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Should be straightalk customer service is awful, as I said the phone service is great.

Awful is relative. I'm a happy straighttalk customer; at various times I've been an unhappy customer with Sprint, TMobile, and ATT contracts. You'd have a hard time convincing me straighttalk is worse than any of those - but they're all variations on bad. Absolute worst case, you wave goodbye to straighttalk early in a month, and you're out something like $45. No early termination fees makes it much easier to deal with bad service.

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I'd like to know where you're finding them for $15, because I can't find any for less than $30 or so in stores around here. They'd be perfectly fine earbuds for $15. The problem is that stores are selling those $15 for at least twice that.

I use cheap $15 earbuds myself - after spending $80 on a headset that broke repeatedly and didn't even sound that good, I swore off expensive headphones in favor of something I could regularly throw into a river and still spend less.

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Journal Journal: Limitations: The Many Problems Surrounding Zebra Skin Rugs

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They can improve the quality but the real deal is that Apple is ditching the 3.5mm jack for a digital, DRM, patent-encumbered connector. Beats will have it - if you want the cool headphones you gotta give up your Android. The royalties will enforce exclusively.

Apple has to do *something* to stop its marketshare slide - that they didn't put the $3B into R&D tells you how desperate the internal numbers look.

Comment Re:The REAL value of the transit system (Score 2) 170

Not an issue unless you live in an area with unreasonable congestion... and those areas only get that way because of subsidized housing, food, healthcare, transport, etc that make living in unsustainable places marginally affordable.

It would save a lot of money and be much more sustainable if people would just live in places that they could afford without subsidies. Does that mean the mega cities empty? Yep... they're dinosaurs. They're only viable with subsidies and will only survive so long as the money flows.

What happens historically when that money is cut off? The cities empty. Rome had wild goats roaming the streets after the fall of the empire because everyone left what was previously one of the densest population centers in the world. Why? The subsidies ran out. Rome used to have free food and subsidized housing during the Empire... but when that came crashing down the grain ships stopped... and people very quickly dispersed.

Don't get me wrong. There are pros to population density. However, most of them were rendered irrelevant after the invention of the airplane and the internet.

I can be anywhere in the world in a day. One day and I can be anywhere. And with the internet and a little 21st century savvy you can telepresence anywhere on earth in about 5 seconds.

That renders most of the practical benefits of packing that many people into such a small space utterly irrelevant.

That we continue to do this is largely due to logistical momentum. It made sense in the 1960s and so we just keep doing it.

How often when you hear about some public works program do you hear the politicians referencing the 1930s or something? Its retrograde. They're thinking politically... and politics is a poor guide of what is and is not reasonable.

Feed Google News Sci Tech: Robots that crowdsource learn things faster - The Westside Story (


Robots that crowdsource learn things faster
The Westside Story
Robots can quickly and easily learn new things through crowdsourcing, says a new study done by a University of Washington research team. In other words, robots that use the internet to look up information are smarter. “We're trying to create a method for a...
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Let me guess, you typed that while staring into a reflective, black screen. Permitting unchecked emissions of CO2 is what's going to cause us the real human misery. Keep telling yourself you can shit where you eat without getting sick, though, while desperately looking around for supporting examples.

So you're telling me that CO2 is what's going to cause the real human misery. Not poor healthcare, not food to eat, not ways to keep things from spoiling. Not having properly developed agriculture or sewage management. Okay there. Next you'll be saying that burning cow dung indoors doesn't cause lung cancer, and sleeping on the ground in a hut covered with shit doesn't cut your life expectancy in half due to parasites. You do realize that in my examples that not even 1/3 of the people on this rock are at this level. If you're lucky you might hit 20%

Except that these are the very people that be affected by the consequences of CO2 emmissions.

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isan18 writes: Hai bagi anda pasangan suami istri yang kesulitan mendapatkan momongan dan sedang mencari-cari cara untuk cepat hamil. Kini telah hadir Paket madu Penyubur Al Mabruroh. Paket madu untuk pria dan wanita yang diracik khusus untuk mengatasi problema sulit mendapatkan keturunan. Masing-masing madu ini berfungsi untuk meningkatkan faktor terjadinya kehamilan di pria dan wanita

Comment CPU-Mining The Non-ASIC Coin Types. Much Wow! (Score 1) 281

There are crypto-currencies designed to be resistant to ASIC mining (though some are starting to get hit with GPU mining), by using algorithms that take enough memory or other complexities that are easy to do in CPU but hard to do on non-general platforms. Litecoin's one example.

Some of them might have enough market depth that a stolen-CPU botnet mining farm could actually make money on them. There was a recent hack where somebody mined a lot of DogeCoins, and supposedly got about $200K worth - it's just appalling, because while DogeCoin is supposed to be ASIC-resistant, it's also supposed to be worth so little that it's purely for fun and nobody could actually make real money mining it.

Submission + - How to install Android L Developer Preview on Nexus 5 and 7 Read More http://ww (

techparticles writes: On 26th june there was the big google day called Google I/O extended where google announced their new upcoming gadgets and new features o android smartphone. On the same day android L developer Preview version was revealed, now you might be thinking how to install Android L on your Nexus 5 or Nexus 7 right away

Comment Re:This just illustrates (Score 1) 365

Numbers are publicly available and completely contradict your non-sense (or should I say lies?)

Here is the reality:
                    nuclear / renewables / gas / coil + ignites / export
2000: 169.6 TWh 37.9 TWh 49.2 TWh 291.4 TWh -3.1 TWh
2005: 163.0 TWh 62,5 TWh 72.7 TWh 288.2 TWh 8.5 TWh
2010: 140.6 TWh 104.8 TWh 89.3 TWh 262.9 TWh 17.7 TWh
2013: 97.3 TWh 152.0 TWh 66.7 TWh 283.2 TWh 33.8 TWh.

There is no more energy production from coal than in the past. In fact, it is lower than before the Energiewede (although it was lower in 2010 than in 2013 because gas was usage was at an historical high). Similarly, CO2 from electricity production from Germany has not increased and ofcourse energy was never dire in Germany. In fact, exports increased a lot.

Comment Re: he must be bored (Score 1) 101

As I pointed out elsewhere, it is common knowledge to traditional music makers that a vibrating bridge makes the banjo sound. That is why there are instruments like this:

Designed just like this:

Except, big surprise, they put a tiny drum head only under the bridge so that the bridge could vibrate and make a more banjo-ey sound.

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