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Comment Re:Not just an RC Plane (Score 1) 218

Again, results. The guy with the wing has them, you with your quad do not.

Now I do know the guy who sends up a red on an octo fitted with infared in bad weather. So there are some special cases when a multi rotor might be more appropriate, but day to day SAR, no, not even in the ballpark. If altitude is a problem you put something other than a POS GoPro on it. You arent trying to find anything real time anyhow. Actually, never mind. I'm starting to doubt you have ever done anything real, just your imagination.

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Journal Journal: ARKANSAS DERBY

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Comment Re:Concerns about Microsoft's business practices: (Score 1) 322

You are just not correct.

At my (and Im sure, a LOT of) workplace, there are a few authorized Linux distros. RedHat is one. Redhat fixes require a subscription, and are under the same sort of product life structure that Microsoft is.

When you're dealing with a large organization, getting the patches for free is 1/100th of the issue. The issue is
A) who supports it
B) are the patches kept up to date
C) are they QA'd (can we be confident they wont break stuff)

If you think Linux patches dont break things, you just dont operate in a large scale environment. If you think Mint is in the same ballpark as RedHat, you're in a different world.

Comment I miss when gnome listened (Score 1) 693

There was a time when they were open to criticism, to help, and even to patches.
this was before Gnome 3 was released.

since then they've been as hard to interact with as Microsoft - arbitrary nonsensical designs foisted on the public with no way to work with older, functional systems and little or no support for state management, and little or no support beyond some simple cosmetic levels for hardware newer than 1990s era desktops.

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Comment maybe I'm old (Score 1) 117

Maybe I'm just old (26, lol) but I remember when games that were designed for static resources on a console worked just fine. You had an N64 and your game ran on an N64 and all N64s were similar. Now they're building Xbox One games like it's a computer except there's nothing you can do to raise the performance. So the console and things like DX11 and 12 are what? Make your game run on the damn hardware before releasing it. On my own gaming PC I ALWAYS put gameplay, speed, and high frame rates above prettiness. On the console side, it's one big beauty pageant that results in games that run like crap.

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Comment Re:Does this mean no more Gnome desktop? (Score 2) 693

You make some good points. But it is undeniable that there are users who do not like it because it is different. There are also others who completely love GNOME 3 and how it works as well as its aesthetics. It is like shoes, you try them out until you find the one that fits correctly.

You can use extensions to change the alt-tab behavior so it is the same as windows or other Linux based desktops. Just go to

I do thank you for trying out GNOME 3 and sticking with it! You have every right to complain if it isn't working for you.

Feed Google News Sci Tech: Climate change panel: Crisis can be averted - Dallas Morning News (

Dallas Morning News

Climate change panel: Crisis can be averted
Dallas Morning News
From left: Ramon Pichs Madruga, Ottmar Edenhofer and Rejendra K. Pachauri of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change said during a news conference Sunday in Berlin that governments need to do more to avert profound risks in coming decades.
Friedman: So, what if the climate deniers' nightmare came true?CNN (blog)
IPCC report summary censored by governments around the worldSydney Morning Herald
Australian carbon price scrapping seen as backwards step, says IPCC authorThe Guardian
Washington Scotland
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Feed Google News Sci Tech: NASA to go ahead with Dragon capsule SpaceX launch - Livemint (


NASA to go ahead with Dragon capsule SpaceX launch
The Falcon 9 rocket and its unmanned capsule Dragon is scheduled to blast off from Cape Canaveral in Florida at 4:58 pm (2058 GMT). Photo: Bloomberg. Washington: The launch of a SpaceX rocket and its Dragon cargo capsule to the International Space...
NASA OKs space station visit despite dead computerSFGate
Space Station Glitch Could Delay SpaceX Cargo Ship's

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Feed Google News Sci Tech: President's Security-Flaw Guidance Seen Hard to Implement - Bloomberg (

New York Daily News

President's Security-Flaw Guidance Seen Hard to Implement
The White House's directive to limit the use of software flaws by U.S. intelligence agencies could require the disclosure of thousands of precious exploits now in the hands of elite spying units, intelligence professionals say. The stockpile of exploits is derived...
Obama administration backs disclosing software vulnerabilities in most casesPCWorld
Obama allows NSA to exploit 0-days: reportRegister
Heartbleed bug exposes massive number of Chinese websites to NSA spyingChinatopix
TechCrunch-Mashable-The Sunday Times Sri Lanka
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Feed Google News Sci Tech: Full lunar eclipse to be visible early Tuesday in Dallas - Dallas Morning News (

National Geographic

Full lunar eclipse to be visible early Tuesday in Dallas
Dallas Morning News
If you've never seen a full lunar eclipse, there will be one early Tuesday, and again this fall, and once again next April, and — if you haven't had your fill — another six months after that. Total lunar eclipses, in which the moon moves through the Earth's shadow...
Best viewing time for Tax Day's 'Blood Moon' over NH: 3:08 am TuesdayThe Union Leader
Lunar eclipse a sight to behold
Stargazing: Lunar eclipsePittsburgh Post Gazette
Bryan-College Station Eagle-Rick Kupchella's BringMeTheNews-The Journal News |
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Comment Bookstores - are you trying to change hard enough? (Score 3, Interesting) 83

I'm a voracious reader and used to buy from bookstores on a weekly basis. Over the last few years I switched almost entirely to getting books online, and of late, more and more, that means buying them on amazon. The reason for the shift has primarily been availability of the books I want to read in stores. Now I understand that there are millions of books out there with thousands more getting added everyday, so decentralized bookstores are inherently at a huge disadvantage to centralized means like amazon. The amount of unproductive working capital tied up in store inventory will ensure this, leave alone rent, staff and utilities of a brick and mortar establishment.

