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Journal Journal: Health Benefits of Mangosteen Side Effects

For thousands of years the mangosteen has been made use of to treat a huge list of health concerns. Now that mangosteen has actually ended up being preferred with Western medication, there are reports that the wellness benefits of mangosteen have side results. In this video two leading study physici (

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Comment Ergonomics (Score 2) 103

My feeling is that a lot of older computer users suffer from ergonomic injuries as a result of repetitive stress. Eventually this won't be a problem for us as we move computers into the mind-space but for now when we have to physically interact with computers it's one of those injuries that can really lower the quality of life, let alone the scoreboard.

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Journal Journal: Are We Any Closer to a Cure for Hair Loss - Hair Loss Regrowth

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Journal Journal: Prepare For The Apocalypse

Tim Ralston, star of National Geographic Channel s DOOMSDAY PREPPERS presents sound advice and sensible solutions for emergency preparedness on Fox News Live. He discusses his experience on the show Doomsday Preppers , EMP s, emergency preparedness, and what it means to take accountability for you a (

Comment Yes, they're bastards. And Greedy. (Score 1) 386

Rich people get income from "investment". Poor people get income by working. When you invest, you take the accumulated surplus work and use it to accumulate a larger surplus. You also retain more surplus. When you work, you directly contribute labor that is needed to sustain life and civilization and give away a "fair" portion of the surplus to your bosses.

We have a sliding tax scale. Everyone gets taxed 15.625% (social security and medicare) on labor. Except if your labor is valued about 2x to 3x above average. After $120k per year, you pay minimal additional SSI/Medicare.
Then there's income. Income tax is mostly paid by fools and people who earn about 2x to 4x the average wage. If you're in the lower class, you probably pay nothing or get a small stipend from the government. If you earn average to about 2x average wage, you most likely pay 8 to 15% of your labor in income tax.

Then there's sales tax. That averages around 9.5%. It's effectively regressive because those of us who spend almost all of our income on things we need end up paying 6 to 10% of our income in sales taxes. Rich people spend very little of their total income in sales tax. They "spend" a lot of their income on generating more income instead of on taxable purchases. The sales tax rate is more like 1 to 2% of rich peoples income.

Then there's capital gains. Rich people earn most of their income from capital gains. They nominally pay 15 to 20% of capital gains in taxes. In reality, the richest people pay almost no capital gains because it's much cheaper to just buy tax loopholes and hire attorneys and accountants.

Lets say you work hard and manage to get yourself into the "upper middle class". Your family makes about $160k per year. Probably 7% of that goes to sales tax. Another 15% to SSI/Medicare. Another 10% to income taxes. Another 4% to various state and local taxes. You're paying about 36% of income in taxes. It could easily be more like 40%. The millionaire a few neighborhoods over? He pays about 3% in sales taxes because he only spends about 500k of his annual income. 20% in income taxes because most of it is capital gains. 5% in state taxes and 4% in SSI/Medicare because he doesn't have to pay much after around $120k. That's right: 32%. Also, his company may be getting tax breaks for "staying in the area" or investing in solar or whatever else he can finagle out of the local and state governments. So that's it for taxes.

Now, lets also look at how income is distributed. We already know that basically, right now, the rich get richer and the poor tread water or get poorer. How come? It pretty much flows naturally. Capitalism is mostly about competition. In nature, competition produces winners and losers. The alpha male lion does most of the mating (hence the "lion's share"). The most well adapted species survive and take over. The rest go extinct. There's a direct parallel between our economic system of unequal gains and the fact that we, as a species, are winning the competition for survival so thoroughly against every other species that we're presently causing the greatest mass extinction event in the history of the world.

Nature is really just an extension of physics whereby biology governs a set of complex chemical interactions that collect, store and expend energy in endlessly varying eddies, pools and swales. Life surfs on the energy gradient that exists between the sun and the vast cold emptiness of space. We are fractal perturbations of the otherwise straight forward march of entropy in the universe. Evolution is the process whereby life develops ever-more efficient and complex means of subsisting on smaller portions and more exotic locales in the energy landscape. This demands that the least efficient competitors die off to make room for more advanced ones.

