Comment Re:Thanks for the pointless scaremongering (Score 1) 409

I'm not sure what you're saying about a chemo patient's equivalent of interferon and the subject hating it. My Ex was on Interferon for a year for a stage 4 Melanoma. The effects were milder than typical chemos, I'd say much milder - After getting through the first two weeks when the IVs were daily, she went to once a week, and had only ntermittent nausea on the day she actually took the IV drip, usually controlled with just oral Dramamine, and she was usually able to eat within a few hours of leaving the clinic, The first two weeks took simultaniously administering IV painkillers, anti-nausea and anti-fever drugs, and she still felt like a bad case of the flu, but after that 2 weeks the dose came down form literally billions of internal units to just millions, and it got pretty tolerable. Sometimes she still felt lousy the next morning, but usually she was feeling fine by 2 or 3 hours later. Pain management became Tylenol. This whole treatment may have made her Arthritus start up earlier, but it probably had no effect there and she likely would have developed RA just the same. Bad effects like joint pain, high fevers, and just possibly even memory loss are known with these tremendous doses, but they all have very low chances, i.e. less than 1% of patients, and without getting at least one of those, most patients wouldn't say they hated it. It's not like the endless weeks of nausea, extreme fategue and pain that's pretty damned common for regular chemo.She made friends with a dozen people on conventional chemo at the same oncologist's and she and the other interferon patients frequently discussed what troopers those people were and how much easier the Interferon group had it.
          Conventional chemo is not usually as effective in advanced Melanomas, as these really, really massive doses of Interferon, and it certainly worked in her case, or one of the odder experimental things we also tried did, because she beat literally billion to one odds with an initial tumor over twice the diameter that typically gets classified as stage 4. Her oncologist said the first 6 months on Interferon had probably done everything Interferon would do, but If it wasn't too bad, she might improve her odds a little more by sticking with it a full year, and she had no hesitation staying on it. Upwards of 65% of people who are treated this way manage to stay on Interferon IVs for the whole year, and the biggest reason to stop earlier seems to be if the person has bad veins and the clinic is worried about damaging the circularory system further when they may need to try other treatments.

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Comment Re:depends on what you're doing (Score 1) 402

I've worked in academia for a while and early in my 20+ year career I learned vi simply because it WAS on every *nix variant I touched; IRIX, Solaris, HP-UX, Linux, AIX and a couple others I can't remember the names of (DECs *nix's name escapes me, for instance). Most *nix servers didn't have a GUI (and in my opinion shouldn't have one; yeah, get off my lawn, blah, blah, blah) so vi was almost compulsory to know if you needed to do anything with a config or script file. I wouldn't say I am a master at vi by any means; still look up commands from time to time. I wouldn't try writing a journal article with it, but it is powerful and once you learn the basics you can edit just about anything with a .txt at the end of it. Simple 3x5 card with the commands on it is all you need to be proficient enough to get most things done. Hell, a Post-It note would do.

In GUI environments I try to use bare bones editors (sometimes literally) as the others just get in the way or like NotePad and WordPad screw up line feeds and other basic UTF formatting. I do like ones that highlight code in the GUI environment, but I only use those in conjunction with other GUI tools I use for web work. I am just not impressed by any of these new GUI editors, mostly because I do UI/UX design and they just suck from that standpoint. It's like all we learned about proper GUI design in the 1980s and 1990s was forgotten, or something and everyone wants to reinvent the wheel, badly. [shakes head and goes back to coding]

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Feed Google News Sci Tech: Atlas V blasts off with GPS satellite - Florida Today (

Pactrick Air Force Base

Atlas V blasts off with GPS satellite
Florida Today
An Atlas V rocket blasted off Friday with a GPS satellite to kick off ULA's second mission from the Cape in four days. Loading Post to Facebook. Atlas V blasts off with GPS satellite An Atlas V rocket blasted off Friday with a GPS satellite to kick off ULA's...
Roaring to life: 7th-generation GPS satellite blasts off from The CapePactrick Air Force Base
GPS satellite launched into spacePorterville Recorder
Atlas V lifts off from Cape
all 38 news articles

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Les grands hôtels étoilés
Il n’est pas rare de trouver des hôtels de luxe qui acceptent les animaux domestiques dans leur enceinte. D’une manière générale, le nombre d’animaux admis est de un par chambre, et non pas par client.

