Comment Re:Who uses Perl anymore? (Score 1) 192

The next time someone asks "What good is Perl anymore?" or "Who actually uses Perl?" or "Why use Perl?" you can point them to this article. Perl is perfect for this type of quick development.

Kinda. But he could just as easily have written it as a VB Script. More easily, actually, since he was working on windows and ended up having to write Excel VBA for it later anyway.

Comment Re:The Failure of good intentions. (Score -1, Redundant) 145

The only idiot without a clue appears to be you.

Microsoft is handling it poorly. Every other company has already sent spam mails asking individuals to subscribe to get continued spam. Only Microsoft is the only company that finds this automated message to difficult to incorporate. ..and since you love spam so much how about you post your email addresses on the forum so we can oblige.


Comment Re:How long before... (Score 1) 105

A cheap and easy way to modify genes directly would the death of eugenics? Really? Unless you're restricting your definition to animal husbandry applied to humans I'd have to disagree:

the study of or belief in the possibility of improving the qualities of the human species or a human population, especially by such means as discouraging reproduction by persons having genetic defects or presumed to have inheritable undesirable traits (negative eugenics) or encouraging reproduction by persons presumed to have inheritable desirable traits (positive eugenics)

notice that it says especially by, not exclusively by. And I dare say that that's because until recently that was the only viable way to do such a thing.

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Comment Re:No, they're replacing. (Score 1) 341

The one thing that would make the biggest difference in illegal immigration is to come down hard on businesses that hire them. If you make that hurt enough they'll have to reform their practices rather than going for the cheapest labor they can get. If it's obvious the illegals can't get jobs they'll quit coming (for the most part).

Comment Re:Let them drink! (Score 1) 532

... the solution is to provide adequate education and if they still ignore that advice that is their choice! It isn't harming anybody else. I'm glad this sort of nanny-state rubbish has been defeated.

Oh really?

You've clearly never had to sit next to someone who is morbidly obese on an airplane!

I have been scarred for life. The armrest only protects a portion of your body!

I really don't understand how Bloomberg thought that such a plan would actually make it through it courts in America though. It seems like it would have been more sensible to tax the hell out of any sugary drink larger than 16 oz, like they do on alcohol and cigarettes. There is precedent AND social acceptance of such an approach. But then again, I am not a rich, controlling prick that likes to forcefeed everyone my personal agenda...

Comment Re:No, they're replacing. (Score 1) 341

I'm sure you have seen the "duck flood" video. Imagine if all the border patrol agents went home. That's what our border would look like for a month. These people come here for free school and know if they can't find work they wont starve. How can the Republicans politically satisfy these people without loosing the White non-Hispanic vote? Anytime I challenge someone about this it's discussion over, these are Democrat voters, the Republican platform has nothing for them.
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Report: ASUS' Android Wear Smartwatch to Be Priced Between $99 to $149
Is $199 (Samsung Gear Live) or $229 (LG G Watch) too rich for your blood when it comes to Android Wear-based smartwatches? Now it appears that ASUS is aiming quite a bit lower for its entry into own entry into the nascent market. According to...
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Google's Android Boss on Why This Week's News Was So HugeWired
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GM announced recalls for 430K vehicles
(CNN) – On Friday, General Motors announced four more safety recalls covering nearly 430,000 vehicles in the U.S.. The latest recalls involve safety concerns with a variety of vehicles' shocks, wiper systems and transmission software. One of them also...
Nearly 430000 More Cars Recalled by General
GM Recalls 473673 Vehicles Globally for Various IssuesMotorTrend Magazine
GM recalls thousands of new pickups, SUVs, in US and CanadaReuters
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Feed Google News Sci Tech: Too much reality: Wildlife webcams expose viewers to disturbing, grittier side o (

Too much reality: Wildlife webcams expose viewers to disturbing, grittier side of ...
Fox News
PORTLAND, Maine – Wildlife webcam operators around the world are grappling with a problem: Viewers don't want to see any harm come to critters they've grown to love. Officials caved in to protests about the grittier side of nature last month in Minnesota,...

