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Journal Journal: Is Social Media Here to Stay?

Is Social Media Here to Stay? Some 15 years ago, the internet used to be a very, lets say, ‘less-happening’ place. Sure there was the whole thing about the world becoming more connected than ever, thanks to the influx of instant messaging and email. But what the world didn’t know at that time (

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Comment Re:SpaceX Will Beat NASA at this Game (Score 1) 75

Yes, I understand what Dragon is for, and what they're contracted to do for NASA.

They themselves have the goal of going beyond that. Dragon, Falcon, and the other low-earth projects are stepping stones toward proving technologies needed for going further. Sure, there's a lot of tech that they'd need that won't be developed by Dragon/Falcon, but a whole lot of support and control systems can be tested where there's low risk (ie, unmanned missions or once manned, where actually occupied for only a short time) and once those are firmly reliable then they can apply those to other uses.

SpaceX might not make their goals, but so far they've come a hell of a lot further than any other non-public-sector project has.

Comment Re:Let them drink! (Score 1) 532

Fair enough. Questioning intelligence was the wrong thing to do on my part, rather it should have been a person's respect for their physical wellbeing, though as you point out that isn't the government's business. But you will find "advocacy groups" (often with a "think of the children" mentality) that will try to impose their beliefs.

Feed Google News Sci Tech: YouTube Bringing 60 FPS Playback Support - The Escapist (


YouTube Bringing 60 FPS Playback Support
The Escapist
There will soon be a quick and easy way to prove to nonbelievers that yes, there is a noticeable difference between 30 and 60 FPS. "The human eye can't tell the difference between 30 and 60 FPS," is an outrageous claim that many graphics enthusiasts have...
YouTube Announces Translator, Tip Jar and Other Goodies at VidconMashable
YouTube announces slew of new features at VidconSydney Morning Herald
YouTube Embraces CrowdfundingTheWrap
Hollywood Reporter-TechCrunch-Tubefilter
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Feed Techdirt: KlearGear Told To Pay $306,750 For Bogus Attempt To Shakedown Customer For Bad R (

We've been covering the story of Kleargear for a while now. As you may recall, the company sneakily put a $3,500 "non-disparagement clause" in its online terms of service, saying that you agreed to pay that much if you gave the company a negative review. Jen Palmer left a negative review over some stuff that her husband, John, bought that they never actually got. This happened long before the non-disparagement clause existed. Despite that (and the dubious enforceability of such a clause anyway), Kleargear demanded the $3,500. And when the Palmers rightly refused to pay up, it sent the amount to a collections agency and messed up the Palmers' credit, causing significant hardship for the couple. At this point, Public Citizen stepped in to sue KlearGear. For a while KlearGear played a disappearing game. It didn't respond to Public Citizen's initial letter, then it ignored the lawsuit (and put back the non-disparagement clause on its website after briefly taking it down). Based on that, the Palmers got a default judgment against the company.

Then, suddenly, a "representative" of the company named Vic Mathieu magically appeared spouting all sorts of nonsense and trying to defend everything the company had done. Of course, neither KlearGear nor it's apparently French-based owner Descoteaux Boutiques actually did anything in court, and thus, the court has ordered KlearGear to pay up to the tune of $306,750 in both compensatory and punitive damages.

Of course, collecting on that award may take some work. It's still not entirely clear who is behind Kleargear, statements from Vic Mathieu notwithstanding. It's possible that the company is really owned by this French company, which will make collection difficult for a variety of reasons. Or that whole thing may be a sham in itself, meaning that no one knows who's actually involved at all. Chances are, the Palmers are unlikely to see much money here. Still, what amazes me is that Kleargear itself is still in business. I'm somewhat surprised the company didn't just up and move to a different domain. But, instead, it's still there. One hopes that people doing some shopping do some searches first on the company to find out about its practices.

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Feed Google News Sci Tech: Different smells can prevent insects from pollinating - The Westside Story (

BBC News

Different smells can prevent insects from pollinating
The Westside Story
Insects have more trouble identifying flowers to feed on when pollution and other odors get in their way, claims a new study. Researchers from the University of Washington and University of Arizona looked at how tobacco hornworm moths interacted with...
Certain Odors Distract Pollinators from FlowersScience World Report
Odours can keep insects from finding flowersBBC News
Car exhaust keeps moths from smelling the rosesScience AAAS
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Comment Re:Surgeon General's warning. (Score 1) 532

A smoking prohibition with a phased exit from the market by not allowing any more 18 year olds this year, or 19 year olds next year (and so on), unlike say, an alcohol prohibition would only leave a small minority even wishing they could smoke.

Just no new smokers.

Nobody wants to keep smoking, and if they do, they're retarded.

I'm happy to let the retarded engage in a secret underground of cigarettes.

It runs against my larger political belief system, but living in a world of absolutes is dumber than smoking cigarettes.

Until then, I'll use them as a remote IQ detection mechanism.

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rheaja12 writes: his is an impressive tarradiddle. It's nearly my quaker Robert. Parliamentarian is one of those really charismatic grouping. You experience the category I intend. Wherever he goes, people are retributory raddled to him, its really a reach to behold.