Les animaux acceptés par les hôtels :

Le chien

Le chat

La perruche

Le hamster

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Comment Re:At least the Russians are being upfront (Score 4, Informative) 167

The Russian law is to expose anonymous bloggers so Putin and his cronies know where to send the assassins when they see someone criticizing them or exposing their corruption. Same as when they had all the dissenting mainstream Russian journalists assassinated. Now Chairman Putin and his friends control the mainstream media, so on to phase 2: online journalists and bloggers. Of course they are thinking that announcing the law might save some money too, by intimidating people into not exposing the Chairman's lies (like the bullshit about Ukrainians needing any outside impetus to oust a corrupt Russian-backed president who syphoned off billions of dollars into his own pocket while sliding deeper into Chairman Putin's pocket).

Comment Re:Edward Snowden's Plan B? (Score 1) 167

It's a place to put enemy combatants to whom you don't want to allow the status of POWs (which they are not under international law) but at the same time you don't want to give them access to the US court system by charging them as common criminals (which realistically they also are not as they are waging war on the US). Not really a bad idea.

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Comment Re: Laugh all the way to the bank (Score 1) 83

"In very rare circumstances do you ask a court to rule on a contract before anything has happened." -- queazocotal

That's my understanding too--a court generally gets involved when someone alleges someone else has broken the law, not when someone is considering doing something and wants to check it won't break the law. I expect Dixie_Flatline got the opposite view from the linked Microsoft or WinBeta articles, both of which imply otherwise (although neither directly state it). I'd hazard a guess that the WinBeta article is largely parroting the Microsoft one, and my feeling is that neither are particularly reliable sources.

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Comment Re:MOXIE is a lame and idiotic politcal stunt (Score 1) 109

Sure, but it I said, "hey, I found a spare trillion USD in the budget, let's setup a moon base and rotate the crew every 3 months", you would say "ok great, we've proven getting men to the moon and back is a realistic goal". And so it goes. The Russians and the Chinese are both looking at this as something they want to achieve in the next 20 years. It's a proven thing, there's no ifs ands or buts, you can put a man on the moon and bring him home safely.
If something goes horribly wrong on the moon, you can send them back in 4 days express mail style. No big deal.
It's six+ months to get someone home from Mars, and if something happens en route to mars, you just have to wait, there's no early return. If you find out you have terminal brain cancer three days after you leave earth, you have a full year before you can come home for treatment.
But some day we're going to send a man to Mars. Or I will weep for humanity. Hopefully in my lifetime.
At some point you have to prove out that it's possible to sustain human life for 6 months, a year, two years on the surface. That needs to happen sooner rather than later. Would you rather send a man to Mars with a system that has 6 months of flight heritage, or one with 12 years flight heritage? Your astronaut has to live for 2 years on the surface. Do you trust the design with 6 months or 12 years testing without failure? There's very little to no free oxygen on Mars. You have to send an oxygen generator there early on. You couldn't sail very far from shore without a reliable way to carry drinking water for 12 hours, 2, 3 days trip. If you can't provide drinking water for a 6 month trip across the atlantic, you're going to be stuck in Europe. You have to prove out the technology at some point.
If you don't understand the concept of "flight heritage", don't bother replying.

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Sure, cuz they want to get home in one piece. But I've never seen a drunk step carefully once they're out of their car. Because it's primitively understood that falling down is generally vastly less dangerous than getting in a car wreck.

In the dark, a drunk would've tripped on the single step up to my stoop.

Comment They used a vacuum, and a serious one at that. (Score 5, Informative) 201

It's probably #2. The paper, as presented at the 50th AIAA/ASME/SAE/ASEE Joint Propulsion Conference, is available for purchase. I happened to have a spare $25 and a burning curiosity. The full paper isn't available on the NASA site, only the abstract can be gotten there for free. If you wanna read the details, you have to pay for 'em.

Anyhow, here's the relevant bit from the paper: "Two roughing pumps provide the vacuum required to lower the environment to approximately 10 Torr in less than 30 minutes. Then, two high-speed turbo pumps are used to complete the evacuation to 5x10E-6 Torr, which requires a few additional days. During this final evacuation, a large strip heater (mounted around most of the circumference of the cylindrical chamber) is used to heat the chamber interior sufficiently to emancipate volatile substances that typically coat the chamber interior walls whenever the chamber is at ambient pressure with the chamber door open. During test run data takes at vacuum, the turbo pumps continue to run to maintain the hard vacuum environment."

I'm not a physicist, but the paper is still an absolutely fascinating read, and contains a number of color photos of the test apparatus, the device itself, etc. The amount of detail they went into for the experiment is really impressive; seismically isolating the test chamber, using liquid metal (galinstan) electrical contacts to eliminate any forces due to a mechanical coupling to a wire, compensating for the magnetic field that is created by passing electricity through the device, and so on. This is NASA we're talking about here, the guys that do ROCKET SCIENCE. The idea that they wouldn't test this device in a vacuum is laughable.

