Comment Re:That's a tiny number (Score -1, Flamebait) 464 He release EVERY FUCKING PIECE of information he had. The fact that he gave it to news outlets doesn't make it ok. I don't pay the fucking news outlets to guard my country's secrets. In fact, I would have to assume that some foreign governments have already retrieved the entire treasure trove of information because news outlets aren't experts on data security. Given the leaks, the NSA doesn't appear to be either but lets not add insult to injury.

Submission + - Google supports ultra right wing ALEC

An anonymous reader writes: Google has come out in support of the American Legislative Exchange Council an ultra right wing organization responsible for writing model legislature and distributing it to Republican state legislatures throughout the country. Some of their more troubling efforts include complete denial of global warming, efforts to privatize public education, voter suppression, and the stand your ground laws. Here is a link to the story Huffington Post and here is a link for more about ALEC Wikipedia

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Comment Re:Take the Manifest Destiny approach (Score 1) 365

I think you mean whoever gets there and brutally murders anyone who was there before them wins the rights.

Yeah, that sounds more like manifest destiny.

Sadly not all were brutally murdered. Otherwise there would be no bitching about the Redskins name. And last time I checked there wasn't anyone on the moon natively. Now this might be a problem: DON'T MISS OUT ON THE LUNAR LAND RUSH! It is true. You too can become a Lunar land owner by purchasing acres of land on the Moon. THE LUNAR EMBASSY has been selling land on the Moon since 1980. They are THE FIRST and ONLY COMPANY in the world to possess a LEGAL BASIS and COPYRIGHT for the sale of Lunar Land and other extraterrestrial property within the confines of our solar system. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to get your very own piece of land on the moon today!

Bold is mine. Don't you just love snake oil salesmen?

Comment So, is HIV still the cause?? (Score 4, Interesting) 84

HIV only kills ~5% of the T-cells.
Newly discovered pyroptosis pathway kills the other 95%
This is a radical departure from the accepted mechanisms of how HIV works. Pyroptosis can be triggered by a boatload of different inflammatory processes, I'll be looking forward to their smoking gun that HIV is the cause.
With all the research money poured into HIV research, it's taken them 20 years to notice this?

Comment Re:In other news (Score 0) 149

I must disagree.

When the Athlons were new and exciting, the wife bought herself a nice, pretty, new shiny computer from Compaq. Her gigahertz computer ran like a frigging sick dog with Windows XP, whereas, my aging Super Socket 7 machine with XP installed ran quite nicely. Her Compaq was burdened with pre-installed malware from the factory. My own very customized installation of XP, with half the services disabled among other tweaks hummed along nicely, loading web pages while her machine struggled to load similar pages.

What the end user gets for his money is indeed malware. You have to be at least moderately techie minded to make Windows tolerable.

User Journal

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Comment Simpler Explaination (Score 1) 149

I don't know much about the current state of software viruses (I'm a Linux user!) but my understanding was a lot of them looked for suspicious behaviour rather than straight up definitions.

In that case if I'm a Malware writer it's nice if I can sneak around 3rd party anti-virus software, but it's not essential.

But if Security Essentials is built into Window's and it catches my suspicious behaviour every time, well there's not a big niche for my virus. Just like web developers would make sure their pages rendered under IE malware writers have to make sure their code runs under Security Essentials.

Note, this is a good sign for 3rd party anti-virus companies since it implies there's always going to be an opportunity to supply a better product.

Comment Re:That's a tiny number (Score 4, Insightful) 464

released every fucking piece of information

That just isn't true. The news outlets he dealt with have been slowly releasing only the most damning documents in a highly redacted form. Thus far, while some programs have been reported on the basis of these documents, no operational or functional details have been revealed - only generalities.

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Comment Re:why? (Score 1) 192

This is needed because Douglas Adams was a genius. From _Mostly Harmless_:

It was an Ident-i-Eeze, and was a very naughty and silly thing for Harl to have lying around in his wallet, though it was perfectly understandable. There were so many different ways in which you were required to provide absolute proof of your identity these days that life could easily become extremely tiresome just from that factor alone, never mind the deeper existential problems of trying to function as a coherent consciousness in an epistemologically ambiguous physical universe. Just look at cash point machines, for instance. Queues of people standing around waiting to have their fingerprints read, their retinas scanned, bits of skin scraped from the nape of the neck and undergoing instant (or nearly instant --- a good six or seven seconds in tedious reality) genetic analysis, then having to answer trick questions about members of their family they didn't even remember they had, and about their recorded preferences for tablecloth colours. And that was just to get a bit of spare cash for the weekend. If you were trying to raise a loan for a jetcar, sign a missile treaty or pay an entire restaurant bill things could get really trying.

