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Comment Re:Best DOS game... (Score -1) 133

Fucking troll. Who the fuck cares what your favorite DOS game is.

I the fuck care.What I dont the fuck care about is that you dont the fuck care.

Anyways, I remember playing LHX in the early 90's on a 486 with much fondness, was a kick ass game back then. Then Falcon 4 came out, and in the early 90's, that was mindblowing.

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Some kinds of article directory help you to find articles that have been published in print media. You may be able to search by media, for example, newspaper articles, or by topic

Other types of article directory let you find articles that are available for repeat, reproduction, or purchase. For example, if your PTA is doing a newsletter and you want an article about first aid, you can search an online article directory to find one that is suitable for you to use. Other types of article directory help you to find content that you can add to a web site, which will interest people who visit your web site to look at your products and would like more information on related subjects. For instance, if your primary business is selling sewing supplies, you might want to add content about different kinds of fabrics. If you cannot afford to commission original content, an article directory may help you find content that you can reproduce, or to which you can link.

Some article directory sources are actually article distribution services. You can submit an article you have written to such a directory, either for free distribution or with the hope of getting paid when your work is used.

Students should be aware that using an article directory to find articles they could copy for school reports is not a good idea. Many schools today use software that can check to see if your work is plagiarized. Teachers are also very good at recognizing your normal language patterns and can usually tell when you are trying to pass off as your own something that another person has written.

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Comment As a retro gamer I can appreciate (Score 1) 133

5 years ago I was given an old HP Vectra workstation (256k Ppro 180 upgraded to a 1MB Ppro 200 with water cooling), removed both Matrox Video cards, slapped in a Soundblaster PRO 2.0, an Ensoniq Soundscape Elite, a Voodoo Rush, and after upgrading the machine to 192MB RAM, installed Win 98SE. DooM sounds amazing, Tie Fighter never sounded better. OS/2 Warp 3.0, DOS 6.22, win 3.11 and 98SE.

For the really big games (Xwing Alliance/UT/Quake2), P3/800 , dual Voodoo2 in SLI, SB Live!. 513MB and 98SE with a Rage 128 Pro card. Those machines sit along my C64 and my PS/2 286 (and my 512k MAC)

I have an old VLB 486 with an overclocked amd 5x86 running at 160 (32MB RAM), that one I'v got to give FreeDOS a try :)

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Comment Re:One of these things is not like the others... (Score 2) 305

So when a new study lumps plagiarism in with fabricating data, we see all too plainly what really drives this shit - Credit, credit, credit. Publish or, worse than perishing, you get stuck actually *gasp!* teaching those obnoxious freshmen your name attracted to the school in the first place.

It's also the influence of capitalism, and corporatism. The grant money has to come from somewhere. If you want to keep getting it, you're going to need to maintain your reputation.

Comment The entire Republican party predicted it, and warn (Score 2, Insightful) 305

> Remember the collapse from the housing bubble burst? Who predicted that? Precious few men and women knew it was coming, and damned near none had any idea how bad it could be.

That would be pretty much the entire Republican party. Here's Ron Paul explaining exactly what would happen, in 2002. This is six years before the collapse:

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Comment Re:WUWT (Score 1) 441

Yup, the Midwest and extending into the NYC area here in the US also experienced extremely high temperature and humidity that same summer. Enough that we had than the usual number of deaths but nowhere near the numbers that France experienced.

As for AC use in Europe... I lived in maybe 8 different apartments scattered around Switzerland and Lorrach, Germany in the mid-1980's and I had maybe two of those apartments that did not have AC. These were by no means expensive nor exclusive apartments and the apartments I had seemed to be pretty much the norm. I guess some parts of Europe have bigger issues with modern conveniences than other parts. Kind of like how elevators are things to be used in some parts and things to be ignored in others.

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Comment Re:Since CC defines the purpose of K-12 education (Score 1) 113

Vouchers have turned into a blatant corporate cash grab.

Would you say that the supermarket or the gas station or any other businesses that provide goods and services to millions every day are a "blatant cash grab"? Of course not. The very notion is absurd. Money is simply the medium of exchange in any advanced economy, nothing more and nothing less. Are the various tutoring centers or cram schools or other businesses that supply the education market a "blatant cash grab" or could it be that the people paying for those services, frequently out of their own pockets, are satisfied with what they have received in exchange for their money?

The private school system does not have the capacity for a huge influx of students

When there is demand, you will see how fast the market responds. Unlike government, which hems and haws and drags its feet, the private sector rolls up its sleeves and gets to work earning a profit and profit can be a powerful motivator. I'll bet it got you out of bed this morning. But as any businessman will tell you, profit is never guaranteed. It must be earned by satisfying the customer and in the case of vouchers the customer is the parent.

so charter schools are setup and either run by clueless parent groups who are underfunded and end up folding unexpectedly

