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Comment Make bitcoins (Score 3, Interesting) 97

Actually, NASA could dedicate all their computers for bitcoin mining, until it gets just even, and start spending again. Since it's internally generated money, they wouldn't have to budget for it. They could sell it to bitcoin purchasers outside for real $$$, and use that in the space program

Comment Re:It's pretty simple (Score 5, Funny) 371

A sliding cover to a camera does not adhere to KISS from a user's perspective. It's actually an annoying additional step to using the camera

I was going to say the same thing - that it makes the camera annoying to use and would probably confuse a lot of people if you ship it closed (and if you don't ship it closed, why even bother?)

There is one way you could make it covered and still not confuse users - have the sliding door activated by the computer when the camera is active. Then you could see when the camera was active, and the door could hard-wire an LED activation...

It would add cost and complexity though, and it does sound like a system that would be prone to failure rendering the camera useless. So there's still that issue.

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Feed Google News Sci Tech: Soyuz ST-B set to launch Gaia space observatory - (

BBC News

Soyuz ST-B set to launch Gaia space observatory
An Arianespace Soyuz ST-B rocket is set to launch the impressive Gaia space observatory from the Kourou Spaceport in French Guiana on Thursday. The launch – scheduled for 9:12 am UTC – will mark the beginning of an ambitious project to map a billion...
Gaia Mission Could Help Map ExoplanetsAstrobiology Magazine
Gaia star surveyor joins Soyuz rocketSpaceflight Now
Mission Control Ready for Gaia LauncheNews Park Forest
eNCA-Raw Story
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Science Codex

Scientists solve a decades-old mystery in the Earth's upper atmosphere
Science Codex
New research published in the journal Nature resolves decades of scientific controversy over the origin of the extremely energetic particles known as ultra-relativistic electrons in the Earth's near-space environment and is likely to influence our understanding...
Upper atmosphere mystery solved by UCLA researchersEnvironmental News Network

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Comment Re:And this (Score 1) 475

I will disagree with you a little. First, how do you figure that inflation transfers value to the government? By what mechanism? I am going to guess you mean that they can turn on the printing press and mint free money, but most OECD countries (rich countries like the US) systems are set up to prevent that.

You are correct that the poor have fewer options and thus inflation hits them more directly. But if that is so, then the sophisticated (who tend to be rich) can structure their investments to blunt their impact. Which is why most people say “unexpected increase in inflation”.

But you have to remember there is a difference between the poor (low income, few assets), the middle class (moderate income, relatively high debt), the rich (high income, but also relatively high debt) and the wealthy (less income then you think, but owns more debt then you might think). Where am I going with this? Take a look 100 years ago. Farmers were begging for higher inflation because deflation was transferring wealth from those with high debts to the wealthy. See William Jennings Bryan's
Cross of Gold speech

No, the way governments transfer money from the rich and poor is though financial repression. i.e. when inflation is greater the nominal interest rates. Yes, this can happen when inflation increases, but most of the action by governments over the past 60 years have been to drop the nominal interest rates. That is what is happening in the US today (via the Fed's easy money policy) or China (where the government has placed caps on the interest rate). Or dozens of other cases.

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Comment Re:don't connect everything to the internet! (Score 4, Interesting) 191

You'd think people would figure out not to attach everything to the internet. Why the card readers needed to be connected to anything but an internal network (with no internet connection to that) is a bad security model to begin with.

Will they ever learn?

Guess maybe i'm not thinking. They do need to verify that cards are correct, so they do need some internet access, though they could do it over the phone.

Well, i guess they will still need to rethink the security of this.

Seems to me they readers only need to communicate with a computer in the store, then that computer could do the verifying. Might be a little slower, but would probably be a lot more secure.

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Comment Re: (Score 1) 336

Yeah, but with 8.1 I *like* the UI. The right click start menu options are the best thing since sliced bread, and I didn't spend a lot of quality time with the old start menu, and found it sort of cumbersome. Win+R still works, as do the other shortcuts. Win+I brings up the settings pane thinger. And so on.

Comment criminal != smart (Score 1) 177

"a smart criminal would"

I've known a few criminals. Never seen a smart one.
All of them fail to understand the very simple fact that you might get away with it today and you might get away with it tomorrow, but you WILL get busted at some point .

Comment Re:Not surprising (Score 4, Insightful) 109

Taboos against inbreeding are hardly the result of intolerance since inbreeding drastically increases the probability of recessive genes becoming expressed. Since recessive genes are rarely expressed they're not exposed to the same selection pressure and tend to be less fit as a result.

So your claim is that by engaging in inbreeding, we are putting evolutionary pressure on the recessive genes, thus removing them from the gene pool, and that this is beneficial?

Beneficial for the species possibly, but not for the poor individuals who are tasked with the job of carrying those genes out of the pool.

(though it might be bad of the species as you'll lose some diversity too, recessive genes still get selection without inbreeding)

You are aware that, if you have a single gene for sickle cell anemia, rather than coming down with the disease, you're effectively immune to Malaria, since the blood cells will sickle in the presence of Malaria, but not otherwise, right?

Recessive genes are less fit on average, that doesn't mean in some instances they can't be as or even more fit than their non-recessive counterparts.

The sickle cell gene example, aside from being fascinating, actually proves my point. It would not have survived as a dominant gene in that form since the side effects of full expression are too harmful, it either would have been removed from the genepool, mutated to only go sickle with Malaria, or another gene would have popped up that made it only go sickle with Malaria. It's the fact that it's recessive that's allowed it to retain such poor fitness.

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