Submission + - Yesterday's Plex Saga Reached a Customer Friendly Conclusion

stikves writes: This weekend Plex had announced they were implementing a new privacy policy, including removing the ability for opting out of data collection and sharing. https://entertainment.slashdot...

Fortunately the backlash here, on their forums, Reddit, and other placed allowed them to offer a more sensible state, including bringing back opt-out, and anonymity of some of the data.


We definitely hear and understand your concerns and really appreciate all the thoughtful feedback we’ve received over the last 24 hours. We’ve been working on this for weeks and many of us who use Plex every day have had to work through this carefully to get ourselves comfortable. That said, many of you have raised good points that (somehow!) we didn’t consider, so we are going to make some important changes to address those.

Submission + - Jerry Lewis dead at age 91 (

An anonymous reader writes: Entertainer Jerry Lewis, one of Hollywood's most successful comedians, has died aged 91.
A family statement said he had died of natural causes at his home in Las Vegas on Sunday morning.
Lewis's 10-year partnership with Dean Martin saw them star in 16 films and achieve huge box office success.
He became the highest paid actor in Hollywood, chalking up hits such as The Bell Boy, Cinderfella and The Nutty Professor.

Submission + - Couple Accused of Using Lowes Website Flaw to Steal Expensive Goods (

An anonymous reader writes: A couple from the Brick Township in New Jersey stands accused of using a flaw in the Lowes online portal to receive goods for free at their home. According to the Ocean County Prosecutor's Office, the couple tried to steal goods worth $258,068.01, but only managed to receive approximately $12,971.23 worth of merchandise. Officers executing a search warrant said the residence resembled "more of a warehouse than a home." Investigators said they recovered enough merchandise to fill an 18-foot trailer. Most items were in their original packaging and still had their price tags. Police say one of the suspects posted ads for some of the stolen goods on a Facebook group used to buy and sell used objects. The suspect was selling most of the items at half the price offered on the Lowes website. Authorities did not provide in-depth technical details but revealed the flaw resided in the site's gift card module.

Submission + - What Happens to Creativity as We Age? (

mpol writes: New York times published a short article about creativity and human age. The conclusion seems to be that teenagers have more loose and wild thoughts than adults.

There are different aspects of creativity ofcourse. When you get older you have more of a sense of what is going to work and what not.
Another aspect is that aging and creativity might be different in the average population, while the people on Slashdot are more often in a creative position already, where you keep on developing your creativity.
You could also say there are different classes in creativity, like Newton and Einstein who created really novel ideas, versus a software developer who executes an idea and creates someting.

How has age affected the way you are creative?

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