the device and the credit provider servers (think an encrypted clock client connected to an encrypted clock server, an encrypted time check served and you could transmit a short time confirmed video). For really sound security. The store should only really confirm the correct connection to the credit provider all the security confirmation should be done direct between you and your credit provider and they then authorise that transaction, allow the store to place a debit against your account. A smart phone usb port or an internalised add in card that is manually switched on with auto off ie held on.

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Shirley Ross writes: The wedding is unique as well as the special event that requires complete account throughout all planning and process. If a wedding is entwined with the stunning melodies and soulful sounds makes it complete. The Wedding DJ Hire performs a vital role in playing the finest music that make the environment perfect.
Wedding DJ employ the service of in Perth Wa is highly puzzling as there are various DJ's available so choosing the most professional some may be tough.

Choosing the right DJ: Some tips

We can make the DJ hire Perth a bit easy and appropriate if we can follow the tips reviewed here:

Thorough Research:
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Make your Budget Goal:
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Keep the set of your preferences:
Before DJ retain the services of in Perth, you need to be clear about the regions of your requirement. Make a list of the things you need like the musical theme and the record list you will need. Because of this, you can sit down with your family and friends to enquire about their kind of music and chalk out the preferences together.

Check the skills of Company:
When you'd done enough of your research enough of your quest online, now it's the time to pen down a few of the names which you think are best and perfect regarding to your needs and requirements. You may analyze the skills as well as evaluate their effectiveness through the prior projects. For looking at the knowledge, you can go for the feedbacks, referrals, tracks, and equipment they have to operate the DJ in a marriage. It is important to keep all the things in mind to hire the best.

Keep the Emergency Backup:
For the DJ's it could happen that did not appear on the time of the wedding. Thus, to avoid this type of the situation, it is a lot important to consider the reliable and trustworthy DJ to operate in your wedding. Pick the company that has extensive experience in offering the service and can take care of this program capably.
The DJ's with their amazing and groovy music creates a different environment, they make the friends really jubilant. Also, the groom and bride who sway in each other's biceps and triceps for his or her first party on an enchanting melody makes an ecstatic vision. So, there must not be any compromise in choosing a DJ Click Here.

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Comment Re:Passwords are special. SHA-1 is much too fast (Score 1) 81

first take a SHA-2 hash of the password, then scrypt it.*

* In the general case of random data, hashing a hash doesn't add security. Passwords, however are not the general case.

Did you really have to end your main comment with a footnote reference, immediately followed by the footnote? That blatant abuse of footnotes creates a dark cloud of suspicion over your message, which is too bad because I was with you up to that point.

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