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Journal Journal: Cetak Kalender Murah Terbaik

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Comment Re:LOL (Score 1, Troll) 223

It's not surprising that US media is singling out anything Russian for criticism. Remember when the French wouldn't support the US' 2003 invasion of Iraq? All of a sudden we had "freedom fries" and the bad guys in Hollywood movies spoke with crappy French accents for a few years after. Now it's Russia's turn because the middle classes are pissed off at the working classes for voting in Trump. USA, grow up and take responsibility for your electoral choices. Russia didn't elect Trump, you did!
BTW, I remember looking into the efficacy of anti-virus software and finding out that in independent tests, the best one of the day only caught 85% of malware attacks. Then, there's the more recent stories of various well-known anti-virus software itself being vulnerable to attacks.

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Comment My first thinkpad (Score 1) 94

My first thinkpad was the last generation with IBM branding. Then I read on slashdot that Lenovo had been producing them long before the sale, and thus my longtime streak of Lenovo laptops. I've never had a hardware failure on any of them (original IBM or Lenovo). Software is another story *cough* superfish *cough*

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Talking about the roof recovery, the homeowners in Perth usually think could it be the right decision to pay the bills or not. They mainly look for the right time to do the task in their home. But making the nice decision is extremely important for the home owners in Perth. In reality, the roof restoration can basically prolong the value of the home.

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Prevents the leakage:

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Thus, it is vital to use the preventive way of measuring restoring the roof from this, as this can ensure that all your tiles are at the place and the roofing is completely covered.

Provides Value to Home:
If you are about to sell your home in near future, then rebuilding the roof covering might surely help you. If the roof of your house looks slightly old or weathered than setting it up restored may bring it back again to the life and adds the worthiness to the house. That is also important if you are selling your home in the near future as this may increases the aesthetic of your home.
A lot of the buyers who used to notice that the rooftop requires fixing, they use to miss the house to buy as this diminishes the curb charm and additional cost to the price tag on a home.

Improves Energy Efficiency:
If a roof structure is in the bad condition, or it isn't properly sealed, if this is actually the case it is just letting mid-air out of your home. Thus, in the summertime time, it is going to heat up your home more than enough. Also, becomes the reason that you need to wind up your air conditioner, which directly influences on upping your electricity bill. But, it is merely an added gain for the winter that your home will stay warm.

It is utmost important to take the proper steps so as to make sure that your roof lasts the distance and is getting the most out of your investment. Finally, the roof top cleaning in Perth is extremely important for all the homeowners who ar5e highly concerned about the aesthetics of their home. If you generally disregard the roof of your home, definitely the tiles may look skewed no more you are able to grab the interest of these potential customers. In taking into consideration the issues it could also depreciate the aesthetic value of your house. So, clean your roof top timely to be able to maintain your home in good shape Click Here.

Roof Restoration Perth
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Comment Re: and it wasn't even vodka (Score 1) 223

Fool! I'm not a Putinbot - I'm a NORKBOT! Great Leader Kim Il-sung personally programmed me, shortly after he invented the Internet.

Nothing could be better for the glorious Democratic People's Republic than to set the Yankee imperialists and the Muscovite capitalist restorationists at each other's throats. That's why I always say, BLAME RUSSIA! Workers and peasants in America have been so brainwashed and driven mad by capitalism, they will believe anything.


Comment Amazing! (Score 1) 726

Happy Birthday /.

It's amazing that it still exists, not as cool as it used to be, but still has some value.

So very nice to see all the low user ID's posting today.

It was Chips & Dips when I found it, can't recall what site I found the notice on though, some geeky place lost to memory.

I thought it was so professional when it went color with the teal headers, beautiful and unique.

Other than Kuro5hin, /. was my "go to" site every day for years.

I still have my FREE Dmitry Sklyarov T shirt, remember that corporate/state clown act, a harbinger of oppressions to come?

And I do miss OGG! the caveman.

So many great memories, and so glad it's still here.

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Comment Re: Looking at it wrong (Score 4, Insightful) 123

How many lives were saved or improved by 50% of cancer treatments having a positive effect?

Probably not as many as you might think. Prolonging suffering is considered a "positive effect" from a drug company's perspective, and medicating someone to the point that they're not aware of much is technically effective against pain.
It's hard to objectively measure quality of life - quantity is much easier to measure.

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