At dinner the another nighttime, Parliamentarian's tempt drew the waiters in and they conversed with him a major control. Still, when I rung up, the waiters didn't seem to pay much tending. They may get symmetric been a little dismissive. It was as if the only someone at the tableland was Robert. The number was Robert's charisma. He has that specific way virtually him that we all sometimes wished we had.


Anyway, in status to conceive out what that primary something was, I decided to converse Parliamentarian. I captured some 2 hours worth of questions and answers with him.

Here is what I initiate out. Robert essentially, though he might not say this straight, 'loves' fill when he talks to them.


He has authentic headache and positive stare. He likes to focus in on one entity that he finds especially absorbing some a being when he talks to them. It doesn't thing if he tells the soul what that artefact is or not, it seems to mortal the like opinion. Try it and see what happens.

Now, how does that think to upbeat? Rise you see, my article on the mind-body unification discusses the law that Bernie Siegel wrote nigh in his product, Hump, Penalization and Miracles. It seems that when his individual patients revolutionized their intellection to turn much dotty and accepting of others, their cancer often went into subsidence.

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Comment Re:Good Riddance to bad rubbish (Score 1) 532

I don't see how you mean this as a rebuttal. The people of New York couldn't oust him and he was able to outlive term limits. All you have done is demonstrate you are in a minority in a city that turned away from individual liberty long ago. One of the big reasons that when I could retire, I went elsewhere.

My point (seeing as you seem to have a problem with reading comprehension) was that the OP shouldn't paint all NYers with such a broad brush. Wait, I actually said that. In so many words. Which means you deliberately ignored what I wrote to make your own point. What does that say about you, friend?

I guess you don't know how elections work in the US, do you? He who has the most money, wins. Bloomberg outspent his opponent 4 or 5 to 1 in the 2009 election. He spent something like $174/vote.

As for "outliving" term limits, that's completely inaccurate. Bloomberg colluded with a City Council of which 85% of the members were serving their second terms to change the law allowing themselves (and not future elected officials) an extra term in office, over the clear judgement of the voters who, not once -- but twice, voted to limit elected NYC officials to two terms.

Comment I've said it before (Score 1) 560

Step 1: Acquire fifty one-dollar bills. If you're feeling especially rich, mix fives and tens in with them.

Step 2: Put them into a random order.

Step 3: Generate a password by taking the least significant two digits of each bill, in order, for a 100-digit number. Use this password to encrypt your data.

Step 4: Make sure that the bills never get out of order. Keep them in your desk drawer or another safe place.

Step 5: The cops raid your place. There is a decent chance that a small stack of cash would never make it into evidence, simply vanishing into an officer's pocket. Even if that doesn't happen, they'll catalog the money, sort it (here's where the fives and tens come in handy), and almost certainly get it out of order in the process.

Step 6: Your password is now gone. Unless the cops turned in the cash and kept it in order, it is impossible for you to tell them your password. If the bills make it into evidence, there are up to 50! (~200 bits) possible passwords. If not, there are 10^100 (~300 bits) possible passwords.

Step 7: Don't actually do steps 1-4. Just keep a small stack of cash next to your computer. Your actual password can be your cat's name. Just be willing to testify under oath that you did steps 1-4.

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thesun8849 writes: Beijing à 04h00 le 27 Juin (26 Juin, Brésil Heure locale 17:00 pm), Cristiano Ronaldo maillot 2015 la Coupe du Monde 2014 au Brésil Groupe H circonscription, l'Algérie et la Russie à Curitiba Bai Sada bataille arène 1 à 1 plat, l'Algérie se qualifier pour la finale, la Russie regrette sortir. Interview d'après-match, les résultats de la taxe de base Algérie Ganguly feront progresser les gens dévoués, et il a exprimé sa gratitude pour les partisans de la scène.

Comme un meneur de jeu Algérie, frais GANGULY performance exceptionnelle des deux premiers tours, le domaine possède également aucun doute qu'il a joué en premier. En dépit d'être dans le grattage fois écrasé saignement de la tête, mais après frais s'habiller Ganguly a joué dans le public persistent. Russie se qualifier pour la suite de tirage au sort final, la taxe Ganguly était très heureux. Dans l'interview après le match, il a dit: "Oui, il est en effet un très bon match, nous avons travaillé très fort au cours des trois dernières années,Real Madrid maillot 2015 le but est d'entrer dans la Coupe du Monde, et a atteint les séries éliminatoires aujourd'hui nous avons fait l'histoire. nous sommes finalement arrivés en 1/8 de finale et je suis très fier, je tiens à dédier ce résultat à tous les Algériens, dédié à tous les Arabes. "

