Comment Grandparent had it right. (Score 2) 81

The word you are looking for is "preventive".

No, it's not. The usage you're complaining about is perfectly valid.

"Preventative" has been in use since 1666 as an alternate pronunciation and spelling for "preventive".

In some regions (including where I grew up - almost in the center of the region natively speaking the "radio accent", which has been the de facto standard speech for the U.S. since the advent of commercial broadcasting) it is the preferred form.

If you want to be a spelling NAZI, you should avoid being provincial about it. Check the online dictionaries before correcting others, to distinguish between being helpful and imposing your local speech on others.

Unlike French ("a dead language spoken by millions"), American English does not have a regulatory body prescribing an official standard (though some educators have tried, since at least Daniel Webster). It grows and changes by usage. Dictionaries play a game of catch up and try to document how it's realy used.

(Yes, I know how it grates on your nerves when someone uses a different spelling or pronunciation than you're used to. I feel the same way when my wife pronounces "legacy" as if she was talking about a ledge. But apparently that's actually the first pronunciation listed in The Oxford.)

Comment Re:So what? (Score 1) 348

Oh I see. Simply claiming something is enough- false narrative lol..

Nothing I said is incorrect- perhaps some of it is opinionated but I can tell you know it is all correct due to your lack of ability to counter it.

Go on playing the fool's tool. I suppose you will be calling me racists next because I saw through the President's plot to create useful idiots like you in his refusal to do what lesser men have done and promptly disclosed their qualifications at the first sign of question. But hey, why let a crisis go to waste, after all, it was just a protest over a you tube video and outraged Muslims ordinarily carry rocket launchers in their back pockets next to their American Express card because they never leave home without it. This entire administration is about partial deception and denials in order to create useful idiots they can pawn as tools to do their dirty work. What's that, you are against the government taxing you in order to pay for abortions? Why do you have a war on women?

Someone just walked into the room and turned the lights on but you never noticed.

Comment Re:Here's a trick: Don't live in the U.S. (Score 1) 390

meats are expensive in Europe (at least in the UK when I was living there last year) but not necessarily everywhere else. I get 400 grams of lean, minced chicken breast meat for about 1.4 pounds equivalent. That is more than enough meat, and it isn't crap cuts.

I'm not sure why it is so expensive in Europe for meat. I'd say it's an US/Europe thing but I'm comparing it to prices in Japan, which are usually a bit higher than the states.

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Comment Ah yes, planet "nothing else", a fool's paradise. (Score 4, Interesting) 71

There is nothing else the planet. Should be working on. Except stopping these.

Yes there is. Self sustaining off-world colonies AND asteroid deflection technologies go hand in hand to help fight extinction -- which should be priority #1 for any truly sentient race.

Clearly asteroids are a very real threat, and I black-hole heartedly agree with the notion that Earth's space agencies are not giving them the level of public concern these threats should have: Humans are currently blind as moles to space. Any statement to the contrary is merely shrouding the issue in the Emperor's New Clothes. Earth's telescopes can study very small parts of space in some detail, but do not have the coverage required to make the dismissive claims that NASA and other agencies do about asteroid impact likelihood -- note that they frequently engage in panic mitigation. Remember that asteroid transit NASA was hyped about, meanwhile another asteroid whipped by completely unexpectedly closer than your moon, too late to do anything about? Remember Chelyabinsk? That one was 20 to 30 times Hiroshima's nuclear bomb, but it didn't strike ground. What kind of wake-up call is it going to take?! You'd probably just get more complacent even if an overly emotional alien commander committed career suicide in the desert to take your leaders the message that Earth was surely doomed without a massive protective space presence -- If such a thing ever occurred, that is.

Seriously, the space agencies are essentially lying by omission to the public by not pointing out the HUGE error bars in their asteroid risk estimates. I mean, Eris, a Dwarf Planet, was only discovered in 2005! Eris is about 27% more massive than Pluto, and passes closer in its elliptical orbit than Pluto -- almost all the way in to Neptune! Eris is essentially why your scientists don't call Pluto a planet anymore. They deemed it better to demote Pluto than admit you couldn't see a whole planet sitting right in your backyard... And NASA expects you to believe their overly optimistic estimates about far smaller and harder to spot civilization ending asteroids? Eventually your governments won't have the luxury of pissing away funding via scaremongering up war-pork and ignoring the actual threats you face, like a bunch of bratty rich kids.

