Comment Re:One can only wonder (Score 1) 215

Experimental weapons testing has almost always targeted "innocents". Quite often their own soldiers or citizens. Go ahead and read about some of the atrocities the US government has (then) secretly committed against US citizens in the last century. It'll break your heart.

It still needs a certain frame of mind, callousness and lack of empathy - just think of torture - enhanced interrogations - "allowed" under certain circumstances, and the permission comes from where? This goes for "civilized" areas where laws supposed to exist, like the USA.

OK, and then there was this:

How early does it start in a human?

Comment Re:Singing for her supper (Score 1) 430

It's not implausible at all. Music can mean using technology and being ANAL. I know a number of musicians who would do a great job in this field.

But clearly, she did not.

That said, I doubt very much that she'll have trouble finding another job. Probably in security. The suit-set knows how to spin. After all, her resume will say she "oversaw the security overhaul of a major financial firm after the largest data leak in history."

Comment Re: Not advocating hate speech, but... (Score 2) 506

Article 6 of the Rome Statute provides that "genocide" means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such (a) Killing members of the group; (b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; (c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; (d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group; (e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

Islamic state are a religious group, and various national military forces are committing acts with intent to destroy them. This fits at least some definitions of "genocide".

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Comment Re:FUD indeed! (Score 1) 209

On the serious side, cook yer gadamned food properly and wash your hands after doing shit like taking a crap, or petting pigs, and then all you'll have to worry about is everything else.

Your insistence upon these elitist behaviors is the reason your side lost the 2016 election.

It's just weird, because I would think you would be the first to agree that we all lost in the 2016 election.

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Comment Re: Who gives a shit? (Score 2) 506

There have been monetization efforts from video games for years...
There used to be tv gameshows where people would compete playing C64 games against each other, with the gameplay itself being displayed to the viewer intermixed with commentary about their gameplay.

Should whoever manufactured the ball claim copyright over a game of football being broadcast?
And the output from a video game involves more than just the game, what about claims by the hardware manufacturer(s) or the provider of the os on which the game runs? A video of someone playing a game shows him making use of not just the game, but also the hardware and other software on which it runs.

In fact, any video is the output from using video production equipment and software, should the producers of this have a claim?

Distributing the output produced while using a product is very different to distributing the product itself.

Comment Re:Yes and no... (Score 1) 430

There's that keyword "compliance". That specifically means box ticking.

Security with compliance in mind often means "are the passwords 8 chars with letters, numbers, specials, and case mixing? YES. Ergo 'P@ssw0rd' works fine."

Or in this case "Did the application conform to security standards? NO. Did you fill out a form for an exemption? YES. Then you're fine."


Comment Re:I actually agree (Score 2) 215

The US isn't invading Cuba. I'm not relying on any non-public information that I know. I'm just stating it as a bald fact that the wherewithal might be there, but the will isn't and never will be as far as my crystal ball goes. If the US were so inclined, it would have happened in the 1990s, when more will could have been mustered. The Cuban emigres who would be the strongest supporters are getting old and dying by now.

Given that the invasion of Cuba is a non-starter and therefore there is no profit motive here, the idea of Trump himself arranging harm to come to US diplomats is abhorrent. I'd like to say you know better, but i'm not sure about that.

The KGB was wont to have flights of fancy toward conspiracy theory. It was one of their chief problems in evaluating events in the West. It was born of the requirement to never gainsay the belief structure of the Politburo and nomenklatura. This was bad for your career, and back in the 30s and 40s would also carry the threat of death. So the KGB evaluation of every event was wound into a complex conspiracy theory involving the mythical denizens of the West, rather than being evaluated rationally.

The other problem they had was being captive to their ideology. Anyway, there are much simpler solutions than Trump trying to pad his bottom line. Besides which, the guy is dying soon, He couldn't care less about that, he already made and lost a fortune several times.

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Submission + - YouTube Refusing to Monetize Charitable Veterinary Videos (

XanderLord writes: The YouTuber behind charitable channel Vet Ranch (as well as Demolition Ranch and Off The Ranch) showed in a recent vlog that YouTube is disallowing many of his videos from monetizing because the content is 'unsuitable for viewers'. The proceeds from Vet Ranch videos are used to treat animals that would otherwise be euthanized or would be unlikely to get adopted, and subsequently create more videos. Some of the videos do contain surgical footage, but it is intended to be educational. The YouTuber says he is in talks with YouTube but might have to censor the videos for them to be monetized in the future. Seems like it should be up to the viewers to decide what is suitable for themselves.

Comment Re: Who gives a shit? (Score 1) 506

Actually, as I look for cdreimer, there is a clearly-registered website with that name. It appears to belong to one actual C.D. Reimer. Since the account here was used for defamation, and one could infer the accounts were linked (by the copying of the under-picture bio section on the site straight to slashdot) copyright violations were committed. So, no, the DMCA was an actual appropriate application that time.

I have had many similar experiences with my old LED business and pop-up Chinese clone sites and using the DMCA to shut them down.

Comment Re:the Sonic Projector (Score 1) 215

I wonder if there was actual sound involved, or if that was just a symptom of nerve/brain stimulation, for example by radio or microwave stimulation.

