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Comment Re:Buy a Prius as your next car... (Score 1) 869

It _adds_ to dead birds, rather than trading places with glass, cars, etc. How they compare will be determined by how far out we want to build wind. If we go 100% - 150% of our requirements, and account for the staggering increase in those requirements from not only powering the grid that exists, but adding to it electric vehicles to 100% convert the highways to electricity, there probably won't be a square inch of sky that you can photograph in the USA that doesn't have a wind generator occluding it.

Comment Re:changing part without changing number is common (Score 1) 236

The guy said "computer industry", but it was obvious that they were referring to undocumented changes in the hardware, and how that made trouble for people using OSes that couldn't use the manufacturer-provided drivers. It happens *all* the time in consumer-level hardware, especially when you're talking about a Chinese knock-off of something. Simple example: wifi adapters with multiple hardware revisions, all sold under the same product number.

Now, if you want to talk about the hardware engineers themselves rather than their products, then yes, the engineer building the thing has to have a fully-specified part, the behavior of which matches the datasheet and doesn't change.

You can't talk about those things interchangeably, like you were trying to. If someone's talking about a driver not working with a piece of hardware, first, they're talking about hardware. Second, they're talking about a consumer that an "invisible" hardware change impacted.

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Comment Re:If you can learn to put a beer down while drivi (Score -1, Redundant) 184

We need enforcement of current laws. I have never, never, seen anyone pulled over for talking or texting on the phone. Let alone charged for it.

And if we're talking about context-sensitive devices, how about a car that extends a 4" spike from the steering wheel every time it sense you fscking around with your phone.

Comment Re:Buy a Prius as your next car... (Score 1) 869

Oh yeah? How do you make a car go down the road on nuclear electricity? You can't just use a long extension cord, you need a battery. So far, the battery tech is too expensive and too limited to replace all the internal combustion engined vehicles there are. You can get it to work for a price in a car like a Tesla, but your Ford F150 with an electric motor is probably going to have a 12 mile range with current battery tech.

Comment otterbox armor iphone 5 (Score 1) 224

Consists of three basic parts: two high strength glass, smooth a circle around the periphery of the stainless steel band. It is clear, but not simple, but Apple also added some small details, such as the change of the volume keys (from the original integration is divided into two separate circular button, marked with + / -), gap metal band plays an important role in promoting the wireless signal.

Comment Re:Buy a Prius as your next car... (Score 1) 869

Yeah, its as safe as fracking most likely, so its something we should be doing.

Dead birds are dead birds. Those big paddles in the sky are going to have an effect, and if there are LOTS of paddles in the sky, then there's going to be LOTS of dead birds. I really ain't that all broke up about it, EXCEPT if it does rid the skies of all the birds. Don't think it'll happen at any concentration of wind machines, having birds live normal length lives might be a thing of the past.

Yes, wind and solar. Solar thermal can work at night if the thermal part is used to heat something that stays hot all night. Wind is 24 hours as long as there's a good enough breeze. But these things are EXPENSIVE. If it was just a matter of all the well-to-do people just having to cough up some more so that they are not quite so well-to-do, it might fly. But there are something like 49 million people in poverty in the USA, and they cannot stand having their electric bills double. They need cheap to survive. Living in poverty is said to take about 6.5 years off your life, and if you do it as a kid, the 6.5 years are not recoverable with subsequent prosperity. We can't induce more poverty while chasing this idea.

Comment Re:magical scenario where (Score 1) 737

So running a conductor through a changing magnetic field will no longer produce a charge?

No it won't. It will produce an electric field which can be used to push charges around, but will not produce a charge.

Putting two lead oxide plates in an acid batch will no longer cause a chemical reaction?

Nope - no electrochemical reaction. You need metals of differing electronegativity, like Pb and PbO2.

My goodness, I was unaware that a catastrophe large enough to cause an apocalyptic event would change the fundamental laws of physics.

You're right it won't, but you might want to brush up on what they are before the apocalypse.

You sound young.


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An anonymous reader writes: The White House has joined the public debate about Heartbleed. The administration denied any prior knowledge of Heartbleed, and said the NSA should reveal such flaws once discovered. Unfortunately, this statement was hedged. The NSA should reveal these flaws unless 'a clear national security or law enforcement need' exists. Since that can be construed to apply to virtually any situation, we're left with the same dilemma as before: do we take them at their word or not? The use of such an exploit is certainly not without precedent: 'The NSA made use of four "zero day" vulnerabilities in its attack on Iran’s nuclear enrichment sites. That operation, code-named "Olympic Games," managed to damage roughly 1,000 Iranian centrifuges, and by some accounts helped drive the country to the negotiating table.' A senior White House official is quoted saying, 'I can’t imagine the president — any president — entirely giving up a technology that might enable him some day to take a covert action that could avoid a shooting war.'

