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Jacobchells writes: One of the biggest benefits is that they get the opportunity to engage in collaborative learning and this becomes very important knowing the fact that the entire strength of a team lies in working collectively.In this situation, when the entire team has a same goal to pursue, each member can provide each individual with the support system he or she needs to achieve the desired end results.

Comment Re:You're right (Score 3, Interesting) 506

Oh boo hoo, so you had it tough growing up.
Are you gonna cry about it? or are you gonna try and do something about it? Complaining won't improve your situation, it will only make people resent you.

You think there aren't whites, asians or other ethnicities who've had it hard? There's been plenty of war in europe, serbia a few years ago, ukraine now, eastern europe is fairly impoverished, several countries in the middle east are active warzones right now and countries in asia are or were recently under totalitarian rule. Many people would love to have a stable job where the worst that happens is they get called something.

In the west people have equality of opportunity, and there are many examples of highly successful black people in america and other countries. If you choose not to take advantages of the opportunities available that's entirely your own fault, there are also plenty of extremely poor whites in america who have failed to take advantage of the opportunities available to them - again entirely their own fault.

You have equality of opportunity, but if you want equality of outcome you need to make an effort yourself, you can't expect to have everything handed to you on a plate.

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An anonymous reader writes: SociBot PRO By Glynn Kosky & Ariel Sanders — Revealed: The Ultimate Facebook Marketing Tool That Grows Your Business On AutoPilot Whilst You Sleep.

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In addition to the main feature that SociBot allows you to build a list and capture the audience of people that engage with your posts, the software has a huge list of awesome feautres that will help you to build your online business. Under one dashboard, the SociBot platform has a wealth of features, including the ability to automatically respond to messages your fan page receives AND automatically respond to comments your fanpage recieves by DIRECT messaging to the person via the FB inbox.

The SociBot software also has a unique features that enables you to import anyone who has historically messaged your page, into a ‘list’ which you can then mass message. SociBot also has a button generator tool which will allow you to place a button onto your website, blog or landing page which, when clicked, will open the Facebook messenger window, allowing your customers, prospects or viewers to message you direct.

In addition to these awesome features, SociBot also has a very unique feature which helps you to eliminate ALL spam from your Facebook fan page immediately which is extremely powerful, because as we all know there are a few people out there who like to put nasty comments on posts and pages, and this feature will eliminate these posts so nobody can see them.

SociBot also has a chat box generator feature, which allows you to place the Facebook chat box onto your website, for example, in the bottom right hand corner, just like a live chat window, whereby visitors can speak to you direct. With this feature, the chat box can be programmed to pump out automatic responses depending on what the customer has asked. This feature also has a unique quiz/give away bot built in which will help you to build your list as you can use this feature to ask the visitor certain questions, and ultimately you give away things to the visitor or send them to places online depending on their answers.

You can also program this chat box to ask the visitor certain questions which can also be programmed with specified answers that lead onto the customer getting an automatic response. This is very powerful as it can be used to give the visitors things for free, or you could use this feature to send the visitors to certain pages or landing pages.
Ultimately this is a very powerful platform which has several tools under one roof that will help you to build your email list, your Facebook messenger list with the power of contacting all these people direct into their FB messenger automatically.

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iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Which has better business specs?
Dissecting Apple's new iPhones for business pros. The new crop of high-end smartphones from Apple and Samsung have been released, and the season of armchair quarterbacking of which one reigns supreme has begun.
5 Reasons To Buy The Samsung Galaxy Note 8Forbes
iPhone 8 vs. Samsung Galaxy S8: Apple and Samsung Face OffPCMag
Samsung ad suggests Galaxy Note 8 is about loveCNET
The Verge-Tom's Guide-Android Headlines-BGR
all 1,128 news articles

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japanwifibuddy01 writes: If you are looking for a wifi plan to access internet while traveling in Tokyo then you are at the right place. For uninterrupted service, high bandwidth and best results go for pocket wifi Tokyo. More details at:

Comment Re:Why? (Score 3, Insightful) 24

If you've never used CreditKarma, then you don't know. They advertise credit cards and other crap.

