Submission + - Laurene Jobs and Apple-Sponsored Education Special Takes Over Prime Time

theodp writes: On Friday night, the Big Four Networks simultaneously aired EIF Presents: XQ Super School Live (YouTube), a commercial-free, one-hour TV special that championed Laurene Powell Jobs' mission to rethink the American high school. The closing credits listed Jobs as an Executive Producer, and noted that the chock-full-of-celebrities special was sponsored in part by her Emerson Collective and Apple. "Surely Samuel L. Jackson, Tom Hanks, Mahershala Ali, Justin Timberlake, Cate Blanchett and a bevy of other celebrities have nothing but laudable intentions by appearing on Friday night’s live televised high school reform spectacular on four — count them, four — major networks (NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox)," writes the Washington Post's Valerie Strauss. "But when an hour of prime time on four networks is purchased, it’s fair to ask whether that is a public service or propaganda." During the broadcast, viewers were pitched XQ Super School Board Program kits, which XQ's website explains are designed to prepare individuals for a school board candidacy. "As a nonpartisan organization," the nonprofit is careful to add, "XQ won’t be endorsing or supporting particular candidates; we’ll be supporting all candidates who stand with us in a shared commitment to rethink high school, so all young people can be educated as they deserve." Jobs certainly seems well-positioned to influence public education — an IRS Form 1023 filing listing 2016 revenue of $380+ million indicates that Jobs sought tax-exempt status for her Emerson Collective Foundation just days before announcing she would award $100 million in the President Obama-lauded (YouTube) XQ 'Super Schools' Competition to "rethink high school" ($10M of which went to a pet charter school of Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates).

Submission + - Tesla temporarily boosts battery capacity in FL for Irma (

mikeebbbd writes: From AP news feed about Irma:

4:30 p.m. Electric car maker Tesla says it has temporarily increased the battery capacity of some of its cars to help drivers escaping Hurricane Irma. The electric car maker said the battery boost was applied to Model S and X cars in the Southeast. Some drivers only buy 60 or 70 kilowatt hours of battery capacity, but a software change will give them access to 75 kilowatt hours of battery life until Saturday. Depending on the model, that could let drivers travel about 40 more miles before they would need to recharge their cars. Tesla said it made the change after a customer asked the company for help evacuating. The company said it's possible it will make similar changes in response to similar events in the future.

Interesting. Battery capacity is subject to software limit. Is this a hack waiting to happen?

Submission + - The latest tactic in patent wars: Sell it to a Native American tribe (

RogueWarrior65 writes: Pharmaceutical company Allergan, makers of many products you've likely seen advertised on TV, is attempting to shield itself from having its patent on Restasis invalidated by the USPTO by selling it to a Native American tribe in upstate New York. The strategy is dependent on the tribe's legal status as a sovereign government which has immunity from USPTO review. Granted, a federal court challenge is still a valid method but one has to wonder how then can patent protections be legal outside the tribe's territory if certain rules do not apply to them.

Submission + - Google Chrome Will Warn You of Software That Performs MitM Attacks (

An anonymous reader writes: Google Chrome 63 will include a new security feature that will detect when third-party software is performing a Man-in-the-Middle (MitM) attack that hijacks the user's Internet connection. The new feature is in the form of a new warning screen. This new error will appear whenever Chrome detects a large number of SSL connection errors in a short timespan, a sign that someone is trying — and failing — to intercept the user's web traffic.

This includes both malware and legitimate applications, such as antivirus and firewall applications. The new Chrome error won't show up for all antivirus and firewall software, but only for those that do not rewrite SSL connections in a proper way, resulting in SSL errors. The feature will arrive in Chrome 63, set for release on December 5, but until then, users can test it in Canary.

Submission + - China looks at ending sales of gasoline cars (

Kant writes: Joe Mcdonald at wrote:

China's industry ministry is developing a timetable to end production and sale of traditional fuel cars and will promote development of electric technology, state media on Sunday cited a Cabinet official as saying. The reports gave no possible target date, but Beijing is stepping up pressure on automakers to accelerate development of electrics.

Submission + - New Adwords

Anne Thwacks writes: Logging in to Adwords this morning, I was greeted by the message: "The new Adwords is not optimised for your browser (Firefox). Please switch to Chrome".

Is this evil or what?

Is Google actively planning to fund the EU through the Brexit negotiations?

Have Google lost their collective minds?

Answers on the back of a used EUR100 note please.

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