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Comment Re:A right to be remembered? (Score 1) 113

The problem is that when you run a newspaper, you don't run the newspaper - the advertisers are your gods and masters, and you have no say in the matter.

You have to avoid becoming dependent upon any one(or smallish cartel) of advertisers then.

Thought the comment elsewhere of a BBC style organization does seem to have some good points.

Submission + - Woman goes to technology conference and gets treated like she is at a bar. (

kevank writes: I attended OSCON 2014, which happens to be my very first OSCON and O’Reilly conference.

The experience was a bit bittersweet. I will start off with the good: The sessions were awesome and the speakers were very nice and knowledgeable. The food was good and plentiful, and the after-parties were fun. I did manage to make a couple friends there.

Now, the bad. It was rather hard to make any friends there or get a decent conversation going with the regular attendees. In fact, I felt rather ostracized and was downright harassed.

Comment Re:How much cheaper would a a puerto rico launch b (Score 5, Informative) 113

Not too much - it's one of those exponential curves that's shallow near the equator but steep near the poles.

Escape velocity is 11,186m/s. The ISS is at 7,650m/s. Keep those numbers in mind for a sense of scale..

At the equator, you get an extra 465m/s of velocity. At the poles, you get zero.

Boca Chica Village is at 25N. If I did my trig right, you'll get 420m/s of "free" velocity from a launch there.

For more comparison, Canaveral (28N) gets 410m/s, Wallops (38N) gets 365m/s, and Baikonur (46N) gets 320m/s of boost.

San Juan, Puerto Rico, is at 18N, which would get you 440m/s. A 20m/s difference, at the cost of shipping your rockets and payloads across the ocean, and building substantially more infrastructure. The economics does not support building a spaceport there.

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Comment Re:minutes to midnight (Score 1) 252

I rode the public transit system today. At first you see all these scared "agents" checking you out. It kinda makes you feel good that somebody cares and watches out for everybody. In a sense I'm starting not to mind the cameras either, but only in a very crowded city. It's a whole lot different in the country side, because it's hard to do terrorism where people are not very crowded together, so they shouldn't need cameras on back country dirt roads for instance. Oh what freedom that is, camera free, crowd free, terrorism free. Privacy. Go ahead, pick your nose at a red light, clean it out good, nobody's watching. It's only possible when you don't overpopulate and get too crowded. Then only public gatherings have to be watched, like church or wedding, or sports, but you can go about your everyday life without being constantly on camera. Who wants to be on camera? Everyone makes mistakes, and it's like a 5th amendment right not to have your mistakes too meticulously on record.

Comment Overhead (Score 2) 71

Some waste, fraud, abuse and improper management happen in any system. Obviously too much is a problem but it is equally as bad to obsess over reaching 100% perfection.

Simply because they own a TV doesn't indicate a great deal; they could have previously had one, been given one, stole one, etc. It would be difficult and vindictive to make them sell everything they had in order to not starve. There are plenty of pawn shops all over the place so we must have plenty of victims for those vultures... not that one can get much money for those things used anyhow. If you only hand out food stamps to homeless naked people are you going to feel slighted because they have shoes? Sure, YOU won't (but not everybody) but you have to keep in mind that studies show that the poor are pretty bad with money as well as capable of finding ways around their troubles (actually proving capitalist ideals about being inventive) such as eating subgrade food or cutting other corners so they can save up and buy the TV they think they need. After all, TV IS THE DRUG OF THE NATION. Homeless starving addicts will skip meals for a fix.

As far as implying that a race is making up most the people on food stamps etc, it is likely not based in reality as the whites are usually higher in such numbers than other "races" and while it is true that as a % of the demographic the minorities may be doing worse but they are by definition a smaller population so the absolute numbers come out different. Now if one actually treated the whites equally I don't think their % would differ as much as it does and then the absolute numbers would explode (because their population is so much higher.)