Algérie aux premiers stades de ce domaine est la Russie briser la porte, mais ils finissent par égaliser ténacité. Pour les hauts et les bas de la situation, les frais Ganguly a poursuivi: Nous avons une très forte volonté, c'est la clé pour le dernier mot ultime, en particulier dans le domaine il ya de nombreux supporters algériens nous soutiennent, ils nous ont donné un grand esprit. force,Maillots de football pas cher et je suis très fier. alors nous avons à faire est de prendre un repos et ensuite préparer les éliminatoires, nous allons encore passer tout de go ".Manny Presley a marqué des buts décisifs dans ce domaine, il est aussi le site officiel de la FIFA homme du vote Match. Dans l'interview après le match, Manny Grassley aussi très excité, il a déclaré:. "Ce résultat est super, nous avons atteint le dernier 16, notre bonne performance, qui est comme il se doit et le résultat Corée du Sud jeu nous a très bien joué, et aujourd'hui, nous avons limité l'offensive russe. ouvre une feuille propre de sorte que nous sommes passifs, mais tout le monde croit que nous pouvons lier le résultat final a également prouvé ce point. "Pour le soutien des fans, Manny Grassley a également exprimé sa gratitude: supporters algériens vivants sont les meilleurs supporters derrière nous, ils ont été encouragés par le moral et maintenant nous pouvons partager la joie avec la coupe en 1/8 de finale. nous ferons tous les efforts pour essayer de faire mieux ".

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Comment Re:That's not what my crossfit instructor told me! (Score 1) 151

It turns our that most people get the Paleo diet wrong. The diets of these people would differ wildly depending on the land they occupied

Even more people get wrong the fact that the diet part of Paleo (it's more of a lifestyle, which includes exercise) isn't about eating like our paleolithic ancestors, (which would be impossible to do) but rather eating similar to them. The main portion of the diet includes unprocessed meat, vegetables and fruits, or as little processing as possible.

Oh, fermented foods are good as well.

Comment Re:The Sugary Slope (Score 1) 532

You do realize that Bloomberg and his administration were Republican, right? So what was that you were saying? Nothing. That's right.

He said "Left" not "Democrat". Bloomberg is no where near the right side of things. You do realize that, right?

From where I'm sitting, and I watched all twelve years of it, Bloomberg is no liberal. Nor is he anywhere near the "Left." That's what I know.

Comment Re:It's not the infringement that's the issue (Score 1) 59

That's the first action non-final ruling. Once you prove you're serious by appealing the matter, you get the approved stamp.

1) So when you said "they rubber stamp things", you meant "well, first, they deny everything, but later, eventually, you know, once everything is satisfied and you've fulfilled all the requirements, then they may allow it, and that's totally the same thing!"

2) Less than 1% of applications are ever appealed. So, apparently, you have no idea what you're talking about.

Comment Re:Let them drink! (Score 1) 532

In the US, it is not legal to ask someone if they can pay before providing emergency medical treatment.

But in the US, I had my wallet taken from me without my permission or knowledge, and rummaged through. They held my insurance card and credit card for payment, and notified me as I was leaving. I have no idea what the response would have been if I had no wallet, but I know they did search for proof of payment before treating me.
The cop who came to speak to me about the accident knew about it and didn't do anything, so I'd presume it to be legal. He got my ID from the hospital who was holding my wallet.

If it isn't an emergency, WTF are you doing in the Emergency Room?

If you have no preventative cover, you wait for it to be an emergency, or claim minor things are an emergency. You can't afford anything else, so might as well try for care, even if they'll refuse you emergency care.

Comment Re:Seems plausible... (Score 1) 104

As someone who has designed and ordered small runs (20 units) of electronics complete with factory assembly soldering and casing, I can tell you no.

Hardware is expensive in a giant company. If you're making a CD player for Sony, with a team of engineers, a bit of R&D, where you have 1 shot to make the product correct and are forced to order 100k units to meet economy of scale requirements, then yes sure, but you're also not going to be financing this with Kickstarter.

Kickstarter is about kick-starting your business, not mass producing. If you are running a kickstart campaign with the aim of a large production run first go then you should really not be in the business, and this is something that will self correct itself anyway.

There are MANY successful kickstarted projects that have taken off with very modest funding requirements. HR? Are you joking? If you have a HR team with hiring requirements then you shouldn't be on kickstarter. If on the other hand you're talking about paying a contractor a one off fee for design then yes, that would be appropriate.

Sorry whichever way you try and spin it, for what they are looking at producing I would instantly say asking for $500k funding is so high that alone should be a clear indication of potential fraudulent intentions.

Comment Re:maybe not sex toys (Score 1) 126

How about something that can read an IR sensor such that: 1. approach woman at bar, place phone on bar next to drink 2. phone takes baseline body temps of said woman 3. chat with woman for 5 minutes 4. phone takes update body temps to see where the blood is flowing 5. pick up phone and get 1 to 10 scale on how "excited" the woman was with me could work on men too just have to look for different "hot spots"

Easy, when started just print "1".

Comment Re:SpaceX Will Beat NASA at this Game (Score 1) 75

Yes I agree. I'm also happy that NASA is making progress on this. I think it's a worthwhile endeavor, even if it is tied to earmarks and corporate welfare, much moreso than SpaceX's lucrative NASA contracts.

I also am excited at what SpaceX is doing. They are certainly the farthest along, and most likely to succeed in the near term. Who knows. Maybe in the future if SpaceX is the only American company visiting the space station and hauling astronauts, they could just take over space station operations and open it up to civilian scientists. That'd be cool. If dangerous and impractical.

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