Comment Re:ALL the exchanges failed (Score 1) 163

was that the rollout was rushed for political reasons. If it were slowed down then the republicans might have had more success killing it before implementation.

That might be "political" reasons, but it's also practical reasons. If you want to get certain things done, you have to race against competition trying to kill it.

For about 100 years various presidents and lawmaking groups have tried to enact a medical insurance program of some sort, only to see it smashed down. With that kind of record you know you have to move quickly and take some risk to slip through the narrow cracks of opportunity that present themselves.

Like it or hate it, ACA is a monumental political endeavor with equally monumental forces pushing against it. The horse has to be big and ride fast to get something like this through, and that probably means inadvertently stepping on and squashing stuff along the way.

When Biden was caught on mike saying, "This is a big fucking deal!", it was no exaggeration.

Comment Re:Enh as much as I dislike Oracle... (Score 1) 163

Time and material contracts basically means renting consultants by the hour, short of outright criminal behavior there's no promised time frames, deliverables or guarantees of functionality or quality. The upside is the lack of formalism, I've developed many reports on a T&M basis and basically if you want a filter here and a total there and to add one more column and add a traffic light here and a drill down there just say it and I'll keep working on it until you're happy. Heck, I've taken "requirements" from a single yellow post-it note, as long as the client is happy and the invoices get paid it's a win-win for everyone compared to bids and change orders.

The problem begins if you need anything other than yes-men because basically you're going to lead these people and point them to tasks that need doing and make sure it all comes together to a working solution. Consider it a bit like building a house where every contractor assumes that the rest of the work to bring it up to code will be done by somebody else, you tell the plumber to put a pipe here, the electrician a wire there and the carpenter to board up that wall and they do it, but they don't take any responsibility on whether it's done to code or the overall result. My guess is that Oracle have their asses well covered legally, but often they have to play the scapegoat when the client has been incompetent. Usually they don't want to throw eggs in the face of the manager who hired them, unless it becomes an even bigger PR problem not to.

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Comment Re:Wow... Snowden just lost me. (Score 1) 396

In addition, the populations of both countries are easily manipulated by telling them how glorious and special they are.

Can you please let me know which are the countries are where the populations are not easily manipulated by telling them how glorious and special they are? I may want to emigrate.

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Comment Re:Militia, then vs now (Score 1) 1633

What do wing nut freedom blogs have to do with the facts of the case? Mr. Bundy, family, and staff forbade the carrying of firearms by the people on his property.

Eric Parker wants to lay on a public bridge on a public road and aim weapons at people, he should probably be arrested. He had nothing to do with Mr. Bundy's situation other than a misguided attempt to "help". He should not have been there, and he should not have taken up arms.

Please show evidence he was asked to be on that road by anyone actually involved in this measly $300,000 civil case. (Yes, $300,000. The $1M number bandied about by the "rule of law" whiners, is after exorbitant "penalties" that any business would make disappear upon settlement with a good lawyer.)

We have hundreds if not thousands of tax dodgers who owe far more than Mr. Bundy. Al Sharpton, comes to mind. $3.5M. He gets the highest "law enforcement" appointee (who illegally ran guns to murderers in Mexico by forcing law-abiding gun stores to sell them, I might add... great law enforcement there...) to speak at his conventions.

Can you find an IRS Top Ten Most Wanted list? I can't. Probably has something to do with who's on it, and which politicians they pay off. FBI Top Ten Most Wanted, no problem. IRS? Nope.

If you're so concerned about Mr. Bundy's back taxes, perhaps you should get an army to surround Al Sharpton's house with 200 rifle-carrying soldiers.

The "BLM Action" currently has an estimated cost of $2M to the U.S. taxpayer. Let's see... if I were asked if I wanted $2M spent to bother a rancher in the Nevada desert for a $330K bill... nope. Not worth it.

Someone else wants that land, and someone at BLM ordered up an Army. Interesting how we haven't heard who that was yet, isn't it? Who at BLM has the authority to assemble a standing army? I'd like to know.