Hence the Ident-i-Eeze. This encoded every single piece of information about you, your body and your life into one all- purpose machine-readable card that you could then carry around in your wallet, and therefore represented technology's greatest triumph to date over both itself and plain common sense.

I mean, what kind of sad, pathetic, ridiculous version of the future do we live in where drooling morons get to present us with the brilliant idea of a "Subscriber Identity Module": now permanantly embedded into the device for your convenience!

Comment The end of personal privacy and of private life (Score 5, Informative) 464

Christopher Hitchens, in his inimitable style, tried to get across what makes states like North Korea, Iran, and Iraq (under the Ba'ath party) so... well... indescribably unpleasant to live in. One of the cornerstones of such states is that they eradicate privacy and private life (a core theme of Orwell's 1984). Here's Hitch's attempt to describe it on (Running time 1:00:52). The USA is assembling the infrastructure for the mother of all totalitarian states. They can do it better than anyone else in history, ...ever.

Comment Re:Not a surprise, but still... (Score 1) 464

...there is only one solution to this problem: we urgently need to get big money out of politics...

Problem misidentified. We need to clear the blue-blood elitist upper class out of all the processes which ultimately determine the fates of everyone they feel are beneath them. If you got the "big money" out of the (visible) picture, what makes you think the establishment's "good ol' boy network" will also be gone?

Comment Re:How is this not criminal fraud on RSA's part? (Score 1) 464

Let's wait to hear what RSA has to say before condemning them. Based on what the cell phone carriers and online mail services have been saying they've been forced to disclose, NSA may have shoved a court order in RSA's face saying they must implement this in the name of national security. And when they fought against it, the secret court ruled against them and put a gag order on them prohibiting them from disclosing any of this ever happened. The $10 million may have just been court-ordered payments from NSA to defray costs to implement the new algorithm in RSA's products.

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Comment Re:Wait a second... (Score 1) 199

You didn't even read the various articles, available with a simple Google search, did you?

The politicos in Brazil fully intended to slap the United States in the face when they awarded this contract. Everyone involved knew that Boeing was the front runner. Everyone. No one expected the contract to go to anyone, other than Boeing. It was all but a closed deal, right up until the politicos voted NOT to award any of their money to Boeing. Go ahead, Google it.

You know, I'm slow to accuse people of being paid shills, but I'm getting close to that point in your case.

Submission + - Planning a home advance project? How to appoint a affection contractor

lmagee20 writes: Dreaming of home advance projects in the New Year? You’re not abandoned – abounding homeowners are chief what advance activity to accouterment next. As the apartment bazaar continues to strengthen, homeowners affairs or affairs homes are focused on barrier address or afterlight new spaces, which makes now a absolute time for remodeling. In fact, a majority of U.S. Homeowners (75.5 percent) are planning one or added home advance projects by aboriginal 2014, according to a contempo HIRI Sentiment Tracking Study.

“Home advance projects were on the acceleration in 2013 and I accept the numbers will abide to access in 2014,” says Dennis Stemmle, admiral of ServiceLive, a chargeless online home advance account that connects bodies to affection contractors. “Hiring an accomplished architect helps homeowners get the job done appropriate the aboriginal time, giving them accord of apperception and alienated added costs associated with mistakes.”

Stemmle says hiring a architect can be nerve-wracking for homeowners, who accept heard too abounding abhorrence belief of contractors abandoning half-completed projects, accomplishing inferior work, or grossly misjudging costs. To abstain architect agitation and to acquisition a acclaimed architect who will save you time and money, Stemmle suggests you ask these six questions afore you accomplish a hiring decision:

1. What is your business history?

A architect needs to accept the able licenses and permits, so be abiding to verify the actuality entering your home is accurately able to complete the project. Also ask how continued the aggregation has been in business and breadth it is located. If a aggregation is amateur or amid far away, you ability acquisition the account inadequate. To save time and accomplish it added acceptable for consumers, ServiceLive offers a six-point accomplishments analysis on anniversary of its contractors so barter can feel assured about who they hire.

