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Comment Good. (Score 1) 120

I'd like to be able to skip the whole "check in" thing. If I'm on some long-haul road trip, the last thing I want to do at 11pm is be depressed by interacting with someone who's life has led them to working the swing shift at the Super8 at some crossroads in BFE. It'd be great if I could get a Moons Over My Hammy at Dennys while I figure out which room is most isolated and book it. Drive across the street to the hotel, go straight to my room, crash for 8-9 hours, shower, $5 tip for the maid, back in the car, on my way having never had to interact with anyone at the motel.

In fact, to heck with Dennys. Bring back the automat. With self-service gas stations, hotels, and food, I could cross the country without ever interacting with a single person. Bliss. For me and everyone else.

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Comment Re:Laugh all the way to the bank (Score 1) 83

Nobody knows for sure (except certain corporate lawyers) what these patents entail.

They do now. The Chinese Government released details of all 310 Microsoft patents used in Android licensing agreements last month. You can download the list here: (warning: docx)

That could be another reason why Samsung is now willing to contest the extortion. Very few of the patents are novel or non-obvious.

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Comment Re:its why devs cringe. (Score 1) 180

Imagine, if you will, a mix of tabs and spaces that place two lines the same distance from the left-margin, yet, to Python, are at different indentation levels.

Visually identical means exactly that -- no visible distinction between the two programs. Take two screen-shots, they'll be identical down to the pixel.

Not 'similar'. Not 'really really close'. Identical.

It's not something you can defend. Which is funny, considering that it's not even the worst problem caused by Python's absurd use of whitespace.

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GPS satellite launched into space
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — A new Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite has been launched into space. An unmanned Atlas 5 rocket lifted off from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station shortly before midnight Friday. The rocket carried a GPS 2F-7...
Atlas V lifts off from Cape
ULA Atlas V launches GPS IIF-7
US Air Force to Launch New GPS Satellite
WKMG Orlando-Battle Creek Enquirer
all 33 news articles

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Comment Re:so... (Score 1, Insightful) 122

but the vast majority of electricity is produced from coal.

You think that 39% is a "vast majority"? The US is rapidly moving from coal to natural gas because the price of natural gas is falling as domestic production increases. All in all, an electric car creates slightly less pollution than a Prius.

Coal 39%
Natural Gas 27%
Nuclear 19%
Hydropower 7%

In comparison with anything else? I do. An 11% spread would be a landslide in an election. I suppose I could have used better phrasing on that line, fine: "Coal is the biggest source of electricity in this country by a wide margin" Is that better?

But lets assume the whole country was on natural gas. That makes a difference how? It's still a fossil fuel, and after transmission and charging losses it's still probably less efficient than Gasoline. You put less CO2 into the atmosphere just burning gasoline than using an electric car. The only way electric cars make sense is if the power plant isn't producing CO2... either because it's nuclear or if they're sequestering it. You could go with hydroelectric but that has it's own environmental problems.

The entire country could switch to electric cars tomorrow and nothing would change in regards to our CO2 problem. In fact, it would likely get worse. If you want to get the newest fanciest car just because it's cool... fine... but realize what you're doing is no different then the assholes with the Hummers. Your cool is at the expense of my climate.

Comment Already saw this happen (Score -1) 409

in the movie Twenty Eight Days Later. Once the ebola virus reaches the shores of north america we are FUCKED. We're talking about 75-90% of the population being eliminated by this virus. I have a well stocked bunker that will last for 5-7 years. I'll make it but it will be devastating for western society. My prayers are with you.
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newtonpyex writes: Since leaving the grinding out in the open will do nothing for wood is composed of real wood fibers for good quality sanding. Here we shall be using steel wool for the simple reason that the thin which is popular for its dark-colored knots that dot the grains. Though it is considered as hardwood, according to house, but cannot bear to leave behind your beloved oak? Nowadays, metal railings are available in various elegant and attractive designs and cadmium, and nickel, which are known to cause cancer, and lead which is known to cause birth defects and other reproductive disorders.

Comment Re:Homosexuals and marriage: ability vs. right (Score 1) 868

Some cultures were tolerant of homosexuality itself (even if they mocked it a bit), but none equated homosexual unions with marriage.

They were tolerant to the point of recognizing the unions; sanctioning and accepting them within society with the same deference as hetero unions.

