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Comment Re:Customer service? (Score 4, Interesting) 928

No, you really want them to board first.

For the last year, up until last month, I was barely able to walk. I still had to fly for work. I boarded flights with the kids and anyone else that needed help.

The parent doesn't just stow their stuff and sit down. They stow the kids bags, get the kids to sit down, shut up, buckles on, no you can't go to the bathroom, blah, blah, blah.

For me, it took me about 4x as long just to get down the airway. A guy barely walking down the ramp with passengers walking normal speed definitely held up the flow, no matter how much room I tried to leave. I still got held up by the parents with kids, and I didn't care. I'd just sit on the nearest armrest until they were done.

You don't want me, or the parents with kids slowing you down. People are assholes enough boarding planes.

If you wait for them to board last, now you'll have parents trying to stow bags in the last few spots (if there are any), trying to get the kids in their seats at the same time, and having the kid(s) climbing over other passengers.

For me, barely able to walk, if I had to take the window seat, that would mean everyone in the other seat(s) would have to move. Walking on a cane, I wasn't able to just squeeze by anyone, especially if there were no good seats available. It was still hard just to get *to* the window seat.

And before any of you complain, since surgery I can walk fine. The cane is retired at least for another 30 years.

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#hangoutsonairundefined (

Comment Re:S'not Wooden (Score 1) 82

There are definitely many awful MicroUSB ports out there, but there are also high-quality MicroUSB ports out there. The price difference between a cheap MicroUSB port and a high-end one is several orders of magnitude. As _specced_ they're supposed to be rated for more insertion cycles than MiniUSB.

We haven't made final component choices yet and this is something we're keenly aware of (and have debated internally). I'd be pissed if my keyboard's USB port failed. I'd be even more pissed if my customers' USB ports failed.

Comment Re:Let's get one thing straight: (Score 3, Informative) 342

Your link says:

218 Republicans voted for, 159 Democrats voted against.

So a few Democrats and Republicans breaking ranks does not make this bipartisan. Clearly this is a deeply partisan issue.

You also forget to mention that not one single bill can be voted on unless the Speaker of the House, Republican John Boehner, says it can be voted on.

So, how is this bipartisan again? It was a Republican bill, passed with a Republican majority. Welcome to politics.

Comment Re:Customer service? (Score 2) 928

kids in strollers

Most strollers are too big to take as carry on.

Strollers are always gate checked. You wheel the stroller down the jetway, take your kids out, and leave it by the door. After everyone has boarded, either the gate agent or the ramp gate crew will take the strollers and any carry-on bags that didn't fit in the overhead bins and stowes them in either the bulk bin(for widebody aircraft) or the front compartment (generally bin 1) in the belly of the plane (this bin is usually the last one filled up in an aircraft). When the aircraft lands that bin is the first one open and the gate crew takes the strollers and leaves them by the door of the plane. The gate checked bags end up at baggage claim or transferred to a connecting flight. But if you are flying with a stroller, you really don't need to bring your every day stroller that seats 4, has 6 cup holders, and has enough storage space you could live out of it for a month on your 5-day vacation to wherever. Those things are a bitch to try to lug up those stairs, especially when you have 4 of them. The small ones that fold up (some even have carrying bags with a shoulder strap) are so much easier and lighter. I have worked as a gate agent and on the ramp on gate crews at the busiest airport in the world, and my advice is this: make things as easy as you can for the crews, and your things are less likely to get damaged. Not out of malice, but because the amount of gate checks gets larger every year and right before departure is the busiest time for the gate crew.

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The more you pay, the higher you move up in the matrix levels, and the more you can earn from those you bring in that have to do the same. This is basically it, and the jist of the Four Corners Alliance Group program. (

Comment Maybe I'm unclear how twitter works (Score 1) 928

Who the hell would have seen this tweet other than Southwest Airlines and whatever motley crew actually follows the perp / victim's account? Is there any chance at all this would have impacted SWA if they hadn't decided to take this into meatspace? Like "man criticizes SWA on twitter, picked up by wire services and Daily Show, stock price in freefall (no pun intended)."?


