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Journal Journal: Home Depot backs the Wink App

Home Depot is backing home automation and the Wink app. Selling the Wink hub and Wink ready devices the massive chain store is keeping pace with Lowes and their "Iris" control system. (

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Journal Journal: Nike Dunk Sky Higher VT QS C Tan / Teal

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Comment Only if they are smarter than politicians (Score 1) 113

That's a brilliant hack. If Google (and everyone else) is smarter than the politicians, they simply won't link to the newspapers. The newspapers will get no traffic and therefore no ad revenue, and go out of business. Damn those dastardly webmasters outsmarting the politicians.

And elsewhere on this page, people are seriously suggesting that these same moron politicians should be running the news outlets.

Comment Re:If it bleeds, lt leads. (Score 2) 390

You're falling for CNN hype.

Ebola isn't even on the CDC watch list:

It's deadly if you catch it, but catching it is extremely difficult. It's spread primarily by ingesting the droppings of fruit bats as they forge in human food stocks.
We don't have large fruit bat populations here
Nor do we store our food where bats can get at it.
Even in Africa where conditions are perfect people are rarely catching this disease.
Those treating the infected can catch it as well, but only by ingesting their fluids. Changing bed pans, etc...

Ebola is scary like a shark attack is scary. It's horrifying if it happens to you but it's very unlikely to happen. You don't want to douse yourself in chum and jump in the ocean, but freaking out and never going in the water again is just as irrational.

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Comment Re:Dubious achievement (Score 1) 336

There was also a lot less concern over people keeping old versions (updates weren't released every month) back in the day.

People often demanded newer software packages, which didn't run well on older machines. As a result, the lifespan of the PC was a lot shorter, and the OS was upgraded with newer hardware. This meant the new option had a selling point, which many people do not see when they look at new versions of Windows.

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Journal Journal: nike GS Dunk Sky Hi Black/Gymnasium Red-Sail

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Journal Journal: stop whining

Many seem to complain about this and that, but what are you doing to change your life? You have to step back and evaluate why you are where you are, and decide to fix it. Only you can change your life, and stop whining is a good start. (

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Comment Re:a bit of a copout (Score 0) 71

I actually had a guy complain how his children "hadn't had TV in TWO WEEKS!" (the very thick south Georgia accent made it sound very funny)

I struggled to stifle my laugh because he said in all seriousness. And I bit my tongue from saying, "Maybe it is a GOOD thing and maybe your kids should pick up a book. They have them for FREE at your library!"

The idea that reading books is somehow better, is a lot of ageist, self-loathing and massively wrong-headed dogma.

TV is a great and edifying device. Leave your TV tuned to PBS all day, and you'll have the smarted kids around... Many hours each day of pre-kindergarten educational shows, and shows which edify even the most well-read adults:

American Experience
Secrets of the Dead
Charlie Rose
History Detectives
This Old House
Scientific American Frontiers
National Geographic
Independent Lens
Masterpiece / Mystery!
BBC World News

And quite a few more good region-specific shows, like Huell Howser and California Connected (née Life and Times) here on the west coast.

That's a reasonable week worth of TV viewing. I challenge anyone to assimilate that some information, week after week, reading books from the library.

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Journal Journal: Premier x NIKE SB Dunk Superior Petoskey

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Comment Re:Very disappointing. (Score 1) 93

Despite starting off with an ad hoc attack, it might surprise you to learn that we agree on quite a few points, and I'll bet that we can agree on even more once we're on the same page about what "monopsony" means.

In the past few months, the Apple fanboys have been promoting the "Amazon has a monopsony" line

While you didn't say it, I'm willing to bet that you and I would agree that the term has been widely overused and misused by the Apple faithful (fanboys and reasonable people alike) in the last few months. I think it may have started with Daring Fireball, but I'm not sure. Even so, just because it's being widely misused does not mean that it lacks any merit at all.

Perhaps Amazon has a monopsony now, but to suggest that it had one when Apple was organizing its illegal price-fixing is simply counter-factual. [...] Amazon caved, which is a clear indication that Amazon had no monopsony.