We are transitioning out of the existing system, riding the phase-change whereby evolution is no longer being playing out exclusively in the biome, but also in memes manifested as technology. Just as the earliest life forms were massively inefficient relative to today's species, they are orders of magnitude more complex and effective at catching energy and complicating the process of entropy than non-living processes. Our technological processes are quite inefficient at harnessing energy but make up for it by having access to immense pools of energy that are unavailable to biological organisms (fossil, nuclear fuels and soon extra-terrestrial solar). Thus the scale of technological processes completely dwarfs that of biology so it can, at present, afford to be inefficient.

Let me pose this question: which ecology has more potential for evolutionary advancement? One where many competitors exist with a gaussian distribution of resources, all with the strong desire to work their way up into the safety and security of the upper class? How about one where a handful of competitors safely control a vast amounts of resources and the majority of competitors have subsistence resources? In the second scenario, most competitors don't have the resources to evolve technologically (try new ventures). In the first scenario, the pace of technological evolution is much faster because so many more experiments (mutations) are being run in parallel. It's a fair analogy to the economic circumstances in the U.S. of the 1950s and 60s and the U.S. of today.

There's another factor to consider here. We are conscious, self-aware entities. At some point, we can look at the situation, do the analysis and conclude that:
1) There's enough resources for everyone. People don't have to starve or even just subsist. Not even some of us.
2) We don't have to kill off or marginalize nature to further our expansion.

We can modulate our the impulse to conquest and expand.
We can work together.
Those who can't or won't, don't really have a place at the table.

It's not inevitable, AND it's also the only future worth having.

It's only by contributing to a shared, peaceful future that each and any of us will find true fulfillment and satisfaction.

Feed Google News Sci Tech: Larry Magid: Google Glass: I have better things to do with $1500 - San Jose Merc (

Hindu Business Line

Larry Magid: Google Glass: I have better things to do with $1500
San Jose Mercury News
I didn't apply to be one of the early "explorers" when Google first made its "Glass" wearable computing device available last year, and I didn't opt-in yesterday when they started selling them online to anyone willing to pay $1,500. Although I don't own Google...
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Mala-Meditation Feed Regelmässig neue Infos über Mala-Meditation und Astrologie (

Feed Google News Sci Tech: Google Project Ara Developer Conference Reveals New Details - Latin Post (

Latin Post

Google Project Ara Developer Conference Reveals New Details
Latin Post
We said there'd be more details on Google's futuristic modular smartphone initiative, Project Ara, when the first-ever developers conference took place, and that's true. Here's one: according to Google's Project Ara chief, you might get your first crack at a...
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Samsung Galaxy S5 fingerprint scanner is hackable, allowing access to online ...
GMA News
The Galaxy S5, Samsung's latest flagship smartphone, may not be quite that smart after all, as its fingerprint scanner can apparently be fooled by a fake finger. Not only that - the Galaxy S5 lacks safeguards contained in the rival iPhone 5S that was released...
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Science Recorder

Innovative artificial surface acts like an antenna
Science Recorder
Researchers in China have created a new artificial surface that can bend and focus electromagnetic waves just like an antenna. This innovation may lead to the fabrication of flat, very low profile antennas that also could conform to the shape of curved...
Artificial Surface and Metamaterial AdvancementGuardian Liberty Voice
Flat surface turned into spherical antennaNorthern Voices Online
Scientists make flat surface behave like spherical antennaChristian Science Monitor
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Journal Journal: Property Division and Fully Disclosure in Family Law Settlements

In the family law field, clients are asked and expected to produce documents demonstrating their income from all sources, property of all sorts and debts and liabilities. The probable value and currency, accuracy and completeness of the disclosure is paramount. Why? For a family law lawyer to be abl (

Comment Re:So... (Score 1) 575

p.s. the current win 8 experience has both testicles being torn from your body, or so my father said when he received a win 8 machine as an x-mas gift..


