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Journal Journal: OMG!!! Just Look At This...

You know...when we joined Empower Network and after being wondering for years, from system to system to deal to offer...we gave a promise to ourselves... That this will be the only thing that we are going to focus on for the next year! Nothing else... we will NOT strain our focus we will NOT change (

Comment Re:3Mbps?!?? (Score 1) 159

Reading the post, I immediately said, "not the best you can buy, just the best you're willing to pay for."

Yeah.... use of freebie or low-end consumer-grade broadband services in a large scale instruction environment.

If your school spends more in a month on toilet paper; or getting the grounds mowed or floors cleaned, in costs, than on your internet connection, then you are doing it wrong.

Comment Re:Limited money supply is a problem? (Score 1) 691

First, intertemporal comparisons may be of academic use, but economic actors can only decide between good a and good b contemporaneously; you can't choose between buying good a today and buying it last year.

True, but as you point out, you can choose between buying a good now and buying it a year from now. To predict the future price you need to be able to analyze past prices and understand the reasons for the changes.

It does matter when it is possible to choose between a good today and a good tomorrow, such as deciding whether to make a particular investment. But for low risk goods, where the rate of inflation will meaningfully affect real returns, they are typically liquid enough that the market appropriately prices in the expected inflation...

The market only factors in price inflation. You're still left with malinvestments which looked profitable on paper, even after factoring in price inflation, but are actually net losses because they are below the average real rate of return and draw resources away from other, more profitable ventures. Yes, investors should be looking to get the highest possible return for their money, but not everyone can find above-average investments, and for those who can't, inflation leads them to invest somewhere to avoid the inflationary loss even if the economy would be better off with them simply holding on to their money.

And for high risk ventures, whether the payoff is 50% or -50% is going to be determined by the success or failure of the risk, not the movement of the medium of account.

True, but only if you're talking about the actual payoff after the fact rather than the expected payoff prior to investing, and it's the latter which determines whether or not you choose to invest. Changes in the money supply affect all investments near the margin, whether low risk or high risk.

Lastly, a little money illusion can be a good thing.... The best example is unemployment. It is generally better for ten people to take a 10% real paycut than for 1 out of 10 to lose a job while the others keep their original pay.... Some inflation allows for real pay cuts in response to real supply shocks while mitigating the baseline anchoring bias.

Yes, that was one of the original arguments for inflation. It was an underhanded trick to begin with, playing on the average worker's supposed ignorance of basic economics to fool them into accepting lower pay than they thought they'd been promised. Well, that only works so long as your employees remain ignorant of inflation, which is a necessarily transient state. The workers figured out this little scheme and fought back by demanding inflation-indexed wages.

Comment Re:Turd Polishing (Score 2) 118

You are being too kind. How they cheated out Tim Patterson and resold "DOS" with a huge profit. How Stacker killed the hard-drive competition. How about Windows 3 hard coded error messages that killed DR-DOS, besides strong arming major suppliers into installing only DOS and then Windows in exchange for major "discounts" about hidden APIs and bug fixes to Windows 95 that only were applied when you installed Office. OS/2 was also clearly sabotaged from the inside, they were only there to steal the ideas. Or their sabotage of the Java APIs to prevent it to become a stable ubiquitous platform of development. How they swindled netscape and the HTLM standard. How Exchange had code to make IMAP protcolols slow to further the agenda of Windows/Outlook workstations. The creation of ASP to disrupt PHP. The inclusion of anti-virus in Windows. How they obfuscated so much protocols like SMB and the Office documents to delay their reverse engineering. How their business model is to continually disrupt their own products to create a need to buy the latest, and the latest training.

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Journal Journal: houston towncar

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Comment Re:3Mbps?!?? (Score 1) 159

Hell, I still think the FCC counts it as high-speed even now in their broadband reports.

It is high speed, for a typical household of 3 people.

Hell; 1 Megabit per 10 students is high-speed.

1 Megabit per 20 students is NOT.

3 Megabits per 100 students is insanely crappy.

3 Megabits per 1000 students is a friggin joke.

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Comment Re:Cyanogenmod, (Score 4, Interesting) 133

They don't necessarily have to make their revenue all from ads.