Again, I agree with you (at least in part), but I want to make sure we're on the same page, since I don't see how Amazon's caving has any bearing on whether or not they're a monopsony. So, just to be sure we're coming from the same place, here's the OAED definition:

a market situation in which there is only one buyer

With that in mind, the idea that Amazon had a virtual monopsony back in early 2010 when this stuff happened is indisputable, as all of the market share numbers from back then will attest that they sat around 90%, just as they do today. Nook and Kobo were the only notable alternatives, and it was becoming increasingly clear that neither were going to unseat Amazon. Amazon's caving had nothing to do with whether or not they were a monopsony (since the market share numbers don't show much of a change around that time), and everything to do with their leverage simply having been temporarily mitigated.

As for why their leverage wasn't as strong for those negotiations , we can probably chalk it up to two primary factors:
1) There was a valid concern that Apple would enter the space in a big way, breaking up the market.
2) The publishers were colluding with each other and Apple, giving them an illegal advantage over Amazon.

So, I think we would both agree that Amazon was not abusing its monopsony during the early-2010 negotiations with the publishers when the publishers forced Amazon to switch to the agency model and make other changes. But where we might differ is that I would assert that both before and after those negotiations (i.e. before they knew the iPad was coming and after it became clear that the iPad wasn't a threat) we can find numerous examples of Amazon abusing their monopsony to gain unfair advantages.

Which is all to say, I may be a useful idiot (thanks for the link to that, since I learned a new term; though I'm no astroturfer, as my extensive history of thousands of random musings here will there's the fact that I'm accusing both sides of acting illegally :P), but even idiots have valid things to say occasionally, and your points would be better taken by idiots if you didn't start off with ad hoc attacks, since you're just stooping to their level and setting them up to not want to listen to anything else you say, ya know?

P.S. Again, I feel compelled to point out that I am not using the term "monopsony" to vilify Amazon or to suggest any inherent wrongdoing on their part, but rather to point out the simple fact that they were and are virtually the only buyer in the market, and that as the only buyer, there are inherent legal responsibilities that are incumbent on them to not abuse their position in an anticompetitive manner (as per the Sherman Antitrust Act). I feel very strongly that it's important to understand that monopsony != evil, since we're surrounded by benign monopolies and monopsonies that we interact with on a daily basis. Amazon itself is a perfect example of both sides to the coin, since it's a benign monopoly in the eBooks space (i.e. hasn't gouged customers even though it could), while at the same time abusing its monopsony (i.e. forcing down the prices it pays towards unsustainable levels for its suppliers).

So, even though a number of others have been misusing the term to connote or denote that the mere presence of a monopsony suggests wrongdoing on Amazon's part, I try to always be careful to qualify my statements (e.g. "abusive monopsony", "misusing their monopsony", etc.) so it's clear the problem is not that they have a dominant position, but rather that they're using it to do stuff they shouldn't be doing.

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Journal Journal: Liberty London x Nike Sportswear C Summer months 2014 Selection

The Astoria Sky Hi also options an All Circumstances Gear (ACG) tag on the the tongue.Have a New York state of thoughts? Rock the all-black-every thing perspective of the Nike Dunk Sky Hi New York. And it seems like the YOTS Nike Air Max 1 just got a taller, sexier sister in the Nike Dunk Sky High "Year of the Snake. In preserving the "Liquid Metal" motif rolling, it seems like all of you lady WWW.SKYHIGHDUNK.COM sneakerheads out there can anticipate to see two a lot more metal-inspired rel

Comment Re:Expert:Ebola Vaccine At Least 50 White People A (Score 1) 390

"And while many of its people and countries are not well off at all, there are some nations that are doing quite well financially, and should be able to create the infrastructure (including organizations and facilities) necessary for such research."

Have you ever lived and worked in Sub-Saharan Africa? If you had, I don't think you'd be asking this question.

Comment Re:FDA? (Score 2) 390

Horse shit. Pharmaceutical 30% profit margins, patent monopoly, and forced government cash flow in the form of un-negotiated social program requirements are the largest contributors to the expense of health care in the US. It's the same concept behind subsidized student loans and tuition rise. Blaming the FDA is oh so clever though, like they suddenly became more stringent starting in the early 2000's when pharmaceutical profits fucking exploded. Must have been that Bush guy and his love for federal regulation.