Feed Google News Sci Tech: Xiaomi Passes Samsung in China to Lead Biggest Market - Businessweek (


Xiaomi Passes Samsung in China to Lead Biggest Market
Xiaomi Corp. tripled smartphone shipments in China last quarter, displacing Samsung Electronics Co. (005930) to become the No. 1 vendor in the world's largest market just four years after its founding. The Beijing-based company shipped 15 million devices...
Xiaomi makes Samsung say uncle in ChinaTech Times
Samsung overtaken in Chinese smartphone marketTVNZ
Xiaomi beats Samsung in Chinese smartphone marketBradenton Herald

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SpaceX decision creates opportunity for Brownsville to create cluster
Brownsville Herald
As Mike Gonzalez sees it, the decision by Elon Musk to build a SpaceX launch complex at Boca Chica beach could launch an entire aerospace-support cluster industry in Brownsville — but only if we capitalize on the opportunity. “That's the next question...
SpaceX picks South Texas site for commercial launch facilityFort Worth Star Telegram
Boca Chica site now officialValley morning Star
SpaceX to build its first commercial spaceport in TexasVentureBeat
The Space Reporter-Reuters-TWC News
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Daily Digest

Plan your roadtrip now: gas prices hit new summer low
Daily Digest
With the lowest prices in four years, the end of summer 2014 looks brighter than ever for travel. By David Reyne, Daily Digest News Monday, August 04, 2014. Plan your roadtrip now: gas prices hit new summer low. Gas prices dropped slowly, but steadily...
Gas prices falling in ConnecticutWTNH
Gas prices hitting new summer low, it's day trip timeTech Times
Gas Prices in Lincoln are Down1011now
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Feed Techdirt: Internal Affairs Departments, District Attorneys' Offices Helping Keep Bad Cops (

A certain percentage of police officers are "bad cops," just like a certain percentage of the human race is composed of thuggish sociopaths. That's an unfortunate fact of life. Whether the percentage of bad cops is greater than the percentage in non-law enforcement positions is still open for discussion, although there's a lot about a cop's job that would attract thuggish sociopaths: power, better weapons, nearly nonexistent accountability, etc.

We often ask why bad cops aren't rooted out more quickly. And the answers are depressing and numerous. Bad cops are protected by their own. Bad cops are also, unfortunately, protected by otherwise "good" cops because "bad cops" are often the most dependable of cops. In the rare cases when bad cops are cut loose from the force, the local police union usually works tirelessly to get them reinstated. But even within police departments themselves, there's little interest in rooting out the bad apples.

Inside every cop shop is an Internal Affairs department. In some rare cases, these departments are effective in rooting out the worst of the force. In return for this service, they are universally reviled by the rest of the department -- even by "good" cops. And they often see their uphill battles undone by police unions or upper management.

In other cases, though, Internal Affairs is just another integral part of the defensive "blue line" that shields bad cops from accountability. Among the many instances of abusive behavior uncovered by the DOJ's review of the Newark (NJ) police department (including racist behavior, stop-and-frisk abuse, intimidation and excessive force being routinely deployed) is this incredibly ugly statistic.

The previous year, the American Civil Liberties Union had filed a complaint with the Justice Department accusing police of misconduct. The group provided statistics showing that only on rare occasions did the department act on complaints against officers accused of using excessive force or conducting improper searches and false arrests.

In 2008 and 2009, only one complaint of 261 filed was sustained by department investigators, the ACLU found.

The Justice Department review appeared to confirm that the trend continued in the ensuing years; from 2007 to 2012, just one complaint of excessive force made by civilians was sustained.
One complaint sustained in five years. New Jersey US Attorney Paul Fishman blamed this on a "dysfunctional Internal Affairs department." Paul: you spelled "corrupt" wrong. The only way this happens is if Internal Affairs is in the business of clearing officers of wrongdoing, rather than investigating allegations. That's not accountability. That's aiding and abetting.

The DOJ uncovered all sorts of misconduct that should have been discovered by IA and corrected by PD management.

Blacks, on average, are 2½ times more likely than whites to be stopped on the street, the report found. While Newark police conducted 111 stops for every 1,000 residents among whites, it made 283 stops for every 1,000 residents for blacks even though the likelihood of finding evidence of crime was about the same for whites as it is for blacks, the report noted

The reports also said there were "credible" complaints that police sometimes detained people in their cruisers without filing charges, calling it "a humiliating and often frightening experience."

