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Comment Nice job (Score 1) 60

That's a nice job. Of course, the only original part is the case. Coneniently, there's someone who sells a board with buttons designed to fit in a GameBoy case and bring out the buttons for emulation purposes.

If you 3D printed a new case, you would't need a Game Boy at all. I wonder if there's a decal set for that.

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annagibson writes: Treatment of Anxiety Disorders
There are treatment methods for all anxiety disorders. Anxiety disorders are unfortunately complex in nature, and the effect of treatment (medication or psychotherapy) is often moderate. One exception is the specific phobias, where cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) has good effect.
In drug treatment of anxiety primarily recommended so-called SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors), which increases levels of the neurotransmitter serotonin in the brain. The drugs are also used for depression. Also, other antidepressants may be used in the treatment of anxiety disorders.
Benzodiazepines (anti-anxiety drugs) should preferably be avoided, mainly because they can cause drug dependence.
Psychological therapy
For anxiety disorders are effective psychological treatments, usually based on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). The scientific support for psychotherapy is strong when it comes to panic disorder, specific phobias, social phobia, obsessive compulsive disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder. The support is slightly less strong in generalized anxiety disorder.
The following sections indicate which medication or psychological treatment as recommended by the respective anxiety disorder:
In panic disorder where several attacks have followed each recommended

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Journal Journal: Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life! | Sculpted And Ripped

Fitness is not something that you wish for, it is something that you go out and get for yourself. This article is going to show you ways that you can decide to do what it takes and get fit. Keep reading for tips and ideas on how you can make this happen. When selecting a (

Comment Re:OK MS bashers. (Score 1) 322

I would hope this unification means that there will be suffice emulation built into windows that it will pick the kernel/libs/drivers required by the CPU arch, and userland apps can run in emulation (even if slowly) if they are compiled for the wrong proc. This would be a unified windows, that allows x86 and 64 bit apps run on ARM and vice versa (although the other direction is likely not as useful).

Unfortunately for you, the actual article says the exact opposite of the summary (so what else is new on /.?): Other than the kernel and the app development model, there will be no unified version of Windows. There will always be different flavors of Windows for different kinds of devices and even multiple SKUs of the same version of Windows for different markets (consumer, SMB, enterprise, etc.)

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An anonymous reader writes: Dopo aver visto i dettagli dell'Lenteen G9000, dobbiamo dire che le specifiche per l'Lenteen G9000 Pro sono molto più simili a quello che ci aspettiamo.

CellulariCinesiLenteen ha avuto un inizio lento quest'anno. Dopo aver lanciato un paio di modelli aggiornati, Finalmente sembrano essere di nuovo a regime e avranno nuovi modelli in offerta molto presto.
Il primo dei quali è l'Lenteen G9000, che abbiamo scoperto prima, al quale, in tutta onestà, non siamo interessati. L'Lenteen G9000 Pro è però un dispositivo migliore per quanto riguarda lo sviluppo, e piacerà di più ai fan di Lenteen.

Partendo dal design dell'G9000, ha un display da 5 pollici che è un ottimo inizio, ma mentre lo standard Mini ha l'hardware e le specifiche inferiori, l' G9000 mini pro lascia maggior parte delle caratteristiche intatte.

CellulariDualSim Lenteen ha mantenuto il chipset octacore MT6592 a 1.7Ghz, 2GB di RAM, 32GB di memoria e Android 4.4 Kitkat dell' G9000, e hanno ridimensionato solo la batteria di 2200mAh e le fotocamere, davanti a 8 mega-pixel e 2 mega-pixel posteriore.
La fabbricazione è la stessa, ha infatti un telaio frontale in vetro e metallo, un po 'come il look dell'Oppo R1 ed è spesso solo 7,6 millimetri. Adesso, se si può fare lo stesso con un chip LTE e una fotocamera da 13 mega-pixel, Lenteen potrebbe diventare un vero vincitore.

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Journal Journal: Qué Es La Gastroenteritis?

La gastroenteritis es una infección de los intestinos también llamada "intoxicación alimentaria" o "diarrea del viajero".

Es muy común, ya que son muchas las personas que son afectadas por esta cada año, aunque en la mayoría de los casos esta afecta de manera leve y no requiere de atención (

Comment Re:Australis killed Firefox (Score 1) 194

Face it, you can insist all you want that you're right, and nobody wanted this, and that it was the fault of a couple of idiots, but if that's the case then everyone yelling about this now are the real idiots for letting it happen.

Everything you said is stupid, but you're also a coward so shock, amazement. I didn't hear about it until it was happening, and I shouldn't have to ride herd on the devs to make sure they don't inexplicably waste a bunch of screen real estate and castrate the interface. It should be obvious that's a stupid idea.

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