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Journal Journal: Should You Rent or Buy Your Motor Home or RV?

Have you ever thought about just how nice it might be to own your own motor home? Being the owner of one could allow you the possibility to make a fun cross country trip. If you have contemplated purchasing a motor home, but have never really taken a trip in one before, it s something you should try (

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Not quite that bad about 1/3rd of consumer traffic. There is a lot of non-consumer traffic. But regardless it is a ton of traffic.

It would behoove a company that sells Internet service to provision sufficient bandwidth to the part of the Internet their customers are paying so much to access

Why? Why wouldn't they want Netflix to pay given their usage?

Maybe Netflix should just get into the fiber business and start collecting that $100/month instead of a measly $12 since they are already providing half the service anyway.

Going into last mile delivery is incredibly expensive. Netflix couldn't afford it. On the other hand signing their own peering agreements and paying Verizon, Comcast... some of the cost of delivery would solve the problem.

Feed Google News Sci Tech: Nissan recalls over 226000 more vehicles over defective air bags - Fox News (

Fox News

Nissan recalls over 226000 more vehicles over defective air bags
Fox News
NEW YORK – Nissan is recalling more than 226,000 additional vehicles over a defective air bag that has affected much of the global auto industry. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said Saturday that Nissan North America Inc. is recalling...
Nissan recalls more than 226000 cars over faulty airbagsAsiaOne
Nissan expands US recall of cars with defective Takata air bagsReuters

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Comcast has already said the same thing. There are only about a 1/2 dozen vendors that could handle a surge like that at all. So let's say they push the traffic to AT&T. With AT&T getting their own Netflix's traffic plus Verizon's Netflix traffic they might complain as well.

At some point Netflix is just going to have to pay for asymmetrical traffic and create an agreement.

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