This year, they launched a free tax filing service that doesn't try to sell you any crap. Worked quickly and easily and transferred all my info to state without any hassle.

I don't have a problem with their LifeLock equivalent and look forward to continuing to use them.

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Journal Journal: BUTI can't sell! and I say YOU don't need to

Let s get this out of the way really fast ..You Can Sell .. ..even though you don t need to in our business .patience, I ll explain in a bit. When I share my business opportunity, I will frequently hear a common objection; That is, I can’t sell. That objection is just not real! You can sell and you...

Comment Not Cuba (Score 5, Interesting) 215

I commented on this story in the past, and I'll say it again now. It doesn't make any sense that the Cuban government is doing this. They are a dictatorship, and if they didn't want US diplomats there, or didn't want to try and reconnect with the US, then they simply wouldn't do it. For them to try and injure US diplomats makes no sense at all. I believe this is being done by some 3rd party nation to try and cause problems between the US and Cuba. Why? Because they want to maintain the status quo (the US and Cuba not having diplomatic relations) because they stand to gain either financially and / or in regional influence and power. Several South American countries, as well as Russia, come to mind...

From an excerpt from a 2016 article discussing the US restoring some relations with the Cuban Government:

As if that wasn’t remarkable enough, this has occurred with Cuban-Russian relations at their strongest since the demise of the Soviet Union. Russian prime minister Dmitry Medvedev has visited Cuba twice since February 2008 while Vladimir Putin visited in July 2014. Meanwhile Raúl Castro has been to Moscow three times in recent years. Can these two relationships really keep improving in parallel?

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obatrambut writes: Wanita identik dengan rambut panjangnya yang indah dan menawan. Namun banyak wanita yang merasa kesulitan untuk memanjangkan rambut dengan cepat. Ada banyak cara sebenarnya namun tutorial dan tips memanjangkan rambut di internet sangat ribet dan merepotkan. Untuk itu kenapa tidak mencoba shampo pemanjang rambut yang bagus untuk memanjang rambut dengan cepat.

16 Merk Shampo Pemanjang Rambut yang Bagus dan Terbaik

Banyak cara yang bisa dilakukan untuk menumbuhkan rambut dengan cepat, salah satunya adalah dengan menggunakan shampo khusus. Nah, pada kesempatan kali ini, Bacaterus akan mengulas 16 merk shampo untuk memanjangkan rambut terbaik yang bisa Anda jadikan pilihan. Berikut diantaranya:
16 Merk Shampo Pemanjang Rambut yang Bagus dan Terbaik

Comment Re:Verizon is not a charity (Score 1) 108

Ever stand in line at the social security office? The VA? Sure, private companies are greedy but generally they are efficient. The problems with Cell Service goes back to how the government set all this up in the beginning. The system has all kinds of problems in it. I had a great cell service years ago, then Verizon bought them. Instant suckage.

Comment Re:Copyright (Score 1) 164

That's only true for overly long copyright terms. Copyright, at least the version descended from the English version, was meant to promote learning by giving a limited monopoly in exchange for the work going into the public domain. The crime is that the limited time keeps getting extended with the goal of copyrighted works never going into the public domain, basically theft from the public.
Another crime is that everything is automatically copyrighted for the same indefinite length.
The original 14+14 year length wasn't unreasonable for books in the 18th century, with the need to register, including a small fee, weeding out all the trivial works from copyright. Having to deposit a copy of the work also ensured that it would be available to the public.

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Journal Journal: Never In a Million Years!

Never in a million years .. would I have known when I started a home-based business that it would afford me a precious gift, but it did! I was working long hours as a dental assistant, living paycheck to paycheck. I loved my job but had no retirement to speak of and wanted to help my...

