Comment Summary is garbage (Score 5, Informative) 111

Beta lactam resistance is common. That's the class of antibiotics which includes penicillin; not an antibiotic of last resort by any means. (Resistance is so common that if you're prescribed a beta lactam antibiotic nowadays, it'll probably be compounded with a beta lactamase inhibitor) Since beta lactam resistance is so common, the gene will no doubt be common in the waste stream, not just in China but everywhere.

Submission + - Ayia Napa worker flat (

An anonymous reader writes: The agianaparooms is a hotel or resort in Cyprus. Workers and tourists can stay here. Ayia Napa worker accommodation has every facility for their customers. They charged reasonable rent.

Comment Re:Gene discharged?? (Score 4, Informative) 111

Basically what the AC said. Bacteria don't have sexes, but they still swap genes via various ways, and are actually able to incorporate genes found in the environment. Lateral gene transfer is one of those 'oh wow' things when you get into what was at least in my time, college level biology.

Ever play bioshock and remember how you'd get powers via drinking or shooting yourself up with something? That's sort of what bacteria do in real life. The bacteria 'consumes' the genetic material and incorporates it in with it's own.

Comment Re:Wait a second. (Score 1) 84

"I hate to break it to you, but your health care data isn't anywhere near as private as you think it is."

You didn't tell me anything I didn't already know, and that's still not the point.

Regardless of whether there is a reality of "privacy" or not (and there is supposed to be), my POINT was that if this runs through something like a smartphone, and things don't change soon, then you'll soon have even LESS privacy than you already have.

I am aware that medical privacy has not lived up to expectations. But there ARE still regulations, and there ARE still expectations.

And I don't agree with you about "legally and legitimately". Lots of that last bit you talk about might be legal, but I dispute whether it is "legitimate". Those are two very different things.

Comment 1981 FPGA idea... is it any good? (Score 1) 120

I had this idea for an FPGA design back in 1981... after reading Gilder's call to waste transistors... and I wonder if you think it might be worth doing even today? I believe that the design space for FPGAs may not have been adequately explored, and as a result we're all living with sub-optimal solutions.

It's very simple.. an orthogonal grid of 4 input, 4 output look up tables, wired to look like RAM to a host, and connect such that each output bit goes to one neighbor, and each input comes from a neighbor. Any logic function can be implemented in this manner (like all modern FPGAs). They could be clocked in A/B/A/B over B/A/B/A to eliminate race conditions, deadlocks, etc.

Bad cells could be routed around almost trivially... the big waste of course, is that without any dedicated routing fabric, all cells in the path of a given bit of data would have to handle it... and the propagation times would be long... but consistent. The advent of memristors makes this an extremely interesting idea to me, once again, as they make LUT costs almost zero.

So.. worth pursuing at all?

Comment Unfortunately (Score 3, Insightful) 312

This comment is complete and utter bullshit, which harms people suffering from real racist issues. I do understand that you learned this from people paid to distribute propaganda, and perhaps you are just "one of those people".

Obama is no different than Bush, who was no different than Clinton, who was no different from Bush, etc... Each of these people had no care for US Citizens in general, just their buddies followed by themselves. Those are verifiable facts based on actions these people took, not because of what they said. Nothing is racist by pointing out that they are failing in their duties as representatives of "The People".

Thanks for playing "I'm an idiot!", you win the game!

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Submission + - Democracy by SMS polls

An anonymous reader writes: The Aam Aadmi Party ( AAP) has decided to ask the voters if it should form the goverment in Delhi/India. The election results were undecided and AAP did not get a complete majority. "NDTV is reporting on this story. Do you think AAP (which means common man party) is starting a new trend in politics, where common man gets to vote on any bill through SMS (FB likes?)

Comment Re:Antibacterial soap Frankenstein (Score 1) 111

The soaps are not and typically cause more harm than good

Actually they do tend to do what they say they do, but it's despite the antibiotic, not because of it. It's still soap, a very good sanitizer on it's own.

I just remember looking for hand soap without it and not being able to find any. It was sad.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Five Big Kahuna Private Charter Jet Companies

The private Jet charter industry has exploded in recent years. However, there was a brief lull in the activity of the sector following the immediate fallout of the recent Global Economic Crisis as executives were vilified for their excesses, which included private jets. (

Comment Re:You poor baby (Score 1) 277

Right, except for the part where it already exists in parts of this country, and is rampant in foreign countries. If your excuse is really that you think you shouldn't pay taxes on anything you don't personally benefit from you should probably look into finding citizenship elsewhere.

Submission + - Home Builders Charleston SC (

haroldcook9 writes: Low country digs is a professional resource for home additions Charleston SC and the surrounding areas. Maximize your investment by selecting the perfect quality materials and extend your home’s square footage with an impactful home addition. Whether you are planning a one room home addition or an outdoor room, these amazing home additions combine more space and good looks by building up or off of their existing home designs.

Comment Re:ONE movie? (Score 1) 366

And you're still conflating two things that are not the same: piracy (modern version) and theft. Merely putting an emphasis on your statement does not make it so. Piracy might now mean copyright infringement, but it is still not theft. You sound like a child if you can't differentiate between depriving someone of property and illicitly copying content.

