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honkon writes: The Christmas is coming. As the beauty salons, it’s time to rush to purchase the beauty equipments which is the most effective tools for making money of beauty salons. With the development of technology, more and more advanced beauty equipments are used to make ugly beautiful. E-light as the “all round player”of beauty industry, which is burdened with the responsibility of hair removal, speckle removal and skin rejuvenation. The arrival of winter gives the hirsute people a golden opportunity to remove the unwanted hair. The beauty salons should grasp the opportunity to give the hirsute people a helping hand. Owning a broad beam handpiece can easily realize the idea of changing the laborious whole hair removal to be the enjoying process. HONKON Company hereby pushes out the activity of broad beam handpiece Christmas promo. First come, first served. Now let me introduce the corresponding advantages of the broad beam handpiece.

        Hair removal with high speed. The broad beam handpiece has oversized sapphire therapeutic window of 15mm60mm, which can save the treatment time of hair removal in a large degree. Compared with the small spot handpiece, hair removal of the same part of body can save two thirds of the time, which makes the hair removal more effective.
        Hair removal with better effect. If the wavelength is in a certain situation, the larger the illuminance area is, the deeper the penetration is. So the broad beam hair removal handpiece can act on the deeper target tissue, which can bring the better hair removal effect.
          Hair removal with less pain. The deeper the penetration is and the less the light is scattered on epidermis, which will bring less sense of piercing pain. Then the hair removal becomes more comfortable and safer.
          Operate easily and no need for Edmund Optics. Compared with small spot hair removal handpiece, the broad beam hair removal handpiece emits light of fixed wavelength of 610nm-1200nm., which is specifically for excrescent hair removal. Free from the Edmund Optics, the beauty operator can operate the equipment easily.
        HONKON Broad beam hair removal handpiece F+E+can be used in all E-light equipments of HONKON Company.

With the fast rhythm of society, for the beauty salons, who can provide clients the more comfortable, safer, and faster treatment and then who will stand steadily in beauty industry. HONKON broad beam hair removal handpiece brings clients the sense of enjoyment and the beauty salons the sense of “count money to hand cramp”.

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I'm pretty sure you've also noticed the extreme proportion of slashvertisements and click baits since timothy and the new owners took over. It's all about making hard cash now, news for nerds is the past. You are the product now, just like on facebook.

Better disable ad blocking and start clicking those ads before it gets much worse.
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Still a Minority in a Land of Foreigners

Unlike say a generation of Lebanese, Cypriots or Vietnamese, Thailand hasn’t had a refugee status that forced Thais to leave the country and immigrate to Australia. Thais are still a tiny percentage of Australians but that number is growing rapidly as th (

Comment Re:Best way to force an upgrade (Score 1) 413

You're missing my point: It's not like nobody knew when support was scheduled to end; and it has been extended twice. Buying something that you *know* won't be supported for as long as you want it to be supported and not making alternate support arrangements *is* irresponsible, regardless of anyone else's actions. Period.

I'd love to know what XP-capable computers exist that work "just fine" by today's standards of usability and can't run Win7. I ran Win7 Ultimate on a fucking netbook with a single core Atom (32bit) CPU and 1GB of RAM for 3 years, from launch day (I attended the launch event), before passing that machine and OS along to my sister. I can't imagine anything slower than that being remotely usable for anything more than specialized/embedded systems (read: support contract).

So, how long until most of that hardware fails, then? And how much, exactly, would you charge for a fully functioning OS and a steady stream of updates from the year 2000 until then? I'd like to see the math on this.

You keep repeating your "responsibility" tirade and I'll keep asking you to support your position with something a tad stronger than opinion.

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albertwhite writes: Gestational surrogacy is one of the best method to start your ivf journey where a woman, surrogate mother, carries and delivers a child that is not genetically related to her.

Submission + - Office (

judy99fx writes: Bezow Inc is a leading provider of contemporary and affordable furniture from some of the major brands in the industry. Order online!

Comment Re:Layman interpretation (generally) (Score 1) 264

I was skeptical until I recalled how the encryption will pass through a loop or not at some order of magnitude frequency that can be picked up by the Mic. For any busy server with requests popping in and out at various intervals, there would be more noise from the multiple processes that might be doing encryption work or just varying workload (db's, web apps etc). This is noise on the same order as the encryption work in some cases. The web server or ssh server (using GPG but not encrypting communication?) will also be doing encryption with a different key and creating more noise. Of course both keys can be gotten in the case of key-key noise, but in a server room full of the things, it's just one more layer of variables.

What I don't get is that GPG's implementation is doing more or less work based the encryption routines being executed. Optimization always leads to saturation unless memory traffic is the culprit (can't optimize memory reads infinitely). Would read the paper, but oh look at the time.

Comment Re:Maybe this corn can be used for food again? (Score 1) 314

If a "sufficient quantity" of HFCS would "disturb" your body, wouldn't that make it exactly a poison? It's sort of like alcohol. Most people can drink a little alcohol without a single noticeable negative effect. But if you drink enough then you become, well, "intoxicated", disturbed by the toxin. I think it's fair to say that HFCS can be classified as a toxin.