It also documented so-called "contempt of cop" arrests, a phrase used to describe people charged with a crime because they lawfully objected to police actions or were disrespectful.
Finally, in a sentence that is inadvertently hilarious, the DOJ notes that the Newark PD likes to punch people until they calm down.

And, the report noted, officers were quick to defuse volatile situations by using open and closed fists to the head, even though "in many cases these actions were not necessary and seemed to be simply retaliatory."
The Newark Police Department is ugly all over and Internal Affairs is as much to blame as every officer who participated in this abusive behavior.

But it's not just complicit Internal Affairs departments keeping bad cops on the force. It's also people outside the department who are equally unwilling to hold officers accountable for their abusive behavior. (via Ben Swann)

The Hartford state's attorney has rejected an arrest warrant submitted by Enfield police to charge one of their own officers with third-degree assault and fabricating evidence.

The seven-page arrest warrant application submitted by Lt. Lawrence Curtis concluded that Officer Matthew Worden hit suspect Mark Maher with punches that "were neither necessary nor needed" during an arrest on April 1.

Hartford State's Attorney Gail Hardy rejected the arrest warrant application late last week, concluding that although Worden's actions might violate police department rules they did not rise to the level of criminal prosecution.

"Although striking Maher may have violated Enfield Police Department's use of force policies, Worden's conduct seemed to be aimed at an attempt to restrain Maher who was resisting officers' attempts to handcuff him, rather than an intention to inflict physical harm," Hardy concluded.
When police departments make proactive moves to not only oust but press criminal charges against one of their own, it should be taken seriously. No one knows better just how abhorrent Officer Worden's behavior was than the Enfield Police Department. But when it tried to do the right thing and hold him accountable for his misconduct, the State's Attorney's office shut it down. And not only did it shut the arrest warrant down, it made excuses for the officer's actions.

Officer Worden said Maher was "clenching his fists" and "tensing his arms" as he moved in to effect the arrest. This supposed resistant behavior led to the following:

Worden told Curtis that he delivered two closed fist punches aimed at Maher's upper right arm "to disrupt the nerves and incapacitate the muscles so the arms could be controlled." Worden said Maher was thrashing on the ground after officers took him down and that "this thrashing caused one of the punches to hit Maher in the right side of his forehead above the eye," the application states.
Except the booking photo shows the punches landed somewhere else, contrary to Worden's assertions.

This looks like the result of a direct hit, not the "right side of the forehead above the eye." Then there's this:

The application states Curtis concluded that the video did not show Maher resisting arrest and that at one point it shows Worden, while Maher is on the ground with one arm pinned behind him, stopping to adjust the glove on his right hand before delivering two of the four punches he threw.
I would think someone has effectively stopped "resisting" if the apparently threatened officer has time to make sure his punching fist is gloved properly.

Adding to the ridiculousness of the State's Attorney's decision is the fact that the entire incident was caught on video. The attorney's excuse for seeing/not seeing the same actions that led to the PD drawing up a warrant for Officer Worden's arrest? The arrest scene was complex, therefore: nothing to see here.

In her letter rejecting the arrest warrant Hardy said the video "depicts many moving parts where it is extremely difficult to keep up with everything that is going on with all parties."
"ALL parties?" Does Hardy mean all both of them? She only had two people to keep an eye on: Maher and Worden. But she makes it sound as though the altercation took place on the Coca-Cola bottling factory floor during a visit by a touring Cirque de Soleil troupe. This willingness to see the forest rather than the trees does nothing to deter future bad behavior by Worden or any other officer on the force. And it's apparent that Worden was one of Enfield PD's worst.

Enfield, a department with nearly 100 sworn officers, has had 26 civilian complaints in the past four years. One-third of those were against Worden, records show. In 2013, Worden had half of the six citizen's complaints against the department.
In his seven years on the force, Worden has been involved in a domestic dispute, fought with another officer, and faced multiple complaints about racist behavior or racial profiling. Notably, not a single complaint filed since 2010 has been sustained. Internal Affairs has played a part in Officer Worden's lengthy, troublesome career.