They can provide a polished, stable version of Android that is in many ways better than the original and provide support to the phone manufacturers (perhaps more cheaply than Google?), directly getting a cut from handset sales.

They could start and manage their own app store and take a cut if app purchases.

By working directly with manufacturers, they can spend less time hacking/reverse engineering stuff in order to get it to work with the hardware and instead focus on making their flavor of Android better and therefore desirable on handsets. Cyanogenmod has always been about being cutting-edge - pioneering many features long before AOSP. And not just 'fun' features but really important stuff like fine-detailed app permissions management (which has been WAY overdue). If they can now have a say in hardware design, I say, hell yes, bring it on. I hope to see cutting-edge badass smartphones with easy root access, high customize-ability/theming, and bleeding edge features.

Lately I've been keeping an eye on the Sailfish project, but this news has refreshed my interest in the future of Android in general. Let's not be too cynical and assume it's all going to be about advertising. And even if there are ads, does anyone really think the ads could be any worse or more intrusive than the current state of Android in general?

Maybe Canonical has spoiled everyone's attitudes toward the idea of monetizing open source. There's certainly a comparison to be made here. I'm not well-versed enough in the behind-the-scenes stuff to compare, but I wonder what the degree of impact Cyanogen has had on the Android world is, compared to Ubuntu's contribution to Linux, and what lessons we can take from the latter and apply to the former?

BLAH blah blah.

They're just hoping to be bought by google, later, for much MORE money.

how exactly do you buy a community developed distro?

Feed Google News Sci Tech: Giant leap in mapping galaxy - The Australian (

Washington Post

Giant leap in mapping galaxy
The Australian
THE European Space Agency yesterday launched an advanced telescope designed to detect a billion stars and provide the most detailed map yet of the Milky Way and our place in it. The Gaia telescope was successfully hoisted by a Soyuz-STB-Fregat rocket...
Europe launches Gaia satellite in one of the most ambitious ever space missionseuronews
Europe launches satellite to map 1 billion
Europe launches billion-dollar Milky Way telescopeBangkok Post
Daily Mail
all 351 news articles

Comment Re:3Mbps?!?? (Score 1) 159

Wasn't there billions of dollars spent by the government like 10 years ago to get every school connected with high speed internet?

Discounted telecommunication services available to schools under E-Rate.

For every 1000 students; there should be 100 Megabits.

This is like saying.... for our school lunch program; the budget we have allocated, only allows us to buy 10 pounds of meat. All 10000 of you will just have to share it.

By the way; if any of you are hungry because you skipped breakfast: we're going to have to take measures to block you from accessing the serving dish, since we find that such users are likely to eat a lot more food.

Comment Re:Best way to force an upgrade (Score 1) 413

FoxPro broke for the same reason the 3rd party apps broke; it made use of "undocumented features" that were patched in XP. MS doesn't care about their rivals, but they do care that people can continue using the software that keeps them locked into their platform. Take that away and they know they'll start bleeding marketshare. Read what I wrote and tell me this: Where did I say they care about their rivals? I didn't. I said, and I quote (much like you did) "they'd be pissing a lot more people off by making their computers not work". Note that "their" implies ownership; I run Java, but Oracle, Microsoft's rival, does not own my computer.

Plus, I don't have those "Which patch broke my software? Oops, my backup's hosed; how long will it take me to reinstall, reconfigure, and repatch?" problems with the Linux box.

You don't use 3rd party (e.g. not in your distro's repo) software or upgrade to new releases often, do you? It's something that happens in the real world and I'd figure someone with a UID nearly 1/10 of mine would have experienced it at some point. You've sure honed your misdirection and quasi-debate techniques in your time here.

So, you say that $125 is plenty for a 1 year support period, citing that Linux distros do it for free. Please, direct me to one that does. Which distro can I go to and grab a release from 2000 that still has a year of support left? I'll assume you can name one, or several, or you wouldn't have said that. Now, of those, which do *not* offer support contracts to provide a source of income to pay the people writing the patches? And from any that still remain, which maintain the kernel, packages that ship with the kernel to form a whole OS, and a reasonable suite of applications, entirely in-house?

