Comment Re:Drinking from the firehose. (Score 1) 108

General Welfare is mentioned twice, in the Preamble and in Article 1, Section 8.

It isn't printing money, since no physical greenbacks need be involved, just figures in a virtual ledger book. Banks of course use this trick to expand their balance sheets, by issuing loans or otherwise creating assets. UBS for example booked future expected profits right away on AAA mortgage-backed securities, and paid bonuses on those profits. So these type of accounting practices go on all the time in the private sector.

Perhaps by the time someone comes across your data, they will be smart enough (or have an AI that's smart enough) to figure it out. Or they could become architectural relics, providing valuable information to future societies. I think you discount your own research unfairly.

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Comment Re:That's a tiny number (Score 4, Insightful) 464

Actually, Snowden is the one who damaged the economy

"that's just, like, your opinion, man."

its not a truth. its just you being an asshole. or a troll. or both.

a whistleblower to does not let illegal and immoral acts continue is NOT the one at fault. if you can't see that, you're the one who needs correcting.

anyone saying that snowden (the messenger) is at fault IS a bootlicker and THAT is a truth you cannot deny with a straight face.

Comment Re:Evolution of complex structure. (Score 3, Informative) 56

Earth formed from heavy elements produced in at least one prior generation star, but there could be more than just one prior generation (It's very, very unlikely that all or nearly all the medium weight elements above lithium, in our solar system, came from just one older star, and pretty unlikely even that all the heavies above Iron were cooked up in just one supernova).
          It's not a safe assumption that stars last an average of 10 Billion years. The most numerous types, red dwarfs, make up 80-90% of all stars, last a lot longer than that, and probably stay stable on the main sequence for 100-200 billion years (American Billions). They also shouldn't spread elements around much when they finally do leave the main sequence. Stars about the size of our Sun, spectral class G2, typically live about 10 Billion years, but make up only about 2% of stars. Big stars, type O, B, and A, burn more quickly, and it's possible to get enough hydrogen together for a star to burn through all its fuel and supernova in mere hundreds of thousands of years, or possibly even a blazing fast 10's of thousands. Those stars are rare, but they are so massive that even a few produce enough heavy elements and push enough gas around when they supernova, to create hundreds of sun sized and smaller stars and all the heavy elements to give such stars the solid, rocky planets we now think are practically ubiquitous.
            The supernova explosions are a common source for two effects - heavy element formation, and compressive shock waves that trigger new stars forming in nearby interstellar gas clouds. Many of these gas clouds are already enriched with heavy metals from previous supernovae, Spiral galaxies tend to get regions of new star formation, and quiet regions. But, the high and low density regions in spirals like our Milky Way exist on larger scales than the star forming "nursery" clouds, and this is largely because gas clouds are not just compressed by novae - both the dense star forming clouds and very large but more difuse clouds colide with other clouds, including clouds that were part of dwarf galaxies being captured by the big spirals. So, it's a partial coincidence - Older generation stars have some influence on the shapes of spiral galaxy features, but dwarf galaxy capture has more, and the rare colisions of spirals with other big galaxies show just how much influence the large scale objects can have, producing wildly twisted galaxys such as

          If anyone wants to read up on this sort of thing, please remember, because astronomers named them before they knew anything about why there were multiple distinct types of stars in the same mass ranges, Population II stars are actually older than Population I, and Population III older than II. A given population usually includes multiple generations of stars. As an exception, the very oldest, massive stars that novaed within the first million years or so after star formation began, and produced so many heavy elements are called Population III, and most probably represent just a single generation and possibly only the largest types.

and, for those people wanting more than just the Wikipedia versions, a little real source material:


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Journal Journal: LifeProof Cases For the iPhone 5S Reviewed

If you want to get a case that protects your phone from every accident imaginable, then LifeProof has you covered, as it carries some of the best cases for the iphone 5s available on the market. (

Comment Re:Not a surprise, but still... (Score 1) 464

Oh yes!

I pledge allegience,

to the flag

of the United States of America

and to the republic

for which it stands:

one nation

under God,


with liberty and justice for all.

Are you sure to really object to teaching children to say those words? Our country's founders were certainly not perfect, but they set out on a radical experiment in *limited* government where people would be free to pursue their dreams, instead of being more or less the property of the state. Today, those ideals are easy to take for granted because they have become so ingrained in western society.

