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Comment I guess they were wrong (Score 3, Insightful) 146

If you're about to say they were correct, hold on a minute. Without the aide of computers, the tax laws wouldn't be this complicated. No human could ever interpret and correctly follow tax law as it sits right now. So all these computers caused it to grow completely insane and waste small business owner's time.

Comment Byte - RIP (Score 1) 285

I subscribed to Byte when discharged from the Navy in 1977 and maintained the subscription until the day it was killed. They offered to transfer my subscription balance to one of their other publications. None of them interested me because they weren't Byte. A huge hole was left in computer technology reporting that was never filled. Dr. Dobbs persists, at least digitally. For that, we should be grateful.

Comment Re:Actually the correct fix is far fewer words (Score 1) 1633

'A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, and the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.' Instead of applying revisionist views that have no Constitutional basis.

According to current rules of grammar, usage, and sentence construction, the Second Amendment (although it may have made sense at the time, according to the standards of that time) nowadays looks like the result of the collision of two different sentences, and your addition of that single word in that part of it doesn't make it any clearer, unless maybe you were trying to prevent the infringement of a well regulated militia.

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Comment This is a good idea... (Score 1) 139

... if and only if it involves me having the option to generate a public-private key pair when I get the phone, putting the public key on the phone, and telling it "melt yourself if someone gives you the private key". Then I can guard that private key however I like -- I can give it to the police, to the cellphone company, or to nobody.

I am fine if *I* have a killswitch. I'll be damned if I'm going to give someone else one.

Comment Re:It's crap (Score 1) 1633

That argument is a load of crap. Just take a look at every major war fought in the last hundred years. Sure a superior military might conquer and occupy for a while but if the local people aren't on board with it the occupation almost always fails with very few exceptions.

Your argument also relies on the assumption that the majority of those in the armed forces would follow orders to attack civilians. There would be plenty that would disobey that order.

A rebellion by citizen with firearms, even semiautomatic, would give them enough of an edge to take some military bases and upgrade. Especially if they were dissenting military personnel helping in those campaigns.

Feed Google News Sci Tech: It's time for a Heartbleed-inspired password audit - Sydney Morning Herald (

Sydney Morning Herald

It's time for a Heartbleed-inspired password audit
Sydney Morning Herald
Don't just change your passwords to protect against Heartbleed, use the opportunity to come up with better passwords. In case you missed the news, Heartbleed is the mother of all security flaws. This two-year-old vulnerability in the OpenSSL encryption...
First Heartbleed attack reported; taxpayer data stolenCNET
Teen nabbed in Heartbleed attack against Canadian tax siteComputerworld
Police charge Canadian in Internet privacy
The Province
all 1,606 news articles

Feed Google News Sci Tech: AT&T Adds Connected Car Deal to Build on Accords With Volvo, GM - Businesswe (

Rush Lane

AT&T Adds Connected Car Deal to Build on Accords With Volvo, GM
AT&T Inc. (T:US), the largest U.S. phone company, said it reached a deal with a global automaker to add to its ranks of customers seeking connectivity in its cars. The carmaker, based outside Asia, will have vehicles using AT&T's wireless services in markets...
New Volvos will get AT&T connectivity starting this summerGigaOM
AT&T signed deal with VolvoInvestor's Business Daily
Volvo Cars and AT&T Sign Multi-Year Connected Car AgreementLteWorld
PC Magazine-CNET-Kansas City Star
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Journal Journal: Bulls will face Wizards in playoffs, Game 1 on Sunday

After losing star Derrick Rose (right knee) back on Nov. 22, after just 10 games, and then trading Luol Deng in early January, this team was left for dead. A carcass on the side of the road for all to drive by and point at. (

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storagedude writes: Flash storage costs have been dropping rapidly for years, but those gains are about to slow, and a number of issues will keep flash from closing the cost gap with HDDs for some time, writes Henry Newman at Enterprise Storage Forum. As SSD density increases, reliability and performance decrease, creating a dilemma for manufacturers who must balance density, cost, reliability and performance.