But, assuming many other people have a similar story, what continues to surprise me is how little or how poorly bookstores seem to have adapted to this. If I were a bookstore owner I would try one of these things, none of which I have seen evidence of any bookstores here trying in a meaningful or impactful way:
1. Aggressively analyze traffic and tweak the assortment continuously
2. Track what I read, suggest books, inform me when they get related stuff in-store
3. If they don't have a book I want, promise to send it home the next day or later the same day
4. Reward my loyalty and value to them meaningfully. By that I mean that if I'm the kind of guy who buys regularly and from a predictable set then invest a significant portion of their margins on my purchases back into growing their relationship with me
5. Start 'membership programs' that help me get control over my spend on books
6. Make bookstores a really pleasant place for me and my family to spend time in
8. Support the physical book ecosystem.. start a program to take back books and free up precious shelf space in my home
9. Specialize.. trying to keep all the books relevant to everyone is a recipe for disaster imho, will end up keeping a bare minimum in any area and leave everyone dissatisfied

To folks in the bookstore business and slashdotters in other countries (I'm in India) - Do you feel nearly enough is being done?

Comment Re:u can rite any way u want (Score 2) 431

English is a whole different matter, the English phonetics changed drastically from their Germanic roots during/ due to 'The Great Vowel Shift'. Strange enough the spelling remained basically Germanic but the pronunciation is nothing like it used to be.
This vowel shift is even more pronounced in American, the (a?) reason they have great difficulty in comprehensively speaking European languages, including Church-Latin.

English is a mish-mash of other languages, which also gives it more words than other languages. Its spelling and pronunciation are non-standard because most of those borrowed words retain part or all of their spelling or pronunciation from their native language. You even get words which retain spelling from their original language, but whose pronunciation gets shifted to a phonetic reading using rules from another language (e.g. niche = nitch instead of neesh).

English spelling and pronunciation will become standardized when all the world's languages decide to conform their languages to a universal spelling and pronunciation standard.

Comment Re:Stupid is as stupid does.... (Score 1) 313

Helium 3 is up there. I think that's the isotope that's supposed to be good for fusion.

Besides that, all the talk of going to Mars IMO is a silly and dangerous technological leap. Right now, the most isolated humans who've ever lived (not traveled) in space are a day away from rescue. Lets deal with the challenges of setting up shop somewhere slightly more remote before building a Pluto base (kidding). It's far more feasible to pull off and would probably lead to permanent settlements. As it is, going to Mars would equate to the "pride rides" the Apollo shots were.

Comment Re:Africa, eh? (Score 1) 112

"Show me a man or a woman alone and I'll show you a saint. Give me two and they'll fall in love. Give me three and they'll invent the charming thing we call 'society'. Give me four and they'll build a pyramid. Give me five and they'll make one an outcast. Give me six and they'll reinvent prejudice. Give me seven and in seven years they'll reinvent warfare. Man may have been made in the image of God, but human society was made in the image of His opposite number, and is always trying to get back home."

Now here I go,
Hope I don't break down,
I won't take anything, I don't need anything,
Don't want to exist, I can't persist,
Please stop before I do it again,
Just talk about nothing, let's talk about nothing,
Let's talk about no one, please talk about no one, someone, anyone

You and me have a disease,
You affect me, you infect me,
I'm afflicted, you're addicted,
You and me, you and me


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wawan wijanarko writes: Penyakit wasir atau yang lebih dikenal oleh penduduk umumnya sebagai ambeien kerap dihadapi oleh ibu hamil. Penyakit ambeien ibu hamil kerapkali rasakan perasaan tidak nyaman pada dubur atau anus terlebih pada waktu duduk lama maupun buang air besar. Perasaan tidak nyaman ini apalagi kadang-kadang jadi trauma untuk seorang wanita untuk kembali hamil. 80% masalah berlangsung pada kehamilan pertama trimester ke 2 atau 3, lebih kurang minggu ke-16 kehamilan.

Comment Finish philosophy degree, study CS on your own. (Score 1) 84

Others have said it, so I am just adding my "vote."

If you haven't finished the philosophy degree, then go ahead and finish that (as you have time and money) because any degree is better than none. As someone who is "this close" to finishing my degree, sometimes I feel that hurts me more than if I had never started. (Yes, when I get some money, I will finish mine too.)