2. How abundant is this activity to cost?

Get an itemized account absolute all costs associated with the activity up front. You ability annihilate the accomplished bid to save money, but don’t necessarily go with the everyman one. If the appraisal is too low, you may acquisition the activity was completed with base ability or bargain materials.

3. Do you accept references?

Always ask for references. Accomplish buzz calls and appointment accomplished projects that are agnate to the one you are planning. This is a abundant way to apprentice if there accept been any accomplished issues with the contractor.

4. Who will be alive at my house?

When it comes to hiring a able for their project, 67 percent of homeowners surveyed by Houzz & Home rated a “personality I can assignment with” as actuality actual important. Many homeowners are afraid that the architect they interviewed and assassin isn’t the actuality absolutely accomplishing the work. Ask who will be alive at the abode and if jobs are subcontracted. ServiceLive, for example, vets contractors bottomward to the alone artisan so that there are no surprises.

5. What is the timeline for completion?

A timeline is added than aloof a guideline; it should be a acknowledged and bounden agreement. Accomplish abiding the timeline has a specific alpha and end date, including checkpoints forth the way.

6. How am I protected?

Warranties are a huge account of hiring a architect over accomplishing the assignment yourself. A one-year assurance is standard. Acquisition out what guarantees and warranties the architect offers afore signing the agreement. Also, verify that the architect is accountant and insured to assignment and get affidavit afore starting a project.

“ServiceLive alone recommends experienced, honest and able contractors who accept anesthetized a accurate accomplishments analysis and are bonded. The account takes the assumption out of hiring a architect – consumers can assurance that we’ve already asked all of the important questions so they don’t accept to,” says Stemmle. “With the appropriate architect you can blow accessible alive you’re in acceptable hands.”

To alpha a chargeless chase for affection contractors in your area, appointment

Comment Re:Next job? (Score 1) 308

I learn things in my free time in order to beef up my skills for the next employer since the only way you can get a raise is to change jobs.

You do a job, you get paid to do that job. How's that job you're doing suddenly become more valuable? To become more productive OF COURSE you have change jobs. Either within your current organisation, maybe you have your current position's description changed, or you have to move to another company where you can perform more valuable work.

Remember you get paid for what you produce. You're employee, you rent yourself out to an employer to do a certain job. That job has a certain value, and that value is what you produce. You don't get serious raises just for being there longer than two, three years, you only get serious raises by producing more for your employer. Expecting anything more than getting paid for what your work is worth is downright stupid.

Comment Re:That's a tiny number (Score -1, Flamebait) 464

Actually, Snowden is the one who damaged the economy. Everyone was fat, dumb, and happy prior to his leaks. He decided that being a whistle-blower on illegal activities wasn't good enough and released every fucking piece of information he ever got his hands on. It was unbelievably irresponsible. The ends don't justify the means but they do to Snowden.

As for "SEVERELY DAMAGING OUR ECONOMY", that remains to be seen.

Comment Re:Up to you to keep it that way (Score 1) 464

The problem with that is that every time someone does try to effect real change, they get beaten down by "the man" or painted as bad guys (see Occupy for example)

Not only that, most people have been brainwashed by the massive corporate propaganda machine masquerading as "news" into thinking that unless the government is allowed to do all the crap it has been doing, we will have a wave of terror and crime that makes 9/11, Boston etc look tiny by comparison.

Comment Re:Move to Android (Score 1) 141

QNX is really good. But keeping it up with Android is going to be hard. They are well behind OSX and they have no chance of getting to 64 bit. So it is hard to see how people invest in it. I love the idea of QNX for a phone OS. I love many of BlackBerry's ideas, balance in particular. Also many Blackberry people just don't like it.

Comment Re:Let me say this from Germany: (Score 4, Interesting) 464

Google has an interest in proper encryption. They can only sell your data if the potential buyer cannot acquire it without paying them.


Google does not sell data, at least not in any form other than anonymized and aggregated, and not very much even that way. Google makes money from using your data itself (to target ads to you), not from selling it to others.

FWIW, I work for Google, on crypto security stuff, and Google does have a strong interest in proper encryption, because it's the right thing to do. It allows people to control their data. With respect to Google's business, Google would like you to choose to provide your data because you think it's a good trade for Google's services, but wants you to have the ability to make the choice not to provide your data. To anyone, if that's what you want.