'[F]lash technology and SSDs cannot yet replace HDDs as primary storage for enterprise and HPC applications due to continued high prices for capacity, bandwidth and power, as well as issues with reliability that can only be addressed by increasing overall costs. At least for the foreseeable future, the cost of flash compared to hard drive storage is not going to change.'

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Comment Economist, Sky and Telescope, Skeptic (Score 1) 285

The former because it's probably the best general news periodical around, even when you disagree with their (fully acknowledged) slant. S&T is nice for the photos and paper charts- my son still has the four page foldout detail of the Milky Way up on his wall. Skeptic just for the off-the wall stuff- it's a good snack time at the table read.

Comment Re:Earlier story, rejected: (Score 1) 6

Happily enough, I only experienced #2. It did completely lock my machine up after it updated it's own virus def file though. It's very suspicious timing that XP suffers this kind of problem just days after Microsoft drops support for it. They've been pushing hard for people to upgrade, and then their own update cycle takes XP machines down. They warned the world that now XP users will be exposed to all kinds of malware problems, then bang, Security Essentials acts like the malicious trojan program that it's supposed to protect us from. I'm comfortable enough with computers that I was able to get mine running again, but I suspect a very high percentage of people will assume they got a virus, and be forced into an upgrade situation. Microsoft is arrogant as hell, but they're not stupid. There's no way a competent company would have an "accident" like this.

Comment The courts are a different branch and not elected. (Score 1) 818

then why the recent decision ... that allowed individuals to contribute directly to *all* candidates, with no overall cap on contributions?

Because it'a a SUPREME COURT decision. We have three branches of government and only two are elected.

The supremes are appointed, for life (subject only to impeachment for high crimes, like the president). They have no re-election issues and can vote their mind without affecting their own tenure.

The court has repeatedly struck down campaign spending restrictions, because they're limits, not just on free speech, but on the POLITICAL speech that is the reason it is an enumerated right in the first place.

But it takes a while for a law to produce enough damage to give someone standing to challenge it, and to bring it to the supremes, and then they rule narrowly. Then, once a piece is struck down, Congress just turns around and does another version of it to evade the details of that decision, and the cycle starts over.

There are under 700 people that hit the max last time around, do you seriously think that decision will benefit the grass roots? Sounds to me like it's aimed squarely at giving the oligarchs more influence.

Of course it's the rich are the first who are bit and who have the resources to bring the suit. That's part of why the limits end up off the rich (like Soros) first, while they're still hobbling everybody else.

It isn't just the limits themselves that are an issue. There's all the reporting requirements, publication requirements, time limits, and maze of details that make compliance hard.

It's hard for candidates: They need a substantial political machine right off the bat. Getting dinged for campaign finance violations is costly, may involve jail time, DOES involve court time, and produces publicity that tarnishes the candidate's image and hurts his chances in future elections. This gives the professional politicians, especially incumbents with the machine in place, a massive advantage over any grass-roots upstarts trying to replace them.

And it can bring on reprisals against donors - including carreer-killing or physical retaliation. Who contributed to what political campaigns is public record and searchable online. This is an invitation to people with opposing views to exert social pressure or take revenge. (Within the last couple weeks we saw the CEO of Netscape forced to resign by just such pressure, as a result of the McCain-Feingold reporting of a past political contribution to a "politically-incorrect" campaign.)

It's the exact opposite of a secret ballot, which is secret to prevent such reprisals so the vote can be cast in safety. Why should financial support be any different? Why would publishing the amount and beneficiary of each contributor's political contributions be any less of a bias on the political system than publishing the way each voter voted?

Further, risking a job is far more of a hardship for a little guy living hand-to-mouth than a rich executive with millions in the bank and a golden parachute. So it's another force to suppress grass-roots opinion in favor of those who are independently wealthy or well-off.

Comment Re:Open? (Score 1) 54

VirtualBox is GPL2. If you install Oracles proprietary crap, that's your problem.