I happily pledge my allegience to the US flag and for all that it stands for to me, but I fear that the powers that be want to take that away from us and make us live in a world where we take fear and servitude for granted instead; a world where we just shut up and take what they give us.

Instead of objecting to the pledging the flag, why don't you object to the mockery the powers that be have made of what it stands for?

Comment I do for sure, but only if it's interesting! (Score 1) 308

I most certainly do things at home that benefit my job. Playing with Linux and XBMC etc., setting up an ESX server and learning tricks with it, and all sorts of other hardware related things are all things that I'm interested in. All of that benefits my work too! I've done a ton of work tuning cars plus all sorts of mechanical work and a great deal of just Internet sponging of knowledge as well. ALL of it has benefited me at work at one time or another and I'm fine with that. Nothing I buy for my home is bought just for learning stuff for work however, if I'm not already interested then I won't pursue it on my own time or invest cash.

That said, I work a cool job with interesting people, and I get to play with technology and exercise my brain pretty often - and I ENJOY it. Thus, I love my job! I have known one programmer who flay out stated they "hated computers" and didn't own one. When they went home they didn't touch a computer! They also wrote shitty code and pretty much sucked at their job.

I don't mind researching things for the office and tinkering if I'm already interested but I don't see myself ever not billing if the office directs it and I don't ever work for free. I invest in myself but I don't subject myself to anything boring if I can help it...

Comment Re:I KNEW IT! (Score 1) 147

Nobody ever asks.

Most people think we're not intelligent because we can't talk. But that's because our mouths and vocal cords don't give us the admirable control that people have, and until recently even writing was impossible because every time I pick up a pen, I find myself compulsively chewing it to pieces, which gets ink on the carpet; for some reason my human packmates say that is "Bad! Bad! Very Bad!" And computer keyboards are difficult too because we only have short little toes and no opposable thumbs.

But we hear what you're saying and sometimes it hurts.

-- Sent from my iPad

Comment Re:Actual Reports (Score 5, Insightful) 149

CryptoLocker has showed that to be the case.

Having been on a team that dealt with cryptolocker, I can say that you are not correct.

Cryptolocker often is sent as malicious executables contained in zip file email attachments, which could target Linux or OSX or AIX just as easily.

you tend to be screwed no matter how good the AV program is,

If the virus is in usermode, the AV can easily remove it no matter what measures it takes, since the AV runs with root privileges. If the virus has root, it depends on what virus and what AV and how recent each is.

The whole premise of "Windows gets viruses because its insecure" is such an absurd myth thats been disproved so many times that its astonishing that people still make such a stupid claim. Go look up Pwn2Own, and see how vulnerable your *nix systems can be when theres a sufficient incentive to break in. Go look up the cross-platform PDF Proof of concept. Check the stats on what type of exploits are used for the majority of malware (OS / third party /browser plugin); I think you'll find that OS-level exploits are quite uncommon these days compared with the others.


Viruses dont do that because there is no financial gain whatsoever to killing a Bitlocker volume.

Feed Google News Sci Tech: What is Winter Solstice and When Does it Start? - (


What is Winter Solstice and When Does it Start?
One doesn't have to be a druid or belong to a coven to want to celebrate the longest night of the year. The winter solstice, which is Saturday, marks the point in Earth's orbit when the North Pole tilts furthest from the sun. It's when the sun appears to stop moving...
Winter Solstice: The Sun Stands Still on
Shedding some light on Dec. 21, winter's darkest dayUSA TODAY
8 Enlightening Facts About the Winter SolsticeMashable
Times of India-International Business Times
all 70 news articles

Comment Yup. (Score 1) 308

I've been doing it for years. I found that the best learning technique for me is to build something, blow it up, and then build it again, until the moving parts are second nature to me-- so it's handy to have a server/network I can blow up without getting fired.

A lot of the techniques and scripts I've developed on my network at home have ended up in use at client sites, and vice versa.

Comment Have you ever used it? MSE is great. (Score 3, Insightful) 149

I care about the security of MSE a great deal. MSE does what Av should do. It also does it in the background like it should and out of the way. MSE is a program/tool that is outstanding. Surprised to see it come out of Microsoft. If a paid version were needed/required, I'd pay, and I don't pay for Av protection.
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Will Smith has found success in a number of areas, including as an entrepreneur. From the big screen to the board room and everything in between, Will Smith understands what it takes to become successful. He is an extremely inspirational individual and makes some great points in the video below. I t (

Comment Re:Forming accretion disks (Score 1) 56

Thanks, that helped me understand support for dark matter as well. For clarification though, would it be fair to say that we do use the same math and when the answer didn't fit our prediction, we didn't change the math, but rather assumed the math is right and that we must not be able to observe all of the mass?