Something spooky is going on inside this device, and I hope it doesn't take us too long to figure out what is really happening.

Comment Re: You're welcome to them. (Score 1, Interesting) 402

The problem with Vim (and Emacs) is that they do not support anything modern, not even ctrl-z/x/c/v.

For programming Eclipse or NetBeans or Visual Studio is just miles away what of vi/emacs can do, especially out of the box. To get vi/emacs to work nearly as good as good IDE is just too big a job. For example NetBeans ctrl-b (go to declaration). Sure, you can install ctags, configure it, run it, tinker with it, tinker some more, add custom rules, search net, rinse-and-repeat and eventually you'll get something resembling ctrl-b, but not quite the same.
Or ctrl-space (complete word) - in NB this will understand the variable and give completitions according to that. It will give hints to the parameters too. In every language there is. Probably if you search-net, tinker, rinse-repeat you can get something almost similar working in one language in one platform with vi/emacs. I work in two (Linux & Windows). I do not want to waste my time to get mundane things like that to work properly. And the list is endless! Will vi color according to changes in VCS? According to syntax errors? Both at the same time, out of the box? Has it code prettifier for C, HTML, css, etc? Netbeans have plugin-repository from where you can get almost everything you'll ever need. Last time I used XEmacs it was net-search, try it, search next - maybe it works with current XEmacs, ...

Believe me, I have tried, I have used XEmacs for years, over 15. Then I just noticed that a program designed for vt100 is from the Stone Age.

Comment Re:Multiplayer (Score 1) 203

When we get the Steam boxes at large that will likely be easier.

Gigabyte have their Brix devices.

(they have more models)

One interesting Steam box design I saw was one which was hanged as a "backpack" on your TV.

I guess depending on whatever one already have a powerful PC or whatever one prefer tablets there may be a difference in whatever one would just want a simple box which can stream the games using the PC as rendering engine or a more capable one which will actually be running the games.

Since the Steam controller and Steam machines with SteamOS was delayed Alienware launches with Windows 8.1, Steam and the Xbox 360 controller instead (the Xbox One work in Windows now too with official drivers but have to be connected with micro-USB cable rather than wireless, I don't know when they will fix wireless connection for it but I haven't bought one waiting for that to happen in case I can't buy it separately.)

Feed Google News Sci Tech: Rare whale fossil recovered in Palos Verdes backyard - OCRegister (


Rare whale fossil recovered in Palos Verdes backyard
Los Angeles Sheriff's Department Montrose Search and Rescue team help in recovering a 14- to 16-million-year-old fossil contained on a rock in Rancho Palos Verdes on Friday. ED CRISOSTOMO , ED CRISOSTOMO, STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER.
16-million-year-old whale fossil 'rescued' from hillsideLos Angeles Times
Whale Fossil Dug Up in CaliforniaKEYC
Rare whale fossil pulled from California backyardSan Jose Mercury News
The Weather Channel
all 41 news articles

Comment Dan Geer is not James Clapper (Score 1) 124

Don't denigrate people because of associations. I've seen no evidence that Dan Geer is in a position to know about what the NSA and CIA have been lying to us about; indeed it would be gross operational incompetence for him to be in that position. His responsibility is to make near-future dual use security technology available to intelligence agencies. Although I'd prefer to see the CIA abolished and the NSA completely redirected and reorganized, that doesn't mean everyone associated those organizations are liberty destroying liars. For that, you need to be directly responsible for violating fourth amendment rights and lying about it to congress, e.g., James Clapper.
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Comment Re:so, I'm in the more than 8 yrs ago camp (Score 1) 391

I don't think this is very common anymore. Used to be.

It used to be the cheapest (and only) way to get a decent home computer. Now a days, if you try to spec a Dell and buy the components yourself, the Dell will be cheaper (I go that way because it's easy to build something they don't offer). So why bother to build if Dell can sell you the same thing for less? And with a better warranty than you'd get on the individual parts. Computers went from being "investments" to commodities.

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Comment Re:What about a coal powered Tesla? (Score 0) 122

Cool, you put more effort into it than I did. At best electrics are a tad better... But what if we moved to Gas generator powered electrics?
But that's silly of course... My point is: With Nuclear, emissions are 0.
So why the hell not? Because a 50yr old plant that got hit by one of the largest earthquakes in history, then one of the largest tidal waves in history had a problem that could never happen to a more modern plant even after such insane disasters? Really?

Save the earth, go nuclear.

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