But this is yet another part of the "bad cop" problem. Worden had been previously suspended and ordered to attend additional training, but those deterrents haven't worked. He's apparently still a problem for the department. So, the department made what appears to be a long overdue move and brought assault and fabricating evidence charges against one of its own -- an incredibly rare move in the world of law enforcement. And when it did, the state's attorney tossed it out because the recording was hard to follow and her office apparently doesn't feel it can win the case. But we can be 100% sure that if the situation was reversed, and the arrestee had dealt out a few punches of his own, Hardy's office would have suddenly found the recording easy to follow and clearly indicative of the citizen's guilt.

The system has been rigged for so long that when a law enforcement agency tries to buck the trend by holding an officer accountable, its efforts are completely undermined by the next step in the legal process. Bad cops are here to stay.

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Comment Re:Why do we do these things? (Score 1) 109

So you can't articulate a reason why we should send humans to Mars (as opposed to, say bandicoots). Didn't think so.

A big part of the problem here is that you just pull facts and reality out of your ass. So I decided to answer the above.

A purpose such as diversification of humanity, doing awesome, challenging things in order to better ourselves, or stepping up that science and exploration game you know and love to new levels?

I didn't do so before, because it wasn't germane to the discussion.

You said, unequivocally, that people dying painfully of radiation sickness would make for a good TV show. Later, you called people who were keen going to Mars idiots who deserved to die for being stupid and ignorant.

I notice you don't actually have a quote for that latter assertion. As to the former, my defense is that it is true.Truth should be an adequate defense here, right?

As to the latter, if someone wants to come up with a half-baked means for dying on Mars. then go for it. I won't stand in their way and it'll be a great example to anyone else with similar plans.

my motorcycle HAS a space gear?

It has a gear. If that gear were put in space, then I'm sure we could forgive you for calling it a "space gear". But I'm not going to call a gear a "space gear" just because it's in space. That's bad 50s sci fi movies.

Comment Re:Waste disposal not included (Score 1) 343

Coal seems to be in decline too in the US. Exelon has its hand out for state subsidies from Illinois thinking the decline of coal may be a chance for nuclear, but that won't last long even if Illinois says yes initially. So, it won't be nuclear replacing coal if even existing plants can't stay open. And it definitely won't be breeders.

Comment Re:Uh...try again (Score 2) 116

Don't forget about FidoNet :)

FidoNet was something different.

I'm not saying it's irrelevant to the conversation. Not by any means. It holds a very important place in history. But it was it's own, separate thing. It wasn't the Internet, and it wasn't the commercial online services.

In a way, it was the first "common man's" global network. Sure, the Internet existed, and ARPAnet before that, but for many years they were only available to the privileged few.

Fido Net was a way for a regular guy to use his computer to communicate with people outside of his home town.

Seems like nothing today. Back then it was a HUGE deal.

Comment Re:Bullshit. (Score 5, Informative) 140

Everything was fine until OnStar...
With OTA updates and the rest of the systems in the car using the CAN bus for diagnostic messages and reprogramming, you've got problems.

I haven't RTFA but I would assume the Honda Accord isn't as 'hackable' is because they use a separate K-Line bus for diagnostics instead of doing it over the CAN bus. Other than that, every single system in the Accord is connected in some way. The audio bus connects the radio to the aircon unit., The aircon unit is also connected to the body CAN bus (you'd need to reprogram it to make a bridge though). The gauge cluster connects to both the body CAN and the powertrain CAN bus. The ECU, ABS, Traction Control, Air bags, etc are all on the powertrain bus.

If you took control of the powertrain bus, you could speed the car off down the street (thanks drive-by-wire), lock up the wheels on one side of the car and spin it sideways into a wall (traction control), while setting off the side airbags on the wrong side of the car to increase the impact the occupants receive (not sure if the airbags can be triggered from the CAN though, I doubt it. Can probably disable them though)...

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Comment Re: compared to hash database, with antivirus (Score 1) 790

Depends on whether I feel like it or not. You're welcome not to read what I post, so if you don't like the style. Just skip along, mister...

