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Fine, blame the US government. They publicly admitted knowing the separatists had a high altitude missile system from July the 4th on, apparently they were looking for fireworks because they told no one, until the civilian aircraft was shot down by a trained crew of Russian speaking Ukraines whose alliances are still unknown as they have not been made available for harsh interrogation techniques as well as a threat of execution upon prosecution for the crime they committed. Apparently volunteers were available to fire the Ukraine missile system but not volunteers available to stand trial and put the blame upon those who orchestrated this. Keeping in mind only the Ukraine government could have provided clearance for the civilian aircraft and it did so after July the 4th, long after 'losing' the missile system.

As for missile fire from Russia into the Ukraine, US approved retaliation for artillery fire one nation into another has been categorically made clear in Israel's example and there were those Russian deaths in Russia. US approved response includes everything from return fire, through to air attacks and even ground assault or is that only applicable for Israel and Russia is denied that response.

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No, you publicly claimed you were paranoid. One of the only true things you've ever said.

NO, I did not. That is NOT what I wrote in the comment. That isn't even a distortion, it's just a plain old lie.

What I wrote was that I thought for a time I was being paranoid, but that the situation turned out to not be paranoia at all; it was real.

Stop lying about me. Period. Take your distortions and you lies and go crawl in a hole somewhere.

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AcmeDisys writes: Twenty years ago, most noteworthy Medical Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) bailed out of the business of molding. The decision was taken by the OEMs.
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He's being a bully, pure and simple - using his popularity to shove around others. That should not be tolerated, full stop.

If it was pure abuse. maybe, but history if full of abusive assholes who did amazing things, purely because the abuse isn't by some ignorant asshole, but one who actually knows what they're talking about.

Now, if there's something you don't know about, being abusive is just being abusive. But if you do know your shit inside and out, being abusive can get your point across.

Steve Jobs, Theo De Raadt, and Linus Torvalds are basically the few who are abusive assholes, but everyone also knows that they do know what they're talking about. (In Job's case, the RDF is basically a mirror that says "is that REALLY the best you can do? You can't do it any better if you tried?").

Oh yeah, it's a terrible environment - there are plenty of people who packed up and left Apple after meeting Jobs (many really good people too). Just like there's plenty of kernel devs put off by Linus, and likewise for OpenBSD. Unfortunately, the truth is, they do get results.

And no, MBA types, you can't do it. Only a very limited few can be assholes and get away with it. Chances are, if you're not one of the three people I listed (of which one is deceased), you won't succeed.

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An anonymous reader writes: Storm Isle Productions recently launched a Kickstarter campaign seeking funding for their upcoming debut title, Disciples Of The Storm (DOTS), a completely new game IP inspired by elements of the 1997 game, NetStorm: Islands At War. At the time, NetStorm received critical acclaim for its unique blend of Real-Time Strategy and Tetris-style puzzle gameplay elements. In 2010, the team began a tribute project of a NetStorm fan remake in Unity. Now, Storm Isle is working alongside a few of the original NetStorm developers to help completely reimagine the world, while retaining the familiarity that fans loved while adding new improvements. It’s rare you’ll find a team of developers more experienced, passionate and dedicated than this, definitely worth keeping an eye on this project.

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> They drill this into us all the time in martial arts. When fighting, you don't have time to sit and think about your next move, it just has to come naturally, like some kind of instinct.

You're talking about "reflex", not "muscle memory". I've done martial arts too, and found the problem with this approach is that, if someone has very reflexive, "automatic" defensive moves, it's very easy for an attacker to take advantage of that by baulking. Making the defender expect an attack in one place, then attacking somewhere else instead. Reflexes don't deal with that very well.

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ameliagaby06 writes: Everybody realizes the simple standard behind insurance. Individuals or groups lessen their financial risk by sharing their money with others who have a alike risk. When a loss happens, a big fund is available to balance it.

Likewise, insurance companies are challenged with the problem and complaints of how to make the law of great numbers work to their benefits. Many insurance companies use their reserves to offer an important source of revenue as investment income. Any unpredictably big loss would affect with that income stream, and having to pay the total amount of each claim could disturb the company’s ratings and even its capacity to maintain the business. Because of that, almost every big insurance company buys “reinsurance” coverage.

Reinsurance coverage supports to alleviate probable results, firming the primary insurer’s financial condition and guarding against catastrophic losses. In its simplest form, reinsurance, at times known as secondary insurance, insures the primary insurer for a ration of losses continued beyond a sure limit in exchange for a premium payment.

Reinsurance necessitates great amounts of money. Most risks necessitating secondary insurance are too vast for any one company to guarantee alone. Consequently, a worldwide marketplace has established to share these risks. Even though any insurance company can theoretically write reinsurance, a small group of companies— like Axis Capital, based in Bermuda with 29 branches worldwide dominates the reinsurance market.

Reinsurance rates are not structured but are negotiated. In 2010, primary insurance companies collected $861 billion in total premiums while reinsurance companies had total premiums of $96 billion in SE Asian countries like KL Malaysia, Beijing China, Singapore or Jakarta Indonesia alone. Reinsurance mediators help the primary insurers in attaining excellent, inexpensive reinsurance. With their comprehensive contact to reinsurance companies, intermediaries serve an important role in shopping the market for the most modest rates and negotiating reinsurance contracts. Characteristically, a reinsurance broker is compensated a percentage of the premiums to find willing reinsurers and help sell the rates and terms of the reinsurance policy.

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melarky writes: This is a fun weekend project that most nerds will appreciate. Step by step instructions and also a handy video will make the construction of this project fast and easy. I have seen lots of plans for sale (or actual guns/kits for sale), but couldn't seem to find any plans for free. I played around with a few different designs (even cut my first few on a homemade CNC machine) and finally landed on this design. I made the guide more accessible to the general public (no need for a CNC machine here), so if you've ever dreamed of ending friendships because of hundreds of rubber band welts, nows your chance!
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