Comment Re:I'm biased in favor of women, consciously (Score 1) 244

Wow. Not good on the reading comprehension, eh? I'm biased towards them as a *result* of all the experiences I've had. I just described some of those experiences. Or are you going to back-pedal and then make some comment about "correlation not being causation"?

Consider the three girls in my machine learning class whose answers were *consistently* superior, and my TA (who was also male) and I both agreed about this. It's not like we just blindly accepted their answers. We always checked them. They were just consistently excellent. We didn't have some a priori assumption that they would be, and of course, it was only three of them. I also knew several of the men in that class already and had hired them to do research because they seriously kicked ass. If anything, I had expected THEM to produce the best work if only because I had seen excellent work from them in the past. Plus, there were lots of girls in this class. It was just three in particular that stood out, and this experience isn't much different from other courses I've taught.

When I was in industry, I didn't think a lot about it. I worked with women, and most were good at their jobs; some weren't, but they did well enough. But when I started teaching and observed that (especially among the undergrads), the performance among the females was distinctively towards the top of the spectrum, I talked to the graduate and undergraduate program directors, and they explained to me the self-selection bias. You can also find this with a little googling. Freshmen in the CS program could be all over the place, with men and women who are anywhere from very good to just terrible. As they progress through the semesters, students learn good study habits, and there's some attrition to other majors and dropping out. Well, more girls leave, and they tend to be the weakest ones.

I don't know. Maybe treating woman with respect as human beings is a good way to motivate them to work hard? I can say that both men and women seemed to try especially hard for me because I was nice to them and became someone they didn't want to disappoint. There have been multiple instances where students and subordinates have performed better for me than others "warned" me they would do. Indeed, there was more than one guy I hired for research whom I was told by the undergrad director was "lazy," but I didn't see it; I gave high-level instructions and answered questions, and then they would come back regularly with excellent work. What can I say? There was this one guy in the machine learning class who's a genius, and he's in a doctoral program at Stanford now. He did almost as well as the girls but was having some senior-itis. His answers were correct and easy to grade, and his code was good. If those three girls had not been there, he probably would have been one of the ones we used as reference. But when questions and coding projects are open-ended, you see a lot of individual variation. Those three girls also wrote code that was better-commented and easier to read.

This does make me wonder. Am I biased towards women because (as I generally believe) I have observed very good school and engineering results from them? Or have I observed good results from women because my bias towards them somehow motivated them to work harder? If it's the latter, why is it that I got the same from the top men I worked with as well? Another option is that I tend to subconsciously assume the best about people, men AND women, and any extra assessment I *think* I need to do about the men isn't something that I necessarily show or do in practice. I honestly don't know. What goes on in my head and what I actually do may be two different things -- whatever it is, I seem to work well with others and inspire them to work hard.

Keep in mind that just because I'm biased towards women doesn't mean I'm biased against men. Don't make this out to be some kind of dichotomy. Of course, the alt-right likes to do that a lot (as do the alt-left -- what is it with these alt people and their polarized ways of thinking?). If anything, I'm biased in favor of the better universities, and I can have a little more confidence that the relatively few women coming out of these institutions know their shit, compared to the men, because performance among the men is more gaussian.

Anyhow, if you're going to make any kind of valid point, you're going to have to work a lot harder. I give your essay a solid C. Your grammar and punctuation are okay at least, but your logic is iffy, mostly because your reading comprehension is so poor.

Comment Re:FUD indeed! (Score -1, Troll) 209

On the serious side, cook yer gadamned food properly and wash your hands after doing shit like taking a crap, or petting pigs, and then all you'll have to worry about is everything else.

Your insistence upon these elitist behaviors is the reason your side lost the 2016 election.

And motherfuckers like you equate ignorance to education.

You must be new here. Ratzo's post was the best kind of sarcasm, the type that is true.

After all, in a country where science and health education is learned at the hands of politicians, all science and health leaning form scientists is now suspect, and better treated as all wrong.

