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You want to go skiing without leaving your den, you can. But I'm assuming a guy like you, you wanna go skiing you fly to Aspen. That's not what you're interested in here. It's about the stuff you can't have... right? The forbidden fruit... see that guy, with the drop-dead Philipino girlfriend? Wouldn't you like to be that guy for twenty minutes? The right twenty minutes? ... You want to be a girl... see what that feels like? ... It's all doable.

- Lenny, Strange Days

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such as the massive & ongoing civil rights violations/infringements that most people agree are wrong, regardless of what political stripe they self-identify as.

But I think that's wrong.

You and I may not agree with this, but I think that MOST people are quite happy to trade-away their civil liberties for the illusion of security. Particularly those who are convinced that since they "do nothing wrong", they have nothing to fear from such violations.

It's a very sad commentary on our democratic peers, but unfortunately, factual, and consistent with pretty much everything else that's gone on since 9/11, (and more-or-less, since the McCarthy era - with regard to "communists").

We're not going to unite in this country. Period. It's like Morpheus said, in The Matrix: "Most people are not ready to be unplugged from the system, and will fight to protect it." Cliche, but true.

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There is no reason that any of these services need to be, or should be, bundled with "publishing". There are plenty of people offering these services, either per-page, or for an hourly rate. You can find them on any Freelancer website.

Do these NEED to be bundled? No. SHOULD they be? I don't know. That depends on the situation. What I can tell you is that I care about good editing, consistent formatting, good writing, and an overall decent job in making a book. There may be loads of qualified people out there who can do these things as freelancers, but how do I know if the book I'm looking at to buy was edited by these qualified people, or by the author himself, who did a crappy job, or something in between?

Today, if I purchase a book from any number of reputable presses, I know exactly what to expect for these standards. Further, I know that many of these presses only accept quality vetted monographs for publication in the first place. I also know that the vast majority of books I want to buy (mostly specialized "academic" books) require a higher standard of care and expertise than average... and they may only sell a few thousand or even a few hundred copies, so they'll never even get put together for publication at a price of $10.

You want to live in a world without all that stuff? Fine. Let your books be done the way you want. But why does that justify you in saying it's okay for Amazon to bully publishers so it's no longer possible for anyone to make the kind of books I want? Obviously in many cases publishers are skimming money off the top. In the case of books I buy, the publisher often are losing money even when they charge $50 or more per book. (And yes, I know some of the people who run the backend of academic presses, so I'm not making this up.)

Why shouldn't someone who produces a product be able to decide its price? If we really want the market to be free and resolve unnecessary inefficiencies, then let customers decide, not Amazon. If customers only buy the $10 crap books from no-name press and self-publications, the publishers will naturally go out of business. If, on the other hand, customers are willing to pay $15 or $20 or $50 for a book -- for whatever reason -- why should Amazon be able to say the publisher can't charge that?

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Then Libraries should partner with Amazon. Like the book. Try it in the library. Order it, and your UAV will drop it off at your house before you get home (or upload it to your Kindle). There's already lots of "free" places to browse books. The library. I don't see the problem.

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You manage your resources, I'll manage mine :)

And frankly, if both of us would allow thousands of species to go extinct so that our yummy steak animals had more room, we'd probably manage them the same way :)

For the record, I care about yummy animals. Cute animals can go fuck themselves - if they did, they might beat the selective pressures building around them :)

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I would still argue one point then: weight stability has nothing to do with internal absorption.

If a person is gaining weight that means their caloric intake is in excess of what they are using. If a stable weight is desired they must either reduce intake or increase calorie usage into a balance. Even if they have a high hunger response and can't reduce caloric intake they could do more activities that burn calories rather continue a more sedentary lifestyle.

The thing that really sucks is that moving around more ( burning calories ) is much much more difficult to start once obesity has set in due to how obesity affects the body. Stresses on joints and support bones are much greater, Oxygen absorption is generally lower, and depending on how obese the person is pressure on the diaphragm may make hard breathing even more difficult.

Between the difficulty in getting started exercising and the difficulty in breaking bad eating habits makes it very hard for many obese people to lose the weight. This does not excuse them from giving up before trying though.

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Net angular momentum. Writing software to model simple square-distance fall-off force attraction across many particles will yield a flattened, or progressively more ovoid distribution, depending on the net angular momentum, if angular momentum is conserved.

I did it in high school, give it a shot.

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