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Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 50

You know, my tivo adds additional commercial content to my viewing experience, content that cannot be turned off or skipped. I like my tivo, but have come to realize that maybe the company is not so efficient given that it needs to engage in promoting content in addition to a monthly fee.

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Comment Re:Legitimate concerns (Score 1) 282

There is far more at work there than words though. If I shout "kill the Jews" where I am, no one is going to go kill Jews. The people that do go attack them are not acting on my words, they are acting on their own hatred. When you make an act of violence towards someone else, you are responsible for that. I don't care if someone tells me to go punch some dude in the face, if I go punch the guy that is on me.

Hitler employed propaganda videos because they worked. Terrorist groups employ propaganda videos because they work. The fact of the matter is that some videos equal indoctrination; people would not have become extremist if they were constantly bombarded by these messages in the media.

By the time someone throws a punch it's too late. Take a look at the kind of violence that took place in France and ask yourself: how many protesters committed violence versus how many were arrested. The fact of the matter is, there are many more people doing the indoctrination and violence attacks than getting arrested. If the police were arresting 100% of people committing violence then it would be a different story. These protests are growing, not shrinking.

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Feed Google News Sci Tech: Facebook's New App Gives Free Internet Access in Developing World - TIME (

Sky News Australia

Facebook's New App Gives Free Internet Access in Developing World
Facebook is taking another big step toward fulfilling its vision of bringing the Internet to the entire world. On Thursday, the company launched its first app for, a partnership among tech giants to beam wireless service to developing markets. The new...
Facebook's Launches In Zambia; Perhaps We Should Be Expanding ... Forbes
Facebook launches free internet app for basic online servicesFinancial Express
Facebook app launched in ZambiaBelfast Telegraph
Channel News
all 239 news articles

Comment Re:Legitimate concerns (Score 3, Insightful) 282

For speech to result in physical attacks - a strong causal connection - that's no longer hate speech, that's "incitement to riot". We've had no problem keeping "hate speech" legal but "incitement to riot" illegal in America for centuries now.

Speech should always be protected as speech. But telling your bodyguard to shoot someone is not illegal because of the words you use, but instead because of the immediate desired outcome of that speech. Running on a platform of killing all the Jews is political speech, and should be protected (and for goodness sake, please oh please let the candidate actually say that sort of thing on camera, not keep it as a secret agenda, so that democracy can happen properly there). Saying "hey, lets go attack that guy right there, right now!" has never been protected speech.

"On a computer" changes nothing.

No one is that dumb. You will be hard pressed to find direct/immediate causality between repeated demonization against ethnic groups and the subsequent violence protests that ensue. But there is also no denying that when people post videos that incite hate against ethnic groups, coupled with a caption that says "Fucking Jews!" it tends to have a real effect. I just saw a video spread on Facebook that claimed to show Israeli soldiers burying Palestinian children alive with exactly that caption. Now, the soldiers in question were not Israeli (the Jordanian flag on the uniform kind of gave that away) but most of the viewers did not catch on. The video received over 1,500 shares with 1,200 comments to the effect of "Jewish bloodsuckers, we should end them". So sure, I can't count how many of the people who viewed this video went on to commit violence against Jews. But I can guess many of them were negatively affected and a sizable portion of them went out to protest, and a portion of them turned to violence.

It's no coincidence that Hitler employed a strong propaganda campaign. If this kind of crap didn't work, he wouldn't have bothered. We need to admit that words, photos and videos make a difference and do lead to increased racism and eventually physical violence. We need to find a way to balance these concerns with Freedom of Speech.

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Comment Re:Van Braun built weapons for Nazis (Score 4, Interesting) 165

There's actually a long story behind this, and Von Braun was actually arrested because Hitler suspected he was a traitor. Von Braun was a visionary who just loved rockets and wanted to land on the moon and colonize space. The Nazis were a funding means-to-an-end for his rocketry studies. After the Nazis tried to arrest him and his team, he escaped with some equipment and top scientists to defect to the allies.

