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Comment Bad Plane (Score 2) 184

This plane is an ef'ing joke, at least from my perspective as Canadian ex-military. Does not operate well in cold weather, and has only one engine. If you lose an engine while patrolling the arctic, you go down. This is an overpriced, overcomplicated piece of shit. Our government has produced at least two reports that have stated that this is an inappropriate and overpriced solution for what we need, yet regardless the federal government (across two parties) seems to keep trying to back it, and even now, another report is surfacing suggesting this might change.

Small, stupid suggestion: Screw this boondoggle, and pay Canadian companies to produce a world-class, well-designed and actually useful aircraft to replace the well-performing, but old, CF-18s. And if the US doesn't like it, too bad.

Add to that special helmets? By a country engaged in war-crimes and atrocities? Yeah, that will sell it.

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Comment Re:space junk (Score 1) 118

The agreement, not treaty consisted of

Respect Ukrainian independence and sovereignty within its existing borders.
Refrain from the threat or use of force against Ukraine.
Refrain from using economic pressure on Ukraine in order to influence its politics.
Seek United Nations Security Council action if nuclear weapons are used against Ukraine.
Refrain from the use of nuclear arms against Ukraine.
Consult with one another if questions arise regarding these commitments.

Now while it can be argued that America broke the first condition by spending billions inside the Ukraine to destabilize the government leading to the resignation of its democratically elected leader, the only country that the USA promised to ensure the Ukrainians safety from was America.

Full text,

Comment Re:Obligatory Slashdot knee jerk (Score 1) 928

I don't give a shit about "bad publicity" or either of these two idiots -- the gate agent or the passenger.

Next time, guy could just try doing as he's told by those in charge of the situation.

Perhaps once an idiot gate agent plays the "safety threat" card against you for an equally nonsensical reason you might come to develop a slightly different outlook on the situation.

Comment Re:Customer service? (Score 1) 928

That doesn't help if the people who got on ahead of you have bags like that, and many people do. Bag manufacturers know the exact dimensions of those bins and make bags to match. People have so little faith that they'll find an empty bin at their seat, that often the people in the back who board first use an empty bin about halfway to their seat, perpetuating the problem. I've watched this happen more than once.

Personally, I'd check a lot more stuff if the airline gave me the option to have my checked bags flown separately on a UPS or FedEx flight where locked bags are allowed. As it is, I expect I'd better carry with me anything I want to take that might entice theft, or mail that stuff in cardboard boxes in advance.

Comment Re:Price of using scientists as political pawns (Score 1) 342

I think it has very little to do with the bible, and a lot more to do with who funds their campaigns. This is clearly less about public policy and response to observations of reality and more to do with who has the most to gain out of a lack of action... hint: it's businesses whose prosperity depends on a lack of good public policy.. it's a simple business case, lobbying costs less than having to bear the consequences of good public policy.

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Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 342

From the last time we had this discussion:

I was just trying to be funny and make a comment on the popular press always predicting fusion was just 30 years in the future. The chart is quite useful and would like to mod your comment as informative but I cannot comment and moderate at the same time. Thanks for your input.

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Toronto Star

â€More dinosaurs had feathers than we thought
Realistically, we'll probably never successfully clone a dinosaur -- but if we ever do, we may be surprised by how the beast turns out. A fossil found in Siberia threatens to change our perception of what history's giant lizards may have looked like. We already...
Feathered dinosaurs appear to be more common than previously thoughtLos Angeles Times
Kulindadromeus zabaikalicus. Photo: Illustration: Andrey AtuchinSydney Morning Herald
Study: All dinosaurs probably had
io9-Auto World News-The Guardian
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Nadella really meant it when he said Microsoft is platform agnostic
These are the latest examples of Microsoft delivering apps across devices, even those from competitors. Since Satya Nadella took over as CEO of Microsoft, he's talked often about rolling out Microsoft products to non-Windows devices. "We are clear that our...
How the £100 Nokia points the way for Microsoft in CNET UK podcast 398CNET (blog)
Cortana Comes To Nokia Lumia 1520 Via AT&T's Windows Phone 8.1 Software ... Hot Hardware
Nadella's Windows 9 & Device Plans ExplainedEE Times
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Comment Re:Someone has an agenda to push (Score 1) 342

Note you are being moderated "interesting", not "insightful". Your statement is a matter of opinion, and demonstrably not backed up by the numbers. Also, you fail to point out that the Coalitions alternative to a Carbon Tax/ETS, of giving away tax payer money to polluters rather than levying them for their emissions is demonstrably a step backwards, and also you are ignoring the fact that the "Carbon Tax" was due to transition to a ETS in 2015.

Comment Re: this is messed up.. but what's worse (Score 1) 928

A tweet and (I presume) some heated words and you get them off the airplane and threaten to call the cops? If this were about his behavior, that'd be one thing, but no: he was allowed to board the plane after removing the tweet. This is purely the SWA personnel not wanting to look bad, and doing an absolutely inexcusable thing in the process.

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Comment Re:Should the United States accept more foreigners (Score 3, Insightful) 377

Food is not cheap. Taking inflation into account, food prices are at an all-time high on a global basis. They're even higher than they were during World War II, when rationing was in place.

The price of food increasing far faster than wages has in fact resulted in more poverty, which has in fact resulted in more obesity is many nations around the world.

The parent post should have said developed countries instead of modern world, because in developed countries food certainly is cheap. In 1900 families spent 43% of their money on food, while in 2003 it was 13%. Food is incredibly cheap by historical standards, about a third of the cost of food 100 years ago. source

Poverty only correlates to obesity in areas where food is abundant. Then the same incapability to delay gratification that causes poverty also causes obesity. One does not cause the other, they have the same root cause.

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Comment Re:What about Verizon FIOS? (Score 1) 146

Their status page promised roll-outs starting in late 2012, but it also has horrifically bad information, even for an ISP ("Verizon will use a IPv6/56 address format, which means this will support 56 LANs.") I've asked about it several times, but no one at any level seems to know what's going on. The routers have been IPv6-enabled since spring of 2013, which got a lot of people excited. There's a rumor that the hold-up has to do with newer set-top boxes and broken IPv6 stacks, but no one knows how believable that is. (I don't buy it. I just think Verizon is refusing to spend the money necessary to implement it.)

Comment Re:Better late than never, Slashdot (Score 1) 377

T. Boone actually got beat out by CRMWA, which is the Canadian River Municipal Water Authority. They wanted to sell water to Amarillo, and when T. Boone didn't play ball they started buying up all the land around his (considerable) property. Even an armchair hydrogeologist knows that if you pump along the edges of a property, the water moves along the gradient towards the cone of depression. So T. Boone was forced to deal, and he sold his rights to CRMWA. CRMWA/Amarillo wins, and T. Boone has to mutter to himself while taking his nightly bath in gold coins (thinking Richie Rich or Scrooge McDuck here).

Comment Re:this story is missing information (Score 1) 928

He was allowed on the plane, at the appropriate boarding time. Then he tweeted about a rude agent that was following company policy, giving her name and location. He was then informed that the agent felt threatened by that and would ask him to leave the plane if he didn't remove the tweet, he removed it and was allowed to fly.

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