By that logic, just about anything would be a toxin. Including water.

Comment How much is that in drugs? (Score 1) 177

Let's just say this silk road profit was made before the recent spike in bitcoin price, and divide it by ten, that's still $10 million. This is after he probably spent a whole lot on operations and lifestyle, and whatever he had stashed elsewhere.

I have no idea how profitable the drug dealing business is, nor the pricing of drugs, but that sounds like a shitload of product sold.

You must need a warehouse with employees to ship all that stuff. And how much jailtime do you get when they catch you with that many coins in your pocket, from selling drugs?

Submission + - Why Copyright Neglects Innovation (

Mike Carrier writes: When it comes to innovation, copyright debates (think TPP, SOPA, PIPA) tend to be one-sided, focusing on piracy, theft, and rogue websites. Why? Because of the “innovation asymmetry” – too much emphasis on a technology’s infringing uses and not enough appreciation of its noninfringing uses. Infringing uses are immediately apparent and quantifiable, even if the figures are completely disproved.
But noninfringing uses are difficult to quantify and more fully developed over time. Thomas Edison thought the phonograph would be used “to record the wishes of old men on their death beds.” The future benefits of new technologies, particularly those that are disruptive and revolutionary, often outweigh the losses to copyright owners’ current business models. But these benefits tend to be neglected. We can no longer ignore the innovation asymmetry.

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jasaku writes: Siapa bilang BerAsuransi Mobil susah dan berbelit?, Kini BerAsuransi Mobil
jadi Mudah & Menyenangkan. Kami dari Team Marketing Asuransi Autocillin
dari ADIRA Insurance siap membantu Anda didalam memproses semua kebutuhan
Asuransi Mobil Anda, dimana kami akan kirimkan Simulasi Perhitungan
Preminya ke Email Anda langsung, dan sisanya biar Kami yang mengurusnya.

Comment Re:Privatise it (Score 1) 97

All science research should be made profit driven because the free market is so very great at funding expensive research.

The free market and private enterprise as a whole may not be great at funding expensive research, but it is great at doing useful and cost-effective research. If you really want the most expensive research possible, I'm ready to make it happen. Ten trillion dollars will get you started on the most expensive research ever conceived, but you'll need to put another ten in to get papers.

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Thai nationals who move to the U.K. face quite a few challenges.

To help them settle in it is important for them to understand where they can meet up with other Thais who are living or visiting the British Isles.

We will look at just three examples of where Thai’s can meet up and socialise. (

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Ariana McFaden writes: Director:Alfonso Cuarón,Writers:Alfonso Cuarón, Jonás Cuarón, Stars: Sandra Bullock, George Clooney, Ed Harris, Follow this Instructions for Watch GRAVITY (2013) Full Movie Online Streaming in HD:
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Indeed the best space film ever done. This film transports you to space in every cinematic way possible. The visual effects are so brilliantly executed it makes you wonder if they shot part of it in space. Incredibly effective long takes throughout the film bring the realism and suspense that none other space film has ever done before. The acting is subtle and engaging. Sandra Bullock deserves another Oscar after this as well as best director for Alfonso Cuaron and Cinematography for Emmanuel Lubezki. I can't recommend this film enough. Ground breaking, beautiful and technically perfect. Film schools will be studying this film in the future.

Comment We're all the same... (Score 2) 109

There was a great article in Science a few weeks ago evaluating 6 extremely complete skeletons that were "collected" by a giant cat about a million years ago. (reference below)
The biggest revelation to many biologists was the amount of variation among the skulls. If they'd been found independently, they probably would have been put into different species. It's almost as if biologists haven't figured out that people vary quite a bit within species.
Why can't we just see ourselves as one big amorphous mass of metabolism - still trying to climb out of the primordial ooze?

A Complete Skull from Dmanisi, Georgia, and the Evolutionary Biology of Early Homo, by David Lordkipanidze, Marcia S. Ponce de León, Ann Margvelashvili, Yoel Rak, G. Philip Rightmire, Abesalom Vekua, and Christoph P. E. Zollikofer Science 18 October 2013: 326-331. An early Pleistocene adult skull illuminates the evolution and morphology of the first hominins outside Africa.

Submission + - Penyebab Terjadinya Penyakit Demam Berdarah (

An anonymous reader writes: Penyebab Terjadinya Penyakit Demam Berdarah — Penyakit Demam Berdarah adalah suatu penyakit yang tergolong kedalam golongan penyakit akut yang disebabkan oleh adanya virus dengue, yang masuk melalui peredaran darah manusia melalui gigitan nyamuk dari jenis aedes

Comment Re:Not surprising (Score 1) 109

They probably didn't have intolerant idiots telling them who they could mate with, either.

Taboos against inbreeding are hardly the result of intolerance since inbreeding drastically increases the probability of recessive genes becoming expressed. Since recessive genes are rarely expressed they're not exposed to the same selection pressure and tend to be less fit as a result.

