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So you trust the cops word, even after a criminal conviction for their actions? Plainclothes police in a no-knock raid, and you still trust their professional judgment?

The "evidence" shows that the police executed an illegal raid, and executed a civilian during that illegal home invasion. They confessed to planting drugs. They didn't confess to planting a gun. So is that is proof in your eyes that they'd never plant a gun, just drugs?

I didn't see any reports of GSR on the deceased. Nor was there a report of finding the bullet fired.

And the cops hit their target 10% of the time. If they weren't fired and in jail, they could have used more time on the range, anyway.

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An anonymous reader writes: BlackBerry Z30 memang menjadi salah satu andalan dari banyak ponsel yang telah dirilis pihak BlackBerry. Ponsel yang memiliki perpaduan antara ponsel dan tablet ini merupakan generasi pertama ponsel jumbo yang telah dirilis produsen BlackBerry. Dengan tampilan yang begitu elegan Z30 ini hadir optimis dipasaran gadget dan siap bersaing dengan brand-brand lainnya.

Ponsel yang mengusung layar 5 inci. Layar Z30 menampilkan kontras dan warna yang cukup baik, lantaran layar ini memakai jenis Super AMOLED dengan resolusi 1.280 x 720 pixel dan kerapatan 294 pixel per inci (ppi). Namun, kerapatan pixel ini masih kalah jika dibandin

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And it takes zero effort to get updated tzdata on 'n' different platforms that a company might run? Including outdated ones (sad, but common).

I was involved in the project to manage fan out the last time US changed DST rules a few years back. It's a project.

At the time I would occasionally read the tzdata mailing list. I was amazed at how many countries kept changing the rules willy-nilly. No one in government has any understanding of computer systems. I assume these countries with frequent rule changes get used to half of their computerized systems showing the wrong time.

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Functional programming is just a subset of OO programming.

In exactly the same sense, OO programming is a subset of functional programming. An object is nothing more than a tuple of functions each of which has a hidden parameter.

But then, you seem to think that C++ is an OO language, which makes me wonder if you actually understand Modern C++ (in the Alexandrescu sense) at all.

Submission + - What does alien life look like? 1

StartsWithABang writes: When you look up at the stars in the night sky — bright and dim, young and old, near and far — can you help but wonder which ones of them might house life of any variety? And if so, how similar or different it might be from that on Earth? It’s one of the greatest as-of-yet unanswered questions in all of science. Yet there's plenty of science about this topic that we do know, and it allows us to make quantitative predictions and explore the likelihoods of various possibilities in as robust a way as possible. The most important takeaway, "We learn none of this if we don’t look, and we close ourselves off to the possibilities of ever discovering what else is out there—however unlikely we may think it is—if we don’t seek. That sense of curiosity, of exploration, of looking for that next untapped niche to fill is the driving force behind our very existence. Let’s not turn back now!"

Feed Techdirt: FTC Cracks Down On T-Mobile For Massive Bogus Charges And Fee Scam (

So you know all that stuff about how T-Mobile has been trying to position itself as the "uncarrier" that actually treats customers right instead of bilking them at every opportunity? Yeah, that would be a lot more convincing if the FCC didn't just come down on the company for bilking millions in bogus charges from people. It appears that T-Mobile was engaged in a form of cramming that signed subscribers up to $9.99/month "subscriptions" to content they'd never asked for:

In a complaint filed today, the Federal Trade Commission is charging mobile phone service provider T-Mobile USA, Inc., with making hundreds of millions of dollars by placing charges on mobile phone bills for purported “premium” SMS subscriptions that, in many cases, were bogus charges that were never authorized by its customers.

The FTC alleges that T-Mobile received anywhere from 35 to 40 percent of the total amount charged to consumers for subscriptions for content such as flirting tips, horoscope information or celebrity gossip that typically cost $9.99 per month. According to the FTC’s complaint, T-Mobile in some cases continued to bill its customers for these services offered by scammers years after becoming aware of signs that the charges were fraudulent.
Not only were the frequent complaints and cancellations of the service a clear sign that T-Mobile should have known these charges were fraudulent, but T-Mobile seemed to go out of its way to disguise the nature of these charges to try to minimize the complaints:

The complaint against T-Mobile alleges that the company’s billing practices made it difficult for consumers to detect that they were being charged, much less by whom. When consumers viewed a summary of their T-Mobile bill online, according to the complaint, it did not show consumers that they were being charged by a third party, or that the charge was part of a recurring subscription. The heading under which the charges would be listed, “Premium Services,” could only be seen after clicking on a separate heading called “Use Charges.” Even after clicking, though, consumers still could not see the individual charges.

The complaint also alleges that T-Mobile’s full phone bills, which can be longer than 50 pages, made it nearly impossible for consumers to find and understand third-party subscription charges. After looking past a “Summary” section as well as an “Account Service Detail” section, both of which described “Usage Charges” but did not itemize those charges, a consumer might then reach the section labeled “Premium Services,” where the crammed items would be listed.

According to the complaint, the information would be listed there in an abbreviated form, such as “8888906150BrnStorm23918,” that did not explain that the charge was for a recurring third-party subscription supposedly authorized by the consumer. In addition, the complaint notes that consumers who use pre-paid calling plans do not receive monthly bills, and as a result the subscription fee was debited from their pre-paid account without their knowledge.
Here's the example the FTC provided showing how T-Mobile hid these bogus charges: By the way, nice touch by the FTC to use T-Mobile's trademarked magenta color in making that graphic!

And, of course, the story gets worse. Even if people figured out what the hell was going on, and finally got someone on the phone at T-Mobile customer service to sort it out, the company often failed to provide them with full refunds.

When consumers were able to determine they were being charged for services they hadn’t ordered, the complaint alleges that T-Mobile in many cases failed to provide consumers with full refunds. Indeed, the FTC charged that T-Mobile refused refunds to some customers, offering only partial refunds of two months’ worth of the charges to others, and in other cases instructed consumers to seek refunds directly from the scammers without providing accurate contact information to do so.

The complaint also notes that in some cases, T-Mobile claimed that consumers had authorized the charges despite having no proof of consumers doing so.
T-Mobile has done a bunch of consumer friendly things in the recent past, but these sort of practices suggest that the traditional soul of phone companies, always looking to squeeze extra fees out of users is alive and well within the company.

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My 2013 model car (and not an expensive one--~$22.5K) has at least four ways to set just about everything, two of them without taking your hands off the wheel:
1) touch controls on the wheel with screens to the left and right of center where gauges have always been in cars
2) touch screen in the top center of the console between driver and passenger
3) traditional buttons and knobs in the places that buttons and knobs have always been, low on the center of the console where driver and passenger can reach them
4) voice command that actually works pretty well.

I find that #1 is the most effort, and 2 through 4 are about the same amount of distraction as setting the controls on a '73 Dodge Dart.

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Journal Journal: Orange County Sign Company

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So none of the occupy activists were pepper-sprayed and none of them spent a couple nights in prison and Cecily Mcmillan was not sentenced to 3 months in jail for 'assaulting a police officer' after he 'accidentally' grabbed her breast from behind? Or shall we just ignore all of that and join you in singing the The Star-Spangled Banner?

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Same here. I have two fans in the living room that take the chandelier type bulbs. I have replaced 3 of the 4 bulbs in each with CFLs over the last 10 years owning the house. Each of them still has an original incandescent still burning, but the CFLs are all dead and need to be replaced. Even if you factor in any supposed energy savings, the extra cost of the bulb and the fact that they don't last near as long as incandescents make them a poor choice.

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