Comment FDA (Score 1) 123

Why spend $2 billion on FDA approval when you can make more money selling twigs and leaf extract from a random shrub growing next to a toilet in the Amazon? If you donâ(TM)t feel like going to Brazil, a plant near a port-a-potty at the online shopping company Amazonâ(TM)s warehouse will do.
Big organic and big nutraceutical companies make far more profit than any pharmaceutical and do zero peer reviewed research.

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Clients can depend on pre-established investment goals based on quality advice designed to deliver risk-sensitive capital benefits through equity funds, fixed-income and global market equities.

Unbiased Investment Advice

Every financial solution takes into account portfolio balance by mixing fixed-income and growth potentials consistent with risk capacity levels. Hence, advice provided is unbiased and aims to address unique needs of stock market equities, bond issues, alternative investments and private equity placements.

Comment Re:Below the limit for humans, perhaps.... (Score 3, Interesting) 103

Not so much below the limit that is safe for the bees, hmm?

Given that the bees didn't die and they were able to carry out their primary mission (bring food back to the hive) I'd say their exposure was below acceptable limits.

Odd that they didn't look for other pesticide classifications like organophosphates, carbamates, pyretheroids, abamectins, etc. No, wait, it's not because they flat out kill bees with very minimal exposure. Neonics are one of the few things they can actually tolerate. Hell, cyantraniliprole, a fairly new chemical in the ryanoid class that was brought to market specifically to supplant neonics when they got the "bee killer" label flat out kills bees and hornets if you apply when they're around. I've used it for that. On purpose. The stuff we're supposed to use instead of neonics friggen kills bees. Nobody's surprised by that because it's still an insecticide and bees are insects, but it's not a "neonic" so nobody is going to ask if you use it.

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Journal Journal: Learn How To #Crochet "The Down To Earth" Handbag Purse TUTORIAL #371 supersaver


Comment Observe and act locally (Score 5, Interesting) 103

Hi, I'm not often posting but I have an anecdote. About three years ago I bought a house. First two years, no honeybees. This year we had them. Wowsa, great!! When I was young (40 yrs ago) honeybees were all around but haven't seen them for 20+ years.

Can I say what is different? Not sure. We are completely organic, but use horticultural oil for hemlock woolly adelgids & hemlock scale, not currently using but did/might future use spinosad for winter moth and gypsy moth. The exotic (asian, european) insects are very aggressive on native (north american) trees. Often defoliation is complete, no leaves left uneaten. It is hard to judge whether mild pesticides (horticultural oil, spinosad) to save the trees are better or worse than refraint for their (small, but non-zero) effect on honeybees.

Neonicotinoids seem to be a problem and restricting those has a high level of support. Let's start with removing those, and see where we go.

Comment Re:Good for Netflix (Score 1) 277

Is this what Netflix wants, or what the content owners demand?

This would've been a legitimate question five years ago, but not so much any more. Netflix keeps shedding its third-party content in favor of its own, self-produced crap - so "Netflix" and "content owners" are now largely one and the same.

Comment Dosage (Score 2) 103

Dosage matters, unless you are a nutcase like Alex Jones who thinks one atom of aluminum (the most abundant metal on the Earthâ(TM)s surface) will instantly guaranteed give you autism. Itâ(TM)s better to have pesticides and cheaper more plentiful food than famines and global catastrophic starvation and possible extinction via war.

Comment VROC Scam (Score 1) 137

As long as Intel continues to try and push the VROC scam, I know I'll be taking my business to AMD.

AMD also now offers RAID-0 for NVMe, with similar performance - and without the extra cost of a (still non-existant) "upgrade key".

Even better, M.2 sockets on X399 motherboards are running CPU lanes, where X299 motherboard-mounted M.2s are DMI and actually require an add-on card for full performance.

Submission + - Why Senior Apartments (

agecarehomes writes: Aging is one adjustment in life according to Age Care; and if you are preparing for a long term housing, you need to have a quite common place in making sure that you continue to live young as you grow older which is also known as independent living. Each house or place has its own type of services offered. This variation depends on the kind of lifestyle you have. If you don;t carry to have stairs then there will be no stairs. This implies altering your home to allow it to be less dangerous and more comfy, or it could represent in motion to a housing facility with an increase of support and social options available on site. You might even involve signing in a network of like-minded people to share professional services, or relocating to a retirement community, an apartment building where the most of tenants are over the age of 65, or even a nursing home. You choose and Age Care will choose even an Urban lifestyle for you.

Comment Uber = Evil (Score 1) 91

The more I learn about Uber, the more obvious it becomes that they're a shit-filled cesspool without a shred of ethics or morality.

I was already pretty down on them, but this firmly cements my resolve to never EVER use them and to bad mouth them at every possible opportunity. Shitbags with a logo, that's all they are.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 60

Apparently you've never done computer support work.