By the way having skirts is a double edged sword - on the one hand you can see some benefits from above, on the other hand, it hides the lower body physique, to where most black women either have super awesome bodies under the waist, or they are exaggerated on hip and butt booty sexual features, but almost none have short leg issues, or highly deformed legs, like it's more common among europeans and arabs wearing skirt-like clothes, and even east asians. So in a sense dressing your women in pants and putting their lower body features on display, helps sex-select to a better looking and healthier future generation. Now if only women had a way to put on display the male feature so important to them, other than lower body physique, and that is penis size, they could select to make their own future generations happier too. Lower body features in men are already on diplay as they wear pants - other than some folklore attires, or, again, the arabs in hot deserts - but penis size where it matters, not in the flaccid state, but in the erect state, is difficult to inspect. It's like it's only possible in a world where everybody is fucking everybody, and therefore knows the dicksizes of everybody. That kind of overly promiscuous world has a lot of downsides too, but it does lead to an increased sexual happiness of future female generations, even if may sacrifice other important characteristics, such as brainpower, but not necessarily so. It should be possible for future males to have a big dick and be smart too, and then the women should be really happy. Maybe the wonders of biotechnology coming from Monsanto will allow modifying characteristics such as this, for the descendants. Like you submit an egg and a sperm to the lab (and you lose out on sperm competition swimming toward the egg), but you can pick eyecolor, height, dick size and arm and leg muscle if a son, or breast size and hip size if a daughter, and Monsanto will modify and customize fo you your future family tree as desired.

Comment $10 / month, no contract. Read the summary (Score 1) 71

I know you liberals can't be bothered to actually read an article, but come on, the summary is just a few sentences.
After the six free months, it US $10 / month.

I've heard that Comcast sucks. If you think they do, you have two choices:
a) tell people why Comcast sucks
b) totally make shit up out of thin air, so readers think that people complaining about Comcast are liars and idiots

Comment Re:Bullshit. (Score 1) 140

yeah so I can take over all wifi and bluetooth devices in vicinity?

what I mean is that the research is just bullshit done by googling around. it's bullshit and should never have gotten greenlit to be presented without actual trials!

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Comment Re:Uh... (Score 1) 116

IIRC, AOL didn't offer actual internet access until pretty late in the game.

VERY late in the game.

And when it finally happened, that's the day that the Internet transformed from something great into the ghetto of spam, scams, and ads that it is today.

And, yes... GET OFF MY LAWN!!!!

Comment Re: You're welcome to them. (Score 1) 402

If you aren't using a modern IDE like eclipse for Java, or VIsual Studio for .net languages, you're doing it wrong
It's like pulling an automobile with a rope tied to your balls, impressive, but there are better ways to get the job done.

I agree with you, but I think it's for the opposite reason. Languages like Java and .NET are extremely painful to use without a modern IDE like Eclipse.

The main features that refactoring IDEs give you that advanced text editors don't are API completion and refactoring. You could interpret this as a failing in text editors, or you could interpret it as a symptom of the fact that a lot of Java and .NET APIs are badly designed with (in particular) an insanely large surface area.

I've never used .NET in anger, but for comparison, I find I need far more help from the IDE to write Java Swing code than I need to write C++ Qt code. I suspect it's because Qt's API was designed with far more thought, care, and attention to detail than Swing. I'm pretty certain it's not the languages.

Comment Re:Good riddance (Score -1) 790

Most humorous to me is that you think you could possibly trust someone else anyway. It would be security theater. Your data is going over the Internet and to someone else's server, then over the Internet to someone _else's_ computer. It's going to backups, possibly at both ends.

You are a fool if you think it can be secured, and an even bigger fool if you think you can trust companies or employees not to search or read it regardless of the law.

User Journal

Journal Journal: 30+ :

, , (

Comment Re:Uh... (Score 1) 116

As someone who moved away from BBS's to the Internet before there was such a thing as a "web site", I feel qualified to say that, No, AOL was not the first.

Back then there was no Firefox. We used gopher.
There was no Google. We used archie.
Even Mosaic wasn't around yet.
There was no "click here to download". We used ftp from the command line. And there goddamn sure as fuck weren't any Viagra ads.

You could freely post your email address online for the whole world to see, with no worries of getting on a spam list. It was a beautiful time.