Comment Re:Norton much improved (Score 1) 149

I use Avast. This version I use now is pretty good. It is free. If you put it in game/silent mode it wont ever bug you. I notice minimal performance downgrade.

The good news is most AV software is rapidly improving with the exception of McCrappy. True Norton's answer for malware was to encapsolate the whole damn hammer! Worse, may the lord have mercy on your soul if you ran it on Vista! The disk would spin to eternity with indexing and with the whole virtual disk layer encapsulated doing a scam for each damn byte.

If you must use Windows you would be insane not to run anything. It is a sad reality but with all the malware and trojans using flash, zero day exploits, and popular ad networks you can't ever be secure. Even slashdot had malware hosted ads were you would get 0wned if you came here and had flash installed :-(

Comment Re:Wait a second... (Score 1) 199

I thought that story was pretty damned hilarious. The guys who won the contract weren't even expecting it. Brazil's military didn't seem to expect it. The contract was a blatantly political statement, made by the chief politicians. "You rat bastards spy on us like we're the enemy, and you expect us to buy your over rated, over priced military hardware? Go insert your listening devices into your own orifices!"

Comment Re:Tobacco has the same effect as VX-765 (Score 0) 84

Tobacco smoke has a broad, multilevel anti-inflammatory effects, from inflammatory controls in vagus center, then via the upregulation of corticosteroids, down to stimulation of anti-inflammatory cellular alpha-7 receptors. This includes inhibition of the same inflammatory cytokines (IL-1beta, IL-18) as done by VX-765.

Interestingly, nicotine only partially accounts for these anti-inflammatory effects, while some unknown components of the full tobacco smoke yield additional protection. For example in a related RA experiment to the one at the link, where mice with induced RA were divided into tobacco smoke, nicotine and untreated controls, the tobacco smoke group had the least damage to the cartilage and the longest delay of the onset of the disease, the controls had the most damage and the earliest onset, while nicotine group fell in between.

Of course, the antismoking junk science (one manifestation of the big the pharma's war on medicinal plants) strongly urges RA patients to immediately quit smoking since on non-randomized samples there RA is positively associated with tobacco smoking. What the hard science implies, such as the above and other experiments on anti-inflammatory effects of tobacco smoke, is that this positive statistical association at the level of epidemiology is due to self-medication. Taking into account that type of confounding is a taboo in the present antismoking "science."

Comment Re:expensive (whole) cloth (Score 1) 108

The results of a hindcast are never presented as real world data.

A. That you know of.

B. There was a conditional clause involved that included a complete loss of valuable real data. If the data was valuable and there is a model that can recreate it, it can be done.

C. If you know about hindcasting, then you know that modelers, as a regular course of business, create "new old data" which they then compare to the real old data. Saying "modelers don't create data" is wrong; they don't routinely or honestly create what they will call real data.

D. Even that last statement isn't totally true. In ocean modeling it is not unheard of for a model output (created data) to be used to correct some real-world measurements for parameters that cannot easily be measured. For example, if tide level data is required from a place that doesn't have a tide gauge, the modeled tide level from a validated model may be used. This leads to second generation "real" data that is directly dependent upon model output.

E. And again, "whoosh". It was a joke. "Woot woot!"

Comment Re:Fireworks in 3...2...1... (Score 1) 1251

Actually, no the law cannot. As we have seen with several states recently, the law cannot under their state constitutions define marriage as between a man and a woman.

Similarly, with these same problems in defining them however they want, there will be problems with defining them against people of age of consent- even if they are directly related, multiple spouses, authoritative figures and subordinates and so on. So eventually, we might end up seeing not only a brother marrying his sister, but his other brother, school teacher, and widowed mom too. If they do not reproduce, there is nothing technically medically or scientifically wrong about that either. There would be no overriding policing authority for the states to impose such limitations which seems to be how legally defining marriage only between a man and a women was defeated in most of the states which the courts made marriage legal.

You might ask why would someone want to marry their sister or mom or more then one spouse if they aren't going to reproduce. That answer is simple, death taxes and other benefits like being added to insurance or medicare or social security payments. The supreme court rules against the Defense Of Marriage Act (DOMA) due to estate/death taxes being challenged. So we already know it is a reason or part of one that people want to become married.

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