and more

Comment Re:Linux? (Score 0, Offtopic) 145

over the years I took it for granted that the newest version of an operating system would require more resources than the last version, so my computer would be slower. Then I switched to osx, and my computer would get faster with each upgrade, since the upgrades were actual structural improvements and not just frosting. so my 5yo notebook would be faster than when it was new.
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Comment Re:How long before... (Score 1) 105

> probably because we could be more entertaining and interesting to women with big brains

Hell, if you actually focus on it big brains can help you attract pretty much anyone that doesn't actively prefer stupidity - and that's pretty rare. Give up math, science, comics, etc, etc, etc and instead focus all that brainpower on actually observing and analyzing the behavior of people around you, and experimentally modifying your own behavior to test your hypotheses on social interaction in a rigorous manner - and I can virtually guarantee you that your social appeal will improve. That so many intelligent people end up somewhat isolated is, I think, a testament to the wonder of the other fields an intellect puts within reach, as well as the appeal of immediate intellectual gratification: Every little step you take when climbing towards the shoulders of giants reveals new expanses of understanding, whereas social skills are a far less readily transferable kind of knowledge, thrusting you into experimental science from step one.

I suppose a big brain is like a peacocks tail in more ways than one - carelessly harnessed (from an evolutionary perspective) it can become a serious disadvantage to your genetic survival (reproductive fitness in this case)

Comment Re:This thread... (Score 1) 376

I would argue that racists and sexists are taken very seriously, and they are often the ones doing the shouting down. Only two years ago, Gingrich made more or less explicitly racist statements on the campaign trail against Obama (, and he was the Republican party front runner for some time. Lest anyone think I'm picking on Republicans only, Biden was quoted saying the following about Obama: "I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that's a storybook, man." These are some of the most powerful people in the United States, hell in the world. And the catalogue of sexist comments from politicians and pundits of all ideological stripes is not insignificant either ( is a sample that doesn't even include politicians like Todd Akin).

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Comment Re:The Golden Age of Spying (Score 2) 41

ok. on the one hand, a phone platform with proven vulnerabilities in software and hardware that allows users to get owned every which way. On the other hand, a phone platform that has proven to be rock solid and secure against malware. However, the better platform could be owned by a cabal of nefarious actors. so they're basically equivalent, despite one is proven swiss cheese and the other is a made up story.

put it another way, has any evidence been uncovered of a backdoor of this type? Or is the absence of evidence just more confirmation of secret backdoors?

Comment The Failure of good intentions. (Score 1) 145

Seemed like a good idea. I don't think so, but someone did.
What an absolute fail of a law.
It might work if the sender could reasonably presume that if the email address didn't end in .ca it wasn't a problem.
The cost. of defense is too high. Canada just screwed the pooch.

There may be a bright side. It will force international law to cross the internet. As this is a Canadian law, only addresses ending in .ca should matter. Of course that opens a much bigger can of worms.

Then again it could just result in an explicit opt in: I AM NOT A CANADIAN! If you check it an lie you are guilty of perjury. NO Canadians allowed.
Perhaps the future of an internet second class.

Of course I'm being melodramatic. But this law is melodramatic. Some idiot with no clue wrote it, and got it passed. It deserves derision.

Comment Government != Customer Service (Score 1) 139

This is the biggest hurdle local and state governments need to overcome. If you have to spend marginally more to give better customer service, DO IT! In the long run, the process will be refined, run cheaper and better and more people will migrate to the service. It's all in the marketing, which they failed to do. I work in the elections business and voting by mail used to be a controversial subject. A little marketing, education and refinement and 5 years later over 30% of the voters in our jurisdiction use it. Electronic kiosk voting, well that's another matter. Given a publicly available, transparent, open sourced internet voting system, the right marketing and deployment strategy would make it a viable replacement for mail ballots. Given a network connected polling place, you would have a comprehensive solution to replace the broken electronic voting machine model. Some one has to stick their foot in the turd and start the process. It must be open, it must be transparent and it must be free. The public has to own the voting technology, there is no other verifiable way.