Asteroids are only one threat, and one that we could mitigate relatively easily given advanced notice of their trajectories. However, Coronal mass ejections, Gamma ray bursts, Super Volcanoes, Magnetosphere Instability, etc. are all also severe threats that humanity can't mitigate with telescopes and a game of asteroid billiards alone -- Though fast acting manipulation of the gravitational matrix via strategic placement of asteroids could help with CMEs or gamma bursts too once you had a sufficient armament of even primitive orbiting projectiles. The irregularity in your magnetosphere should be particularly distressing because it is over 500,000 years overdue to falter and rebuild as the poles flip (according to reconstructions of your geo-magnetic strata) -- It could go at any time! Given the current very abnormal mag-field behavior you have no idea if it will spring right back up nice and organized like or leave you vulnerable to cosmic rays and solar flares for a few decades or centuries.

You should be grateful that the vulnerable periods of mag-pole flops halted as soon as humanity began showing some signs of intelligence -- even if this is absolutely only a mere coincidence. Mastery of energy threats will remain far beyond your technological grasp for the foreseeable future, but your species can mitigate such threats of extinction by self sustaining off-world colonization efforts! In addition to getting some of your eggs out of this one basket, the technology to survive without a magnetosphere on the Moon and Mars could be used to save the world here on Earth. In the event of a worst case scenario, humans could then repopulate Earth all by themselves after the dust settles from a mass extinction event. It's nearly unfathomable that anyone could sit comfortably in their gravity well thinking theirs may be the only spark of intelligent life in the universe while considering prioritizing anything above extinction prevention. If ancient myths about post-death paradise can invoke enough apathy that you would risk letting the only known spark of life go out, then yours is not a sentient species. Yes, you have all the space-time in the world, but those days are certainly numbered!

Those averse to human exploration of space now are not self aware and sentient beings. In fact, were I an alien overseer -- and I am most certainly not admitting that I am -- then based the lack of exploration beyond your magnetosphere over the past 40 years I would recommend we cut our losses and take your species off the endangered sentience list. I imagine -- as a purely hypothetical speculation -- that if humanity did owe an advanced alien race one hell of a tab, and showed no indication of ability to repay it for the infinite future, that one of them might risk violation of technological contamination statutes and propagandize the suggestion for you to get your asses to Mars and colonize it as soon as humanly possible -- which would have been about 67 years ago, if you hadn't wasted so much time murdering yourselves. Even if exposing a clear and troubling picture of humanity's place in the universe were an overt violation of some alien version of your fictional prime directive, it's not like one would not seriously need a permanent vacation after only a few decades of witnessing humanity's failure after mind-blowing failure to commit to ANYTHING resembling progress as a space faring race!

Perhaps one would rethink their benefit package at the last second, and bury their contemptuous assessment in a reply to an AC.

Comment Re:I'm liking how Russia is standing up these days (Score 1) 234

Obama was on Seal Team Six? I didn't know that. He was working with the CIA to track down Bin Laden in Pakistan, before he was President?...

When Obama became President, no one in the CIA was tracking down bin Laden in Pakistan. In 2005 George W. Bush shut down the CIA unit tasked with tracking bin Laden (code named Alec Station and established in 1996 by Bill Clinton). "C.I.A. Closes Unit Focused on Capture of bin Laden".

It took an executive action by Obama to recreate an intelligence unit to pick up the hunt, and then a tough call to send the SEAL team in when the intelligence about bin Laden's presence was still uncertain. A weaker man would have temporized about the uncertainty and done nothing (GW Bush and Tora Bora?).

BTW - the right's adulation of GW Bush as a hero, strutting in front of his "Mission Accomplished" banner, when he had never fired a shot in the invasion, while pretending Obama had nothing to do with the termination of bin Laden "because he wasn't on Seal Team Six" is a double standard so glaring that it makes one stand dumb-founded at the intellectual dishonesty involved. Yeah, and Reagan defeated the Soviet Union single-handedly. Right.