Don't waste your time or money on a CS degree. In my meager experience, for real-world programming, they don't teach much more than can be learned from some good books. Of course good books are hard to find too. Read reviews and ask friends for recommendations. A lot of programming books start strong and turn to crap about half-way through. If you start finding lots of errors and you are spending more time figuring out the errors than learning, move on to a different book. Come back to the bad book after you know more and take it as a challenge to solve those problems. But don't burn yourself out beating your head against a bad book if you just don't know enough to figure out the errors. You will kill your momentum. And momentum is key in education.

After you have a solid foundation in the programming language of your choice, start learning ancillary stuff like build systems, software testing, and how to deploy your programs to end users as a single installable file. None of this was taught at the universities I went to but they are really important in the professional world. I wish there was more information about this kind of stuff and that it was organized in some reasonable fashion. Unfortunately, it seems most of this info is buried in forums all over the internet.

After you have learned one language pretty well, start learning other languages too. The more the merrier. Then go back and pick up some advanced techniques in your earlier languages.

As you study, work on finding ways to actually show how much you know. Either in sample programs, contributions to open source projects, or certifications. Remember, "experience" does not mean that you got paid. So, if you have been diligently writing code for open source projects for a year, then you can say you have a year of experience. (Sure, plenty of people dink around for a year and call it "experience" but that shows up pretty fast in interviews.)

Look for "entry level" or "intern" jobs. They are rare but they are out there. There are some companies that almost exclusively hire junior programmers because they can pay them less and the company's business model does not require high level programming skills, just churning out a bunch of almost identical stuff. However, you may not find these companies where you live right now. Be willing to search all over and relocate. There is a company in College Station, TX that will hire you if you are willing to learn Microsoft .NET.

Good Luck.

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Journal Journal: Impressive pitching makes Brewers the real deal

He liked the Crew's bullpen, too, figuring it might again be the strength of the team. As he kept looking at his club, as he weighed this and that against the other four teams in the National League Central, he figured the Brewers just might have a chance. (

Comment Re:Simple math (Score 1) 245

No paying to play online

Really, your only valid point. However, many MMOs still cling to subscription models. Plus the Wii U has free online.

your ability to use the input of your choosing,

This isn't a console problem specifically. That's a nintendo/microsoft/3rd party dev problem. Ps2, Ps3 and Ps4 all support standard devices over USB should the developers so choose. Unreal Tournament, Dust, Silent Scope and a bunch of other games supported using standard devices on the PS.

cheaper games,

...and? They're actually bad for the industry It's not like console games broke the bank to begin with. Not unless you were crazy and imported.

mod support,

That's a feature on consoles. Games should be able to stand on their own.

graphical fidelity (Even $550 systems can do 1080P/60FPS at higher graphical fidelity than XB1/PS4),

Graphical fidelity isn't bad to begin with on consoles. There's also a human limit to which graphical fidelity can be achieved. Making more graphical detail costs money, time and man power.

Also, at what cost? Fiddly drivers, OSes and other things to futz around with? Not to mention to power all of that means I need some big noisy video card and CPU or fiddle around with low noise cooling solutions. Generally, not my idea of fun.

I also can't imagine how the PC gaming world is sustainable with games being so cheap, but yet somehow also looking so much better.

ability to upgrade and customize your system without being XBL banned (New HDD because 500GB is too small? Banhammer)

This is an Xbox/Nintendo problem, not a console problem.

not being locked into buying officially supported peripherals,

Other than controllers, and even then developers can opt to support non-officially supported peripherals, the PS4 can use all manner of standard USB devices. Same with PS3, PS3 even goes further with controllers.

true multitasking

Again, that's not feature.

Seriously, not having to deal with other processes running in the background? Feature.

more exclusives

Any worth playing? Any worth making the absolute remark that PC gaming is superior? Should I trash my PS3 because I can't play Papers Please on it?

, friendlier for indie development,

Sure, but, again, like point above, should I completely ignore other gaming outlets over this? Some AAA titles are still worth the hype because they're lead by really smart people with a lot of resources at their fingertips.

and a more mature community.

Yet somehow I still get called racial, ethnic, sexual and sexuality based slurs online. The abuse is actually worse on PC than it is on either XBL or PSN.

Should I continue?

Sure, if it makes you feel better about it.

I'm not discounting the PC as a gaming platform where fun games can exist, but *superior*? You PC gaming people are nuts.

Comment Re:Not a good sign... (Score 2) 128

But as long as the common livestock never catch wind of it they will happy continue to graze, chew their cud and pick on of the two "different" options presented for their approval every 4 years and things will continue as they have done for decades now.

People do not have much of a chance against a system which forces them to operate by its rules. The system is dysfunctional, a failure of process has occurred. It does not matter if people are engaged in politics, the "sheeple" you disdain, or apathetic cynics like yourself.

All efforts to change a dysfunctional system from within its own rules will fail miserably. Case in Point: Occupy, an abysmal failure of a movement, based on the absurd notion that the system can be changed from within or by asking politely. Frankly I think that's worse than being sheeple or apathetic as it legitimizes the corrupt at the reigns of power.

So lay off the general voting population. Change is really, really hard, and I don't see you proposing many solid alternatives.

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