Comment Re:Too little too late (Score 1) 157

More than that, Google is buying Adding these new features matches both's video quality and viewer donation feature. This makes perfect sense if they are planning to buy them and partner more closely.

Hopefully they won't make the same mistake again by trying to link all users to a Google+ account and generally break things.

Comment Re:Great! (Score 1) 145

Not that I disagree, but I'm cynical enough to believe this was a cost cutting measure from server/bandwith infrastructure, internal support, and litigation. They probably figure that you would get the news 3rd party via some other IT security e-mail whom will collect RSS feeds already.

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Comment Re:Gotta agree with it being illegal (Score 1) 404

How long do you think such a service would last if all it did was sell "information" about where someone was leaving a parking spot?

As long as it wants. THAT'S. ALL. IT. DOES. The app doesn't hold parking spaces. It doesn't do anything illegal. If the people using it violate the law, that's their business. But as I understand the law, the app isn't doing anything illegal.

Ask napster how well that argument worked out

Comment Re:Libertarian nirvana (Score 1) 534

LOL, Godwin's law much? Like all too many discussions on the 'net, this may have devolved into a pointless semantic debate too. It's almost like you vehemently agree with me... except that you hate Democrats and/or the label "Progressive" so much that you just *have* to identify it with nazis... and that doesn't seem very constructive to me.

The one little point of light here (if I may borrow that phrase) is that you agree that some regulation is necessary. You claim we're beyond it. I would submit that it's not a question of quantity, but of type. The bad type of regulation is written by regulators who walk through the revolving doors corp, gov, corp. It also occurs org, gov, org where "org" can mean unions. merger of corporation and state (fascism) is bad, but so is merger of union and state (communism) (see, California public employee unions where it's particularly bad).

I think our big difference is that you are keyed into the org, gov, org revolving door which is a big Dem problem, as opposed to the corp, gov, corp revolving door which is more GOP (although I think both parties are in on that one).

I offer for your consideration the idea that reducing regulation isn't the answer--restoring INTEGRITY is the answer. That's not an easy path; but IMHO it's the right one. I understand that India has been grappling with this lately. I don't know exactly what the status is; but I follow an Indian expatriate on Twitter and every once in a while he'll mention a guy over there who is crusading against corruption.

It may seem dark here; but if you read your US history you'll see that some of the past corruption was so egregious, it makes Watergate look like a little white lie.

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Comment Re:Communism (Score 1) 404

The only place I've lived that was parking permit on public [city] roads I did pay for my parking permit. It was dirt cheap for the first one (requiring proof of address), and pretty expensive for the second one. The point is when a city gets so popular that the people that live there can't park anywhere near their own rowhome, this is a common solution.
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Feed Google News Sci Tech: Daimler and Nissan to invest $1.36 bn to build premium small cars - Zee News (

Reuters India

Daimler and Nissan to invest $1.36 bn to build premium small cars
Zee News
Frankfurt/Paris: Daimler AG and Nissan Motor Co are jointly investing USD1.36 billion to develop premium small cars and build a factory in Mexico, the companies said on Friday, in a step that deepens cooperation between the Mercedes-Benz and Infiniti...
2 Carmakers to Share a Plant in MexicoNew York Times
Why Daimler and Nissan Are Going to MexicoBloomberg
Daimler, Nissan Investing $1.4 Billion in Mexico to Jointly Produce CarsWall Street Journal

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Comment Re:Need doublethink training (Score 0) 376