I've actually done a lot of support work, as I expect most of us have, which is why I said it was closer to home for us. We are all painfully aware that other people are ignorant about computers and technology and like to show it, but we don't usually join them.

Comment Re:MS Psychology [Re:Nobody Likes Our Browser?] (Score 1) 127

That used to be true, but at some point the rules were significantly relaxed, and now you can get fantastic apps like this one:

Pythonista on the App Store

It's pretty great - you can even get GLSL code into the graphics card. I've no affiliation with it, and it's not free, but it was really worth the money.

Submission + - Greg Lindberg (

lauren42fu writes: My name is Greg Lindberg. I am a writer, editor, freelance journalist, and lifelong learner in the Tampa Bay area on Florida's west coast. I enjoy writing about everything, but I am particularly fond of sports, pop culture, and current events. I also have a passion for journalistic storytelling. Plus, I have several years of experience writing for marketing, social media platforms, e-mail campaigns, and multimedia presentations as I constantly try to spread my writing wings. I am a proud alumnus of the University of South Florida St. Petersburg. Go Bulls!

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20 Years of Stuff That Matters 726

Today we're marking Slashdot's 20th birthday. 20 years is a long time on the internet. Many websites have come and gone over that time, and many that stuck around haven't had any interest in preserving their older content. Fortunately, as Slashdot approaches its 163,000th story, we've managed to keep track of almost all our old postings - all but the first 2^10, or so. In addition to that, we've held onto user comments, the lifeblood of the site, from 1999 onward. As we celebrate Slashdot's 20th anniversary this month, we thought we'd take a moment to highlight a few of the notable or interesting stories and discussions that have happened here in the past decade and a half. This is part of our 20-year anniversary celebration, and we've set up a page to coordinate user meet-ups. We'll be continuing to run some special pieces throughout the month, so keep an eye out for those.

Read on for a trip down memory lane.

Update: Slashdot founder CmdrTaco has taken to Medium with some of his own Slashdot nostalgia.

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Comment Re:The only thing they need to do to win (Score 4, Interesting) 88

Amazon Logistics has been by far the worst carrier experience I have ever had. I mean bar none. Packages not getting delivered, packages arriving days late, delivery attempts to a business 3-4 hours after closing, etc. Claims of making delivery attempts to my business multiple times in a day which has a receptionist at the front desk all day during business hours.

I did eventually get these issues fixed with Amazon after a string of complaints and them de-prioritizing Amazon Logistics on my account. But it's far from a unique experience. The official Amazon forums are flooded with complaints that go back over a year.

The whole thing about using Amazon and Prime is that you know whatever you buy will be there in two days, hassle free, no issue with returns, etc. But that two day thing is key. If the delivery network is crappy it'll kill Amazon's business. They really need to get that sorted out before they start trying to sell the service to other companies.

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jeffdoucet2 writes: Hair Gel for Children restores moisture without a waxy or greasy residue. It helps strengthen all hair types including delicate and chemically treated, breakage-prone Sprouts.

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ramk3029 writes: Rjeneration is an outstanding company that has years of experience and it shows! We replaced our roof and windows and are absolutely thrilled with the workmanship and efficiency of what was done. We have FRIENDLY, PROFESSIONAL AND PROMPT STAFF. We pride ourselves on our client services and relationships. You can contact us at 519-670-9985

Comment Re:For one simple reason... (Score 2) 186

I suspect Blu-ray playback quality is higher than HD streaming.

Blu-ray is much better quality than HD streaming. In order to fit all those bits in the internet pipes, they need to be highly compressed. Blu-ray is (supposed to be) compressed losslessly, and the HDMI interface has plenty of bandwidth for all those ones and zeros.

I have streamed many movies from different services, and watched plenty of movies on Blu-ray. Streaming is great because it is convenient, but ranges from acceptable to "blurrier than DVD" with HD content. I still buy or rent Blu-rays and actually use them because the quality is significantly better.

Submission + - Gamis Jumbo Model Polos Murah (

BedOBELDgOV75 writes: Kami salah satu agen gamis jumbo di bandung menawarkan untuk anda dengan berbagi ukuran. Stok gamis kami banyak dari berbagai ukuran sedang hingga gamis dengan ukuran jumbo. Selain gamis dengan bermacam macam ukuran, Stok gamis dengan berbgai bahan juga kami ada yang kami tawarkan untuk anda. Sebagai pilihan dan menambah koleksi untuk menambah persediaan gamis anda dirumah.

Dari berbagai gamis dengan bahan bervariasi seperti katun, dapat menjadi salah satu jenis bahan gamis pilihan anda yang sangat istimewa serta cocok dikenakan sehari-hari. Di tempat jualan toko online kami yaitu, menual jual berbagai macam gamis, dari gamis jumbo ukuran XXL dengan bahan katun. Bahan katun itu sendiri merupakan salah satu bahan yang paling banyak diminati para wanita muslimah karena sangat cocok dikenakan untuk menunjang penampilan sehari-hari. Bahan katun merupakan salah satu jenis bahan yang sangat lembut serta menyerap keringat dengan baik.

