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surveys will be about that will vary from time to time. It all comes down to the companies that are partnered with this program as far as what kinds of surveys are available to do. (

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You don't need to hold the person hostage. You just need to take away their electronic id card for the rest of the day.

This isn't a strawman. This is a real threat, and something that has significant history of happening in the past with democracy. Please stop pretending that "doing stuff with computers is always better" and actually study the history behind the issue.

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An anonymous reader writes: son oncle Vernon et la tante Pétunia, qui a soulevé la haine. Alors qu'il était haut comme trois pommes, ils lui ont dit que ses parents sont morts dans un accident de voiture
Harry Potter à l'école des sorciers

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Yeah, I got a couple of those during my time in. I did a few things to improve productivity and spent a lot of time teaching people how to use PCs (The amazing, Tempest-certified Z-248! Running Enable!). I think I had performed over 200 one-on-one classes in the ~3 years I was at that particular unit.

Tweaked the EDL-based print spooler we ran to get print from Camp Lejeune so we could store more than 65,535 lines of print (hmmmm maybe it was 255 lines)... that made it possible for the "night shift" person to come in @ 5am and still get all the print off and ready by 7am... before, we had to start at 10pm to get the same amount of work done. It seems that both communications and printing were faster if they weren't performed at the same time, by at least an order of magnitude.

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If you are in the market for a new sign, it can seem over whelming with all the sign companies out there. And choosing one can be challenging, since not all sign companies can contract for business signage, without a California state electric sign contractor license. Find out about the different war (

Comment Re:Need doublethink training (Score 2) 376

It looks like you are looking at it from the political viewpoint instead of the practical one.

Google discovered that they already have plenty of white males working for them. They want more diversity and this course is their way to increase the pool of available talent.

Diversity (variety of backgrounds, experiences and viewpoints) is good for business. Google has many programs to solve different problems. This program is to resolve a problem of too homogeneous workforce. Don't read too much into it.

If I want a vegetable soup and I already have plenty of potatoes at home, I buy what I am lacking. Will you criticize me for discrimination against potatoes? I posit that all the indignation about this particular program omitting white males is as silly as criticizing me for omitting potatoes from my shopping list.

I also agree with other posters that attacking and denigrating any group will drive some of its members away, even if they are otherwise interested, talented, and competent.

Comment Re:Doesn't give warm fuzzies (Score 1) 162

Absurd. Private insurance industry can do the exact same thing, deny coverage because of lifestyle. In fact private industry has an even greater incentive to do so... profit margins. Government services are not operated on the basis of quarterly profits and are pay as you go systems. So I very much doubt your assertion carries much weight all things considered.

Comment Re:Need doublethink training (Score 3, Insightful) 376

You do not wipe away the scars of centuries by saying: 'now, you are free to go where you want, do as you desire, and choose the leaders you please.' You do not take a man who for years has been hobbled by chains, liberate him, bring him to the starting line of a race, saying, "you are free to compete with all the others," and still justly believe you have been completely fair... This is the next and more profound stage of the battle for civil rights. We seek not just freedom but opportunity—not just legal equity but human ability—not just equality as a right and a theory, but equality as a fact and as a result.

-- Lyndon B. Johnson

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Science Codex

New moth species named after a Cherokee chief
The Westside Story
A new species of moth has been found in the Appalachian Mountains, and scientists have decided to name it after a Cherokee chief. Called Cherokeea attakullakulla, the name is a reference to Attakullakulla, a Cherokee chief who lived in that region in the...
A new species of moth from the Appalachian Mountains named to honor the ... Science Codex

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Okay let me backpedal a wee bit and re-label it a "potential problem." And yes I can, I think. A massive portion of the food we sell in the US cannot be lawfully sold in Belgium.

Im fairly certain they have socialized medicine.

Oy, Looking into this, I see that in Belgium they have horse butchers. Coming from a Horsey family, this is a little distressing. The apparently ban GMO foods.

They do ban Bisphenol A - which is a very very good idea. Too many estrogenic mimicking products on the market

I see that pigs blood for black pudding received some sort of transport temperature waiver. You do not want to watch that being made

Darnit, you got me started here, now I'll be reading this stuff all night!!

Anyways the context is important because the US has used very similar logic as a justification in NYC for trans fats, and before it was struck down, the large soda ban.

Yeah. Of all the places to try to eliminate trans fats especially, NYC. One of my concerns about peole trying to ban food on "health grounds" is that what is considered unhealthy changes over time, and for different people's opinion. Eggs for example went through a period of time when they were a real pariah. I have a lot of older friends who havent eaten anything but "Egg Beaters (tm) for years. But now it seems - hey, not so bad. Or banning salt when very active persons like myself need more salt than others.

