Australian Government Moving Forward With Anti-Piracy Mandate For ISPs 128

angry tapir (1463043) writes Australia is moving closer to a regime under which ISPs will be forced to block access to websites whose "dominant purpose" is to facilitate copyright violations. A secret government discussion paper (PDF) has been leaked and proposes a system of website blocking and expanded liability for ISPs when it comes to "reasonable steps that can be taken ... to discourage or reduce online copyright infringement."

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Comment Catch up at the back (Score 2) 98

TOR's already broken!

This, from last week:

Black Hat anti-Tor talk smashed by lawyers' wrecking ball
Boring Carnegie-Mellon University lawyers have scuppered one of the most hotly anticipated talks at the Black Hat conference – which would have explained how $3,000 of kit could unmask Tor hidden services and user IP addresses.

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Comment Re:Sure they care about competion (Score 1) 77

That's why almost everywhere in the US there is a monopoly on Cable TV and Telephone

The Fed doesn't have a thing to do with local franchise agreements.

Since the late 90s, technology has allowed telephone companies to provide TV, and cable companies to provide telephone service, so it's a duopoly all the way. Then you can throw in satellite providers of TV and internet, and cellular providers of phone and internet, and let's not forget the superior option of OTA TV antennas, and most everyone has several choices for all of the above, thanks to technology more than any regulation.

Comment WTF??? Did I miss something in that argument? (Score 1) 200

Isn't that what consumers pay Netflix for (and justly so!)? And where the hell would that work? If the ISP didn't pay the bill, then the service would fail and the consumer wouldn't pay their part of the bill either. These guys are fucking insane. A chimp eating carrots out of his own asshole makes more sense.

Reality: cable companies are afraid of Netflix because they fear the day they lose the competition with them.

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Comment so.. they're really afraid of.. (Score -1) 200

Netflix becoming like ABC or NBC, or CBS, or Time Warner, or whatever, demanding payment for delivery of the content before the cable company can distribute it.

Dem consumerist types must love Netflix as much as KFC and Pizza hut I guess. or something. and prime time drivel.

This comment is nice and all but what if this showed the incentive to want to kill Netflix by hampering delivery of their content? O.o

Comment Re: Why? (Score 1) 92

And, as proof of that, starting in November, the official CAs will stop issuing those types of certs.

Not quite. As of November, the official CAs will claim that they've stopped issuing those types of certs. When something like the SSL Observatory points out that they're still issuing them, they'll say that this (and the other 8,192 times they did it) was a one-off mistake and they've updated their policies to make sure it never happens again. Then when they get caught again they'll say that it was test certificates that accidentally escaped. After that, they'll stop responding to reports. And we'll all be much, much safer, and phishing will be eradicated once and for all.

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Journal Journal: test

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Journal Journal: Comedy Central Renews Drunk History and Nathan For You

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Comment Re:What? (Score 4, Interesting) 200

Yeah, i don't see how their supposed 'netflix is going to extort us' scare is supposed to work. Everything I remember about how the internet works pretty much invalidates the idea.

I think they're looking at how cable companies have to pay content providers to broadcast their content.

Disney, ESPN, CNN, etc all charge the cable company for their content. If the cable company doesn't pay, then their customers don't get the channels.

Will this happen with websites or Netflix? It doesn't seem possible, yet it's hard to know just where all this is going.

Consider facebook. What would happen if suddenly facebook demanded an ISP pay them for access by the ISP's customers? Who would the customers blame? Would they simply give up on facebook or would they hound their ISP to pay up?

Comment Re:Millionare panhandlers (Score 4, Informative) 200

You mean complete imaginary bullshit made up by and propagated by greedy sociopaths eager to rationalize their abandonment of their fellow man?

"Greedy sociopaths" like EVERY charitable organization on earth, which tells you NOT to EVER give money to panhandlers?

A huge number of those begging for money, are quite comfortable and not hungry homeless people. Direct them to the nearest shelter, instead of giving them a dollar.

Comment Re:DEsalination plants should be a priority (Score 1) 377

You seem to think people are rational, or can be forced into rational thinking. This is not the case. For example, even now in times of drought and mandatory water conservation, we have HOAs attempting to enforce lawn watering rules.

To fight against this specific issue here in San Diego, Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzales has been pushing for CA AB2104 which would prevent the HOA from imposing rules upon homeowners observing water regulations. It's a sad state of affairs, but NIMBYism isn't rational.
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