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Comment Re:Best Wishes ! (Score 1) 322

Unifying the UI is less important and desirable than unifying the underlying OS. I can understand having to re-write a more restricted UI for small displays - but the core of the application? In a different language even? That should not be necessary. Granted it was justified in the past, but mobile devices are powerful enough to run a real operating system now.

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Comment Re:Pft (Score 1) 962

Why did you receive a death threat? You do appreciate a death threat is worse then a rape threat right?

What were you doing?

As to receiving hate email, I don't receive much either but then I go out of my way to make that impossible. I do receive a fair amount of hate on any internet forum that discusses topics of religion, philosophy, economics, or often science as the case may be... On the purely technical forums I generally don't get any heat.

But the instant a topic is started that involves people's identities or world views... Boom. Hate everywhere.

And what would you have me do with it? Run away ceding the argument to anyone willing to drop an F bomb? Call for the help of the admin and be branded a coward, weak, cry baby, etc? Should I simply remain polite even with someone spitting in my face. Allowing them to color every point with invective while I hold to nothing but a purely logical position devoid of emotion or reprisal?

or should I engage them on fronts and attempt to rip apart their likely immature ego at the same I rip apart their argument?

Choose any of the above or possibly something I didn't cite. That's your choice. But don't fault me for engaging. Its what I do.

And here someone is going to accuse me of being an internet tough guy just for saying I believe in holding my ground when challenged. Because not running away apparently is a sign of empty and immature bravado.

The counter arguments are as tedious as they are intellectually vacuous.

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Comment Re: heh, way to prove her point (Score 1) 962

No I'm interpreting it exactly as written. I also directly clarified my interpretation in my response so as not to be misunderstood, yet continue to deliberately misinterpret it. However even if you interpret her statement some other way - for example that she meant "some men" - then clearly my post becomes redundant in terms of your interpretation anyway so why are you bothering to reply to it at all?

Comment Re:well (Score 4, Interesting) 128

Sometimes yes, but not always true. Sure, "Free Porn" will get a whole lot of clicks, especially from uneducated people (who are usually schooled shortly thereafter by the spammer).

Professional phishing is geared to make it look like something the target company sent out. Working in DOD for about a decade, I saw some exceptional work. They register domains similar enough to the company and often related (support-raytheon for example) so that even people that look for questionable URLs can be fooled.

How are spammers successful so often? Simple, companies don't train people.

At the DOD site I worked at, it was a weekly training memo from our security team on the latest threats. Phishing was always a topic. People had to read the briefings or they could be terminated. 3-4 questions were enough to ensure people at least skimmed the content. Before you get anal about productivity, the email was a 2 minute read max, so even if you had to read it twice to answer the few questions it was a whopping 5 minutes out of your Friday.

We experienced numerous well crafted phishing attacks, and had 1 person out of 5,800 click the link. That person immediately contacted security, and we reset all of their account data. That was 1 out of 5,800 once, and we had professional campaigns run against us several times a year.

Now, take the average IT company in Silicon Valley which spends no time training on these issues (if your company has security awareness training I'm not referring to you, your company is not "average"). Since their people lack training, it's not uncommon to see 10% success in a phishing campaign. Compounding the problem, people often won't report the breach until it's too late if they report the incident at all (cultural issue with many companies in SV).

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