This seems to be the majority opinion on Slashdot. I won't say it's completely baseless, but if you really want to understand the people who disagree with you (which I'll give you the benefit of the doubt despite your snarky title and assume you do), you need to look at things from a more societal and historical perspective. Blacks were brutally suppressed for hundreds of years. It's not just slavery. Black people were subject to terrorist attacks for minor things like using the wrong drinking fountain or saying the wrong thing to the local shop keeper's wife for a century AFTER the civil war and reconstruction! This is recent. There are people in living memory who can remember times where their family members were publically lynched by smiling whites, who proceeded to take photographs and circulate them as postcards. For a well written and highly accessible overview of just some of the history which has been making the rounds recently, you could read this: Discrimination is not just a thing of the past either. People in current times are still de-facto segregated by race in most places in the United States, even if the laws and the optics of this process were forced to change after the Civil Rights movement. Black people are more likely to live in areas with poorly funded and poorly functioning schools, and to recieve poor police and emergency services. Multiple studies have shown that given the exact same qualifications, black people are less likely to be hired than whites. I mean LITERALLY exactly the same; researchers sent out resumes which were identical except for the names, some of which were "black" sounding (e.g. Tyrone) and some of which were "white" sounding (e.g. Phil). The black sounding names were contacted for follow ups at a significantly lower rate than the white sounding ones. In fact, researchers using the same basic design were able to show that white people with criminal convictions were hired at about the same rates as black people with NO criminal convictions, holding all other qualifications and background available to the employer equal. (If you want to read more about these studies, they are all mentioned in more detail in Michelle Alexander's book "The New Jim Crow," which I also recommend for anyone with the time and interest to read, if my recommendation matters for some reason). This is not an insignificant set of facts, even from a business perspective. This is companies in America leaving money on the table for completely nonsensical reasons. This is a generation of talent being excluded from the market, and the problem will only get worse as the minority population of America grows but white dominated industry retains its hiring biases. Now nobody thinks that most hiring managers are sitting around the table consciously saying "hmm, this one's black, so we won't hire her." But hiring discrimination demonstrably exists anyway, so something is going on, probably subconsciously. Preferential treatment for minorities and women (who have a similar history in many respects as other minorities) is an attempt to put a band-aid over these wider societal problems. It shouldn't be something that has to exist, but there is a case for it because these wider societal problems are not being solved, or even addressed by most Americans who seem to think that everything got solved back in the 60's, and nothing remains of white supremacy. The case that I want to make is that this is demonstrably untrue, and that the fact that this is demonstrably untrue is SIGNIFICANT. This MATTERS, and even if we can't solve the root problem immidiately, some people want to try and address the problem, even though the solutions that are within their power are less than perfect. You don't have to agree with this course of action. Hell, I'm not sure I agree with it. I probably don't, though I vascillate on it depending on my mood. All I want is for the case not to be treated as if it's crazy talk, or "reverse racism".

Feed Google News Sci Tech: YouTube Channel Owners Can Now Receive Donations From Viewers - Android Headline (

Android Headlines - Android News

YouTube Channel Owners Can Now Receive Donations From Viewers
Android Headlines - Android News
Big plans are underway at YouTube as they have revealed that new features are on the way to the site. YouTube has come a long way from the simple video sharing platform that it first begun as. Now YouTube serves well over billions of people with quality...
VidCon: YouTube Introduces Tip Jar-Style Fan Funding Among New FeaturesInternational Business Times
At VidCon, YouTube shows off lots of new creator-focused tools & featuresVentureBeat
YouTube Upgrades Creator Toolkit: New App, Tip Jar, Sound Effects &

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Comment Re:It looks like a response to anti spam laws (Score 4, Insightful) 145

contextually that doesn't make sense because they're not recalling patches or changing patches but merely informing people ABOUT patches differently.

Previously you could put yourself on a mass email list for patches.

MS is saying they're not doing that anymore.

But they will retain an RSS feed for the same patches.

Therefore, this appears to be a response to anti spam legislation/rules.

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Comment Re:The Canadian law doesn't apply to these (Score 3, Interesting) 145

That may be technically the case, but IBM, Oracle, and Sybase/SAP have all asked for permission to keep sending technical newsletters. No one wants to take a chance that some bozo is going to interpret a technical notice as being spam and laying charges accordingly.

What were simple mailing lists now require an authorization database to comply. In many cases companies are just going to shut down the lists rather than go to the expense/hassle of authorization databases or risking non-compliance claims.

On the bright side, it's nice to see US companies abiding by foreign laws for a change. For far too long they've gone with the attitude "we're on US soil, so we only have to follow US law", but now they're finally waking up to the fact that they have to follow the laws of every jurisdiction they do business in, or stop doing business there.

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