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Of the winners in computing, those that won because of technical merit are swarmed by those that won for other reasons.

Things win because they are "good enough", for a "reasonable enough" price, at the right time - but it helps if they are being pushed by a ruthless, anti-competitive monster monopoly.

Submission + - Why use an Independent Estate Agent (

jezzards writes: When speaking to new clients one of the questions we are often asked is ‘what stands us apart from all of the other estate agents in Town?’ The answer is many things, but in particular it is our Independence.

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I haven't had problems even if my iPad 2 is slower than others. I did recently have to "hard reset" the whole thing about 4 months ago and that reinstalled the OS from and all the programs from scratch. After that it ran MUCH better, like brand new.

I've been camping on an iPhone 3GS for 4 years. it's been perfectly serviceable.... the main thing I see is that the 256MB ram limit seems to be the bigger problem with apps swapping in an out way too often now that the minimum supported iOS device is 512MB. There's no point bitching about "withheld features" because that's just how things work.


Popular Android Apps Full of Bugs: Researchers Blame Recycling of Code 150

New submitter Brett W (3715683) writes The security researchers that first published the 'Heartbleed' vulnerabilities in OpenSSL have spent the last few months auditing the Top 50 downloaded Android apps for vulnerabilities and have found issues with at least half of them. Many send user data to ad networks without consent, potentially without the publisher or even the app developer being aware of it. Quite a few also send private data across the network in plain text. The full study is due out later this week.

Comment Re:I know you're trying to be funny, but... (Score 1) 739

where is that obligation.. I don't remember reading it in the GPL.

I'd rather have a beer with Torvalds than RMS any day of the week and I don't even drink.

anyways, had he not been so called abusive, I would not know that version of gcc is crappy and that someone was shipping that with some release(i guess unstable though)

Submission + - The Truth About Silencers (

An anonymous reader writes: Silencers are properly known as sound suppressors and are among the least understood of all firearm accessories. Long marginalized as an assassin’s tool, this extremely useful accessory was designed to reduce the audible sound signature of the firearm on which it is mounted. The basic premise is by trapping the hot gasses of the fired cartridge at the muzzle and slowly cooling them in the same manner that an automobile muffler performs on a car’s exhaust. This was meant as a means of hearing protection for the shooter and those in the immediate vicinity.

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(Took a chance seeing who's post this third one was, hoping that since mine wasn't a political JE it might not be toxic.)

I ask you to make fewer assumptions in the future based on the author's name alone.

As I had been wondering that if this person was trying to get in, why not really try and get in, so thanks for posting this as a possible explanation.

You're welcome. I have heard of it happening more than once at universities; in research labs, offices, libraries, even in dorms.

Still uncomfortably brazen of this person.

I agree. Some people are quite bold.

I suppose with the blinds flapping so wildly, this person could've looked in and saw the back of someone sitting in a recliner and could've decided to take the chance that I had fallen asleep and that maybe it was potentially a grab-and-go opportunity.

I can't speak for them or their motivations. Indeed they could have been after something else entirely or it could have been someone who thought they were at a different door. I will speculate though from what I have read of grab 'n dash crimes previously that they likely didn't think real hard on it; I'd be surprised if they even looked in the window. If they had heard your TV they may have even thought there were a number of people there (party) and that it would be that much easier to walk in, grab something, and walk back out.

I would say think pickpocket, not mugger / murderer.

And I would never defend property with a firearm

If you're near the door, and they come in and you shoot before you wait to see if they are armed, I would say you were defending your property more than your life. Now granted some would say that if you wait you are foolish, and gambling with your life or whatnot. Generally the pizza guy knocks, and people seeking help say so from the door (rather than coming through it first), but it could just be someone at the wrong door with no malicious intent.

Personally I would expect that if you just yelled at the person at the door - just a loud "HEY WHO (with or without expletive inserted here) ARE YOU" - they would probably turn tail and run without even pushing the door open.

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Look, I used to work in public relations years ago and one of our clients was the Israeli government. I used to go into the stock room and copy press releases on our stock of blue-and-white Israeli government letterheads, and mail them out to the newspapers and broadcasters.

After I started reading about the IDF and settlers killing children, I didn't want to do that (relatively well-paid) work any more.

I used to call the Israeli government to check out the Amnesty International reports of killing Palestinians (mostly children) and other human rights abuses, like arresting journalists and Palestinian advocates of Ghandian non-violence.

I really was surprised that they routinely lied. A lot of times they really got caught red-handed. Once they claimed that a Palestinian peace activist had said in a newspaper interview that he wanted to take over all of Israel. I looked up the newspaper interview and he said just the opposite.

One Israeli embassy guy apologized to me when he checked something out and it became clear that his government had lied.

The Israeli government PR people claim that everybody lies. That's the "everybody does it" excuse. It's not true. Amnesty International, B'selem, Human Rights Watch never lie, and when they do make (rare) mistakes, they admit it. And I challenge anybody to demonstrate otherwise.

The human rights groups get their facts from eyewitnesses on the ground. The Israeli government gets its statements from government officials in Jerusalem who have never been on the ground. The Israeli government doesn't investigate what happened on the ground. The eyewitnesses say that nobody from the Israeli government asked them what they saw.

You could find all that out from reading the B'Tselem reports on their web site.

When those boys were shelled and killed on the beach in Gaza, they were killed in front of a hotel full of foreign reporters, including a guy from the New York Times. They deliberately killed a group of boys who were playing soccer. How do you justify that? The Israeli government hasn't even tried.

So I'll pull rank on you. I know more about the subject than you do. The Israeli government, and the IDF, lies. You can't trust what they say. And you can trust what B'Tselem says. If there were terrorist activities in Wafa hospital, I'd like to see the evidence. And the Israeli government's claims aren't evidence. They've proven that they'll just deny everything.

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