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Comment Re:Steal that Wallet (Score 1) 177

Please, please, please, somebody steal those wallets. What are the chances they haven't been secured correctly? All it takes is some bureaucratic error resulting in bad opsec and some thieves with big balls of steel and we'll have the bitcoin story of the year.

Actually, I bet something like this is happening as we speak:

John Travolta (made up to look slightly different, as a blonde with a bit of a goatee): "Hey, Stan. How've you been?"
Hugh Jackman: "Oh, SHIT! Not this crap again..."

Comment TLDR description of the attack; (Score 1) 264

There's an if test in GnuPG's modulus implementation that is based on the size of the cypher text verses the size of the private key. So if you control the cypher text, you can cause one of two different outcomes from this comparison based on the next unknown bit of the private key.

In a loop with 2048 iterations, a decision is made from this intermediate value. Causing one of two different multiplication methods to be used for every iteration of this loop.

From listening to (probably) the noise of a capacitor in the CPU's power regulator you can hear the difference between these two code paths and extract one bit of the private key.

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toufiqice writes: NewDiscoveries Christian Child Care and Development opened its doors to Springfield and Eugene in September of this year. The center is led by Janelle Lee who has many years of daycare center leadership experience. Our purpose is to make your child’s day a happy and safe one! NewDiscoveries Religious Kid Treatment as well as Improvement opened up it's doorways in order to Springfield as well as Eugene in Sept of 2013.The Institute is actually brought through Janelle Shelter who has several years associated with daycare center management encounter.Our objective would be to help to make your own child’s day time the pleased as well as secure 1! All of us function applications with regard to babies 6 days via preschool older kids. Whenever you go to Brand new Breakthroughs you will discover focus on fine detail that's therefore vital that you the actual treatment as well as improvement of the kids. We look forward to the opportunity to visit with you and discover how we can serve you! You may contact us at or call 541-952-GROW (4769)
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Journal Journal: Next Level Displays Offers Onsite Trade Show Service Advice

While many businesses are aware that they can purchase trade show banners, booths and displays, few realize that there are many onsite services offered at trade shows as well. Next Level Displays offers advice on using onsite trade show services. (

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Mae Young writes: Crocheting and making homemade gifts are one of the most enjoyable things to do. Doing these with a high-quality yarn can make these activities so much better. In order to get the best yarn, you have to be very meticulous in choosing the yarns that you should purchase

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An anonymous reader writes: Google Adwords là gì?
Google Adwords là mt chng trình cho phép các nhà tài tr tr tin cho Google, nh ó vn bn qung cáo ca h c lit kê nhng v trí trên trang u tiên trong danh sách kt qu tr v khi ngi dùng tìm kim mt t khóa c th trên Google.

Ta có th hiu nôm nay th này, khi mt ngi vào Google tìm t khóa “Quan ao nu”, Google s tr v mt danh sách các kt qu tìm kim. Quý khách có th tr tin cho Google ni dung quý khách mun qung cáo hin th trong danh sách kt qu tr v y.

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A major concern for Thai’s who either visit the U.K. on holiday, or who decide to live there permanently is the weather!

Below we will look at the four seasons you will have to contend with.


This season lasts from March to May and is when the countryside is in full bloom.

While (

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An anonymous reader writes: Gentingbet188 kali ini akan berbagi informasi mengenai Prediksi Eintracht Frankfurt vs FC Augsburg 21 Desember 2013 dalam Bundesliga Jerman yang akan digelar Sabtu ini. Pada waktu sebelumnya juga kami telah memberikan informasi lain mengenai Prediksi Manchester United vs West Ham United 21 Desember 2013 dalam Liga Primer Inggris.

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An anonymous reader writes: Seo enigma , seo enigma review
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Journal Journal: Barbour Homme Barbour Veste

Barbour Femme Gilet are playing but, all losses. Today you go, few put out to deal with those people, how fast, ha ha ;Liu Pengyao shook his head.; it might be a bit far, but I see people, not wrong, A href=" (

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Journal Journal: Promo Code Learn To Sing English Songs

If you want to know more about Singing Lesson In Rongjiang then read on below. Youll notice a bit of a long time it means attempting to be suc... (

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Journal Journal: Zoolights at the Phoenix Zoo (A Poem)

A little poem (however badly rhymed) about the Zoolights at the Phoenix Zoo!The post Zoolights at the Phoenix Zoo (A Poem) appeared first on The Kitchen Magpie. (

Comment Re:Can it be invalidated? (Score 4, Informative) 177

Counterfeiting is a different animal than invalidating Bitcoins. With counterfeiting, you are flooding the market with worthless duplicates or fakes, thus throwing the authenticity of what you hold into question. With Bitcoin invalidation, a third party simply declares your bitcoins worthless. It's like when the money changed from Pounds to Euros. The currency may be authentic, but it is unable to be exchanged. The scary bit is that if someone can invalidate the FBI's wallet, they can invalidate yours just as easily.

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