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Comment Re:It's a Great Learning Experience (Score 1) 226

I suspect there's a bit of a definition issue at play here (with all fault apparently being on my end, given some of the other comments in this discussion). In my mind, DevOps roles are such only if the "Dev" and "Ops" parts are connected--I.e., you manage operations for the software that you've developed. I agree that there are rapidly diminishing or negative returns otherwise. E.g., if you write some Nodejs web services on Monday and troubleshoot MS Exchange/ActiveDirectory integration issues on Tuesday, there isn't much benefit. In that case, however, I'd argue that you don't have a DevOps role, you just have 2 different unrelated roles (which, as I stated, is apparently a definition issue on my part).

The only part that I would argue with is..

The difference is between developers knowing the operations side and being the operations side.

You cannot, in my opinion, "know" the operations side if you have never actually been the operations side. The real question is whether knowing the operations side is worth the effort of being the operations side (at least for a while). In my experience, the answer is unequivocally "yes" (but again, with the caveat that you are the operations side only for the software that you develop, and not for, e.g., rolling out the latest Windows service pack to all users at your location).

I should also clarify that my experience has only been with internal development. The demographic differences with respect to external-facing applications (i.e., user/developer ratios on the order of possibly millions to 1 vs. 10s or 100s to 1), among other things, would necessarily limit the ability of developers to participate in operations.

As you've noted, having to run operations to the exclusion of all development activity would bore you to tears. What that has done is forced me to consider--to a degree and precision that would never have occurred to me previously--how the design and architecture of a proposed solution impacts deployment and operations. Because I did not want to spend all my time supporting the system I mentioned in my previous post, I designed it such that it required about all of 30 minutes every other month to administer, and was easy as hell to troubleshoot in production. This meant a much more complex design, and more difficulty in implementation, but saved me a ton of time on net balance such that I could still spend the vast majority of my time doing more interesting stuff.

If deploying and administering the software that you've developed becomes your full-time occupation to the exclusion of all other activity, then either:

  1. You do not actually understand deployment and administration in the relevant environment(s), and are therefore horribly inefficient at it (and would benefit greatly from learning).
  2. Your design made it very difficult/time-consuming to deploy and/or administer. This is almost an inevitable outcome if the above is true, but can also occur if the developer has a "not my job/problem" attitude when it comes to deployment and administration, or can be a straight-up deliberate trade-off based on available resources.
  3. Both of the above. Or...
  4. You are working at a scale or in a domain for which deployment and administration is an inherently difficult problem independent of solution design (though paradoxically in this case it is usually even more important for the developer to understand Ops, because while there may be little they can do to make the hard problem easier, there are lots of ways they can inadvertently make the hard problem impossible).

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jigerjoni writes: Police accident records document history of vehicle incidences. Use police accident reports to compare record with auto registration and body shop records with vehicle identification number (VIN). Reference police accident reports with title. Police reporting of accidents is the most reliable method of investigating detailed information about an auto. Look here for Carfax.

Comment Re:Themes... (Score 1) 452

The workers will still want to use MS Word, and Excel, and Exchange for email.

Others below have indicated their positive experiences migrating windows users to Linux. Windows users do NOT have problems with any of the many GUIs in Linux.

Based on my corporate experience, you would have CEO, VP of IT, DIR of IT buy in on the switch over to Linux from Windows, thus it would make sense that they would dictate a move away from MS Office to Libreoffice.

As for Macros with Word and/or Excel, a working group would be started to identify those macros critical to the needs of the business and someone would be hired to convert only those to to LibreOffice Writer and LIbreOffice Calc. Probably get a volunteer from that group to do the conversion. And all other macros, not considered business critical, would be considered 'not to be used' moving forward.

With executive management buy in, its a no brainer, without it, a move to Linux probably would not happen. Of course then that executive needs to be held accountable for the Windows 8 heck to come.

As for scaling, there are sites that have scaled to above 10K Linux users, so anyone who says it can't be done, is clueless, ignore them.

Best of all, remember that each new version of Windows takes more and more from the Linux kernel, so in reality, Windows has already said that if you can't beat them, join them, they are just not advertising that fact.