Comment Re:Sponsors (Score 1) 138

If it is reflecting RF, it is in effect, transmitting.

Well, no. I see what you're trying to say, but... No.

Pretty much by definition transmitting and reflecting are different and separate things.

I suppose it's possible to reflect a signal that you also transmitted, but it would be pointless, since the reflected signal will always be weaker than the transmitted signal.

Feed Google News Sci Tech: SpaceX Strikes Deal for Launch Site in South Texas - (

SpaceX Strikes Deal for Launch Site in South Texas
Texas and SpaceX have announced that the company will build the first commercial site for orbital launches on the state's southernmost tip. The $85 million site at Boca Chica Beach, east of Brownsville, will be used to launch commercial satellites. Gov.
SpaceX teams up with Texas for launch complexFlorida Today
Official: Rockets to Fly From South Texas Space PortMyFox Houston
Boca Chica site now officialValley morning Star
Brownsville Herald-KGBT-TV-Fort Worth Star Telegram
all 113 news articles

Feed Google News Sci Tech: Gas prices drop almost 3 cents a gallon - Gloucester Daily Times (

Tech Times

Gas prices drop almost 3 cents a gallon
Gloucester Daily Times
Average retail gasoline prices in Massachusetts have fallen 2.8 cents per gallon in the past week, averaging $3.59 per gallon Sunday, according to GasBuddy's daily survey of 2,830 gas outlets in Massachusetts. This compares with the national average that...
Gas prices edge slightly upwardJacksonville Journal Courier
Gas prices falling in ConnecticutWTNH
Gas Prices in Lincoln are Down1011now
all 225 news articles

Feed Google News Sci Tech: Nanoscale details of electrochemical reactions in electric vehicle battery mater (


Nanoscale details of electrochemical reactions in electric vehicle battery materials
(Nanowerk News) Using a new method to track the electrochemical reactions in a common electric vehicle battery material under operating conditions, scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory have revealed new insight...

and more

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Journal Journal: Mighty Crown x Nike Dunk Superior & Sky Force 88 Reduced Yet another Glance

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Comment Re:If Microsoft was Smart (Score 1) 336

Free isn't a magic bullet. There are countless Google failures that are all free, but no one wants (esp Google+)

Part of the issue is that all of the flagship phones run Android. Another part is that everyone knows that they can continue to use all of their existing Android stuff (esp. apps) if they stick with Android.

Regardless, very few companies can be successful with an approach of "You will like what we tell you to like", especially if the market tells them otherwise.

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Comment Re: What a world we live in (Score 3, Interesting) 138

Really the wristwatch is a silly example; there are better ways to harvest energy on a wristwatch than RF leaching. Stationary objects that can't rely on kinetic energy harvesting could utilize this technology, though.

Anyway, they did test for the interference potential of this, and it was indeed very little at the rates/distances acheived.

I think they should see how much they could *increase* the effect of the reflection on WiFi signals. Then they could look to market passive devices that, instead of being purposed for the "internet of things", are purposed to work in cooperation with MIMO/spatial multiplexing to dynamically adapt the RF environment to increase the overall bandwidth of WiFi devices, allowing an access point to turn them on and off until it gets just the right reflections. Then license that to WiFi vendors to sell them lithographed by the thousands into wallpaper or just thrown helter skepter on top of drop ceiling tiles.

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Comment Re:FDA? (Score 1) 390

Oh, it follows.

It's entirely unethical to allow companies subject to US jurisdiction to conduct what would basically be un-supervised animal trials on third-world denizens.

Perhaps you disagree? I know of a few groups people who thought medical testing on uninformed people was legit in the name of science.

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Comment Re:Sponsors (Score 2) 138

Like all those "... on a computer" patents...

And then those were all copycatted by "on the Internet" patents.

Which, in turn, are now being copycatted by "in the cloud" patents.

Everyone on the planet can see the absurdity of it except for a very select few morons. Unfortunately, it's those select few morons that we hire to work in the Patent Office.....

There was a time in my life when I believed certain things but was afraid to mention them, lest I be branded paranoid. Two decades having gone by now, it turns out I was actually unrealistically optimistic.

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