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This is a donation driven project written by a single developer. Why would he do this? What benefits would come from collecting personal information and hiding it from users?

Palant claims that Adblock is covertly scaling up into something similar to what Adblock Plus has done.

Anyway, I'm not sure these browser extensions are sufficiently complex and hard to maintain that they can't like Adblock Edge be run by volunteers. If anything it's the filter list maintainers who should get our donations. The big adblockers only have scope to "turn evil" to the extent that people don't switch.

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Long Island is gifted with clear waters and white sand beaches. It is undoubtedly a romantic location for couples who would really want to have beach wedding events. Yet, there are couples from Long Island who really want to tie the knot in the city, like in New York. One of the best ideas to exchan (

Comment No they don't (Score 1) 570

You have no idea how it works, do you?

Debt collectors are nearly always separate companies. So what happens is you get way behind on a payment, the company you owe tries and tries to get money, but they fail. Finally, they just write it off. They then sell your debt to a debt collector. These debt collectors buy it cheap, usually 10% or less of the original amount. The company takes the loss and goes on with it. The collector then tries to get money so that they make a profit on the debt, and not a loss.

Companies do not want to sell a debt because there's no way they can sell it for what it is worth. They'd much rather have the money.

Student loans are a little different, since Sallie Mae does both loans AND collections, and student loans they offer are usually government insured (so they get their money no matter what) and you can't discharge student loan debt. Also they are a complete cluster fuck of stupidity since they are basically the worst combination of private enterprise and government agency (they were originally government, now private, but have something of a special status). They are currently under investigation regarding their practices.

Normal consumer debt though, they don't want you to default on. What they would like is that you run up a lot of debt and they pay it off slowly, paying a lot of interest, but pay it on time and completely. They would not like you to default.

Comment Re:Trailer not HFR? (Score 3, Insightful) 156

Believe me, 48FPS is not the future. Or if it is, then there is a long way to go in setting it up and filming it properly.

It probably is, but I'm guessing our generation will have a really hard time accepting it. Our minds have been conditioned to think of 24 FPS displays as "cinematic" and higher FPS (30 or higher) at "cheaper", because for years the TV images we've seen *have* looked much "cheaper". It's an association that I don't think we can easily rationalize our way out of. Why do you think videogames have gone so far as to artificially render fake film grain or lens flare artifacts? That's a completely illogical thing to do except for the pleasant association people have with the look of traditional movie media.

Simply put, I think the high frame rate and high fidelity end up causing a negative association in our minds. It's not that it really looks worse - we're just not used to it looking quite so sharp and fluid, and it just doesn't feel "cinematic" to us. At least, that's the conclusion I've come to. Honestly, nothing else makes much sense to me, because otherwise, we're always pushing to make the picture better, more realistic, etc. After all, you can't really blame increased frame rate for making a movie set look more "fake", right? Film has always been a "high resolution" experience, after all.

Or, put another way, I think film technology just fell into the uncanny valley for some people, where it looks so close to reality that their brains are rebelling a bit and causing distractions, which leads to a poor viewing experience.

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Journal Journal: When i need to reframe a new pair of glasses

While performing periodical refraction examination, under which circumstances there should be a need to re-frame a new pair of glasses? (

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Journal Journal: Why NHT Global Leads Industry

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Comment It's only gone 25 miles? (Score 2) 46

I realize it's done much more than it was designed for, and we got more bang for our buck, but when I first read TFS, I thought this:

"If the rover can continue to operate the distance of a marathon — 26.2 miles (about 42.2 kilometers) — it will approach the next major investigation site mission

...meant, "If the rover can travel just 26.2 MORE miles THAN IT ALREADY HAS TRAVELED, then..."

It's been on Mars for over 10 years. It's not a very fast little bugger, is it?

They had their own goals and all that, but my first goal, if I was sending something millions of miles away (I don't know how far it traveled when it went to Mars, but the closest approach between earth and mars has been 34.8 million miles), I'd certainly want the ability to move it more than XXX feet per day. 25 miles is REALLY short compared to it's 35 million+ mile trip to get there!

Comment Re:Unfortunately? (Score 1) 82

Wrong, I don't need a Tivo to use their code.

That is beside the point. This isn't about *you*.

This is about the 99.99% of people who use Tivo code, use it on a Tivo, and as a result they are denied the particular freedoms the original authors of the code it is licensed under intended for them to have.

Granted 98% of them don't care about the license or about changing the code. But the authors of the original code AND the license cared a great deal about it.

A loophole that clearly many authors wanted and have accepted as "by design".

Absolutlely not an outcome the authors of the license wanted. And I'm skeptical you can find any developers who expressly WANTED the GPL for tivoization... i mean if you want that, then use the BSD or something. There are lots of perfectly suitable licenses for that use.

What realistic scenario can you put forth where the developer actively wants to license their code under the GPL and simultaneously doesn't want people to be able to modify the code they received to run on on the equipment the code is installed on?

Seriously. Find one.

And no, Tivo itself doesn't count, they didn't author original code and actively select the GPL... they merely took the GPL code that was out there because it was out there and used it, and ran a legal end run around the authors intentions.

Not everybody who uses the GPLv2 (or any FSF license) subscribes to the FSF ideology,

There does have to be a fairly substantial overlap with FSF ideology though, otherwise you'd pick something else, like BSD.

in fact some of the most prominent ones (Linux for example) explicitly do not.

By "Linux" I assume you mean Linus? And while its clear he disagrees with the FSF on some key points, you'd be hard pressed to demonstrate that he actively approves of Tivoization. At best I'd say he doesn't like the GPLv3's method of trying to prevent it. But I could be mistaken. I'm not Linus.

Comment Re:Radicalization (Score 1) 868

Are you encouraging people to use hostages as shields? Are you encouraging people to deliberately endanger their own civilians by firing from within a crowd? Of course, nobody can tell who fired from within the crowd, because there are no uniforms or insignia.

Seems to me that the Palestinians belonging to Hamas put an unequal value on Hamas and non-Hamas life. Like a gang, or a movie Mafia family, only the members are "real people", and everyone else is just a nonentity to be used or risked at whim. They're almost as dangerous to their neighbors as to their enemies.
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