Comment Corner Korean (Score 1) 342

Yo SexConker -- remember that in NY we also have 'Corner Koreans.' As a fan of social drama I think they should use that next. Followed by 'Ghetto Chinese.' I think they are safe because I am highly certain my Korean and Chinese pals are WAY too busy building actual businesses or obtaining STEM or trade degrees to care.

Comment Re:FUD indeed! (Score 1) 209

On the serious side, cook yer gadamned food properly and wash your hands after doing shit like taking a crap, or petting pigs, and then all you'll have to worry about is everything else.

Your insistence upon these elitist behaviors is the reason your side lost the 2016 election.

I laughed, but I wasn't certain that you weren't being serious. Either way, you are correct.

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manekinmurah writes: Jual alat display fashion patung manekin, display toko baju, pusat manekin, manekin display, mannequin murah, baju gantungan baju, gawangan, rak sistem, hanger kayu, grosir manekin, jualmanekin, manekin plastik, alat display toko, , boneka manekin, bubble wrap murah, cari gantungan baju, display toko baju, grosir manekin, harga manekin, jual bubble wrap, jual hanger kayu, jual hanger murah, jual manekin, jual manekin anak busa, jual manekin murah, jual patung, jual patung anak, jual patung manekin, manekin fiberglass, manekin busa, manekin murah, manekin plastik, manekin tanah abang, manekinmurah, mannequin murah, patung fiberglass, pusat maneki

Comment Toxo is intriguing (Score 2) 209

This is *really* cool science, but "paradigm shifting" may be a touch over the top--this isn't the first paper or study to come to the conclusion that Toxo plays a role in neurological disorders, and there are labs around the globe that have been working on this topic for years. (Full disclosure: my wife was a postdoc in a lab that studied Toxo and its role in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. I'm no expert myself and will happily defer to real researchers on this, but I picked up a lot over the years from her.)

Fun Toxo tidbit: this is dredged from the depths of my memory, but as I recall that they've found a correlation between Toxo rates and automobile accident rates across several countries in Europe. The underlying theory is that Toxo causes very slight impairments in both risk assessment and motor control in its victims--not enough to really notice in an individual, but enough to track across a population...

Comment Re:Cats (Score 3, Interesting) 209

Apparently we had cause and effect switched.

Perhaps it is not as simple as "cause and effect". It could be a circular effect. About 1 out of every 3 people world-wide is afflicted with toxoplasmosis, but the rate is even higher among cat owners. So it is likely that a majority of these cat owners are infected. Toxoplasmosis changes the behavior of rodents around cats, and makes them less fearful. So it could also affect human feelings for cats. So someone gets a cat, gets infected with toxoplasmosis from that cat, and then gets an urge to get more cats.

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Why the telcos must drop the Apple Watch LTE connectivity tax
Apple's decision to put LTE support inside the latest Apple Watch is highly significant, it means users and developers can now begin to truly explore the connected opportunities of truly smart wearable devices, but there's a Catch 22 to realizing the ...
Apple Watch Series 3 Limited to 3G-Like Speeds on T-Mobile [Update: Now 4G LTE]Mac Rumors
Apple iPhone 8, Apple Watch Series 3, Apple TV 4K preorders go live [u]AppleInsider (press release) (blog)
T-Mobile won't slow down the Apple Watch's data speeds after allThe Verge
Popular Science-Macworld-BGR-CNET
all 1,151 news articles

Comment Re:FUD indeed! (Score 1) 209

We don't have most other animals pissing and shitting in the same house as humans though. Even dogs aren't usually treated as intimately as most cats.

You wash your hands. You cook your food. This isn't rocket surgery. And if you have your cat or dog in the house you are even less likely to have a problem.

There are, just as an aside, a fair number of people who use pee-pads for their dogs, and even after they go outside, that's when they can pick the bad stuff up. Some dogs are actually coprophagic, which is a hellava direct route for toxoplamasmosis. Eat an unburied cat turd outside, come in and lick your face? Yummy.

This is so simply avoidable by simple basic hygiene.