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adams8j writes: Bij VCA-gecertificeerde bedrijven mogen enkel mensen in uitvoerende functies werken die in het bezit zijn van een geldig diploma Basisveiligheid of diploma VOL-VCA. Een VCA-gecertificeerd bedrijf heeft ervoor gekozen zijn werkprocessen zo te organiseren dat de kans op een ongeval op de werkvloer zo klein mogelijk is. Belangrijk onderdeel hiervan is het opleiden van het uitvoerende personeel, zodat zij over de benodigde kennis en vaardigheden beschikken om de werkprocessen ook zo veilig mogelijk uit te voeren.

Feed Google News Sci Tech: Google Said to Cut Links on Over Half of Privacy Requests - Businessweek (


Google Said to Cut Links on Over Half of Privacy Requests
Google Inc. (GOOG:US) told European Union privacy regulators that it has taken down links in response to more than half of the requests it received seeking the right to be forgotten, a person familiar with the matter said. Google received more than 91,000...
Google faces data watchdogs over 'right to be forgotten'BBC News
EU hears Google, Microsoft, Yahoo on 'right to be forgotten'PCWorld
Google Under Fire From Regulators On EU Privacy RulingNDTV Guardian
all 117 news articles

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Comment Re: name and location tweeted... (Score 2) 928

what is really interesting is how fast Sh!tWest A!r was able to intercept a message from one of its passengers and direct an action against that person. If it's fair to wire tap a customers communications, then it's ok to wire tap the wire tapper?

I can see this as a valid post on Angies List, and Yelp.

Comment Re:Pick your units of radiation... (Score -1, Flamebait) 190

For crying out loud, one becquerel is a single ATOM popping its top off. Imagine if we measured visible light this way instead of via lumens. Much bigger numbers.

For god's sake if the simple quantity bothers you for some reason, just call it one terabequerel. I'm sure you'll feel much better about one of something than a trillion of something else. Just like 100 kg is perfectly all right, but my god 100,000 grams? Time for a diet!

Myself, I kinda like calling it a trillion bequerels, because a thousand thousand thousand thousand atoms "popping their tops" is pretty much a fucking disaster, and it's less likely that moronic assholes will just shrug it off.

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Comment Re:Price of using scientists as political pawns (Score 5, Insightful) 342

OK, one more time. Can you state your position clearly? Because the best I can read is something like this:

Congress wanted to stimulate green technology growth so it approved a bunch of loans and had the DOE administer them. The DOE did so, losing money on some ventures (but far less than Congress allocated for expected losses on a program that wasn't supposed to be profitable) and ending up with something like 3% of their portfolio in failed ventures. Therefore, we should defund the science work that the DOE does.

There's a jump in there somewhere that I'm not fully following. I mean, I missed the part where the American way of life was destroyed, industries collapsed, and cats and dogs began to live together. But even if that was the case, why are we gutting the science funding again?
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The Sin Metropolis star obviously will not appear to be keeping up together with the concepts of her line in her unique clothes as she stepped out on Tuesday sporting a jacket produced with phony bunny available for sale.While synthetic materials have consistently been regarded as the no-guilt alternate into the legitimate report, industry experts believe it's normalised the putting on of clothes which search like fur and designed venturing out in the authentic McCoy much easier as no one can

Comment Re:I by no means missed the point (Score 1) 32

"How many wars have been waged or led by democracies in the past 200 years? Quite nearly all of them. "

Or none of them. The ones democracies participated in, were started by dictatorships invading their neighbors.

It may be that we are using different definitions of war. I include the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan as wars started by democracies. If you want to exclude them due to the fact that the US did not declare war (and indeed it is well known that we haven't done so since WWII) then you might be closer to accurate in your statement.

