Submission + - New Horizons to visit an object not discovered until after it was launched (

mi writes: New Horizons, which captured incredible images of Pluto in July 2015, was powered down in April to conserve energy as it traveled through the Kuiper Belt, a vast region of icy debris which encircles the Sun and planets, also known as The Third Zone.

On September 11, the spacecraft will awaken for its 16 month journey to MU69, an ancient object which is thought to be one of the early building blocks of the Solar System.

The space rock had not even been discovered when the craft launched in 2006 and the flyby will be the most distant in the history of space exploration, a billion miles beyond Pluto, and four billion miles from Earth.

Submission + - Amateur drone lands on, takes off from Biritish air-carrier (

mi writes: The Ministry of Defence is reviewing security after a tiny drone landed on the deck of Britain's biggest warship. The Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier was docked at Invergordon in the Highlands when an amateur photographer flew the drone close to the giant ship. When the aircraft sensed a high wind risk, it landed itself on the £3bn warship.

Submission + - Google Has the Alt-Right Running Scared (

Lauren Weinstein writes: There’s an old saying that it’s often difficult to “see the forest for the trees” — meaning that the details can obscure our ability to understand the overall aspects of a situation. But this past week, we’ve had an unusual opportunity to get an “overhead” view of the racist, sexist, antisemitic alt-right in operation, and the patterns that have emerged are of significant interest.

Submission + - After Abruptly Canceling Town Hall, Google CEO Hosted All-Girls Coding Event 1

theodp writes: "After canceling a town hall meeting [reportedly scheduled for 4 PM] intended to address the fallout from an anti-diversity memo," Fortune reports, "Google CEO Sundar Pichai emphasized the importance of women in tech jobs while speaking at a coding event for girls at the company's campus [scheduled for 6 PM]. "I want you to know there’s a place for you in this industry," Pichai told a crowd of young women on Thursday, according to the Verge. "There’s a place for you at Google. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You belong here and we need you." Pichai was speaking at the Technovation awards that honored teams of young women coders from all over the world." Technovation 2017 was sponsored by Google's Made With Code girls initiative. The all-girls coding competition is a fave of YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, who penned a column for Fortune on Wednesday that injected her daughter into the James Damore controversy. In 2015, Fortune reported that it was the urging of Wojcicki and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg that prompted iD Tech Camps — which Wojcicki's and Sandberg's kids had attended — to spin off a girls-only chain of tech camps that Wojcicki's daughter went on to attend..

Submission + - Facebook establishes new censorship centre in Germany

Presto Vivace writes: Facebook establishes new censorship centre in Germany

Facebook announced Wednesday that it would open a new control centre in Essen with 500 employees. The number of workers responsible for censoring and checking content in Germany will almost double as a result. The company has thus far only one such centre in Berlin. ... ... Facebook has gone to great lengths to cover up the work of the control centres. While the training documents and internal guidelines for the workers have been kept strictly secret, the company organised a tour of the Berlin centre for selected media outlets a month ago.

Submission + - AMD Next Gen Navi GPU Architecture To Employ AI-Dedicated Circuitry ( 1

MojoKid writes: Just a few days out from the comsumer launch of AMD's next generation Vega graphics architecture, which will underpin its Radeon RX Vega family, and there is already talk about what's coming after Vega; and that is Navi. Not much is known about Navi architecture, other than vague descriptions citing "scalability" and "next generation memory" in addition to the chip being built on a 7nm FinFET process when it launches next year. Today, however, a new report is suggesting that Navi will be the first GPU from AMD with circuity that is dedicated to artificial intelligence (AI) operations. Apparently, AMD's Radeon Technologies Group wanted to enable such functionality in Vega, but just didn't have the time/resources to make that leap. NVIDIA was able to implement AI circuity into its Tesla V100 (Volta GV100) GPU that has 640 dedicated Tensor cores to tackle heavy AI workloads. AMD's Navi GPUs will be built using GlobalFoundries' 7nm node and dedicated Tensor cores could offer an order of magnitude processing lift for the company's next generation GPU.

Submission + - Study: smoking still bad, even it doesn't, well, smoke (

cheros writes: Big tobacco has not given up, especially not suppressing independent research.

A Washington Post article at suggests that their newest "smokeless" product may not be quite as benign as its marketing suggests and, unsurprisingly, the people who produced the independent study have apparently been threatened to the point of not wanting to discuss their study. The article contains a link to a copy of their study as well as a link to the rebuttal.

The WaPo article contains but one fault: It states This is the company, they point out, that makes Marlboro — the world’s best-selling cigarette — and misled the public for years about the hazards of smoking..

That should be decades.

For now, the study can still be found at

Submission + - iOS 10 deprecate crutial API for VoIP and communication apps (

neutrino38 writes: iOS 10 has been released in september 2016. It contains a technical change that has been overlooked by the general public. It deprecates an API that is crutial for VoIP and other instant messaging applications that enable to keep one socket active despite of the fact that the application would run in background. As replacement, developpers needs to use the PushKit: when an incoming call is to be forwarded to an iOS VoIP client

the VoIP infrastructure needs to :
  • withold the call
  • contact Apple push infrastructure using a proprietary protocol to wake up the client app remotely
  • wait for the application to reconnect to the infrastructure and release the call when it is ready

This "I know better than you" approach is ment to further optimize battery life on iOS devices by avoiding the use of resources by apps running in background. It has also the positive effect to force developpers to switch to push model and remove all periodic pollings that ultimately use mobile data and clog the Internet.

However, the decision to use an Apple infrastructure has many consequences for VoIP providers:

  • in order to serve iOS app, those infrastructure will need to be tied with Apple service so the reliability of serving incoming calls is directly bound to Apple service.
  • Apple may revoke the PushKit certificate. It has then life and death decision power over third party communication infrastructures.
  • organisation wanting to setup IPBX and use iOS client have no option but to open access for the push services of Apple in their firewall.
  • It is not possible to have iOS VoIP or communication client in network disconnected from the Internet.
  • Pure standard SIP client are now broken on iOS

This is the perfect walled garden. Ironically, the only VoIP "app" that is not affected is the (future ?) VoLTE client that will be added to iOS one day.May be the day of over the top communication services are numbered on iOS.

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