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Comment Re:How's your Russian? (Score 1) 390

The Russian armies continuing to mass on Ukraine's borders?
Russian special forces and intelligence agents infiltrating Ukraine and instigating insurrection and incidents?
The Russians violating the Open Skies treaty to deny Western and US compliance inspection over-flights of Russia to hide their activity?
The UN finding that the Crimean election wasn't quite as free as claimed?
Putin admitting that the "little green men" in Crimea were, "surprise! surprise!," Russian soldiers after all?
Jews being told they must "register" in an area of Ukraine controlled by Russian separatists? which echoes the problems Russia has with National Socialists?
Russia taking up the "anti-fascist" fight after "defeating fascism" in Poland in 1939 (splitting it with the Germans), "defeating fascism" in Finland in 1940 (annexing Finnish territory), "defeating fascism" in Georgia in 2008 (taking territory from it), and now volunteering to "defeat fascism" in Ukraine despite the fact that Russia seems to be unable to defeat fascism at home?
That momentum is building in Ukraine's legislature for rearming with nuclear weapons which will ironically be accepting Putin's advice offered on Syria?

Ironically, the notion of reacquiring nuclear weapons as a security guarantee is a position publicly advocated by Putin himself: "If you cannot count on international law, then you must find other ways to ensure your security. ... This is logical: If you have the bomb, no one will touch you." -- Is Ukraine about to go nuclear again?

Most Ukrainians are neither loyal Russians nor fascists

Putin has promoted the notion that ethnic Russians were in danger. There has never been evidence for this unless you count as brutal repression a failed attempt to revive an old law making Ukrainian the sole language for court hearings and government forms. Putin calls for greater autonomy for the south and east of Ukraine, and more rights for Russian-speakers, while doing all he can to obstruct elections that would bring them back into the political process.

No doubt there is more. Do you have an inside scoop? Is it, as I fear, that the US is at fault?

Comment Re:So - who's in love with the government again? (Score 1) 397

Actually, the FDA's track record is to be too passive, and rely too much on self-regulation by the industry, which increases the risk to consumers because industry is much more interested in increasing profit margins than minimizing health risks to consumers. Given that, I'd suggest that the FDA needs to be properly funded so that (for example) they can have enough inspectors to make sure that our food chain is safe themselves. That's a problem with Congress, of course, allocating resources away from enforcing the law when it applies to campaign contributors. But hopefully public safety rates somewhere in the political process.

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Comment Counter? (Score 1) 7

"By holding up modern China as an example of Communism, Smith expressly shows us that he is fucking propagandist scum inhabiting the more clever of propagandist echelons as the peon is then seemingly left with NO OPTIONS as to how they could potentially reorder or rethink their society."

Comment Re:Here's a trick: Don't live in the U.S. (Score 1) 390

complain to your professor and university then, it's not the publisher's fault the person actually making the decision is screwing you. Everyone likes to get angry at the faceless company, rather than the person putting you in that position. It's like when people get angry at their insurance company even though it is the hospital charging you 200 dollars per saline drip. It just doesn't feel right to tell your doctor and hospital they are profiteering.

At my college, professors regularly assigned either their own questions for homework or questions that didn't change over the last couple editions of the book (math and physics classes) and it saved us a lot of money. This meant you only got a new edition if you wanted it, or if for some reason the class was using a first edition.

Comment Re:So - who's in love with the government again? (Score 1) 397

Yes, consequences are an important part of the discussion. Hyperbolic exaggeration of trivial consequences, as if they could wipe out an industry, are not a valuable contribution to the discussion.

This is overall a small matter - a trivial cost regulation, protecting from a small threat. Perhaps we could try discussing that instead of what we're discussing?

Comment Re:So - who's in love with the government again? (Score 1) 397

The cost is a fraction of a cent per six-pack of beer, making it extremely unlikely to lead to the kinds of negative repercussions you hypothesize - the price of beer moves up and down based on marked issues all the time, without wiping out humanity.