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Easy List Machine Review - Overview
Welcom to my honest review Easy List Machine

My name is Kevin. I’m a Dad, husband, entrepreneur and teacher. In that order (sorry wife).

I have spent the past 15 years living and working in central Japan... (

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thesun8849 writes: Connu comme "Baibei Li" semble aujourd'hui stade Maracana Zico à Rio de Janeiro, Maracana stade construit pour le 64 anniversaire de la naissance.Cristiano Ronaldo maillot 2015

La conférence de presse qui a suivi, "Baibei Li" pour le match entre l'Argentine et la Bosnie-et-Herzégovine ont également été évalués, il a dit Messi a marqué un but formidable, mais plus important encore,Maillots de football pas cher il a donné le ballon à l'attaque apporté une grande contribution à l'équipe, il a dirigé l'attaque de l'équipe argentine, Argentine permettant de reprendre le contrôle de l'initiative du jeu ", avant son but, pendant un certain temps, l'Argentine a subi une relativement grande pression défensive.""C'est un objectif formidable, je pense que Messi but digne Maracana."

Au moment de la Coupe du Monde au Brésil prédire Zico a dit qu'il aimerait bien la dernière finale entre le Brésil et l'Argentine. "J'espère que cette équipe peut être dans les deux plus grand stade de football dans le monde,Maillots de football des jeunes pour montrer la magie de fans de football à travers le monde. Ces deux pays ont été d'excellents joueurs, de classe mondiale comme Pelé, Garrincha, MA la Duona, Stefano, j'espère que Messi, Neymar prédécesseurs ont pu montrer leurs talents lors de la finale de la Coupe du monde de football ".

Microsoft Suspending "Patch Tuesday" Emails 145

New submitter outofluck70 (1734164) writes Got an email today from Microsoft, text is below. [Note: text here edited for formatting and brevity; see the full text at] They are no longer going to send out emails regarding patches, you have to use RSS or keep visiting their security sites. They blame "governmental policies" as the reason. What could the real reason be? Anybody in the know? From the email: "Notice to IT professionals: As of July 1, 2014, due to changing governmental policies concerning the issuance of automated electronic messaging, Microsoft is suspending the use of email notifications that announce the following: Security bulletin advance notifications; Security bulletin summaries; New security advisories and bulletins; Major and minor revisions to security advisories and bulletins. In lieu of email notifications, you can subscribe to one or more of the RSS feeds described on the Security TechCenter website." WindowsIT Pro blames Canada's new anti-spam law.

Comment Re:Just adopt Dade County building codes in OK/KS/ (Score 1) 501

You're right that concrete isn't a guarantee... but true EF5 tornadoes are almost as rare as landfalling category 5 hurricanes... and EF4 tornadoes aren't a whole lot more common. On the other hand, EF0 tornadoes are abundant, EF1 tornadoes are common, and EF2 tornadoes aren't particularly UNcommon. Switching to Florida-style construction wouldn't eliminate the risk of death or injury from a tornado altogether (because frankly, the only place that's safe to be when an EF5 hits your house is "somewhere else, far away")... but it WOULD basically eliminate meaningful damage from common EF0 tornadoes, would dramatically reduce property damage and injuries from EF1 tornadoes, and would almost certainly reduce the death toll (though not necessarily number of injuries or number of houses rendered uninhabitable) for EF2 and EF3 tornadoes. So yes, an unlikely (but non-inconceivable) EF5 tornado hitting downtown Kansas City mid-afternoon would still result in unfathomable carnage... but the dozen or so EF0 and EF1 tornadoes that hit the KC metro area over any given 5-year timespan would barely earn more than a few minutes of semi-sensationalistic coverage on the local TV news (maybe CNN, if someone gets good video footage of the tornado itself & it's a slow-news day).

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An anonymous reader writes: Fire alarm testing is a key part in preventing fires and making sure, if a fire does occur, all people in the building or area are safe and at less risk of injury. Fire alarms tests are legally required by all buildings which have a fire alarm system and these tests should be done regularly.

Every building manager will perform tests the minimum amount of times required in a year and many building managers will perform additional tests to ensure safety for the occupants. The process: The process of fire alarm testing is relatively simple and incredibly important. A fire in a building not only presents a chance to cause major damage to the structure but also presents a threat to occupants' safety. The first step in fire alarm testing will be to make sure all smoke and heat detectors are powered. All batteries in these units or in electrical panels they may be attached to must be tested on a regular basis. This is the first, and most obvious step, but many fires do occur simply because the heat or smoke detector had a dead battery. Along the same lines, all elements of the fire detection system will be checked to make sure that power is delivered and all aspects of the system are powered.