Feed Google News Sci Tech: Samsung looks to life beyond the smartphone - Channel News Asia (

Channel News Asia

Samsung looks to life beyond the smartphone
Channel News Asia
After years of record profit growth, tech giant Samsung Electronics looks to be at a commercial crossroads as it searches for a new growth driver to counter slowing sales of its phenomenally successful smartphones. PHOTOS. Samsung Galaxy S5 (L),...
Samsung's new phone at the debs' ballThe Times (subscription)
The Best Samsung Galaxy S5 CasesPC Magazine
Samsung Galaxy S5 review: less about the gimmicksSydney Morning Herald
all 1,480 news articles

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otterboxmall writes: I use it more than I use my computer these days. I will make one recommendation, if you buy one, get "The Otter Box case" as it will save your phone from lots of damage and breakage.
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Journal Journal: Living Wills in Arkansas [Infographic]

Essentially, a living will lets everyone know what course of medical treatment, if any, you want followed if you are unable to communicate your wishes yourself. Understand what makes a living will valid in Arkansas in this infographic. (

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MojoKid writes: One of the hot topics in the wake of Titanfall's launch has been whether or not DirectX 12 would make a difference to the game's sometimes jerky framerate and lower-than-expected 792p resolution. According to Titanfall developer Jon Shirling, the new Microsoft API isn't needed to improve the game's performance, and updates coming down the pipe should improve Xbox One play in the near future. This confirms what many expected since DX12 was announced — the API may offer performance improvements in certain scenarios, but DX12 isn't a panacea for the Xbox One's lackluster performance compared to the PS4. It's an API that appears to mostly address scenarios where the CPU isn't able to keep the GPU fed due to draw call bottlenecks.
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Journal Journal: Ox Talks Music | Just another WordPress site

Vantage of Radio Stations January 23, 2014 High stretched out peering up over most vantage points, a radio antennae built and made to transmit signal looms. Somewhere near by, sometimes in a building that holds it and sometimes just a shy distance is where the programming takes place; the idle (

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Genpromo writes: Sebelum memulai membuat website, Sobat perlu mengetahui dulu tujuan membuat website sebelum Sobat memulainya. Ajukan pertanyaan sederhana kepada diri Sobat sendiri yaitu “Apa tujuan Saya membuat website ?”

Maka secara otomatis pikiran Sobat akan menjawab pertanyaan tersebut yang akan membawa Sobat untuk menjawab pertanyaan berikutnya yaitu “Website seperti apa yang akan Saya buat untuk mencapai tujuan tersebut dan bagaimana cara membuat websitenya ?”

Ini akan membawa Sobat untuk mendapatkan gambaran website yang akan dibuat sehingga sesuai dengan yang Sobat inginkan dalam membuat website.

Secara garis besar maka website dapat digolongkan menjadi 3 bagian yaitu :

        Blog pribadi
        Website perusahaan
        Toko online

Jadi sederhananya maka Sobat perlu merangkai jawaban untuk pertanyaan :

        Apa tujuan Saya membuat website ?
        Website seperti apa yang akan saya buat untuk mencapai tujuan tersebut ?
        Bagaimana cara membuat website tersebut?

Setelah mendapatkan jawabannya maka Sobat dapat melihat contoh-contoh website yang ada untuk dipelajari, kemudian Sobat dapat segera mulai praktek cara membuat website.

Sekarang ini untuk membuat website maka Sobat tidak perlu belajar program komputer, bahkan Sobat dipandu dalam Cara Membuat Website secara GRATIS.


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Comment Re:more pseudo science (Score 1) 869

Your sources are incorrect. The paper claims solar irradiation is down in the last 30 years, it is not down over the years since the Industrial Revolution.

To my knowledge, AGW skeptics do not run the LASP Colorado lab. In fact, it follows a pretty decent trend up from the 1700s, just like the Global Warming claims.

Only I don't need humans to show it, I can use that gigantic ball of fusion in the sky that adds magnitudes more energy to the system than we do to provide it.

Changes in Total Solar Irradiation cause climate change is much easier to prove than AGW, and thus is a better fit for the data.

Comment A few ideas on detecting drivers vs passengers. (Score 2, Interesting) 184

One way would be turn on the phone's front camera when driving speeds are detected and use facial recognition algorithms to detect when the person is driving...for example one way would be to require the person to stare at the phone for a minimum amount of time...and also keep looking at the phone. Another method would be to require two-handed dexterity tests that can't be done while driving. I realize all of these might actually increase the risk from die-hard driving texters since it would distract them even more.

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Comment Re:Not just an RC Plane (Score 1) 218

The part with airport/heliport actually does make sense, doesn't it?