Yes, there may be cases where leniency is considered (your example of a child doing it), but that doesn't change the fact that they did something against the law.

That's your final argument? It's bad because it's against the law? Somehow I suspect that this is only your position because you think it doesn't affect you.

Comment Re: He's a *LOUSY* president. (Score 1) 312

Not voting is a decision that gives consent to whatever happens as a result of your apathy.


Not voting reveals the system for what it is: violence concealed by the division of labor.

Voting in an election is as moral as bidding in a slave auction. In both cases participation gives both processes the illusion of legitimacy they do not deserve.

Comment Re:ONE movie? (Score 1) 366

"Piracy is theft" the same way "diamonds are forever".
Its not archaic, the legal definition is depriving property from its rightful owner.
Theft - is the taking of another person's property without that person's permission or consent with the intent to deprive the rightful owner of it
If they want it to be "theft" they should bribe congress to have the term changed.
It is copyright violation which they are trying to "upscale" into harsher and greater punishmenet.

The archaic part is when you add "to deprive the rightful owner of it", which isn't part of the definition of theft. If you steal my car while I am on vacation it is still theft, even though you didn't deprive me of the car.

As far as our laws go, AANAL but I don't think theft has an official definition. It isn't a real charge. It is just a generic term that includes things like larceny, burglary, embezzlement, etc. Our courts clearly have determined that intellectual property can be stolen, so theft is a very proper term for this kind of piracy.

Feed Techdirt: Bic Loses Its Mind Over Parody Customer Service Letter (

At some point, major corporations are going to have start learning that parody is protected speech and fighting against it just makes them look silly. I sort of thought Larry Flynt settled that some time back, but apparently not. From professional sports teams, to well-known bands, to cable companies, corporations just seem to have the thinnest of corporate skin.

Now, thanks to reader Mike Mozart, we can add BIC, makers of pens and shaving equipment, to the list of companies that are going after obvious parodies. This all started when an obviously fake customer service letter with BIC's logo atop it went viral recently. Here's a picture of the letter:

Should you be unable to read it, it's a humorous fake reply by BIC to a customer complaint about BIC pens that were only able to draw certain, um, things. You should be able to get the gist of it from this text in the letter:

Having spoke to our team of engineers, we cannot ascertain why one of the medium point BIC crystal ball point pens that you purchased "only draws massive cocks". We have never heard of this occurring previously and we couldn't recreate this anomaly so we can only assume that this pen was temporarily possessed and we will drop it off at a local church for exorcism.

Hopefully it won't accidentally end up next to the marriage register.

We are sorry to hear that this pen ruined your Grandmother's birthday card and that you must now sign for credit card purchases by "penning an enormous phallus"...Yes, the pen lids are very good for scratching your ears and blowing through the lids is a great way to annoy people. no, we have never received any reports of our orange BIC disposable razors shaving penises into things.

Many thanks,

Edgar Hernandez

Advertising and Promotional Products
Now, the letter includes jokes about genetalia, so of course I think it's hilarious, but even if this humor is too low-brow for you, you're hopefully not so dense as to be confused over whether this is real or not. I mean, it'd take quite the gullible loon to surmise that this was a real letter from a real person at a real company's very real customer service department. I think humanity in general is smarter than that. BIC, apparently, disagrees.

When Digiday reached out to Bic, a spokesperson for the company replied:

This letter is by no means an official document, this is just a forged document used for humoristic purposes by Internet users. The Bic Group is now trying to contact the transmitter website to ask them to point out that it is a fake and a joke and by no means an official document from the Bic company and, if necessary, to remove it from their website.
Which is apparently exactly what they then did. There are several reports of the image being removed by social media sites and internet sites as BIC has been going around and filing takedown notices. Their logic is reportedly that their logo was used on the letter. Unfortunately for them, that is fairly well-traveled ground when it comes to the law's view on parody and speech. It's protected and those images should be put back up immediately.

And, on top of that, all this thin-skinned behavior is going to net the company is the photo and story going even more viral than it already has. In true Streisand Effect fashion, tons more people will now hear about this, the letter, and the company's response than ever would have if the folks at BIC had decided to just have a chuckle instead of going legal. So congrats, BIC. You're the proud owner of your very own crap-storm.

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Comment Re:The NSA is destroying the US economy (Score 1) 312

Lack of trust goes down the entire cryptography academic/testing/science/sales/code US/UK branding.
  Few have faith in US or UK gov testing of US or UK cryptography and the list covers a few sections of US and UK exports:
  US or UK academic teaching of US or UK cryptography?
  US or UK press reporting on US or UK cryptography?
  US or UK brands testing of US or UK export quality cryptography?
  US or UK brands selling of US or UK export quality cryptography? ....
Thanks to Snowden, a lot of costly junk encryption can now be fixed and networks secured around the world

You've made a lot of assertions there, little of which was connected to my post, and some of which seem to contradict what Snowden revealed.

Snowden has said that properly implement cryptography is still good, and not easily broken.