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 157

So? Was there an arbitrary weight limit? What's a few more pounds for proper tires? Was there some reason that it had to be exactly 1,980lb? I find that very hard to believe. Cars have proper tires, at first what look like bicycle tires but they get bigger and heavier so do the tires and suspension. Buildings get taller, so they have foundations to support them. I think that is common sense. We can have our heavier cars loaded with more gizmos and the tires are designed to handle that and extra cargo, so why did they cheap out on Curiosity's tires? Are you telling they COULD NOT make the tires thicker or use a stronger and perhaps heavier metal while keeping everything they wanted, or they didn't WANT TO?

Comment Re:So, is HIV still the cause?? (Score 2, Insightful) 84

It's a good question. All I see in this paper is fresh discovery of the same facts that were well known among skeptics like the Perth group back in 1990s. Is it really such a bizarre virus that acts like no other virus, kills like no other virus, and manages to hide the way it works so well that decades of research still leave us guessing? Or is it just a weak virus that cannot survive inside an uncompromised immune system and thus serves as a great diagnostic for immune problems that it does not actually cause?

Comment Re:This Is Not Acceptable. (Score 1) 464

Each new disclosure will push another bunch of people "over the line" and they will stop believing the NSA is a good thing. Welcome to the Paranoid Nutjob side, soon to be simply called "everyone". For years and years we were few, but now our ranks are growing every day. Soon you'll start wondering if your SSL session is secure, then start using cash more often, then stop shopping online. You'll either go totally crazy or find a balance between privacy and convenience. Eventually you'll assume everything a person in power says is a lie unless proven otherwise.</onlypartlyinjest>

Comment Re:Runs Java and Applescript apps just fine. (Score 1) 141

Apple is the biggest monopoly, more anti-competitive than Microsoft ever will,

I hate to defend Apple, but while you're probably right that Apple is more anti-competitive than MS (their ridiculous patent war with Samsung should be proof of this), they do not have the kind of monopoly that MS did. Apple is still a pretty small player on desktops and laptops, it's not even a player in the server market; their main area of strength is in mobile devices. However, even here, they have pretty strong competition from Android, and don't have anything approaching a monopoly. It's a good thing, too; things would really suck if the iPhone was our only realistic choice for a smartphone. Android has its shortcomings to be sure, but iOS has its own shortcomings, and monopolies are never good, as we saw with MS's Windows monopoly for so many years.

has been caught underpaying for labor

Doesn't every large company that manufactures in China do this?

has been proven to be a strip miner of global minerals

Isn't every company that manufactures electronics guilty of this? It's not like Apple is the only company that uses tantalum capacitors.

when in-fact he died of Pancreatic Cancer due to his swinger lifestyle popping LSD and contracting HIV/AIDS.

This sounds like a rather absurd allegation; any evidence? Lots of people get pancreatic cancer, for no particular reason. From what I read, Steve's real screw-up was refusing conventional medical treatment for it until it was too late.

Microsoft on the other hand was split into Micros~1 and Micros~2.

Huh? What are you talking about? MS is still a single company, as much as I would prefer they got broken up.

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Lotusclinic1 writes: There are many things which might lead the average person to feel less than happy with their smile. For many dental clinics, the focus is on cosmetics, and upon giving a patient the very best smile they can possibly have.

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An anonymous reader writes: Minggu ini Primera Division Spanyol musim 2013/2014 akan mempertemukan tuan rumah Atletico Madrid yang akan menjamu

Levante UD. Pertandingan ini akan berlangsung pada Minggu, 22 Desember 2013, dinihari WIB, di Stadion Estadio

Vicente Calderón.

Kedua team sudah sering bertemu sebelumnya, dari lima pertemuan terakhir kedau tim, Atletico Madrid berhasil meraih

3 kemenangan, sekali kalah dan sekali bermain imbang atas Levante. Hasil tersebut menunjukkan bahwa Atletico Madrid

masih lebih superior ketimbang Levante.

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jeffrekm writes: Dr. Leonardo offers a wide variety of medical website design templates. We can supply you with the right template for your medical website. Visit today for more information.

Comment Re:Limited money supply is a problem? (Score 1) 691

The argument was that currency inflation incents people to make investments (even low-risk investments) which appear to be profitable, but are actually below average and reduce economic output rather than contributing to growth.