If you don't think that parents can be demanding or care about what their children are or aren't learning, just ask any teacher. Parents have high expectations and they're hard to satisfy. How many times have teachers heard an exasperated parent exclaim, "My taxes pay your salary!" Clearly parents want value for their education dollar, whether that dollar comes indirectly from taxes or directly out of their own pockets, and they're vocal when they feel that they aren't receiving it. However, even if we accept that not every last parent is like this, why should we prevent a solid majority of involved and interested parents from being advocates for the best interests of their children? Who cares more about it than them? The government run schools and the teachers unions they serve have set themselves up in opposition to the real customers, the parents, and instead made themselves the customers of the politicians who control the purse strings. The best way to solve that is to put the education purse back into the hands of the parents, where it belongs, and not those of the corrupt politicians and their teachers union clients.

or they are run by corporate groups whose only interest is that fat voucher cash

And how best to get that cash? By satisfying the customers of course. It's called competition. Look it up. If one corporation pleases the parents more by providing a better quality education to their children at a lower price, where do you think the parents will send their children to school? Free enterprise and competition ensure high quality at the best possible price. The competent operators are rewarded with large enrollments and lots of voucher cash while the incompetent are driven out of the business. Thus the market rewards virtue and punishes failure, unlike the teachers unions which reward failure and punish virtue.

Schools are a community resource

One that's often underutilized and producing poor returns for the owners, aka the people who live in the community and whose taxes funded the creation of the school in the first place. These people are right to demand accountability, transparency and better results when they aren't receiving them, as indeed they aren't in many places here in the United States.

The problems we need to fix are community problems.

In my opinion, the problems that exist are best solved by submitting the schools and the people who work there to the discipline of the marketplace, just like what the rest of us. We please our customers every day or we're out of business. Why should it be different with our schools?

I don't think that strong central oversite is a bad thing

How about oversight from thousands of miles away in Washington DC, over what's essentially a local matter, by people who don't know you, don't live in your community, don't see the results of their policies and frankly don't give a damn about you personally? Compare and contrast with a business that takes your money directly, asks you directly how it can help you and does its best to satisfy you the customer every time you show up? I can tell you which model I prefer, but I think you already know which one that is.

communities need to communicate with other communities or they stagnate.

And free markets facilitate that communication best, at least as far as it concerns the efficient production of goods and services, education included. The free market allows people on opposite sides of the globe, who don't know and may even hate each other, to cooperate effectively in the efficient production of goods and services that profit those involved. It ensures rapid and thorough dissemination of knowledge and techniques that work and are profitable, whether they be methods of educating students or oilfield operations or chip fabrication or just about any other useful knowledge.

Comment Re:Why I don't have a Facebook account (Score 1) 130

It's nothing like that. I was raised to be insular, and do not let others' opinions and other mental predications (this also includes news media, marketing, and other forms of mob-mentality conditioning) dictate my course of life. For myself, the opinions of me and mine are all that matter, and I learned from a very young age to live my life for me and mine, yet be a good person to others around me as long as I have a reason to be. Now, I am human, so I do not deny my social instinct. I just choose not to become involved in anything deeper than a superficial level with the other humans I share my existence with. Simple and effective... for me.

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Comment Re:Can I play Descent on it? (Score 1) 133

Well... it installs, it's DOS4G/W (I'd forgotten!) and it'll run with all drivers disabled (I didn't test otherwise) ... Setup the sound card as a sound blaster

  Complete the Sound Blaster 16 Configuration.
  IRQ 5
  8-bit DMA 1
  16-bit DMA 7
  MPU-401 I/O address
  Disable (MPU-401 MIDI device is not supported)

Once the game loads up the ship bounces around like crazy, and you get destroyed within seconds.. So, I'm guessing Descent doesn't handle fast machines, so while it 'works' it's not proper.. It'd probably better off in something like PCem, or just old fashioned DOSBox...

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Journal Journal: Secret Techniques Used by Your Payroll Processing Company

How does your payroll processing company protect your interests?
Your payroll processing company has the responsibility of balancing your employee taxes; but with businesses being fined each year for late or incorrect payments, it is clear that many... (

Comment Re:You are ignorant. (Score 1) 567

Its a partisan news source... from wikipedia:
""Democracy Now! is a United States daily progressive, nonprofit, independently syndicated program of news, analysis, and opinion,[2] aired by more than 1000 radio, television, satellite and cable TV networks in North America.[3""

Progressive... its a political affiliation. That makes it more political then FOX which at least claims to be non-partisan. Democracy Now doesn't even try to make that claim.

As to the rest of your babbling insults... you've been unable to back any of that up and until you do you're just making animal noises.

You're just beating your chest, hooting, and trying to throw your own poop at me... and from this I am to respect you? You're a degenerate.

Either back up your position or your statements are null.

Comment Re:I won't upgrade. (Score 1) 681

Something about a security vulnerability that didn't make a lot of sense.

The problem was that Windows 7 gadgets had no security whatsoever, the only security setting you could have for them was "everything all the time" (there were theoretical config.options you could use that tightened things up a bit, but they weren't actually used). So you had the situation of ActiveX circa 1995 in a current OS that was touted as very secure (or at least "we tried really hard to make it very secure"). The issue wasn't why they discontinued it, it was how it ever got out the door in that state in the first place.

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Twitter Buys Mobile Ad-tech Startup TapCommerce
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Social media giant Twitter Inc. (TWTR: Quote) said Monday that it has acquired New York-based advertising technology start-up Tap Commerce. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed, though media reports indicated that the deal is valued at about...
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