Although I prefer to be civil, your comments on teaching, reports, testing, and selling seem to border on FUD. Where has there been any indictment of teaching in the US or UK? Where has there been a real indictment of the reporting? It certainly isn't had to find reports of the rumors and suspicions. Selling is selling, that doesn't change.

There has been much speculation about the weakening of algorithms, but no real proof, only theories and fear. Bruce Schneier has said that there is nothing in the Snowden leaks to show that NSA has in fact weakened the encryption. What the NSA has probably done is either brute force it, or go around it. That would be consistent with Snowden's statement that encryption is still OK.

As far as all this reimplementation that you are looking for, it seems to me that will create many more new opportunities for NSA. There will be implementation errors, and new ways to misconfigure things. So the likelihood is that there will be more junk in the future to replace good hardware and software now.

Comment Re: Wrong use of money these days (Score 1) 356

The government held 900 million shares of GM stock in 2009. The next data point I can find is Nov. 2010, when GM had 1.5M shares.

That would have made USA a major stockholder, if not the majority stockholder. Failing to enforce this control by voting is the government's fault.

If they only wanted to guarantee payback by investing in stock, they were stupid. If they failed to vote, they were stupid. Someone decided stock was a good idea, and it wasn't.

That GM lost money is at least partly the fault of the shareholders and board.

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Journal Journal: Staged Review On YouTube

This staged review shows you exactly how to make pure profit from
viral youtube videos that already exist on youtube. This software does the impossible...
It literally allows you to advertise on other people's YouTube videos. This staged
review video will show you how. (

Comment Re:supplementing the diet of well-nourished adults (Score 1) 554

> The vast majority of Americans do not have a vitamin deficiency, this has born out over and over again.. Primarily due to fortified items.

Just pointing to fortified flour and handwaving away the entire issue is no real argument. It just shows that you are happy to be ignorant. Most people are. It takes a degree of effort to be aware of these things.

You probably have no clue at all how you relate to the government recommendations. You just have blind faith that others will take care of things for you.

Now I do have some awareness of these issues. That's why I raised the question that I did. I have much less faith in the magic unicorns ensuring that everyone gets all of the vitamins the government says they should be getting.

The issues here are likely subtle enough that a study of this kind is pretty meaningless either way.

People aren't dropping like flies from Niacin deficiency. That doesn't mean there couldn't be other issues.

Submission + - Binnendeuren (

nielsrooes writes: Deuren De Donder provides binnendeuren (interior) doors which are available in a wide variety. We specialize in catering to varied needs of clients with products that are delivered throughout Belgium.

Comment Re:Obama forgot he works for the Americans ! (Score 1) 312

You know, it's really quite sad how not only you enjoy licking the boots of authority, but you apparently derive special pleasure from humiliating yourself in such a manner in public, with as many reproachful eyes on you as possible. I honestly can't think of any other reason why you keep posting things like these here on Slashdot of all places.

Comment Re:He's the President. (Score 4, Informative) 312

When these companies move their data centers abroad, the jobs go with them.

[Citation Needed]
Modern data centers don't actually generate very many jobs.

After the initial flurry of construction jobs, Apple's $1 billion+ data center in Nevada is going to result in...
200 contractor positions and 35 full time jobs.

35 full time jobs

User Journal

Journal Journal: Top 5 Newest Private Jet Models

Some of the newest popular jet models to be released to the public reveal how the market has changed and how it will be changing in the future. A couple on the list below have been highly anticipated launches while others are from tried and true manufacturers of Model of private jetprivate jets. Let (

Comment Re:He's the President. (Score 3, Insightful) 312

Ahh yes, good old US B$ A, it not was it actually is, it is all about what it looks like. Lie, cheat, steal and kill, all cool as long as a solid layer of bullshit covers it all. Get exposed for what is actually going on, what everyone is actually up too and all hell breaks lose, until more bullshit can be generated to cover it all up again.

I can assure you lying, cheating, stealing and killing is bad for everyone (except of course for the psychopaths doing it, they are having a great old time), whether or not the truth is exposed and they finally get caught and if there is any real semblance of justice, actually publicly prosecuted and penalised.

Comment Re:supplementing the diet of well-nourished adults (Score 1) 554

You're a damned liar. Here in the northeast, if 20% of the people were "on the street", the streets would be paved with corpsicles.

Wikipedia claims 633,782 or about 0.21% in the US, which includes those temporarily housed by organizations like the Salvation Army.

The 10% income level is $5000/year cash, not counting benefits if any. The 20% income is $11000/year. ( That's per person, not per family, and does not include income hidden from the government.

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Comment Re:Wrong use of money these days (Score 1) 356

There are a number of things to consider, though.

There is now a precedent. Screw up too badly, and the government might bail you out. Fuck them over in the process, and well, maybe they won't.

Politicians are a quantity that GM has to consider. Certainly, there is no evidence that politicians care if they spend money poorly. However, leave them with egg on their faces, and it might take more "campaign contributions" to make them forget that.

Taxpayers are also consumers. People rarely feel brand loyalty towards companies that screw them and their friends over. Even if it is only about $35 per person.

These are some other things that need to be weighed, rather than just what the next quarter will look like.

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Journal Journal: epicera

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