Feed Google News Sci Tech: Earth-sized planet found orbiting in a habitable zone - Los Angeles Times (


Earth-sized planet found orbiting in a habitable zone
Los Angeles Times
Sifting through observations from more than 100,000 distant stars, astronomers say they have discovered the first definitive Earth-sized planet that orbits in a habitable zone where water could exist in liquid form — a necessary condition for life as we know it.
First Earth-sized planet in habitable zone around star spotted by NASARegister
NASA discovers Earth-sized planet that may sustain lifeCNN
Planet just 500 light-years away is most Earthlike yet discoveredThe Seattle Times
Boston Globe-New York Times-WAAY
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Feed Google News Sci Tech: Centipede eats its way out of deadly snake [PHOTO] - Science Recorder (

Science Recorder

Centipede eats its way out of deadly snake [PHOTO]
Science Recorder
Scientists are astonished to find a viper eaten alive from the inside out by his prey, a centipede. Centipede eats its way out of deadly snake [PHOTO]. Science Recorder | Delila James | Friday, April 18, 2014. While scientists were on a field study in Macedonia,...
Preying to stay alive: Centipede tries to eat its way to sanctuary - out of a snake's ... Daily Mail
Centipede Eats Nose Horned Viper From The Inside Out (PHOTO)Auto World News
Centipede Bursts Out Of Snake's Stomach After Being Eaten, Researchers ... Headlines & Global News
Nature World News-The Utah People's Post-Discovery News
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Feed Google News Sci Tech: Twitter unveils new mobile app promotion suite to drive installs - Pocket Gamer. (

Pocket Gamer.Biz

Twitter unveils new mobile app promotion suite to drive installs
Pocket Gamer.Biz
Following Facebook's lead, Twitter has announced an ad-based promotion suite powered by the MoPub network to drive user acquisition campaigns for mobile apps and games. This new initiative is aimed at giving marketers “unparalleled scale across the...
Twitter Goes After a Facebook Cash CowNew York Times (blog)
Twitter Announces App Install AdsSocial News Daily

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Comment TMI (Score 1) 218

Who told you that lie? Several reactors have suffered a melt down / loss of primary containment event where fuel slumped to the bottom of the pressure vessel and burned through. TMI is an example of such an event. This was always a possibility in Generation II PWR and BWR designs. It's one of the reasons we need to be building Generation III+ replacements.

Comment Re:Just one more reason (Score 3, Insightful) 258

... to legalize and regulate.

That is unlikely to happen in Britain. Politicians won't legalize it because there are too many special interest groups that want to keep the status quo of the endless "War on Drugs" and all the money that flows into it. In America, it has only been legalized in states with citizen referendums, so the politicians were bypassed.

Comment Re:Rewarding the bullies... (Score 1) 798

It all depends on the school. My mother is a substitute teacher at a high school which doesn't take discipline very seriously. At one point she caught a kid with a paintball gun in the classroom and called it in to the office, conveniently leaving out the "paintball" part. Nothing happened for around 10 minutes until the office called back to get more information. Most kids get just a slap on the wrist if anything, so behavior at the school tends to be poor and the administration frowns on teachers who do use discipline because it inconveniences them. Back in the 1970s and 1980s it was a yearly tradition to stab a teacher every year at this school. Sadly this type of thing is coming back. Some of the lower grade schools in the city are just as bad and there are now a lot of problems with gangs.

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Comment Opportunity for Ubuntu - support dropped for XP (Score 2) 179

This new release is timely. I assume that those interested in increasing the user base of ubuntu did not miss the significance of this news about XP. The number I've heard tossed around is 30% of existing PC's run XP and it is now being recommended that they stop using it. I was disturbed to hear a major network news channel recommend that XP users either buy win8 or buy a new computer. Anyone interested in promoting linux distros should not pass up this opportunity.

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Comment Re:His question was important and legitimate (Score 1) 396

It is a perfectly valid question which needs to be asked to all world leaders. While Putin's answer can certainly be seen as pure political spin, the question itself is a legitimate and forceful question to be posed. And by asking it, it forced Putin to provide an answer through which he can be measured against.

