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Comment Re:And yet they raised prices (Score 1) 116

Solar pricing is a monopoly.

Green Building Programs that offer incentives ( are in decline year-over-year due to reduced cost of panels, yet no increase in efficiency is offered on those panels in the same timeframe (2009-2014) AND price/W has nearly stagnated over the past 4 years:

2009 median installed price of PV systems installed was $6.10/W for residential and small commercial systems smaller than 10 kW
2011-13 median installed price of PV systems installed was $5.30/W for residential and small commercial systems smaller than 10 kW

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Comment Re:Terror in the minds (Score 2) 55

They may be curious, but because they're not mindless killing machines

Actually, that's more or less what they are. They don't sit back and plan to eat people - but if they happen to be hungry, and there's a person nearby that looks edible, they may react and take a bite.

I fail to see how giving people more information, enabling them to make informed choices about getting in the water or not, is a waste of money.

I have swam with sharks on numerous occasions, and always look forward to doing it again

Completely irrelevant. An anecdote is not data, and I don't see anyone suggesting that every encounter with sharks - or even most - is going to result in human casualties.

Comment Re:How to prove the source code maps to the binary (Score 1) 178

Its the old crypto hardware trick. You can look at all the messages as sent you like. Its encryption perfection for that decade/generation.
The plain text is from the tempest (emission security) friendly keyboard.
The only magic is getting your gov to buy the system and then use it for years :)
ie buying the system is the way in. Every trapdoor and backdoor is crafted around what the buyer might be aware of.

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 203

So you trust the cops word, even after a criminal conviction for their actions?

No, I weigh the evidence based on the most likely scenario. Never met a cop who would blow away grandma for no reason. If you can introduce me to some, I may change my mind.

The "evidence" shows that the police executed an illegal raid

Come again? I think these kinds of statements are why the [citation needed] tag was invented.

And the cops hit their target 10% of the time. If they weren't fired and in jail, they could have used more time on the range, anyway.

Spoken like someone who's never been in a firefight. 10% is actually well above what I would expect.

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Comment Re:Who thinks up these names? (Score 1) 178

People who get paid to study cryptography come up with the name.

Eventually something is going to be more "perfect" even if the thing is quite good.

Actually in this case, perfect refers to the fact that compromising one session's key provides no advantage in cracking another session. You cannot improve that aspect of it, if it is implemented properly.

Ironic you should speak of hubris.

Comment Re:Somebody has to do it (Score 5, Informative) 178

The TL;DR version for folks who haven't seen it before or don't want to read it (which you really should do): just because the source is trustworthy doesn't mean the binaries are. The process to accomplish this sort of attack is fairly straightforward:
1) Modify, say, the compiler's source code so that it adds backdoors to some/all of the code it compiles.
2) Compile it, then replace the clean binary for the compiler with this new, tainted binary.
3) Revert the changes to the compiler's source code, erasing any evidence of wrongdoing.

By itself, that doesn't create a backdoor, but anything compiled using the tainted binary could potentially have a backdoor secretly added, even though the source code for both that code and the compiler would appear to be perfectly clean. The problem could be very hard to discover or pin down as well, only manifesting when a particular file is getting compiled, or even a particular line of code.

I think most of us are already familiar with this sort of attack, but it's worth repeating, since it's exactly the sort of thing that Microsoft's "Transparency Centers" don't address, and exactly the sort of thing we'd be expecting a government to be doing.

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Feed Google News Sci Tech: Cassini spacecraft to end its life in stunning grand finale - Science Recorder (

Science Recorder

Cassini spacecraft to end its life in stunning grand finale
Science Recorder
After more then 10 years investigating Saturn, NASA's Cassini space probe will end its life by plunging into the gas giant's atmosphere. With help from the public, NASA has picked a name for the last stage of its Cassini-Huygens mission: the 'Cassini Grand...
Cassini marks 10 years at Saturn, NASA plans for end of missionTech Times
NASA Celebrates Cassini Probe's 10 Years By Planning Its DeathLatin Post
Saturn spacecraft mission will end with inner-ring journeyThe Space Reporter Science Monitor-Design & Trend
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Feed Google News Sci Tech: T-Mobile Sued by US for Billing Fraud - Fashion Times (

Fashion Times

T-Mobile Sued by US for Billing Fraud
Fashion Times
T-Mobile Office (Photo : REUTERS/RICK WILKING) T-Mobile USA is being sued for fraudulent billing by the FTC. Print This. Text + -. Share This. Facebook Share. Twitter Tweet. Related. Twitter Buys Mobile Ad Firm, Tap Commerce T-Mobile Announces Free...
Feds Accuse T-Mobile of Bogus BillingFOX10 News - Mobile
T-Mobile took '100s of millions of dollars' from bogus txt charges – FedsRegister
FTC sets sights on T-Mobile for 'cramming' bogus chargesNew York Post
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Feed Google News Sci Tech: Pad Problem Pushes Launch of NASA Carbon Dioxide-Measuring Satellite to ... - Sp (


Pad Problem Pushes Launch of NASA Carbon Dioxide-Measuring Satellite to ...
A rocket that was set to loft an Earth-gazing satellite to space did not get off its launch pad in California today (July 1) due to a problem with the pad's water system. The problem arose less than a minute before the liftoff was expected. Because the launch...
NASA resets launch of carbon-monitoring satelliteSioux City Journal

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Comment Re:Simple economics. (Score 3) 80

no, we just need regulatory bodies that have some teeth and backbone enough to say no to lobbyists and bribes. If a company achieves monopoly status, break them up.

This HAS happened in the past, and all the laws to do it are on still on the books. The only reason it doesn't happen is dick douches like Wheeler get spun around the revolving door of government and corporate America.

Comment all resources are owned by the government? (Score 1) 1330

> The way to prevent their resources being used for things they disagree with is to lobby for political change, just like any other individual. I can't arbitrarily decide not to pay some of my taxes because I don't like some aspect of what the government does.

You seem to have decided that because the politicians decide how they use government money from taxes, those politicians should also decide whateveryone does with all of their resources. So basically, you're saying everything belongs to the government / politicians.

Politicians are SUPPOSED to decide how they spend tax money. YOU are supposed to decide how you spend your money. If you don'tewant to donate to the NRA PAC, government shouldn't make you do so. If you'd rather give your money to the KKK or it's parent organization, the DNC, that's your decision, not something the government should make you do.

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Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 203

More likely: the killing of the granny was indeed an honest mistake, and then they tried to cover up their mistake by making her look like a criminal by planting drugs and the gun, in an attempt to justify their actions.

Not trying to say what those cops did is good. Mistakes happen, sadly, and they should take all precautions to prevent that from happening.

Firing 39 shots sounds totally excessive - the hit rate is also pretty bad indeed. That indeed leaves some 33 stray bullets, no telling where they ended up. Flying out through windows hitting some innocent passer-by maybe? A few years ago in Macau a motorcyclist got hurt by a police bullet, after an officer fired a warning shot in the air a couple hundred meters away.

All in all the police definitely had motivation for a cover up if indeed it was a mistake. The victim being dead and unable to testify against them definitely makes such a cover up easier.

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