Oleh karena itu bahan katun banyak orang menyebut nya bahan anti BB yaitu bahan anti bau badan. Knapa disebut bahan anti bau badan, karena bahan nya dapat menyerap keringat dan membuang jamur yang mengakibatkan bau badan

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Submission + - Why Is There No Nobel Prize In Technology? (

An anonymous reader writes: As the world focuses its attention on this year’s recipients of the planet’s most prestigious prize, the Nobel, it feels like something’s missing from the list: technology. Swedish inventor Alfred Nobel established the prizes more than century ago with the instruction that his entire estate be used to endow “prizes to those who, during the preceding year, shall have conferred the greatest benefit to mankind.” The categories laid out in his will—physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine, and peace—have remained the basis of the awards, and a prize for economics was added in 1968. So, what gives? Why only those five original fields? Nobel didn’t say, revealing only that he made his choices “after mature deliberation.”

One way of looking at it is that when he was designing his categories, he wanted the prizes to only reflect advances in fundamental science. In this view, “lesser” sciences such as biology, geology, or computer science—or technology-driven fields such as engineering or robotics—don’t qualify. As genome-sequencing pioneer Eric Lander once said, “You don’t get a Nobel Prize for turning a crank.” But what then of literature and peace, or the newer prize for economics (an applied science at best, and a pseudoscience at worst)? Technology isn’t the only field to get the cold shoulder. Mathematics—the international language, the foundation of so many scientific pursuits, and arguably the most fundamental theoretical discipline of all—doesn’t have a Nobel Prize, either. Mathematicians have complained about this for decades. One story suggests that Nobel disliked the Finnish mathematician Rolf Nevanlinna, and assumed that he would be the first winner of the mathematics prize, if he decided to award one. Alternatively, math undergraduates are often told that Nobel was jealous of a Swedish mathematician who had an affair with his wife (though this story is ruined by the fact that Nobel didn’t actually have a wife).

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Journal Journal: Harga Emas Hari Ini 6 Oktober 2017 Rp 607.418 per gram

Harga Emas Hari Ini6 Oktober 2017 adalah Rp607.418 per gram, naik Rp418 pada perdagangan Rabu (5/10/2017). Pada perdagangan Kamis kemarin, harga emas Antam berada di posisi Rp607.000 per gram.

Comment Re:Looking at it wrong (Score 1) 123

Shows great wellbeing to the financial survival of big pharma.

Well "big pharma" makes medicine to make money, if they don't make money then they can't make things like antibiotics that save lives, or common cold medicine that make us feel better and more productive.

If there is a problem with the medicines we get in the USA its from the FDA. The FDA refuses to allow many many drugs to enter the market because they haven't proven effectiveness. Well, it's impossible to prove effectiveness unless allowed to test the drugs on real and actual people. Sure, we're going to have a lot of drugs that don't work, and the drug companies will make a profit on them. That's because the people that develop the drugs cannot simply work for free. These people need to get paid, and show a profit, or they go do something else. Something else as not develop the next life saving drug.

Another part of the problem is we've already solved the big problems, what's left are the increasingly rare diseases. The R&D costs are then spread on fewer and fewer patients. That means pills that cost $100 each, before the FDA, insurance companies, and so on all get a cut.

The people in "big pharma" aren't evil for making a profit, any more than you are evil for getting paid for whatever you do to pay your bills.


Three-Quarters of All Honey On Earth Has Pesticides In It ( 103

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Verge: About three quarters of all honey worldwide is contaminated with pesticides known to harm bees, according to a new study. Though the pesticide levels were below the limit deemed safe for human consumption, there was still enough insecticide in there to harm pollinators. The finding suggests that, as one of the study authors said, "there's almost no safe place for a bee to exist." Scientists analyzed 198 honey samples from all continents, except Antarctica, for five types of pesticides called neonicotinoids, which are known to harm bees. They found at least one of the five compounds in most samples, with the highest contamination in North America, Asia, and Europe. The results are published today in the journal Science.

To get a better sense of just how widespread neonic contamination is, Mitchell and his colleagues analyzed 198 worldwide honey samples collected as a citizen science project between 2012 and 2016. They found that 75 percent of honey contained at least one of the five tested neonics, and 45 percent of samples had two or more. Honey from North America, Asia, and Europe was most contaminated, while the lowest contamination was in South America. Neonic concentrations were relatively low: on average, 1.8 nanograms per gram in contaminated honey -- below the limits set as safe for people by the EU.

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Candid photography needs most expertise and ability to understand the feelings. The teal Louvre will give you natural frames where you can read the love and feelings. We have already did a lot for our valuable clients and we are ready to share the experience with those who wish to know about us.

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