This includes making sure all heat and smoke detectors have fully charged batteries, that fire panels and electrical units are fully powered and operational, that all sounds and alarms and speaker systems are also powered. In relation to this, the next step in fire alarm testing will be to make sure that all sounds and alarms are working. Some systems have sounds delivered via bells and other systems have sounds delivered via speakers. The sound sent through the speakers might be a bell simulation or a distinct fire alarm sound. Many systems will also allow users and fire fighters to communicate with the occupants of the building. As an example, in an apartment building there might be speakers in individual flats and through these speakers a fire fighter can communicate to the residents of the building, notifying them that an alarm has been activated and investigation is under way and all residents are to remain in their flat. The fire fighter can then inform residents of any resolution, such as the alarm has been investigated, no fire was found and all residents are safe to continue about their business.

These speakers are relatively new within the past 10-20 years and are more commonly used in larger buildings, especially residential units. All fire panels which indicate where the alarm was first set, what floor, what area of the building, etc. will be tested to make sure they have power and are functioning. All electrical panels which source the fire alarm system will also be tested for power and functionality. As part of the overall testing process, a simulated escape might be made mandatory for the occupants of the building just to make sure all escape routes are known. Fire alarm testing steps can be summed up as: smoke and heat detectors functioning and powered, bells and alarms functioning, and all indicator panels working.

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Comment Re:Doesn't give warm fuzzies (Score 1) 162

It's questionable whose opinion is remarkably naïve. Doctors have been abdicating their responsibility for patient care for financial reasons over the past thirty years. And even more so over the past five to ten in their rush to be absorbed into giant healthcare systems who exercise corporate power over their practices. Ergo, patient care is subjugated to the corporate bottom line. Now... doctors and the AMA could've sought other solutions utilizing not only their financial but also their professional expertise influence. After all, no one else is legally permitted to practice medicine in every state except licensed medical professionals. Thus, if they wanted to, they could dictate conditions in the medical/insurance economy. But they haven't. Why? Money, just like the insurance agents/companies. So who's worse, the people who are in business to make money or the ones who took the Hippocratic Oath to serve? Seems clear doesn't it?

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piccolo6159 writes: However, birth control pills taken over a long period of time, effects of pregnancy on the female body, suppressing fertilization. 3 Remember to swallow one Yasmin pill each day millions of people during their adolescent and adult years. Fertility Treatment Option Women who experience trouble with fertility and inconsistent menstrual of hair on the scalp, changes in weight or appetite, swelling of the hands and feet, problems with contact lenses, changes in vaginal discharge, changes in menstrual periods and spotting in between periods. Most Common Side Effects Present During All Clinical Trials Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals reports the most frequent side effects that were noted in all Yaz clinical trials include abdominal pain, accidental injury, asthenia weakness , breast pain, depression, control-induced liver inflammation and alcohol-induced liver inflammation increases the overall risk for liver disease. Staying completely hydrated and cleansed will often help blocking the pores and trapping acne bacteria on the skin. Women with certain conditions such as liver disease, diabetes, heart disease, high blood Temperatures Hot water removes the oils on the head and makes hair drier.
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Comment Re: vi, Emacs or IDE (Score 1) 359

So why do people complain that emacs is big while not complaining that web browsers are getting too large and bulky for the display of static documents?

People do complain about web browsers getting too big, and about them being used for dynamic content, too. Nobody listens. People complain about EMACS giving them carpal. People listen to that. (No really, one of my old bosses had one of those expensive Kinesis keyboards way back in the day, before carpal was fashionable, and blamed it on EMACS.)

Comment Re:Isn't illegal? (Score 2) 157

Ran some tests back when CRTs commonly had >80FPS capability and we had enough computer power to run them. For most of the test subjects 85 was about all that they could readily discern. There were some, though, that could see the benefit at 100.

It's kind of like the IndyCar ad on NBCSN, where the passenger is mostly screaming and Mario Andretti (CART, F1 champ, Indianapolis 500, NASCAR winner, amoung the items on his resume) is observing the dandelions in the infield and the ladies in the stands, apparently in slow motion. Some just process visual data faster than others.

Comment Re:Be polite (Score 1) 286

I like the hope of the AC, but I think your post is probably more correct.

I had relatives who became police officers. They became thuggish towards ordinary citizens. It wasn't just thinking ordinary citizens were criminals- it was being thrilled with the power they had over ordinary citizens and the unequal enforcement of the law on them.

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Gear Live: Hands On with Android Wear
Tom's Hardware Guide
Back in the spring, Google announced Android Wear, a version of its mobile operating system specifically designed to run on wearable devices. Though Google is quick to clarify that Android Wear is not exclusive to watches and will power a variety of...
Google's Android Boss on Why This Week's News Was So HugeWired
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