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Comment Re:Peeping Toms in the Neighborhood (Score 1) 268

That article is completely senseless. Spying on someone with a toy drone would be the equivalent of going over to their house, knocking on their door, sticking a camera in their face and shouting at them "I'M DISCRETELY SPYING ON YOU NOW!"

Even the drone in the article is NOISY. It sets of dogs everywhere, it brings kids out to see what the noise is about, and as the article already says but doesn't acknowledge the camera has a 90+degree fov. So if you want to see your neighbours boobies while she's sunbathing you'll almost need to land it on her to get close enough.

Only a colossal idiot would consider using one of these toy drones for "peeping".

Comment Re:A solution without a need (Score 1) 70

They'll all fail because there simply is no mass need to drive sales.

I wear a Nike Fuelband. It's not really a "smart watch", but it's a nice reminder I need to get up and walk. I can hit a button and get a semi accurate reminder of how active I've been for the day. It pings my phone when it needs my attention, and in since it's not my phone I can wear it to the gym and let it's accelerometers rate my activity. I know, I could ask myself if I've exercised enough for the day, but when I'm deep in a programming puzzle, I need the nudge.

Why do I bring up the Fuelband?

It would be great to have a Fuelband that can do calendar reminders, and maybe some sort of digital wallet thing. Maaaaybe read only interface to my text messages. My needs aren't extreme. I think that's why most wearables have fallen flat. A lot of the Android wear smart watches have features like cameras, microphones, voice control, blah blah blah... So much crap I don't need, that I'm paying for, and that will run the battery down. I want an accessory for my phone. Not a watch computer onto itself. I don't need a duplicate of every feature I have on my phone. Just tell me what room my next meeting is in so I don't have to take my phone out of my pocket.

Wearables are in an unnecessary arms race right now. What wearables need is a simple set of features done well, and done in a compelling way. That has Apple written all over it, but we'll see what Microsoft brings to the table as well.

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If you are in the market for a new sign, it can seem over whelming with all the sign companies out there. And choosing one can be challenging, since not all sign companies can contract for business signage, without a California state electric sign contractor license. Find out about the different war (

Comment Re:Step 1 (Score 5, Informative) 196

In my spare time, I've been an audio technician for the past 5 years. Before that, I was a DJ as a hobby, and I've been on stage crew occasionally for the last decade. My current professional job involves system engineering on a multi-million-dollar sound system.

At home, my headphones are a $30 Sennheiser over-ear pair, and I carry $15 earbuds that I can only describe offhand as "black".

It is my professional opinion that all of the audiophile bullshit is bullshit. On a low-end sound system using the cheapest components you can buy, the worst component is your ears. That's where all of your problems start, and you're trying to pay lots of money to compensate throughout the rest of the system.

If you want a pair of headphones that sound great to you, forget about brand names and fancy features. Sit down with a pair of cheap headphones, and listen to the tones in music/tv/whatever that you find most pleasing. Some folks like to hear the deep rumble of heavy bass, while others (like myself) prefer the crisp clarity of vocals that the high end provides. Still others like the nostalgia of 60's disco and AM radio, so they'll have both high- and low-end, but cut out midtones entirely. Know your ears and your tastes, and that will tell you what frequency response you'll be happiest with.

Next, think about features. This should not be a difficult decision, as it mostly just relates to lifestyle. If you ride a bus or train to work and listen to audiobooks, noise canceling is probably a decent choice. Otherwise, it's probably not worth the price. A good fit is more important for keeping unwanted noise out, so if you're in the market for earbuds, look for ones with adjustable rubber. On my traveling pair, I actually have different rubber cones for my ears, because my ears are different sizes. My wife doesn't like in-ear styles, so she carries a pair of folding on-ear headphones in her purse. That was a criterion when we bought them.

Finally, go to Google, and research candidates. Brand doesn't matter nearly as much as having the right headphones for your ears. Buy a cheap pair with the right criteria and try it out. As a general rule, all headphones are made with thin wire and fragile construction that falls apart at the slightest trauma. That's the nature of the beast. Expensive brands just tack on bigger profit margins.