And they're not saying that the beer factors can't sell the feed to the farmers, just that they have to package, and track it the way all other industrial feed is packaged and tracked, so that if there's a health issue they can track it through the food chain. Note that the FDA didn't create this regulation, Congress did, years ago. This is just the part of the process where the FDA does its job, proposes specific rules that do what Congress passed into law, and puts them up for public feedback. And if the public would rather have a risk of contaminated feed to cows being untraceable than pay a fraction of a cent more per six-pack, or the beer companies and dairy farms insist on that risk instead of trivially lower profits, then the rule won't make it through the public feedback period unchanged.

How you balance a very low cost requirement against a low risk should be an interesting debate. But hyperbolic statements that try to spin a trivial cost as if it will wipe out the industry don't do anyone any good.

Comment Mercedes Owner Here (Score 1) 360

I own one of MB's older diesels 300TD), which have a certain reputation for durability. It really makes me sad how cheaply made their cars now are. I wouldn't touch a Benz made after the W124 era, they just seem like cheap junk that requires frequent and expensive service.

Tesla is doing damn near everything right in order to grow a brand. There is nothing more desirable in the price range today. My old oil burner will last me long enough to see a Tesla model I can afford (It'll take a while to fill in those next 300,000 miles) thanks to the kind of quality Mercedes USED to offer in a vehicle.
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Comment Re:THROUGH North Korea?! (Score 1) 234

China has the US by the balls via debt

OM F***ing G. I know this is a popular theme on Slashdot, but please STOP. It is wrong, and stems from a serious misunderstanding about what it means to say that "the US owes China money."

In addition, doesn't anyone bother to look up just how much of the U.S. "balls" China is holding? China holds just 6% of the U.S. Federal debt! ($1.1 trillion out of $17.6 trillion).

Ooh! Sc-a-r-r-y!

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SpaceX wishes ISS a happy Easter, brings 5000 pounds of supplies and ...
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Why did Nike fire most of its Nike FuelBand team?
Atlanta Journal Constitution
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Comment Re:Kansas City Hyatt Regency Skywalk (Score 1) 183

(Slashdot timed out on me and I lost the start of my post.)

As built the skywalk was so overloaded that eventual collapse was possible even without any load. Naturally when it did fail it would be at a time when both the upper and lower skywalks were heavily loaded with people, and the floor crowded below. 114 died, 216 were injured - many seriously.

Of course loads on things like bridges and skyways vary a lot. You can expect them to go in times of high load, which happens to be when there are a lot of people around to be injured or killed.

Comment Absurd position by the government (Score 1, Interesting) 81

This is completely absurd. They have to know right away whether or not their website logins were vulnerable (that is, were they running OpenSSL with the bug) or whether they were running other versions of SSL without heartbleed. It's a black and white situation. There's no gray middle ground.

Comment This does not seem to be news (Score 4, Insightful) 81

I have no love for, but honestly just about every site is sending out notices that people may want to change passwords. Heck, Yahoo *made* me change my password.

Like everyone else they don't know if anything was taken. And frankly, Heatbleed is probably the least of the security issues has... I'd be way more worried about backbend systems, and then it doesn't matter what your password is.

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Comment Re:oy (Score 1) 8

It's probably just bad white balance. (Ah, digital is so precious.)

But no, a man may not wear a pink hat. I always hated the douchebags in the 80's or 90's or whenever it was that would wear pink polo shirts to make a statement of how secure in their masculinity they were. Douches.

So solids, no. Busy jumbles of fruity colors, fine.

p.s. I'll bet he chews on that mustache.

Comment Brewers have millennia of history on their side. (Score 1) 397

The practice of feeding spent mash to farm animals goes back to the origins of brewing. It reminds me of the authorities in Brussels dictating changes in the practices of traditional European cheese makers which would ruin the essential character of their products and destroy their industry. Enacted laws should be implemented only after the bureaucrats ask themselves if it really makes sense to do such things. Otherwise, they should go back to the legislators and say, "We have a problem here." If this doesn't happen, we'll get a nation of inane laws enacted by overbearing bureaucrats . . . oh . . . sorry, we're already there.

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