Even if it were sound, it seems to me that strong enough intensity pressure waves could indeed cause cell damage as they passed through the skull - especially if there were infra-/ultra-sound involved, so that the "agonizing sound" was actually a fringe effect of much louder inaudible sounds.

Comment Re:Yes and no... (Score 2) 430

Agreed. A music major could be a great security officer. She clearly wasn't. They're trying to hide it.

The conclusion here should not be you need a technical degree to fill a technical role. It should either be
1. that the idiots at Equifax are also sleezebags.
Or 2. that the sleezebags at Equifax are also idiots.

Clearly both are logically true, but which states the case with the proper emphasis?

Comment Re: harden up (Score 1) 506

It being hell does not mean we should placate it.

What a cruel sentiment. If you suffer severe pain, will you not take a painkiller? If you suffer severe enough mental anguish, will you not seek counseling? If that's the case, investigating the most effective treatment is much more moral than saying it should not be treated.

Besides, lumping all trans people into a single category for the purpose of "suicide rate" is a really bad statistic. Unless you meant to write more than you did, you haven't even separated the group that's had medical/surgical intervention from the group that hasn't.

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Comment Re:Not Cuba (Score 3, Insightful) 215

It doesn't make any sense that the Cuban government is doing this.

From the looks of it even U.S. officials don't believe that the official Cuban government has anything to do it. I have even seen stories about Cuba willing to accommodate an FBI investigation. That would have been unthinkable in the not too distant past.

However there are a few parties around that are absolutely livid over the idea of relations between U.S. and Cuba being normalized. My money is on it turning out to be U.S.-based Cuban group whose families hated Castro for one reason or another possibly in partnership with counter-revolutionaries still in Cuba.

Less likely is someone in Cuba who thinks Raul Castro is betraying the Revolution by engaging with the U.S. But it is possible.

Could it be some rogue operation from some die-hard cold-warrior types either in some U.S. agency or an alumni of one? That would be too stupid to be believable if it weren't for the example of Oliver North and his ilk. I hope it isn't that.

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Comment Re:You're right (Score 1) 506

And FWIW I'm not crying about it, I'm just not going to spend my time browsing his content when I'm trying to be entertained. People are bringing up context, this is a guy who wants to build a community? Those aren't community building words. That's not what I would want to show my friends, that's not how I'd want to reach out to people. I'm not crying, just not watching or endorsing. Not letting my kids watch.

Only reason I commented is it seems like some people can't fathom anyone justifying such a viewpoint so I offered a perspective, that is all.

Comment Re: Not Cuba (Score 1) 215

but this particular somebody seems to have invented a weapon that nobody else has even thought of.

Targeted sonic weapons were thought of a long time ago. There are examples in science fiction literature from before WWII, and even hack writers like Ayn Rand used the idea in one of her trashy dime novels (Atlas Shrugged).

Comment Re: Oh please (Score 5, Interesting) 506

Maybe if he hadn't previously spouted racist, white supremacist nonsense, it would be excusable.

The thing is, he didn't. If you're referring to the little media outrage about him some months ago, that was all cherry-picked to demonstrate something quite different than what he actually said. He published a video making fun of neo-nazis, and someone cut it to look like something else entirely.

It's because of that episode that I'm *more* inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt. He's been targeted by false accusations before, so isn't it likely there's some spin on the story this time? (For example, is the word "n****r" used the same way in his country as it is in the US? If not, that would be one potential fact that was left out of the story. I know "cunt" is used much differently in some parts of the UK, and it would be wrong to assume "n****r" has exactly the same baggage in Sweden as in the US.)

Comment "This is a store" checkbox (Score 1) 164

google is going to disable installation of apps from other sources

Android 8 "Oreo" does lose the "Unknown sources" checkbox. In its place, as described in the article I linked previously, it offers the user a "this is a store" checkbox for every app installed on a device. If the user has marked a particular app as a store, the app can call the APK installer. This way, the user can set Google Play Store, Amazon Appstore, and F-Droid as stores but nothing else, and no other app can install APKs.

If you're referring to Android P, I'd be interested to see your source for this.

Comment Re:He gave them a pass (Score 1) 506

A bunch of neo nazis wanted to have a rally, they should just have been ignored and it would have ended peacefully with noone outside of the neo nazi community listening or caring about their message. They would have shouted a bit, waved a few swastikas around and then gone home.
Instead a large group of anti neo nazis had to go and confront them, causing a conflict and attracting attention. When two wildly opposing groups clash violence often ensues and it's right of trump to condemn both groups.

Submission + - AP Computer Science A Exam Growth Fell as Easier AP CSP Course Launched

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Feed Google News Sci Tech: The iPhone 8's Biggest New Feature Is Less Impressive Than You Think - Motley Fool (

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The iPhone 8's Biggest New Feature Is Less Impressive Than You Think
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Comment Re:I actually agree (Score -1, Troll) 215

Who else would have motive and the belief that pushing back US relations with Cuba would benefit them somehow?

I'm just going to throw this out there: When Batista was overthrown by Castro and Co, they nationalized the hotels and casinos that were owned by gangsters and shady real estate developers. Can you think of any current prominent Americans that are in the hotel and casino business who might seek to open up shop in Cuba should there be some sort of invasion or regime change in Cuba? Maybe a shady real estate developer who might have some influence at the State Department and with US intelligence agencies?

As always, follow the money. Money means more than politics in 2017.

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