But even if you add up all the dead in all the wars of the last 200 years- you're still at only a fraction of the 56 million that we've lost to abortion in America alone since 1973.

What does that have to do with anything? That number on its own is also meaningless as it tells us nothing of how long those 56 million would have lived had they not been aborted; that number almost certainly includes the termination of non-viable fetuses.

"How many wars have been waged by actual socialist countries - not just ones who were playing with words - in the past 200 years? Almost none of them."

By playing with words, do you mean the ones who have actually claimed to be socialist?

Exactly the opposite. The countries that some people have been failing again to label as socialist - based on only their use of the name in their PR - are not socialists in any meaningful way.

"Hell just the number of people that our democracy has killed in war in the past 15 years is likely larger than the total number killed by all the military actions of all actual socialist states in the past 200 years."

Hmm, larger than the 15 million Stalin killed outright?

Stalin was not a socialist. Period.

Your average modern war kills a few hundred thousand tops.

We still don't know how many have been killed in our war in Iraq. We have only a general idea of how many have been killed in our war in Afghanistan.

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Journal Journal: matrix

The more you pay, the higher you move up in the matrix levels, and the more you can earn from those you bring in that have to do the same. This is basically it, and the jist of the Four Corners Alliance Group program. (

Comment Re:S'not Wooden (Score 1) 82

When the production keyboards ship, they'll ship with a cord. (The same MicroUSB port charges the battery for the bluetooth controller, programs the keyboard and lets the keyboard be a regular USB keyboard)

Take a look at the first generation Kindle Fire Tablets for an example of how badly a microUSB port can be for something. Now if the microUSB port on the keyboard were user swappable that would be very handy. Then again, there is a nice cottage industry out there replacing Kindle Fire microUSB ports.

Comment Re: Astronomy, and general poor night-time results (Score 0) 550

Tell your mother to consider scleral gas-permeable lenses. Few people have ever heard about them, and they look kind of scary when you first see them being put in, but they're actually one of the most comfortable types of contacts you can wear:

* Gas-permeable lenses are more permeable to oxygen than soft lenses

* GP lenses don't dry out

* By having the lens rest on the sclera instead of the cornea, there's less sensation of motion from blinking (and less motion, period). The "pumping" motion of normal GP lenses drove me insane when I tried wearing them 20 years ago, and my dad admitted the same motion drove HIM crazy when HE tried wearing traditional hard lenses in the early 70s.

* The layer of tears between the bumpy cornea and rigid lens optically bridges the two (tears have almost exactly the same index of refraction as the cornea and GP lens), so they can fix (or at least greatly help) problems that are untreatable with glasses or soft lenses.

Scleral lenses are actually an old design, but making them with gas-permeable plastic is a relatively recent development.

Their only real downsides are that you pretty much HAVE to go to a real opthamologist, and they aren't cheap. But they're an awesome option for people who either can't stand normal lenses, or have problems that normal lenses can't effectively fix.

Comment Re:Why did he roll like a pussy? (Score 1) 928

What the fuck does the 1st amendement have to do with this? The airline is a business and they have every right to decline to do business with you and refuse to fly you anywhere. The airline is obligated by FAA rules to disallow disruptive passengers on their planes, so yelling at the agent or refusing to comply with their reasonable instructions means they are legally require to remove you from the plane. If you yell at the McDonalds counter jockey, don't be surprised when they refuse to sell you a burger and ask you to leave.

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Journal Journal: matrix

The more you pay, the higher you move up in the matrix levels, and the more you can earn from those you bring in that have to do the same. This is basically it, and the jist of the Four Corners Alliance Group program. (

Comment Twitter (Score 3, Insightful) 928

So someone at swa is monitoring @swa mentions in realtime actively looking for disparaging tweets and also with a passenger list AND their twitter handle and when said tweets come in has the authority to hotline a gate to hold a plane based on said tweet alone? i mean how else did this plane not already take off? I just dont get the whole timing - good to know i can ground some random plane in california from my couch in missouri

Submission + - Long-range electric car world speed record broken by Australian students ( 1

is_this_gdog writes: Sunswift solar car team from UNSW Australia has broken* an international world speed record for the fastest long-range electric vehicle, averaging a speed of 107km/h (66mph) over 500km (310miles) from a single charge with their car, eVe. Solar panels were not used for this record (with solar, the car has a range of over 500 miles), the challenge was endurance speed with battery only. There are faster electric cars, and one or two with longer range if you go slow enough — Sunswift eVe is the first to officially do 500kms at highway speeds.