Not only was AOL not the first, I feel comfortable and confident in saying that, by far, the darkest day the Internet has ever seen was the day that AOL unleashed its hordes.

Comment Re:Why do we do these things? (Score 1) 109

So, if they are rational, and choose to partake on a course that will end their lives in a fairly arbitrary and short time (say, 24 months)

And again, I see this claim that something is going to kill Mars colonists inside of two years. What is that thing? Can't be radiation because they'll get far greater exposure on the trip to Mars than two years on the surface.

The reality, of course, is that human spaceflight to Mars is a dead end.

Words like "fact" and "reality" have meaning. Use that meaning. Instead, you are arguing from ignorance. That fallacy is commonly seen in space discussions on both sides. I don't know how hard it will be to go to Mars or what dangers and risks travelers will experience. But I do know there's a bunch of people whose jobs it is to do hard, challenging stuff of that very sort and they're good at it.

Plans to settle permanently on Mars derive mostly from texts written by Zubrin, these are fundamentally flawed and collapse under even the most casual analysis.

Even the most casual analysis of Zubrin's work would note that Zubrin returns his astronauts. He never advocated one-way missions. This is a huge thing to miss.

Sure, he does advocate permanent habitation within about ten years. But by that point, almost all of your concerns would be ruled out. We would know at that point that life expectancy is much longer than 2 years. We would have a demonstrated capability to live on Mars indefinitely. And we'd have realistic expectations from the experiences of the people who already lived on Mars.

If humans make it Mars, they will do so long after robots arrived: so the notion that this is pioneering is of course laughable.

I'd call it rather common sense pioneering. This happened historically on Earth with the colonizing of the New World except that people not robots played the role of explorer. There are a number of examples of people going in blind (Columbus's second expedition, the Roanoke and Jamestown colonies, and the initial Mormon migration) and those just didn't fare well except due to luck.

But then there are examples where they did plan things out and the colony ended up relatively low drama (such as New Amsterdam (which became New York City) or Providence, Rhode Island).

Human based space travel has lost the race and lost it's purpose, evidenced clearly by the fact that advocates for this activity can no longer articulate a purpose.

A purpose such as diversification of humanity, doing awesome, challenging things in order to better ourselves, or stepping up that science and exploration game you know and love to new levels? Well, I guess you've heard of them now. I grant there's no reason for you to be impressed or swayed, but purposes have been articulated - you can check that box off now.

That would be an incapacity the inability to feel empathy (even involuntary) is an inability not an ability.

No, I got it right. Do you really think that people who serve as paramedics, nurses, fire fighters, or doctors would be able to function, if they turned gooey eyed at every injury or sickness they saw? You can set aside those emotions and that misplaced empathy enough that you can do your job to save lives.

Mars is interesting scientifically, which is why we send robots there to explore it. It is a boring place for humans to live, because owing to the fact that it is bathed in deadly radiation, humans on mars, if they ever went, would have to live underground like worms, never seeing the stars.

Earth is bathed in that same deadly radiation too. Dose makes the poison. You seem to forget the shielding effect of the Martian atmosphere which would allow people to work on the surface and see stars and such.

Also, I find it interesting how you claim they "live like worms" while ignoring that almost everyone on Earth lives the same way. We call such things "apartments" or "houses" instead of "caves".

And I don't buy in the least that somehow the scientifically exciting Mars will suddenly become boring upon visiting it.

Let's consider the space science reality. Currently, to go from an idea to action on the surface of Mars takes decades - sometimes more decades than you have. Even when that probe is on the surface, it takes painful hours to act on decisions you make.

But once you're on the surface, it takes seconds to make those very same decisions. We have orders of magnitude improvement in the doing of science. But you claim that somehow that amazing, interesting science isn't going to be amazing or interesting for anyone on the surface of Mars doing that science orders of magnitude faster than ever before. I just don't buy that at all.

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Comment Re:a viable model for society (Score 2) 79

IIRC Jefferson was a bit of a firebrand and thought a revolution every generation _was_ a good idea. Of course that's when he was young.

Either way I refuse to call it a "social contract" when it's really just "might makes right"; the basis of its legitimacy is force, not consent.

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