Submission + - Equifax Hack Inside Story (

whh3 writes: From the WSJ, an 'inside' account of the hack includes some details about the discovery of the Apache Struts vulnerability and Cisco's attempt to alert users.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: What Happens If A Hyperloop Train Fails? 8

dryriver writes: I've been following Elon Musk's Hyperloop initiative with great interest. The idea of getting from one city to another at 700 MPH without having to suffer through an airport and all that jazz is revolutionary. I'm glad that somebody is trying to innovate in the area of land travel. My question though: When conventional trains going at much slower speeds derail or crash, the result is often serious injuries or deaths. What happens if something goes wrong with a 700 MPH Hyperloop train/pod or with part of the track? Would a Hyperloop accident at that speed even be survivable?

Submission + - Catholic Schools Co-Enrolled Kids in Public School to Score Chromebooks, Cash

theodp writes: The Los Angeles Times reports on the unorthodox Chromebooks-for-kids expansion plan of the Lennox School District, a small L.A. public school district, which called for Catholic schools to co-enroll their tuition-paying students in the Lennox Virtual Academy. By boosting its enrollment, Lennox brought in millions in state funding. In return, the Lennox School District gave the Catholic schools Chromebooks and money. "The Lennox Virtual Academy operated in what legal experts have called a murky regulatory environment," write L.A. Times reporters Anna M. Phillips and Howard Blume. "Even so, it stood out both for enrolling students already attending school elsewhere and for its willingness, in partnering with Catholic schools, to test the limits of California’s particularly strict interpretation of the separation of church and state." Asked repeatedly to clarify whether Lennox’s partnerships were legal, California Department of Education officials did not respond to the reporters. And the U.S. Dept. of Education, when asked about the legality of this type of dual enrollment, called it a "local issue," and said that questions should be directed to local or state officials. But one parent who yanked her children out of a participating Catholic school in protest addressed the ethical concerns head-on. “It’s kind of sickening when the people who encouraged this are supposedly of this faith where they should want to instill values and transparency and all that,” Jenny Mancilla said. "It’s been a bit sad actually."

Submission + - Linux Foundaiton President using MacOS for presentation at Open Source Summit (

mschaffer writes: It appears that Jim Zemlin, President of the Linux Foundation, was using MacOS while declaring "2017 is officially the year of the Linux desktop!” at the Open Source Summit 2017. This was observed by several YouTube channels: Switched to Linux ( and The Lunduke Show ( Finally it was reported by It's FOSS (

The obvious irony here makes one think that if, indeed, this is the year of desktop Linux, why oh why cannot people like Zemlin present a simple slide presentation---let alone actually use a Linux distro for work. This is truly sad.

Submission + - Some drug resistance in cancers may be caused by bacteria (

John Smith writes: Researchers examining human cancer cells resistant to a chemotherapy drug called gemcitabine discovered that the culprit was not, as previously suspected, drug-busting enzymes but instead a type of bacteria eagerly gobbling up the drug. Ars Technica reports: "Researchers caught the little jerks hiding out among cancer cells, gobbling up chemotherapy drugs intended to demolish their tumorous digs. The findings, reported this week in Science, explain how some otherwise treatable cancers can thwart powerful therapies." I think most of us can agree that "jerks" is a rather weak term to address Mycoplasma hyorhinis and a number of other varieties of bacteria suspected of doing the same thing.

Submission + - Finding UX in the Trash ( 1

Muad writes: The point of UX is to make things effortless — yet most software folk appear to entirely miss the point. A short, humorous example using the recycling bin.

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