Submission + - John Kelly's personal cellphone may have been compromised

93 Escort Wagon writes: The personal cellphone belonging to Trump's Chief of Staff may have been compromised, Reuters reports in a story originating from Politico. This may have happened as early as last December. The issue was discovered when Kelly submitted the phone to the White House's tech support crew during the summer, complaining that the phone would not update correctly.

Submission + - Struggling to get a tan? Blame your Neanderthal ancestors (

turkeydance writes: yes, Neandertal is "more correct" (just like 'begs the question' debates)......however:

If you struggle to get a tan, consider yourself a night owl or are plagued with arthritis, then your Neanderthal ancestors could be to blame, a new genetic study has shown.A separate study by Cambridge University also gave clues as to why Neanderthal populations died out, while modern humans thrived.
The new study sequenced the genomes of individuals from the site and discovered that they were, at most, second cousins, indicating that they had developed sexual partnerships beyond their immediate social and family group.Early humans seem to have recognised the dangers of inbreeding at least 34,000 years ago, and developed surprisingly sophisticated social and mating networks to avoid it, the researchers found.Genetic studies of Upper Paleolithic skeletons from Sunghir in Russia show no inbreeding in modern humans, unlike Neanderthals where inbreeding can be seen in genetic mutations.

Submission + - Vegas Shooting Horror: Fixing YouTube's Continuing Fake News Problem (

Lauren Weinstein writes: At a time when the world was looking for accurate information, YouTube was trending this kind of bile to the top of related search results. I’ve received emails from Google users who report YouTube pushing links to some of those trending fake videos directly to their phones as notifications.

YouTube’s scale is enormous, and the vast rivers of video being uploaded into its systems every minute means that a reliance on automated algorithms is an absolute necessity in most cases. Public rumors now circulating suggest that Google is trying again to tune these mechanisms to help avoid pushing fake news into high trending visibility, perhaps by giving additional weight to generally authoritative news sources. This of course can present its own problems, since it might tend to exclude, for example, perfectly legitimate personal “eyewitness” videos of events that could be extremely useful if widely viewed as quickly as possible.

Submission + - Three-Quarters of All Honey On Earth Has Pesticides In It (

An anonymous reader writes: About three quarters of all honey worldwide is contaminated with pesticides known to harm bees, according to a new study. Though the pesticide levels were below the limit deemed safe for human consumption, there was still enough insecticide in there to harm pollinators. The finding suggests that, as one of the study authors said, “there’s almost no safe place for a bee to exist.” Scientists analyzed 198 honey samples from all continents, except Antarctica, for five types of pesticides called neonicotinoids, which are known to harm bees. They found at least one of the five compounds in most samples, with the highest contamination in North America, Asia, and Europe. The results are published today in the journal Science.

To get a better sense of just how widespread neonic contamination is, Mitchell and his colleagues analyzed 198 worldwide honey samples collected as a citizen science project between 2012 and 2016. They found that 75 percent of honey contained at least one of the five tested neonics, and 45 percent of samples had two or more. Honey from North America, Asia, and Europe was most contaminated, while the lowest contamination was in South America. Neonic concentrations were relatively low: on average, 1.8 nanograms per gram in contaminated honey — below the limits set as safe for people by the EU.

Submission + - NRA calls for regulation of bump stocks ( 4

bongey writes: In a rare turn the NRA is calling for a review on whether bump stocks should require additional regulation. Bump stocks allow semi-automatic rifles to nearly act the way of a full automatic rifle The fire rate is still less than open bolt machine gun(example m249,240b) but a bump stock can allow one to fire faster than M4,M16A2,M16A4 firing on 3 shot burst(m16 gen1 is full auto). As a former US Army infantryman I agree but I will got farther , bump stocks should be outright banned because the end result is an AR-15 can outperform a M4 that cannot be legally purchased or owned.