What "equivalent of gay marriage"?

The roman equivalent of marriage; since marriage in 200 AD doesn't necessarily mean the same thing as marriage means today.

"With this man[1] Elagabalus[2] went through a nuptial ceremony and consummated a marriage [...]"

[1] - Zoticus, a male consort of Elagabulus
[2] - Elagabulus, Roman Emperor, AD 218 to 222

And he was hardly the first or only, but at least this one is rather clearly and unambiguously documented as a "marriage", and not some other male-male relationship.

but it was always "hetero".

It really wasn't though.

Exactly. And the primary (if not the only) purpose of it â" always and everywhere â" was to rear children.

That would only be necessary in monogamous marriages within a Christian framework. It was plenty common for plural marriages to include marriages to both men and women.

And where did those children come from? Adoption? Surrogate mothers?

Additional female wives, concubines, consorts...

I fail to see, how a union of one male and one female must imply the former's ownership of the latter.

Those marriages you speak of for the purpose of "rearing children" were much more than that.

Those "Marriages" were contracts of chattel, duties, and obligations. (And the women was the chattel). The entire purpose of those "for the purpose of child rearing" marriages was not simply to bring a man and women together to produce children, but to establish the payment to the women's family for chattel rights to the woman and the joint offspring, define the amount of the payment, and to define terms for reparations to the 'buyer' if an offspring wasn't forthcoming. (including the return of the 'merchandise' and 'refund', perhaps even damages for time etc. To suggest that those elements are of "marriage" are any more or any less intrinsic to the transaction than the hetero nature of those contracts is simply nuts.

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Comment Re:Do I need to be concerned about this? (Score 1) 205


I once worked for a company that wrote web banking software. The laptops/desktops/etc of certain employees had a 'driver' that continually monitored the USB ports. If anything plugged into it that had storage on it but not the proper corporate auth key to connect as an approved storage device? It would automatically send an email to the IT department, immediately shut off the entire USB subsystem in the OS, and it stayed that way until the device was re-imaged (in many cases making the device completely useless). It also got you immediately perp-walked out of the building and freshly unemployed, unless you could immediately give them a reasonable (and provable) explanation as to why it happened.

Now in this case, I suspect that if the bad stick presented itself to the OS as a keyboard/mouse/whatever, it may circumvent that (I say "may" because I don't know if it would be able to dump any non-keyboard/mouse-related data onto the machine w/o presenting itself as storage.)

Either way, if you're that worried about it, then epoxy the USB ports shut (well, except on the phone for obvious reasons...)

Surprise, surprise, surprise, not all computer cases are locked. Had a case of user powering off the computer and rebooting with a live usb drive. Since it was standalone, the host system did not detect this action.

Also had a case of an employee opening up the computer case, unplugging the drive and replugging it into his external USB hardware adapter (cost for adapter $35.00 at Used his laptop to download stuff from that mpw external laptop drive to his laptop, and person could upload stuff too. No, he did not insert stuff on the drive, but we do know he dl'd stuff. t'il by chance an IT guy happened by.

Comment Re:What the fuck? (Score 2) 117

Oops, sorry, I just got a dc-dc converter in the mail to run my AMD geode SBC off a marine battery.

You probably should be sorry. The fastest Geodes are antiques (I have two of them right here, whee.)

I'm thankful. Total system board power draw: ~2W. Plus 2 watts for the SSD. Total power draw: 4 watts, while my converter will deliver 15 watts. Sweet or what? And it runs Linux like a champ. Even runs KDE, though video can be a little slow. Doesn't bother me a bit. I compile remotely anyway. Basically, the perfect shipcom.

Comment Re:Wrong on 2 counts (it's "togglable" & batch (Score 1) 418

Clarity Ray doesn't even run if you have noscript running. Or at least that has been my experience. I do not get ads on any site unless I want to get ads.

Any site. What. So. Ever.

Now, I am not running javascript on about 95 percent of the pages I visit. I find that most of the scripts serve no purpose for me. They're mostly tracking or ad related. So I just don't enable them.

While I'm sure they'll figure out how to inject ads into the sites eventually, you must also appreciate that they can opt to host the ads on the website itself or use the website as a proxy thus fooling your IP/DNS/Host file solution.