Below 400 feet on the other hand is simply bull. How the heck should you know? I don't know about your RC planes, but mine don't come with an altimeter. Though IIRC they just recently outlawed areal pics around here unless you have a license for them. Privacy concerns... yeah, no kidding, that is the official reason. Even though you already must not fly RC planes in residential areas. So whose privacy could you violate? The ducks in the pond next to our RC "airfield"?

Comment Re:Catastrophic event != Apocalypse (Score 1) 737

It usually churns my stomach -as a Christian- to watch movies like 2012, where we have an "apocalypse" (catastrophic event falsely linked to the biblical event) just to find out that now we have a broken up, backwards world, ruled by some advantageous morons, and inhabited by egotistical ciizens. My, what a world!

Sounds a lot like the rapture

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Journal Journal: Bio-scan Feedback Proof - Vitamins Work

Health related analysis to facilitate decision making about healthcare and wellness based on the body's ability to respond to subtle stimuli. The body's natural energetic field is a communication link between the patient/client and the computer via a hand cradle. (

Comment Re:Medical doctor (Score 1) 737

Well lights after dark would be one great reason for electricity as would radio so as to communicate with others. Motors would be another great use. security camera or alarm systems. Using preexisting power tools would be another great one. And as for transmitting power over a distance I would far rather use electricity it is much easier to splice a cable than repair a couple hundred yards of mechanical linkages.

Comment The Perfect Phone Feature For Safety (Score 2) 184

Have a small amount of C-4 explosive in the phone. If the phone is switched on when the velocity is greater than 30 mph *BOOM*.

And instead of airbags, we should also have daggers sticking out of our steering wheels, poised directly at our hearts. That way people will only be able to drive like assholes once.

Darwinian evolution is our friend. Let's use it!

Comment Re:reviews (Score 1) 4

I'm told that Tito wanted schools to teach both Latinate and Cyrillic, to keep the Croatians happy, but in practice it turned out to be one or the other.

My wife was the daughter of academics and descendant from old royalists and Orthodox, so she learned the cyrillic, mainly.

I'll tell you, Belgrade is one interesting place. That country has seen a lot of trouble, and there's a great deal of unhappiness and dissatisfaction, but through the eyes of someone like me who grew up in the US, it's a complex stew, and so different from other European capitals.

The time I've spent there has taught me how complicated most of the world is.

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An anonymous reader writes: The reinvigorated Spencer Outlet Centre is the newest addition to Melbourne’s shopping centre and discount outlet precincts.

Accessible from Spencer Street and conveniently located next to Southern Cross Station, Spencer Outlet Centre is your One Stop Fashion destination.

With all the brands you know and love, and the launch of the BIG new precinct in December 2013, a visit to Spencer Outlet Centre is a must for all fashion and bargain conscious shoppers. The new precinct houses big brand stores including a Cotton On Mega Store, Harris Scarfe and Trade Secrets – all of which are exclusive to Melbourne’s CBD at Spencer Outlet Centre.

Comment Re:Anyone else notice (Score 2) 245

It is a platform by itself, sure. There are games only available on Steam. But there is no marketing effort there. I cannot say for ads on the Internet overall because I use AdBlock, but I don't see Steam trying to grab attention of gaming media. I don't live in the US but I'm could guess that Steam does not use TV ads just as MS and Sony does. Their public is on another place already. Sure they get a lot of attention on the Internet because they matter a LOT, but nowadays they don't need to try to get attention. A simple Gabe's sneeze sends ripples through the entire PC gaming community right away. I think the difference between Steam and hardware platforms is that a console adds an entirely new capability to a television. Steam depends on an already present computer, and for some reason people likes to play in front of a television, that is usually far away from computers. To make Steam more like a console they made the Steam Machines. That is the entire point of the Machine, even if they seem quite lost about it.

Comment Re:Farming (Score 1) 737

Wrong. If we have to do it over again, we should do it correctly and go permaculture all the way.

Then forget about the wastefulness of having tons of motors and tons of transformers and tons of heat sources and tons of heatsinks in a house. Simple systems that are designed for their ecosystem. Not the aggressive shit storm we have right now.

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zausky writes: Kami menerima privat bahasa inggris di area kudus. Apa bila anda ingin kami datang ke rumah anda untuk memberi privat bahasa inggris kami siap.

Kami adalah bimbingan belajar bahasa inggris di kudus. Bimbel ini berdiri pada tanggal 11 febuari 2014. Kami beralamat di besito RT 7 RW 7 Gebog Kudus. Bimbingan belajar ini dikelola oleh Moh Izzuddin (saya) dan keluarga, dan dibantu oleh para tentor.

Kami siap datang kerumah anda

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