Comment Re:This is chilling (Score 1) 790

They scan against hashes from a known database of peodo material, the hashes are provided by authorities such as interpol, it's illeagal in most places for a company to have the proscribed material on their servers. They also do exactly the same thing with malware, but not because of any legal concerns. It's conceptually the same idea as having a drug dog sniff containers at a shipping yard.
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Comment compared to hash database, with antivirus (Score 5, Informative) 790

It seems National Center for Missing and Exploited Children has a database of hashes, or "fingerprints" of known child porn images. When you use Gmail, it checks attachments against a database of viruses and also apparently against this CP database.

A distinction can be made here. What the database does NOT do is any kind of image analysis to see if the picture LOOKS like child porn. It checks only against known, reported child porn, apparently.

Comment Re:Men are obsolete (Score 2, Informative) 387

mmmm... no. That is a no true scotsman fallacy

And your exclusive focus on the "the militant kind" is a strawman fallacy. Welcome to the club.

I have yet to know any woman who would eliminate, reduce or otherwise alter the proportion of men (already the minority); not my mother, my current or any previous partners or any other feminist I've known. None, zero, zilch. Where are all these women who frighten you so?

Today, [the militant kind of feminist who wanted "men reduced in population, made subservient to women, or just outright used as slaves or eliminated"] express that same misandry by pushing policies supporting that mentality in education, media programming, civil law, criminal law, and, are now making/funding their presence in subcultures, like technology and gaming.

Yup that's it, girls who want to write games or watch three dimensional female characters on TV are just exactly that kind of militant misandric feminists. Mary Daly eat your heart out!. Your insecurity, and that of the many other boys here, borders on the paranoid. Just grow a pair mate!

Comment Re:Are the *sure* they got the right guy? (Score 1) 790

You just made that up.

Um, no ... it's just that you're responding to something you imagined, rather tan something I wrote.

Federal law prohibits ... blah blah blah

I'm aware of what "federal law prohibits". Read my comment again, please. I didn't say "receiving kiddie porn isn't at all illegal anywhere in the world", I said "you're not going to jail just for receiving e-mail". There are all sorts of stupid laws on the books which never get enforced.

In any event, my comment wasn't about stupidly written American laws; it was about his mistaken belief that his level of risk is significantly elevated by receiving emails intended for other people.

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Comment Re: Well at least they saved the children! (Score 5, Interesting) 790

Google messing up the evidence chain doesn't have to be about the 4th amendment and the police.

It could go to the legitimacy of the ebidrmce altogether. What assurances can be offered thst the photos were not planted by an employee of google who has a beef with pedophilles. After all, google did happen to look in this man's private email that people think is as private as snsil mail even though they gave google access knowingly or unknowingly, find a pictue, and alert the proper people to make sure something comes of it. Even if it was discovered automatically by software, the question of how it got there still comes about.

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Comment Android's annoying (Score 1) 61

Maybe a current Android phone is better, but my old one has helpful things like a microphone icon next to the keyboard that you can press and type by voice recognition instead of keyboard. Which I suppose is useful, after I put on my reading glasses to do texting or other apps in the first place. (I'm sorry, I want the equivalent of being able to tell Siri to do stuff without needing to look at the keyboard - how else am I going to text while driving\\\\\\\\ um, use the phone with limited vision? And my HTC's version of Android didn't even let me pick a font size for text messaging; HTC just knew I'd prefer to see more lines of conversation and wouldn't need to do the pinch thing to make the text bigger.)

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kasandralahi writes: We will send our well trained auditors to the factory anywhere in Asia.To schedule your factory has the production capacity to delivery on time ,also the quality system meets your requirements .Ensure that the factory has compliance with hygiene and safety standards , do not employ underages and carry out by local labor laws and to protect your brand and company image.

Comment Re:Well at least they saved the children! (Score 3, Insightful) 790

I see a bigger problem with Google acting as unpaid law enforcement. It puts their own employees at risk. Criminals, particularly the sort we are now calling terrorists, will not see any sharp line between a company that acts to aid law enforcement, especially without even needing a subpoena, and the government itself, and the one big distinction they will see is that the company does not have heavily trained, firearms wielding personnel in large numbers.
          It's only a matter of time before somebody attacks one of these companies and issues a statement that it was a blow against the hated government. A smart company realizes that a court order gives them plausible deniability when they are accused of starting a criminal investigation or being over zealous in making accusations. They can say they were only doing what the law required, and the investigation was already ongoing, neither of which makes any sense as an excuse if they become extremely and seriously proactive. A smart company realizes that making their typical employees into soft targets is not fair to the employees.
          More simply, if you are an employee, and your company is asking you to do things that may leave a criminal wanting revenge against you, or a whole group of political nutcases targeting you, do you get the pay, equipment and training of an FBI agent or US Marshall? Does your workplace have the security of a federal office building? Does your health insurance have the same clauses a cops or soldiers does? Do you get paid to stay in shape on employer time in case your environment becomes a combat zone? Would the company use its legal department to protect you if the criminal sues you? Even if your management and you both really want to help catch the criminal, do they mean it enough they will back you up for your part, if that criminal is now carrying a grudge against you? Could you even expect your company to keep track of when a guy like this gets out of prison and warn you, or send a lawyer to his parole hearing?
      It's easy to cooperate with anything law enforcement asks, and harder to think rationally about the whole concept of blowback. It's easy to feel good about helping catch a particularly scummy criminal such as a pedophile, and harder to allocate the resources to properly protect your people from that potential blowback. And what happens at your company if you helped catch some guy everyone agrees deserves it, and now the government wants you to help catch all sorts of other criminals, who may be doing something you don't think should be a crime at all?

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Comment How my mom gets through airports (Score 1) 61

Yes, I know you're trolling, but I'm going to comment anyway.

My mom's not blind, but her vision's really lousy (age-related macular degeneration, like a lot of old people with serious vision problems.) She takes wheelchairs in the airport, which not only takes care of navigation, but also helps her deal with distance (she can do short distances herself, but has trouble with long distances or long standing.) As the Boomer generation gets old and decrepit, we're going to start doing the same.

Using technology instead of labor is what capital is for. The capital only gets wasted if these sensors are obsolete in a couple of years, and if we haven't learned any lessons about design or implementation from it.

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Comment Re:Are the *sure* they got the right guy? (Score 0) 790

Nonsense. If this were true, any pissed off person who knows your e-mail address could get your arrested by spamming you with kiddie-porn from an anonymous e-mail provider. You're not going to go to jail just for receiving e-mail.

You just made that up. Ready for this?

Federal law prohibits the production, distribution, reception, and possession of an image of child pornography using or affecting any means or facility of interstate or foreign commerce (See 18 U.S.C. 2251; 18 U.S.C. 2252; 18 U.S.C. 2252A)

You receive child-porn, you are guilty of receiving it, and once you've opened the email, of possessing it, even if you later delete it. Federal jurisdiction applies because they treat all Internet activity is interstate commerce.

The problem with this law, like most of them, is that is badly drafted, subject to abuse, and vague. In actual reality, prosecutors and judges and juries have serious legal jeopardy from even viewing evidence in a trial that is related to these charges.

Comment Re:Fusion is your FUTURE corporate boondoggle (Score 1) 343

Molten salts, including cyanide salts are routinely used in precision heat treatment/surface chemistry of metals. Most large cities have at least one such facility.

Molten cyanide salt isn't capable of 'double killing' you, any more than molten metallic sodium can triple kill you.

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