So no, it's not at all accurate to speculate that Von Braun was a Nazi or into that whole ideology.

He used his expertise to con the Nazis into paying for his very expensive hobby.
Then he came to the USA, and played the same con on Congress to fund his continued work here. Congress thought they were getting ICBMs to wave at the Russians. Von Braun was getting a moon landing, and who gives a shit about politics.

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Comment Never (Score 3, Insightful) 391

Q: How many software engineers does it take to change a lightbulb?
A: None. That's a hardware problem.

I was a SOFTWARE test engineer for 30+ years and a programmer before that (starting in the early 1960s). I understand what many of the hardware components do, but that is the limit of my knowledge.

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Comment Re:Yes and no, maybe (Score 1) 189

Ah yes, I fondly remember teachers requiring multiple sources for claims made in a paper.. to prevent errors and all that.. and then getting pissed as hell when you used the same method to find errors in the "single source" textbook they were trying to pass off as "truth." They *really* hated it when you pointed out that they weren't using multiple sources to back the ideas they presented either...

I suppose, in hindsight, I might have been one of those "difficult" students...

Comment Re:Legitimate concerns (Score 1) 282

The people on the receiving end of said hate speech would disagree

So you claim to speak for all people who are 'victims' of hate speech?

Furthermore, that's nothing more than an ad hominem attack; a fallacy. "You're not a victim of hate speech, so all of your arguments are invalid." Someone's arguments stand on their own merit, and whether or not they've had hate speech directed at them has nothing to do with whether their arguments are valid.

I'm not saying your argument is invalid, nor should you imply mine is. I'm saying that there are legitimate concerns on both sides and it is wrong for pro-Anonymity proponents to dismiss the other point of view out of hand. There are legitimate concerns about how Freedom of Speech is abused to spread hate against a visible ethnic groups which, in some instances, has led to violence.

You might disagree with how we should tackle this problem, but you shouldn't dismiss the problem exists altogether. I look forward to suggestions on how we can tackle these problems.

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Comment Either.. (Score 1) 53

Either a sock puppet account trying to make sure people are getting messages about how "cool" the concept is. Or. Someone nerd raging and believing everything technology is cool. Or Finally. The person chose an offensive vocabulary to express their thoughts.

I'll lean toward the last thing, mixed with the middle.

I will state that the rating of "Troll" is wrong also, and it agrees with my thoughts (though I'd have expressed them differently). If "Fuck the CIA" can get modded insightful (in a thread yesterday), so can this.

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Comment Re: Perspective (Score 2) 111

Yes, yes, yes. If they absolutely must expand then expand here in Europe. But they should be spending more money here in France though making sure they can actually serve more than... 25% of the territory, rather than taking on the world. They have changed France but their kind of disruption only ever works if you know how to massage the system, and I seriously doubt old Xavier will be able to do that outside France.

Comment Re:Time Shifting? (Score 1) 317

No. Here's the relevant part of the ruling, quoting the Senate report on the bill:

"[i]f the `primary purpose' of the recording function is to make objects other than digital audio copied recordings, then the machine or device is not a `digital audio recording device,' even if the machine or device is technically capable of making such recordings."

What information does the car's system digitally record other than music? That it might display digital information, or play digital information isn't relevant, since those don't involve the recording function.

Computers record lots of stuff to their hard drives. Some of it is music, but the ability to write to disk isn't primarily designed for digital music, nor primarily marketed for that.

Comment Re:White Werhner von Braun may be many things... (Score 1) 165

Imagine if Skylab had stayed in orbit and been used as the basis of an ISS 20 years earlier.

I don't think the substances that would allow me to imagine that are actually legal.

Seriously, by the time of the third occupancy crew Skylab was badly worn out on top of the damage caused by the loss of the heat shield. It would have been much more of a liability due to the amount of work required to resupply and refit it.

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