"This is called "dual licensing". Since Oracle holds all the copyrights to the VirtualBox code, or is at least permitted to relicense code that is owned by external contributors or other parties, we are free to choose the terms under which we license the code to our customers, or the open-source community. "

So any code you submit, you also assign to Oracle so they can release it closed source. So not totally open.

Comment Re:Yay for government!!! (Score 2) 139

1) Snarf IMEI numbers and access devices as they pass by using an exploitable bluetooth bug.

2) Send letter to people telling them you own them and will do evil things to them if they do not pay up.

3) profit ???

4) Send letter to phone service using info snag'd from bug.

My name is Passer Bye. My phone is stolen. The phone info is...

5) Send new letter.

6) profit ???

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Journal Journal: Libertyville Homes for Sale, Libertyville Real Estate

Libertyville Homes for Sale, Libertyville Real Estate
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Comment Re:Yay for government!!! (Score 1) 139

They would need to take control of the carriers to do this. In an apocalyptic scenario, taking over the carrier would disrupt your phone communications anyways.

I think the most important thing is being able to maintain evidence you record via your phone and that it can't be destroyed by destroying your phone. A solution to that would be proper cloud backups of your data to mega style providers where only you hold the key to your data.

Submission + - Anti-tech protests in San Francisco turn out to be underhanded ploy by union

execthis writes: In the news over past weeks and months have been stories about protests in San Francisco in which buses for Google have been blocked by protesters. Today it is revealed that a union is behind these protests, which amount to a dirty tactic on their part to attempt to humiliate the City and County of San Francisco government into giving raises to their employees. In other words, they have been faux protests staged by the Service Employees International Union as an underhanded attempt to gain leverage and force the city to give them wage increases. Its interesting to note that there recently were other seemingly faux protests in front of Staples stores, this time by the postal workers (I say seemingly because they did not appear to openly reveal that they were in fact postal workers).

Comment Re:It's crap (Score 1) 1633

The US Military has spent ten years wearing out its combat troops trying to pacify a country the size of Texas, opposed by goat herders and drug smugglers. You think that a military that is fractured by domestic conflict would be able to control an area 14x as large if there was a widely distributed insurgency sparked by some egregious violation of the constitution? Dream on.

The key word there is pacify. We certainly have the weapons technology to allow us to just kill everybody there (and let God sort them out, I suppose), it's trying to avoid collateral damage, human fatality-wise, that makes things problematic.

But we aren't as tribal here in the States, and in a situation where the actual military was unleashed domestically, neighbor would be more likely to give away neighbor, especially if the alternative was having the entire neighborhood reduced to dead bodies and smouldering rubble just to get the guys in one house.

And our military has the firepower to do that to an entire neighborhood, and then another, and then another....

If it gets to the point domestically that due process and all that is out the window, the civilians are outgunned, because they can't afford their own air force, or a navy that can sit offshore and bombard them from miles away, etc.

Comment Re:Strange.. (Score 1) 320

I'm british, what's a healthcare bill?

I pay a large amount of tax on my smokes, (16.5% on top of the 20% VAT!) and that extra excise duty "apparently" goes towards funding the NHS because of the increased pressure smoking-related illnesses put on the NHS. But i don't complain, because anyone, from the homeless to the queen will (should) get the same standard of healthcare. I've not needed the services of the NHS since i started smoking, so for the most part, my taxes have gone to paying for someone elses emphysema and not mine.

Submission + - Federal appeals court says EPA can force power plants to cut mercury emissions ( 1

mdsolar writes: "A federal appeals court on Tuesday upheld regulations adopted by the Environmental Protection Agency to cut mercury and other emissions from large power plants, a setback for states and energy trade groups that have been challenging Clean Air Act regulations during the Obama administration.

The decision by a three-judge panel at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit means that coal- and oil-fired plants must purchase scrubbers and other equipment to prevent 91 percent of mercury from being released into the air during the burning of coal.... The Department of Energy forecasts that capacity retirements will reach 60,000 [megawatts]"

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