None of them.

But, ignoring that, are you saying that you'd be cool with MS supporting XP for 2 more years? Because, in your last post, you just said there are XP computers out there that are less than 7 years old, which means that by the end of 15 years (from the release), those machines will be 9 years old. Are you saying that 9 years is reasonable? Or 15? Or 18 (based on your "at least 5 more years" comment in your previous post)? You've given so many EOL requirements that it's no wonder MS can't meet your demands.

You responded to:

Also, I'd love to know how you use EAC to sample LPs and cassettes; last I checked (a while after the last patch was released, over 2 years ago), it just reads CDs and doesn't touch audio devices at all. Can you point me to a writeup?

Can you please respond to the rest of that paragraph?

Also, while you're bitching about Microsoft dropping support for XP after 7 (actually 9, no 11, nope now it's 13) years, perhaps you shouldn't use software that's been unpatched and in beta for 2.25 years and, it appears, was EOL'd after 13 years (original release was in 1998, 0.1 beta) as an example of the right way to do things.

I realize it wasn't a direct question, but I was really hoping you'd comment on why you're okay with running software that has not received updates in years, while the whole time complaining that Microsoft is dropping the ball with XP.

The difference between you and me: I've never been a fan of MS; I just don't think they're handling XP inappropriately. Maybe I'm just biased against it because I know when it dies I don't have to support IE8 anymore.

Comment Re:Don't block it, QoS it. (Score 1) 159

QoS can only do so much when a number of clients are trying to use a slow connection at the same time because it can only control outgoing packets. Incoming packets are queued at the ISP and sent to the modem at its maximum speed in the order they arrived. Worse still many servers cheat and ignore tcp/ip rate limiting.

Comment Re:Mod Parent Article Down. (Score 1) 691

> What tiny fraction of a percent of the world's population uses BitCoin?

0.022% of the world's population have an online bitcoin wallet.

Average bitcoin transactions (excluding change returned to the originator) has averaged $150M/day the past month. That works out to $54.75 billion/year, or 0.076% of world GDP. We don't know what fraction of those transactions were merely moving funds among the same person's addresses vs real economic transactions.

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Comment Re:Science Fact (Score 4, Informative) 186

... just look at the Apollo program.

A triumph of the human spirit, of technology, of ingenuity, sure - but mainly, an overwhelming triumph of project management.

And then NASA changed their management. And the new management dropped "belt and suspenders" "managing for Murphy's law" in favor of "managing for success". And they launched Challenger when the solid-fuel booster O-rings were too cold to seat properly, over the objections of the engineers.

And the space program was put on hold for 2 2/3 years.

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Journal Journal: Where to Take the Family – 5 Fun Family Events

Market Garden

If you are in or around Melbourne, an attractive and unusual option is the Mornington Farmers Market which takes place on the second Saturday of each month. It's a great family morning event with a chance to get up close to the people and the animals that produce some of the region' (

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Comment Re:Love KDE (Score 2) 44

Does synchronisation use rsync or is it a from-scratch implementation?

Not sure, but I don't think so. It works a little different from simple folder syncronisation tools.

First it compares the two folders and then display display the differences using kdiff (or similarities, depending on the filters). There are various ways and options for filtering this, but when satisfied, one use the filtered output to synchronise the folders.

So it gives one a very good overview of what is going to be synchronized, and what exactly you want to synchronise at all. So folder synchronisation for the control freak.

Comment Re:What's the point? (Score 1, Interesting) 73

what the fuck? sure we do.

Kun minà olin nuori poika me leikimme legoilla, meillà oli paljon legoja ja joskus legoista jopa tapeltiin(When I was a young boy we played with legos, we had lots of legos and sometimes we even fought over the legos we had). basically only if you want to follow the Lego trademark rules you will always use the word Lego in it's Lego form. but speaking like that gets pretty stupid, since then you have to start doing it like " we built lots of things from Lego bricks" instead of just saying "out of legos" - kids don't speak like that and adults shouldn't speak like that either. so are you the Lego companys lawyers bitch, doing what the MAN asks you?

anyhow, the cool part about this is the 256 piston compressed air->motion engine..

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