Comment Re:Nationwide coverage (Score 1) 108

In my last home it didn't work. The only thing that worked there was AT&T. That's why I have AT&T now. Verizon has great coverage but contrary to popular opinion it's not everywhere. At my job the majority of my coworkers were on Verizon. It worked there but no 4G data. They were surprised when I could stream HD video effortlessly. But then I knew there were places I had no coverage or slow data as well. There is no perfect network, especially outside of major populated areas.

Comment Re:What I find interesting is (Score 1) 209

more and more we're finding mental disorders and weaknesses aren't poor decision making or weak moral fiber but a sign something is broken. For millennia we've blamed the mentally ill for their faults unless they were so stark raving mad we couldn't do anything but laugh. As a lot of smaller behavioral problems are traced to physiology I wonder if our society and our political narratives will adapt.

Supposedly a number of ethicists and jurists are worried that "my brain made me do it" will become a standard courtroom defense.

If you want to get out ahead of the crowd, try "my cat's parasites made my brain make me do it".

The Military

Mystery of Sonic Weapon Attacks At US Embassy In Cuba Deepens ( 215

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Guardian: The blaring, grinding noise jolted the American diplomat from his bed in a Havana hotel. He moved just a few feet, and there was silence. He climbed back into bed. Inexplicably, the agonizing sound hit him again. It was as if he'd walked through some invisible wall cutting straight through his room. Soon came the hearing loss, and the speech problems, symptoms both similar and altogether different from others among at least 21 U.S. victims in an astonishing international mystery still unfolding in Cuba. The top U.S. diplomat has called them "health attacks." New details learned by the Associated Press indicate at least some of the incidents were confined to specific rooms or even parts of rooms with laser-like specificity, baffling U.S. officials who say the facts and the physics don't add up.

Suspicion initially focused on a sonic weapon, and on the Cubans. Yet the diagnosis of mild brain injury, considered unlikely to result from sound, has confounded the FBI, the state department and U.S. intelligence agencies involved in the investigation. Some victims now have problems concentrating or recalling specific words, several officials said, the latest signs of more serious damage than the U.S. government initially realized. The United States first acknowledged the attacks in August -- nine months after symptoms were first reported.

Comment SJW Braaaaaaaiinns!!!! GRRRR (Score 1) 342

Thanks Oz!

When I was a child I envisioned a future where there actually would be zombies cannibalizing one another.

I sincerely thank the left for making my dreams come true. Sure it's a little sick to want to live in Terry Gilliam's Brazil . But hey -- if its gonna happen anyway, it a high quality outlook is to enjoy it.

And as a guy who actually grew up in a rough neighborhood (think 241st Street, Bronx for those who are familiar with that zip code), and as a reasonably successful adult has lived in a bunch desirable city locations (NYC SOHO, LA West Hollywood, SF, French Quarter NoLa) -- I completely concur with everyone else here who has pointed out WIC, Food Stamps, Regulated Goods (Tobacco, Alcohol), Perishables (the bodega mini-deli is pretty important), glorified MiniBar. But hey -- APPS!

Maybe they could hire the crew from Juicero and skip all the HR.

BRAAAAINS....Thanks for the post. Rock on Oz.
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Journal Journal: Fresh Graduate: Gaji UMR Jakarta, Bagaimana Cara Mengatur Keuangannya?

Dengan gaji UMR Jakarta, bagaimana seorang fresh graduate mengatur keuangannya? Jangan cemas, Anda bisa mengatur keuangan dan membuat perubahan signifikan meski gaji masih minim. Mari kita lihat bagaimana cara fresh graduate dengan gaji UMR Jakarta mengatur keuangannya.

Comment Makes Mice Crazy (Score 4, Informative) 209

Usually mice are afraid of the scent of cats, and steer clear.

But toxoplasma gondii-infected mice lose their fear of cats, and are actually attracted to the scent. They'll seek it out and hang out close to cats, where they'e more likely to be eaten, thus transferring the toxoplasma to the cat, where it can continue its life cycle.

That has nothing to do with this article, but I think it's really cool.

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