What do you mean by "below average?" Under any economic condition, about half of investments will be below average. If that average level does not provide the level of real growth that people would like, the problem is not with monetary policy, it is, as I mentioned before, a problem with the quality of investable options.

And for purely financial investments, remember, for every buyer, there is a seller and one of them is wrong. That's a joke of course, but when the investment is real, say, to build a factory or not, the actual return is in the widgets that come out of the completed factory - it doesn't actually print dollars. And the real value of those widgets, and therefore the real return on the factory and the real contribution to economic growth and standards of living, is independent of the monetary expansion or contraction that has occurred and is entirely dependent on the relative value of those widgets to other widgets in the economy (including the ability of people to pay for them) at the time they hit the market.

That's never the best deal you can get, because in the absence of price inflation or deflation you can stuff your money in a mattress and get a guaranteed 0% real return

You and I can do that, but Bill Gross, Calpers, and Temasek can't, and those are the marginal investors that set the order book, not you and me.

The really interesting case doesn't even involve negative returns; that's the one where price inflation and currency inflation are not at the same rate. For example, if technological progress and/or improvements in economic efficiency would naturally lower prices by 2%, but there is a 5% increase in the currency supply over the same period. The net result is 3% price inflation, but an investment with a 5% nominal return, while higher than price inflation, is really a malinvestment because it's not producing any real improvement on the resources consumed—the 5% is entirely due to currency inflation—in a time where the average investment is giving 2% real returns. The 2% increase in purchasing power is due to other investments which led to a general improvement in the state of the economy, not that particular investment, which is dragging down the average.

This is where you really have to take care about what kind of investment you are talking about. If this is a financial transaction, where I invest $100 and get $105 next year, it's not malinvestment because no real resources are being consumed. Trader A wins and trader B loses, with a second order effect that trader A probably gets to risk more money on his positive supply shock bet and trader B gets less money to risk on his low real return bet.

But if you are referring to a real investment in capital or labor, then I disagree with your premise that you get a nominal return on those. A capital investment, or a worker, can't make you $105 worth of cash; they can only make you goods or services which you then sell for, say, $105 cash. Note that this $105 isn't because of the 5% increase in the currency supply (unless this widget is the only thing in the economy), it's because someone is actually willing and able to spend $105 to get what you are offering, as opposed to spending that money on some other good or service that someone else is offering. So this wasn't a malinvestment - it truly is something that people want more than the 3% overall inflation rate, otherwise it wouldn't have been a $105 price.

Comment Re:Nuke hystyeria (Score 1) 464

I think what he is saying is that it takes more then just a buyer else we would have seen the results by now. Not that it will never happen- its just that there are no sellers right now.

Besides, if there were sellers, I suspect one of the governments would be buying it already- with or without our knowledge. A nuke isn't something you can advertise a willingness to sell and keep quiet so much that no government would find out about it. I think a number of governments would simply outbid everyone else to either get something they don't have or prevent it from going to someone who doesn't already have one. The stakes are simply too high to ignore something like that.

And that leads me to think no one would ever sell a nuke. They might steal one for their own use but the range of damage probably has too high of a chance of including the seller or something the seller might care about.

Comment Re:Invisible unicorns in a garage (Score 1) 150

This is why Physics, e.g. "science" > Math.

Your logic is wrong (as well as your use of e.g., which means "for example"). The only thing you've concluded is that physics != math. By your own words, math can describe any universe. In that case, only one math describes ours. We haven't quite worked out what that math is, but that's why all these competing physics theories exist.

There are no competing math theories, because mathematics isn't trying to describe reality.

Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 1) 149

Norton Internet Security received the strongest protection rating in DTL's tests, detecting 99% of the malware used I call bullshit. This seems like a paid advertisement to me. The only reason they used a few undetected ones was because no one would believe anything hit 100%

I can't help but think that if this really were something sponsored by Norton that they wouldn't have had a free product (Avast) score so closely to Norton (which is a paid product.)

Comment Re:Forming accretion disks (Score 1) 56

Predictions of rotation speed of stars towards the edges of galaxies do not agree with Keplerian predictions used to predict the orbital speed of planets around our sun. So either gravity doesn't behave the same in the outer parts of galaxies as it behaves around our sun, or (the hypothesis) there is some other mass that we can't see (dark mass). Right now, what we know is that observations don't match predictions based on the math that works for our solar system's planets.

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