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New species of moth named after Oklahoma tribe
TAHLEQUAH, Okla._A new species of moth has been named in honor of one Oklahoma tribe. The Cherokee Nation says the brownish white moths recently discovered in the tribe's ancestral homelands have been named cherokeea attakullakulla. The moth...
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The Hindu

Was Apple CEO Tim Cook accidentally outed as gay on CNBC?
Apple CEO Tim Cook may have been accidentally outed by a CNBC host during a live segment on Friday morning. “I think Tim Cook is fairly open about the fact that he's gay at the head of Apple, isn't he?” Simon Hobbs, the cohost of the segment “Squawk on...
'Squawk' Host Accidentally "Outs" Apple CEO as GayEDGE Boston

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Comment Re:Not surprised, mixed feelings (Score 1) 268

While I agree there's potentially safety issues with this hobby, overbearing regulations aren't the answer. You said it yourself, "few irresponsible people" you know those same people who are likely not to care about the regulations? We don't have restrictions on flying in Australia but when I look at the Communications Act, the vast majority of the people are flying equipment that is already illegal to use as we have different RF restrictions in Australia. Pretty much every 1.2GHz FPV kit (restricted frequency), most 900MHz systems (restricted power), most 450MHz system (restricted power), even some of the 2.4GHz stuff that you see on most hobby drones is illegal already, but people use them anyway.

More restrictions will affect the responsible, not the irresponsible.

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Moms Tattoo Ink Set 7 Colors! Only $30 Get this moms tattoo ink set, 7 colors on eBay for the cheapest price here: This is my honest and real review of the moms tattoo ink set, 7 colors on eBay.... From: Jerry Martin Views: 0 0 ratings Time: 00:30 More in Howto & S (

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An anonymous reader writes: Indian phone producer Xolo has propelled its first Windows Phone-fueled smartphone WIN Q900s in the Indian market., the smartphone is guaranteed to be the world’s lightest smartphone. Just 100 gms in weight, the XOLO WIN Q900s, is obviously the lightest PDA accessible.

The new Windows Phone 8.1 concentrates on customizing and modifying the phone with gimmicks that could be controlled by the client offering a large number of peculiarities for work and fun. Measuring 135x67x7mm, the new Xolo smartphone has a 4.7-inch HD (1280×720 pixels, 321ppi) multi-touch IPS OGS show with scratch-safe Dragon Trail Glass. It is fueled by a 1.2GHZ quad-center Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and 400mhz Adreno 302 GPU. it has 1GB RAM and 8gb inner memory, which is expandable by means of microsd card up to 32gb.

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reef212 writes: Dubai Hotel Mewah: Grosvenor House, A Luxury Collection
grosvenorhouse-dubai /
Grosvenor House dan dua ikon menara 45 lantai nya, Tower One dan Tower Two, Hotel ini memiliki 749 kamar yang luas, tamu kontemporer, suite, dan
SeoQuake PR: 5 I: 331 L: 986 LD: 1166 I: n / a Rank: n / a Age: n / a sumber Sitemap whois: yes Rank: n / a Harga: n / a?

Comment Re:Which means (Score 1) 347

10 to 1000 atoms per cubic meter is really deep vacuum and it means we could get interstellar travel by going really fast, continuously accelerating with a cyclotron drive to close to speed of light, say 80%, then turn to decelerating halfway there.

Your arguments are sound. A lot of stuff out there would mean a blue sky everywhere, as gases do Rayleigh scattering of light. And once you go past our atmosphere, the rest of the Universe is black, not blue, the blue sky disappears, therefore there is deep vacuum everywhere, or at least small particle free space, and then you have to invent something else that is particle free but present in vacuum and retards photons compared to neutrinos, such as gravity, or dark energy, or whatnot.