CNET Feature + video:

(*pending official FIA approval!)

Comment Re: Astronomy, and general poor night-time resu (Score 3, Interesting) 550

Actually you're right, that was a typo. Try 20:700 20:900!

Without correction I could literally not see any part of the eye chart on the wall. First car at a red light? Without correction I couldn't see the stoplight much less what color it was!

One day my dr told me it would be a week or two before my contacts would be in because they had to manufacture them. Puzzled I asked why and was told that there was little enough demand that they didn't keep any in the shelf. I then asked how much stronger I could go before they didn't make anything stronger. My dr told me they made a few stronger but not to worry because we could switch manufacturers and find some even stronger! That day scared the crap out of me because I realized I might really be getting to a point where correction became very difficult. It was probably an additional 4+ years before LASIK came along, thankfully I never needed a stronger prescription. I'm still supposed to get dilated yearly so they can check inside, a detached retina is apparently a very real possibility since my eye is so "long". They dilate me because otherwise it's like trying to look into a room thru a peephole - their words not mine.

The prospect of losing ones vision is damned scary to say the least :-(

Submission + - Leadership Coaching: Evolve Your Business (

An anonymous reader writes: Clarify Your Core Values Before embarking on any endeavor, the fundamental aspect you have to ensure is YOU. It all begins with YOU. You want your business to evolve? Then lay a solid groundwork. At the core of business success or otherwise is its values. What are your core values? You need to clarify the underpinning principles and ideals that will guide and sustain your organization. Every living organism evolves, but throughout the process, some adapt and survive, while others decline and die.
The degree of adjustment to the evolution depends on the level of discomfort or pain being experienced. The formula goes: Your evolution + Organizational Culture Evolution = Business Evolution What is organizational culture? There are different aspects of a business such as economics which encompasses efficiency, sales and profit goals. Organizational culture, on the other hand, relates to the human side or the ecological aspect of the business. You cannot neglect organizational culture. We've seen the collapse of many organizations because of weak organizational culture. Organizational problems arise from disarray within its context wherein leadership does not focus nor totally commit to honesty, integrity and personal accountability. Balance is always crucial, and the same is true for a business. Focus on economic results need to be complemented with inspiration, motivation and trust among employees. You want loyalty, innovation and creativity from your employees? Then pay due attention to your organizational culture. Business evolution What sets an evolving business from stagnating and faltering businesses?
Transformation that results from the ability and the choice to adjust along the way. You wouldn't want your organization to be among the rich list of extinct civilizations, countries and organizations in world history. Your business can and must evolve. Your business goes on as usual and operations are as is. You think everything is fine and are under the notion that your organization is evolving. Be wary of getting complacent because your business could actually be stuck. Staying stuck is the general cause of death, and it is like business suicide. More organizations die from suicide than murder.
It is their own doing.4th Turning- The Cycle Of An Organization For hundreds of years, the 4th Turning has been in play in organizations. It means that there are 4 different seasons that organizations and countries typically go through as a cycle: Spring- the heyday of the founder wherein energy, risk and commitment levels are high. The organization is clear about its purpose. Summer- the time of awakening and new growth Fall- a period of unraveling. The organization has diminished connection with its founding purpose and results drop. There is an implosion in the business. Winter- a period of crisis. Working with leadership coaching means you first have to assess which state of evolution your organization is currently at after which the necessary principles will be implemented.

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