Comment Re:NSA boogeyman (Score 1) 171

A Tor developer? Being paranoid? Shocking!

No, I'm sorry, when I say "evidence" what I mean is, and try to follow along here, "evidence". Not anecdotes. Not scary bumping noises in the night. Evidence.

Okay, "When I flew away for an appointment, I installed four alarm systems in my apartment," Appelbaum told the paper after discussing other situations which he said made him feel uneasy. "When I returned, three of them had been turned off. The fourth, however, had registered that somebody was in my flat - although I'm the only one with a key. And some of my effects, whose positions I carefully note, were indeed askew. My computers had been turned on and off."

Who breaks into an apartment, turns off alarms, and politely tries to put everything back in its place? Do you want him to post video of agents too? Just listen to the man.

Comment Re:Ukraine's borders were changed by use of force (Score 1) 304

Honestly I don't get the stance of some ppl from the US against Russia.
Russia is the best friend and has been the most loyal, the strongest and the most valuable ally for the USA. Really. At times of apocalyptic events Russians and Americans stood together. It was before and it may be again when we have to save the Earth itself. Nobody can help the US but Russia when things get hot. Alienating Russians is what make things worse.

Those things are called movies. The space aliens didn't really invade Earth.

Idiot, he was referring to the documentary about the asteroid that they blew up with the nuke. You know, when Daredevil makes out with Arwen.

Comment Primarily Ops (Score 1) 226

What I have seen when interviewing at tech startups in the bay area (and I've interviewed with a lot) is that devops roles are primarily operations roles, with an added emphasis on working with developers to get code out quickly. Simple as that. Companies still expect the devops guys to do all the sysadminy stuff, and respond to alerts and put out fires.
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Journal Journal: What are dental veneers and what are they used for?

Veneers are custom made, thin shells. Most of the time, they’re constructed from a standard material quite similar to the natural color of your teeth. They can enhance your overall facial appearance. These custom made shells can easily change the color, size, length and shape of your teeth.

Ven (

Comment Re:The real deal (Score 1) 359

If those San Francisco residents who are "entrenched" had to pay for their taxes like new residents do, they would be paying 1.25% per year property taxes on the current value rather than the basis of when they bought the property.

That's a great reason to do what rental property owners do, and own a company that owns the property, instead of owning it themselves. Then if they ever want to sell it, they can sell if for a heck of a lot more money by selling the company, rather than selling the property, so the taxes don't go up any more than if you'd bought under prop 13 and never sold.

That's the McDonald's model (McDonald's happily admits to being a real estate company that happens to sell burgers and rents out properties their franchisees). It's also the same model that the Kaiser Family Trust uses.

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Journal Journal: Easy Hangout Blueprint Q & A - Week 9 Youtube SEO in 2014 Webinars Series

Easy Hangout Blueprint Q & A - Week 9 Youtube SEO in 2014 Webinars Series Easy Hangout Blueprint Q & A - Week 9 Youtube SEO in 2014 Webinars Series. Tony Hayes with Guest Holly Cooper From: Anthony Hayes Views: 4 0 ratings Time: 01:29:28 More in How (

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Comment This makes my old man brain hurt (Score 3, Insightful) 103

Maybe someone can explain what they actually tested here(besides reaction time), the paper and the summary both state that they matched players of similar skill level but found the younger players were better....well then if that is really the case you didn't match players of similar skill levels did you? If they are at the same skill level then how is the younger player any "better"? They seem to be quantifying it by measuring reaction time, but is a faster reaction time always better, especially if the results are the same? Maybe the older players are taking slightly longer to consider their options rather than just clicking like mad.... I'm not sure what they are trying to say here.
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Journal Journal: The NHL 2014 Western Conference Playoffs – First Round Preview

This will be a very interesting first round matchup as the Wild and Avalanche have been winning a lot lately. The Avalanche is the success story of the season as they went from out of the playoffs last year to the first seed in their division this year. The reason is rookie head coach Patrick Roy, w (

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