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Akeera writes: Buy new range of wrestling mat via matsindia. Basically everyone use these mats for safety purpose. Here is best quality and design of all mats. If you want to design your mat according to you then contact on this no:-9810312442 or visit our site and for more details.

Submission + - Veep Joe Biden Briefs U.S. Governors on H-1B Visas, IT, and Coding

theodp writes: Back in 2012, Computerworld blasted Vice President Joe Biden for his ignorance of the H-1B temporary work visa program. But Joe's got his H-1B story and he's sticking to it, characterizing the visa program earlier this month in a speech to the National Governors Association as "apprenticeships" of sorts that companies provide to foreign workers to expand the Information Technology industry only after proving there are no qualified Americans to fill the jobs. Biden said he also learned from his talks with tech's top CEOs that 200,000 of the jobs that companies provide each year to highly-skilled H-1B visa holders could in fact be done by Americans with no more than a two-year community college degree.

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salmahyrsk writes: Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony Live Stream Online FOXTVGlasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony Live Stream Online FOXTVGlasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony Live Stream Online FOXTVGlasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony Live Stream Online FOXTVGlasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony Live Stream Online FOXTVGlasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony Live Stream Online FOXTV

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Submission + - Guar crop cultivation in India- Manufacturing units producing more guar gum in I (

An anonymous reader writes: Today, India is a prominent supplier of guar gum products in the national and international market. Almost all the farmers in India are cultivating Guar crop as it has turned into a cash crop. As compared to previous year, cultivators could expect price hike for guar supply.

Submission + - Modernize Your Bathrooms with a Shower Enclosure (

An anonymous reader writes: Do you want to save space and keep away from the constant opening and closing of your enclosure door? Then you can get the sliding doors shower enclosures installed since it saves the trouble of opening the door outward and at the same time keeps you cooped up while you enjoy your shower and let someone else use the bathroom at the same time.

Comment A special kind of evil (Score 1) 76

Hey, let's pick a minority group of people living with a misfortune through no fault of their own... what's something that will make it easy to play the sympathy card? Y'know, like it'll make everyone *else* look like the bad guys for opposing it? Wait... I got it... let's exploit the disabled!

Verizon has long been the poster child of corporate fuck-all-y'all evil, but I believe Satan just reserved a special place them in hell, probably as his right hand, to one day ascend to the fiery throne and command the world's evil, trident in hand.

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