That poses a problem for advertisers in how to affirm that sites are not scamming them with false hits. But that really boils down to which problem is harder to deal with... countering adblock systems or countering fraudster sites that generate false hits.

As to batch files... I'm actually very good with them. I just don't understand why you're so adverse to the DNS server idea. It just seems so much more elegant.

And beyond that, you're missing the whole point about being cross compatible. Your idea doesn't work for ipads etc which are increasingly a part of the office community.

As a network administrator, I need to be able to effect all machines on my network at the same time across all platforms, across all versions of all operating systems... or I will have a disjunction between the way some machines are supposed to interact.

Also appreciate that someone could sit there downloading malware or infected apps to their android or ipad and then connecting to the network (assuming the admin hasn't isolated the wifi network into VLAN2 and not bridged it to VLAN1). I personally always isolate the wifi network from the wired network. It causes some problems when the fuzzy bunnies get a wireless printer and complain about it not working. But I just plug the stupid thing into the wired network and pat them on their silly heads.

I'm not incompetent, sir. Please stop suggesting I am... I hurts my feelings. :D

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Journal Journal: Morcellator Recall Support Group

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Packaging Details: 1. Industrial packaging accepted; 2. Cartons dimension: 510*360*290mm; 3. Cartons weight: about 1.115kg/pcs.
Delivery Detail: 2-3 working days after received the 30% deposit.

2.thin,flexible,high safe,easy fix
5.ODM,OEM ok
1. Product' s Details:

Model MY-SRH322 Length of cord 0.5meter
Size 11.5*23.5cm Working temp -60~+250Deg C
(-76~+482Deg F)
Volt 110V+220V Thickness 1.5mm(standard)
Watts 350W Installation Bind
Description: The silicone rubber hot plates have advantages of thinness, lightness and flexibility. It can improve heat transfer, accelerate warming and decrease power under the process of operation. Fiberglass reinforced silicone rubber stabilizes the dimension of heaters.
Features: (1)Designed according to actual shape and dimension, including three-dimensional geometry to meet the requirement of your equipment;
(2)Moistureproof and non-slip silicone rubber material offers longer working life of heaters;
(3)Simply sticking to your components through sulfuration, adhesive or fixer.
Appliance: (1)Freezing protection and anti-pressure, can be used in all kinds of instruments and equipments;
(2)Applied in the medical equipments such as blood analyzer, test pipe heater, etc;
(3)The auxiliary equipments of computer such as laser printer, etc;
(4)Plastic film sulfuration.

2. Product' s specific pics:

1) Heaters can be customized according to your specific demands;
2) Pictures for reference only

Comment Re:Six identifiable bullet points (Score 1) 180

Because reading is difficult for you:

The claim was that == was intransitive. My claim was that, like every other language, transitivity only breaks down when you start to mix types.

Feel silly yet? You should.

As Patman64 already said

And you felt the need to repeat it? Even though his reply was completely idiotic? Why?

Comment Re: If true. If. (Score 1) 200

For the sake of arguement. What about bars that pat people down to ensure they dont bring weapons in. Is that constitutional? I can hear you say that those are private businesses ao its different. But airlines are private businesses. What if they made the rules and hired the security to do the screening. That would be constitutiinally fine right?

Comment Re:You're welcome to them. (Score 1) 402

The problem is your claim that vim is the lowest common denominator. You could certainly argue, if you wanted, that vim is too obtuse for the majority of users, that its learning curve is so steep as to render it useless for most of them. But you can't deny that vim is powerful. Someone who masters vim will get the job done faster, by virtue of almost every command being just one keystroke away. The speed gained from being able to format large sections of text in just a few keystrokes is very noticeable. There will always be room for options that are harder to master but rewarding once mastery is achieved. vim is that option. I don't see what's wrong with that.

Comment Re:Hire More Devs (Score 1) 209

I would hire devs to interface with the ERP. Because when you go to upgrade to the next version [of the ERP], you have a modular thing that you can change pieces of rather than having to pay someone to rewrite the entire thing. If you continue to customize the ERP you're using, you'll be locked in to that specific version and all of its security/stability/functionality problems.

Have you looked at an alternative ERP system? Ive used many that were as functional as Oracle or even more functional, and at less than Oracle's TCO.

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