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Journal Journal: Working Online, Being Pregnant and Has a Toddler

Are you in the same predicament as I am? Talk about a load. Working online for my online business with a toddler and being pregnant at the same time. Sounds tiring even after reading it, lol. Oh yea, and I almost forgot. I work a full-time job, 40 hour work week, for a construction company in (

Comment Re:Reversibility (Score 2) 139

Whatever they do, I hope they make the disablement reversible, for those who think they've had their phone stolen, only to find that it was just misplaced - or if the phone is later recovered from the thief.

I don't think you will get what you want. Allowing it to be reversible would not be in the carrier's interest because they would not be able to sell you a new phone and force you to sign a new 2 year contract. They are not interested in what you want, they are interested in what makes them more money.

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Comment Re:Revolt? (Score 1) 818

Ireland didn't exactly have a war of secession (not a successful one, anyway). The modern republic of Ireland was created through negotiation. India's independence was mostly peaceful as well, with some early agitators giving way to peaceful civil disobedience a la Gandhi, transition to a dominion in 1947, then independence in 1950. Likewise, Canada, Newfoundland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Morocco, all gained their independence diplomatically. The US is the only country I can think of at the moment that's had a war of independence and become a successful democracy afterward.

Comment Re:Yay for government!!! (Score 3, Informative) 139

I will say this on my public account. I work for AT&T for the last year all you have to do is call customer service, we can see the phone was originally on your account and we can blacklist it, 30 seconds. And company policy no rep would have told you it was on another account, be it pay as you go or post paid.
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Comment Re:Partial statistics (Score 3, Interesting) 118

It doesn't sound like piracy is making much of a impact to me.

And it likely never did. It was a big bunch of scare mongering, "Oh no the pirates are cutting hard core into our profits!!!!"

There is a basic fact about piracy... most people who pirate software fall into two categories:

1. The group that bought the software, but wants to remove it's DRM.
2. The group that will NEVER buy the software, regardless of price or DRM.

I think Steam proves this. Piracy is still alive and well, yes? So it wasn't a problem of accessibility. Steam erased accessibility issues. Bottom line: Pirates are likely never to be your customers, no matter what.

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Strong PS4 sales create supply problems for Sony
Sales of Sony's PlayStation 4 platform have surpassed 7 million units worldwide but supply problems are continuing, the electronics giant said. Now available in 72 countries and regions, the platform had notched the milestone as of April 6, Sony Computer...
Sony says it has sold more than 7 million PS4 consoles since launchNDTV
Sony sells more than seven million PlayStation 4 worldwideHindustan Times
Sony Struggles to Meet Demand for PlayStation4Bloomberg
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Comment Re:Strange.. (Score 0) 320

The only problem I have with smokers (and it is a big problem) is that I detest secondhand smoke. I dislike the smell intensely, even in open spaces outdoors. Unfortunately, this problem is completely irreconcilable with most smokers' desire to smoke in proximity to where non-smokers are. If you are the rare smoker who only smokes in your own residence which is not shared with anyone else like me living in the same building, then I respect that. Otherwise, no. As far as I'm concerned, your right to smoke ends when your smoke hits my face. It is unreasonable to expect non-smokers to accommodate smokers by giving smokers priority in public spaces.
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Aio Wireless takes a cue from Sprint's Framily plan with new group discounts
Cheesy moniker aside, Sprint's newly minted Framily plan is not one to be ignored. It allows you to save money by sharing an account with, well, friends and family, all while being billed separately on up to 10 lines. Following in similar footsteps, AT&T's...
Aio Wireless Plan Takes Page From Sprint 'Framily' DealPC Magazine
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Comment Re:I'll give you six amendments: (Score 1) 1633

Giving them a gun course isn't going to un-Hollywoodize firearms

No but given:
1 Guns are out there and available to (mostly) everyone and
2 Hollywood is unlikely to start glamorizing gun safety and proper respect for firearms
Would you rather have your armed populace be (a) trained or (b) untrained in firearms handling / safety, all else being equal?

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Comment Re:power cars? technically no (Score 2) 174

1. Current TEs are no where close to 50% efficient. More like about 5%.

The article was about new, higher-efficiency materials. Still not high enough, and not near 50% efficiency, but certainly getting up there. Good enough so that, if you could get hold of the material, you could at least use it to charge your electric cars batteries currently, even if you couldn't power the car directly. Of course, at present, you'd be better off with a Stirling engine.

3. You can't "turn-off" an RTG. They have to run continuously.

Presumably, you could plug them into the power grid in most places you park them

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