Submission + - Boeing-Backed, Hybrid-Electric Commuter Plane To Hit Market In 2022 (

An anonymous reader writes: A Seattle-area startup, backed by the venture capital arms of Boeing and JetBlue announced plans on Thursday to bring a small hybrid-electric commuter aircraft to market by 2022. The small airliner is the first of several planes planned by Zunum Aero, which said it would seat up to 12 passengers and be powered by two electric motors, dramatically reducing the travel time and cost of trips under 1,000 miles (1,600 km). Zunum’s plans and timetable underscore a rush to develop small electric aircraft based on rapidly evolving battery technology and artificial intelligence systems that avoid obstacles on a road or in the sky. In a separate but related development, Boeing said on Thursday it plans to acquire a company that specializes in electric and autonomous flight to help its own efforts to develop such aircraft. Zunum’s planes would fly from thousands of small airports around big cities to cut regional travel times and costs.

Submission + - The ThinkPad at 25 (

harrymcc writes: On October 5 1992, IBM released a laptop called the ThinkPad 700C. It sported an unusually good color screen, a pointing device called the TrackPoint II, and a distinctive black case. It was an immediate hit. And remarkably, many of the things that made that ThinkPad a ThinkPad remain true of todayâ(TM)s models. I talked to some of the people responsible for the lineâ"which IBM sold to Lenovo in 2005â"about why itâ(TM)s one of the few consistent brands of technologyâ(TM)s last quarter century.

Submission + - Cloudflare ditches sites that use Coinhive mining "malware" ( 1

Mark Wilson writes: Bitcoin has been in the news for some time now as its value climbs and drops, but most recently interest turned to mining code embedded in websites. The Pirate Bay was one of the first sites to be seen using Coinhive code to secretly mine using visitors' CPU time, and then we saw similar activity from the SafeBrowse extension for Chrome.

The discovery of the code was a little distressing for visitors to the affected sites, and internet security and content delivery network (CDN) firm Cloudflare is taking action to clamp down on what it is describing as malware.

Torrent proxy site has contacted TorrentFreak to say that Cloudflare has dropped it as a customer. The reason given for ProxyBunker's suspension is that the site has been using Coinhive code on several of the domains it owns.

Submission + - Intel's Just Launched 8th Gen Core Processors Bring The Heat To AMD's Ryzen

bigwophh writes: The upheaval of the high-end desktop processor segment continues today with the official release of Intel’s latest Coffee Lake-based 8th Generation Core processors. The flagship in the new line-up is the Core i7-8700K. It is a 6C/12T beast, with a base clock of 3.7GHz, a boost clock of 4.7GHz, and 12MB of Intel Smart Cache. The Core i5-8400 features the same physical die, but has only 9MB of Smart Cache, no Hyper-Threading, and base and boost clocks of 2.8GHz and 4GHz, respectively. The entire line-up features more cores, support for faster memory speeds, and leverages a fresh platform that’s been tweaked for more robust power delivery and, ultimately, more performance. The Core i7-8700K proved to be an excellent performer, besting every other processor in single-threaded workloads and competing favorably with 8C/16T Ryzen 7 processors. The affordably-priced 6-core Core i5-8400 even managed to pull ahead of the quad-core Core i7-7700K in some tests. Overall, performance is strong, especially for games, and the processors seem to be solid values in their segment.

Submission + - Drug dealer caught because of BitCoin usage

DogDude writes:
"It was not difficult for investigators to discover “OxyMonster’s” identity. The account featured a digital “tip jar” for bitcoins. Agents then “conducted analysis of the incoming and outgoing transactions from that bitcoin address and learned that 15 out of 17 outgoing transactions from the ‘OxyMonster’ tip jar went to multiple wallets controlled by French national” Gal Vallerius."

Submission + - Microsoft Brings Edge To Android And iOS

An anonymous reader writes: If you want more proof that Microsoft is embracing Android and iOS, boy, do we have it for you today. The company has launched Edge for iOS in preview, promised Edge for Android is coming soon, and launched Microsoft Launcher for Android in public preview. Edge for iOS preview is available via Apple's TestFlight and is limited, per Apple's rules, to 10,000 users. Microsoft is inviting Windows Insiders in the U.S. to sign up here. Android users can also sign up at that same link — the preview will hit the Google Play Store in the coming weeks. Microsoft is hoping to release Edge for Android and iOS out of preview "later this year." The Microsoft Launcher is available in preview for English users in the United States on Google Play. Microsoft promises to bring it to other markets "over time" and launch it out of preview "later this year," as well.

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