Photons interact a lot with "subspace" vacuum and get delayed, but neutrinos do not, or not to the same extent. If you're absolutely certain that neutrinos can oscillate, and there are different kinds that can turn into each other, then having two pulses does not make sense if they were both from the same event, as any different neutrinos should have oscillated into each other and be indistinguishable. One question, when we talk of photons, it's hard to talk about polarization, but we know light is a transverse wave and polarized. Obviously neutrinos have an associated wave-particle duality to them, just like everything else, and do we know what kind of waves they are? Longitudinal, or transverse? If they are transverse waves, then there could be neutrino polarization, and just like with light birefringence in a calcite crystal, where an incoming uniformly random polarized wave splits into a fast and a slow beam, based on polarization, so if the space between us and the supernova is anisotropic in any sense, such as gravity pointing in certain direction throughout, and neutrinos be polarized transverse waves, then there could be a fast and a slow wave with them, but not so with the light wave, unless they had polarized light receptors and have info on the polarization makeup of the light received vs. time (and this would be low intensity for a while, then intensity doubling when the slow beam arrives too and adds to the fast one, as light emission was continuous with a slow decay, but the neutrino came in pulses.) So if gravity affects the speed of light, and affects it in a birefringent way, it may also affect the speed of neutrinos, if they are transverse polarized, in a birefringent way too, and then none of the signals really arrived at the speed of light, but slower, as in a calcite crystal even the fast wave still has a reduced speed from true speed of light.

By the way I still don't comprehend the concept of how a uniformly polarized beam decides to split into two in a calcite crystal, instead of a spread spectrum, like how does a wave just below 44.9 degrees decide to go with one beam, then one at 45.1 degrees with the other beam, or is that the cutoff point, the math must be really complicated, but a lot of XIX century mathematicians well versed in such things would probably have no problem explaining why.

Also, looking at the double slit experiments, an electron is a wave that passes through both holes, then it decides to collapse at some point on the screen, how does a wave decide to become a particle, or even if not a particle, an interaction, in effect we have no particles, just waves, and they interact at given points, sometimes within very strict limits on location, such as a particle trace in a cloud chamber, sometimes in very random locations, such as where an electron collapses on a screen after having passed through a double slit. Many double slits in series of course would confine the electron to a linear path too, just like a cloud chamber cloud does, if the electron found a way to not interact with the walls in series, a sort of filtering effect. One that interacts with the wall off angle through diffraction then changes its mind and returns to being an electron on the original straight path, would be like the particle going through the cloud chamber, leaving a trail along its path, as only the electric charged ones leave a trail, but electric field interactions can be thought of as Feyman interaction particle exchanges, not as a continuum, but interaction particle abundance with a certain probability function description, and so can other "field interactions" like gravity through gravitons. There is different ways of looking at the same problem, and, like descriptions of the same phenomenon of heat transfer through flow of caloric and kinetic molecular theory both work until we find a fault with one of the descriptions, such as caloric can be generated by mechanical motion, and is not a conserved quantity, so it has no use as a concept compared to mechanical motion being heat. In the wave-particle duality there might be a similar debacle where one concept does not fit with reality, and things such as particles might have to be abandoned, and everything be thought of as a wave that decides to collapse and interact and whatever point it decides to do so, and the best description we have of where it decides to do so is a quantum statistical one - but there might be a way to measure and predict why and where such a things should and would happen, even if not practically - but at least in concept. As in practically would require measuring on the order of 10^23 atoms, and even so it's not the atoms doing it, but something in subspace vacuum that fluctuates, We don't really understand the structure of vacuum.

I can barely keep my eyes open again. Still haven't read up on neutrino detectors
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If you want to host your wedding occasion in a larger area, you are discussing ballrooms. These sorts of spaces are really spacious which you can also add wedding event tub that you can make use of after the wedding. It might host even more than a hundred people at the very same time. It will make y (

Comment Re:The Goggles! (Score 2) 268

You haven't seen a drone have you? They sound like a large angry swarm of bees from a horror movie. It would be the equivalent of a peeping tom setting up a photo studio in your hot tub or sun bathing area. It would be immediately obvious. Typically when I fly mine around neighbours from all over come out and find out what the noise is about. There's no discrete peeping with these things.

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