Opinions of Snowden aside (I don't think he should be expected to dedicate his every action for the rest of his live to a privacy campaign just because he once blew a whistle), I think we can presume that the question was only asked because Putin and his aides wanted it to be. They had a prepared answer, information about Russia's eavesdropping is not in the public domain the way the west's is, and this let them thumb a nose at the US at a time when each is trying to portray the other as the bad guy over Ukraine.

Comment Re:Couple problems (Score 1) 218

There was a drawing visible in the video for about 10-15 seconds. Mind you, it's not a lot to go on... The reactor itself was shown below the water level. The design appeared to be similar to designs I've seen which use passive convection cooling. In addition to that, the outer containment was labeled as "flooded with sea water" or something to that effect. To your other point, the shape of the outer containment was a cylinder. The appearance was similar to some Generation III+ designs that flood the building and rely on passive convection cooling to keep a reactor nominally within safe limits, should something serious go wrong with the primary and secondary systems. Again, that's based on a 10 second glimpse at a sketch in a video... so not to be taken seriously.

Comment There is another answer (Score 1) 258

The development of anti-drone weapons is the next step. Small radar-guided missiles the size of a bottle rocket used to destroy "enemy" drones. Or "fighter" drones armed with heat-seeking missiles. It could add a new dimension to the phrase "too close for missiles, switching to guns".

Of course, as someone has already pointed out, legalizing pot is the best solution. Then the pot growers and the thieves can kill each other off.

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Comment Re:Militia, then vs now (Score 1) 1633

I don't care who's egging it on. I've been listening to only interviews with the man and his family, themselves.

Those turning it into a 2A issue, are nut bags on both sides. Including you.

If anything it was a 1A issue... "the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

And possibly a 3A issue... "No Soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the Owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law."

What "Hannity" or any other idiot turns it into is none of my concern as a Citizen. What is my concern as a Citizen is, is whether or not I find it appropriate for Federal armies to steal private property and show up in military dress and fully armed as a military to do so.

Since we're an Oligarchy and headed worse in that direction, my answer is no.

Comment It became a magnet for the greedy (Score 1) 218

There was enough money involved to attract management with plenty of political skill to get the good jobs but no background on what they are attempting to manage. That has led to a cycle of needing a unmistakable disaster with each generation of management or they forget their responsibilities. TMI was the perfect one since it was an obvious fuckup with little consequence, but it was too long ago for anyone other than engineers, technicians and other non-horse judges to take seriously. Chenobyl gets written off as "those crazy commies". The most recent chain of stupidity is unfortunately being written off as entirely due to the tsunami and the similarities to US reactors and US industry practices are being ignored.

As for waste storage - any mention of it was seen as being some sort of traitorous move against the nuclear industry, which is why the Synroc I saw in 1987 didn't get the funding and approval to be properly tested until a couple of years ago. Waste storage has been so badly managed that there have been incidents such as one where some idiots put enough drums of high level waste together to get something similar to the Chicago atomic pile.

Comment So much nonsense in terms (Score 4, Informative) 258

"They require hydroponic lights for the marijuana plants to grow"

What the fuck is a hydroponic light? Are we talking sonoluminescence or what? That's gotta be inefficient.

You mean an HID light, which produces tons of heat and is easy traceable from both ballast noise and heat.

Shoulda gone LED, suckers.

Comment Re:judge was clearly incompetent (Score 1) 128

I expect judges to be adults. Not fussy children that are unworthy to wear the robes.

Our society is plagued with legions of children masquerading as adults. They are not adults just because they're 40 years old. Especially not when they go through their day whining and crying and throwing temper tantrums.

Part of being an adult is sublimating your base animal reactions and behaving in an age appropriate, dutiful, rational, and civilized manner.

End. Period. Point.

Comment Re:Too poor (Score 2) 341

You don't rent for that. You buy, as much as you can. 30 years, you'll at least be rent free. And in that 30 years, the land will appreciate. I've made more owning my home than working, and I make more than average.

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